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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Why is she so hot? Why does she have to be so hot? If it wasn't for the intense pain of my chest I know my body was going to betray me. I take long deep breaths to keep in control.

"Piper, You should bring up a movie. I miss just cuddling with you." I say looking over to her. She smiles and nods.

"I'd like that," she says. She tugs on a lock of her hair and smiles. She blow me a kiss, like does everytime she leaves. I chuckle, Gods I love this woman. Pez runs in and jumps on the bed again. He gives me a small meow and curls up by my neck, right on my pillow.

"Hey you silly cat. Did I scare you?" I ask. Yeah I know I'm talking to a cat sue me. I like them and they understand me. I kiss the top of his head and rub my face in his fur. He purrs and flicks his tail back and forth again my arm. Piper looked a little pale when she left. I hope she's okay. I blw on Pez's face a little. He blinks at me smacking a paw in my face.

"Hitting isn't nice Pez." I tell him, I wonder if Piper is like a fallen Goddess or something and doesn't know it. She glows like one sometimes. Like at the poetry slam or when she was scared. It's kinda cool looking through. Like a plasma ball or something. Speaking of which, she walks in at that moment balancing the food and water carefully. She sounds a little breathless, as she sets the plate on the table next to me.

"Water or food first baby," she says. Her voice sounds a little off.

"You sound bad love, do you want the bed for a little while? I can ask Lin to chain me to the dresser or something so that you can get some real sleep." I bite my lip looking at her. She smiles at me, the corners of her smile twitching a little.

"And let you have the comfy floor, no way. I'm getting the best sleep than I ever did on that lumpy mattress I had," she says. She's lying of course. I can tell.

"Lair. Piper please? You've done nothing but take care of me this whole time.....please let me do something that isn't yelling at you?" I beg softly I hate seeing her in pain. I shake my head nope don't remember it you need a clear head right now Luke. She of course ignores me.

"I brought up Avatar," she says. "Is that okay? I can run down and find another one if you want." She stiffens and then color drains from her face.

"Piper?" I ask grunting pulling myself to my elbows."Piper what's wrong?" She bites her lip hard, drawing blood, she looks like she's trying to hide some pain. She turns from me and shakes her head as if to clear it. She grabs the spoon from the plate she brought up for me. She cups her hand under it and blow on it lightly. Then I remember she didn't say what she always says when she brings me food.

"Firstly you're either Pree in disguise because something happened to Piper, two your a hunter bitch who must die, or three you're in more pain then you're telling me. Which is it" I demand glaring at her. She frowns at me, and shakes her head.

"It's me baby. Sorry, my back is hurting, I'm waiting for the painkillers to kick in," she whispers softly.

"You need the bed tonight, I'll have Lin and Kane move me next door so that you can have the bed okay? You can't keep sleeping on the floor." I didn't like the fact she was there in the first place. I wanted her to sleep with me...no pun intended. She smiles a little and offers me a spoonful of food. I take the bite watching her as I chew. "You do know I can out maneuver you even being chained up right?" She huffs.

"How so?" she says.

I smirk,"Put the food down first I don't want you burning yourself." She smile and puts the food down and the dresser, but her back arches and she lets out a tiny yelp, squeezing her eyes shut.

I sigh and move around so I can kick the wall, "YO! ASH FUCK AND SAM DICK GET OVER HERE!" I yell beating on the wall. They'd finally shut the fuck up a few minutes ago. I hear the mattress squeak as the start to move around to see what was going on. Piper clutches the side of the dresser tightly, breathing heavily. She lets out an ear splitting scream and falls to her knees with a loud thud. Pez hisses and dives under the bed.

I yell,"Piper!! SAM!!!! SOMEONE!!! HELP!!!" They all think I'm probably just going crazy again. Piper lets out another screams, she literally rips her shirt over her head revealing a light pink lace bra. She claws of her shoulders. Tears fall from her face, and she's shaking badly, and now she's glowing again. I keep yelling for help but no one seems to be fucking awake in this fucking house. There are faint vertical lines on her back. There are parallel; the start at the top of her shoulder blades and stop at the middle of her back.

Sam stumbles in. "Got the sedatives," he mumbles sleepily.

"Help her!!" I scream tears rolling down my face. I try breaking my thumb so that I can maybe slip out of the chains,"Piper! Piper Sam's gonna help! Sam do something!" I yell flaring. He blinks and the bursts into action. He rushes to her and kneels next to her. He reaches out to try to stop her from clawing at her back, but she screams again. He looks at me.

"What happened?" he asks, trying to make sense of this so he can help her.

I shake my head fast,"I don't know! Her...her back was hurting her and then she just just fell!"He looks at her, digging through his bag. Piper gives up on clawing her back, and lays her forehead on the ground. Her legs curl under her and she screams louder. The lines on her back seem to get wider, as if the skin is ripping.

"Sam!! Do something already!!" I yell. Sam growls and nods.

"I'm trying. Give me a second," he says. He reach for her, trying to attach on of the devices on her back, but the moment he does she screams even louder.

"Stop! Stop!" She shrieks. Sam frowns he goes to the open doorway.

"Jerolin! Kane! Pree!! Someone GodDamnit it!" he yells. He returns to Piper. Those lines on her back are getting wider, and now I can actually hear her skin ripping. She starts glowing a little brighter. I squint my eyes trying not to look directly at her.

"Piper!?" I yell "Sam get me out of these fucking chains!!" I yell but he doesn't hear me. He's too focused on trying to see what's wrong with Piper. Pree runs in.

"What's going..." she gasps, and goes to Piper and Sam.

"Am I fucking invisible over here!? Gods damn it! Let me help!" I yell. Pree looks at me, she gives me an apologetic look as Piper lets out yet another scream. She's clawing the ground now. And what the fuck? Is that a feather coming from her back? Pree hiss and falls on her ass.

"What the hell?" Sam questions. He reaches out to touch the feathers, but Pree slaps his hand away.

"Piper?!" I yell I grunt and flip around. I yell in pain as my shoulder dislocates itself but I don't care I kick at the head boad maybe I can break out of this fucking thing and help her! She lets out one last scream, as....a pair of wings? Tumble from the lines on her back. She collapses on the ground, breathing heavily. She's trembling and whimpering softly.

"What the flying fuck?!" I yell I manage to break one of the chains free and fall on my ass next to her still chained to one side of the bed I put my hand on her shoulder,"Baby you okay?" She shudders and rolls her head to look at me. She blinks at me. The white feathery wings spread out around her, covering up her bra and shirtless body. She blinks at me. Oddly, there isn't any blood.

Suddenly Pree and Sma have me back onto the bed and rechained I growl but I understand why they did it....doesn't mean I can't hate them for it. Sam pops my shoulder back into pace and Pree turns to Piper.

"Gah! YOU MOTHER FUCKING ASS HOLE!" I groan leaning my head back onto the pillow.

"Sorry," Sam hisses. Pree kneels next to Piper again.

"Guess, Linny was right. She's an angel," she says, examining the wings. Piper coughs.

"He was...being serious about that? I thought he was just...fucking with me about it." I say breathing hard. Fuck I'm gonna make Sam eat dirt after that. "Piper...Piper baby are you okay?" I ask desperately wanting to know the answer.

"Luke?" she croaks. She struggles to sit up. She glances back at her wings and gasps. "I...I...I..."

"Got wings," Pree finishes for her. "You're a mother fucking angel. Wow. I'm sorta jealous. You look like a Victoria Secret model." Piper blushes, crossing her arms over her chest. Sam avoids looking at her, gathers his things and steps outside the room to make her more comfortable.

"I hate you." I snap at Pree. I'm trying my damndest not to be turned on right now and she goes and says that?! I roll to my side so that the blankets cover up the bulge in my jeans. Pree laughs, and Piper touches her wings.

"I'm an angel?" she asks. She looks at me. "I... I... thought... I...I... didn't... even know.... How could I not know. Luke....I...I'm an angel."

"How could I not know I'm a Demigod? Shit happens." Piper blinks at me and the looks at Pree. She must still be a little shocked. She smiles a little, and runs her fingers lightly through her feathers. Pez peaks out and meows at her, but disappears again just as quickly. Pree swears.

"Shit, I think I hear Korren crying. He's probably hungry." she says. She looks at us. "You two gonna be okay?" Piper glances up at her and nods a little.

"Well, I think I'm okay. I'm a little sore, and I feel funny, but I'm okay." She looks at me. "You baby?"

"My shoulder hurts,"I glare at Sam, "I wonder why? But other than that I'll be fine." I look around, "Come here Pezster I'm sorry we scared you little one. Come on out it's safe now." I coo at the silly cat. I cough fuck I can feel it happening again the loosing control. I concentrate on my breathing. Pree nods and runs out. Sam follows, but goes to his room. Piper stares at me. She swallows hard, and uses the bed to help her stand. Her wings settle at her back behind her. And now I can see the belly button piercing Pree was talking about. It's got a tiny pink diamond, to match her bra? I move the blanked with legs and make sure the still growing bulge is hidden. I bit my lip and I can't help but check her out. I trace her body with my eyes memorizing every curve every movement. The way her chest falls and rises as she breaths.

"Well this is going to take some getting use to," she says. "As if I weren't clumsy enough." She smiles at me and tugs on her hair nervously. "You okay? You said something about your shoulder." She scoops Pez up and sets him on the bed.

"I was kinda...freakin out with you screamin and I umm....dislocated my shoulder in the escape....Sam came out of nowhere and put it back in place." I blush gently trying not to look like I'm checking her out. She picks up her shirt and freezes, blushing, as if finally noticing that she's shirtless. She starts to put it on, but the wings prevent it, so she gives up. She turns more red in the face and crosses her arms over her chest.

"I'm sorry.... I didn't mean to scare you. Um... Errr..." she says.

"Damn....."Is all I can muster out. I bite my lip watching her stand there. She smiles a little and tugs on her hair nervously.

"Well... do you... um like the wings?" she says softly. She pats Pez on the head, as if trying not to look at me.

"I'm liking everything right about now." I bit my lip harder, Damn these jeans are too tight for this! She blushes brighter and looks at me. She's got a sexy half smile on.

"Rea...." she starts to say, but a small flash of light flashes behind her making her jump, and spin around. Her wings knock my water cup off the table and onto the floor and she nearly falls.

There are two men in my room. One has dark hair and weird colored gold eyes. He seemed impassive and maybe even a little bored. It was hard to tell. The other guy has dirty blonde hair, with weird looking highlights that seemed to glow, and his eyes were dark brown, almost black looking. He was grinning at Piper, and he didn't seem bored at all.

"Who the fuck are you!?" I demand. Piper yelps and grabs a pillow to cover herself. She glares at them.

"She looks like her mother," the dark haired man says. "Quite lovely." The blonde nods in agreement, eyeing her carefully.

"And taken too." I hiss stupid chains. I wrestle around with the chains again. Piper back up until she's next to me. The men ignore me.

"Indeed brother. But I already have a woman," the blonde says. The dark haired man looks at the other man and frowns. He shakes his head disapprovingly.

"I remember, the Blake child," he says. "Honestly, I don't understand why you bother with these silly human feelings."

"Oh you're just mad that you haven't found a woman yet, and Sister dearest is determined for us to give her nephews or nieces," the blonde laughs. The dark haired man rolls his eyes.

"Enough of this. We have a meeting with the gypsy fox. Let's do what we came here to do," he hisses. He looks at Piper, and points at her. He crooks his finger as if asking her to go to him. "Come here child." Piper glances at me and then at the man.

"Who are you?" she says. I wrap a leg around her and pull her into my lap, not even caring if she noticed anything. If the wanted her they were gonna have to pry her out of my cold dead hands. She squeaks, when I accidently crush her wings, but she doesn't try to move. The dark haired man sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.The bonde just grins wider, tilting his head to the side.

"I am Mathis," the dark haired man. "And this is my brother Regel. We mean you no harm. We just want to help you. We are angels, like you, and you have just grown into your angel powers."

I snort,"Right I'm gonna belive that one,"I nod my head over to the blonde one,"Is an angel? Ha! You're funny." I hold Piper close with my leg. My crotch was thankful for her to be there but my brain screams CONCENTRATE! The blonde Regel frowns and walks over to us. He narrows his eyes at me.

"Dare you call me a liar, Dark One," he says.

"Dark one my ass fugly." I smirk at him.

"Prehaps I will have to prove it to you," he says. Before I can say or do anything he puts a hand on my head and pain shoots through my body. Not as bad as the burning but still pretty painful. I groan clamping my mouth shut arching my back a little.

"Son of a bitch I'm gonna kill you." I hiss and that was the real me saying it too. Not the angry cursed me. Scenes of my childhood began to play in my head. I shake my head trying to get his hand off of me. I really didn't want to see this. It was bad the first time who wants to see a re-run? Piper shrieks and slaps Regel. The images stop. I breath hard relaxing.

"Leave him alone," she snaps. Regel hisses and grabs her wrist, but she yanks her hand back. Regel straightens and frowns at us.

"Do you believe me now?" he growls. Mathis sighs behind him, and rubs his head.Piper looks at me, concerned.

"Still think you're a demon bitch."I hiss panting, but I glare at him. His ass is so mine if I break out of these chains. Regel growls and reaches for me again, but Piper slaps his hand away.

"Brother, you swore to behave," Mathis says. He looks at me apologetic.

"Say what you want to say fuckers I'm an inch away from ripping both your heads off." Okay that one was a little bit of cursed me in there. Regel laughs and tugs on my chains. I hiss in pain when he moves the one chaining down my bad arm.

"I am sorry. We only want to explain to her about her powers so she doesn't end up hurting someone. Most angels learn as they're growing up, but since her mother had her in secret, we weren't able to teach her anything. This is important." he looks at Piper. "Piper Spears, please, I must also examine your wings."

"You can but he can't I want him out." I hiss glaring at Regel. Mathis I don't mind but I hate the other one. Regel smirks at me. Piper looks at me and swallows hard. She looks a little nervous. She puts two fingers to her lips and then touches my lips with the same fingers. She looks at Mathis and then wiggles out of my lap.I growl at Regel gritting my teeth.

"What do you mean my mother had me in secret?" she asks. She clutches the pillow to cover herself still. Her wings stretch a little and droop, like she's still trying to get use to their weight. Mathis taps his chin, studying her, but it was as if he was trying to figure out exactly what to tell her.

"Why are you so ugly? I thought angels were supposed to look like her?" I ask Regel smirking. He glares down at me and traces the K on my chest, making it burn. I groan but grit my teeth.

"I wish more angels were as pretty as her," he says, staring at her and licking his lips.

"I feel bad for that Blake girl if she's got a nasty slob like you going after her." I tense breathing hard. Mathis beckons Piper over to him, and she glances at me nervously. She swallows hard before taking a small step forward. Mathis sighs and walks over to her.

"Each angel has one special unique gifts. My brother's gift is-"

"Being ugly? Rude? Obnoxious? Irritating? Being ugly oh wait I said that." Yeah and Piper's is dealing with a jackass like me. I think to myself. Mathis shoots me a disapproving look, and Regel slaps my forehead. I glare at him. Yeah he's a very very very dead angel. Don't care if it's a sin or not. he's dead. Dead dead dead. I chuckle to myself imaging Regal hanging from the stairs by the chains that hold me down.

"Please, let me talk to the girl," Mathis says politely. Piper narrows her eyes at Regel. Mathis turns to hers. "Regel's gift is that he can put images in your head. Memories and such. Mine is knowing when danger is near and just how much danger it is and knowing exactly how to get out of it. Your mother's gift was seeing the future." Mathis explains.

"Hey...you know....Piper you were glowing at the poetry slam. You said a third poem....don't remember it though." I really need to stop thinking about killing Regel but it felt so good to think about killing. Hurting...causing pain. I grin chuckling darkly. Piper looks at me confused.

"I did?" she looks back at Mathis. "And you said was. As in past tense. Why?" Mathis gives her a grim look. Piper shakes her head. "I'm confused. My mom was an angel too?" Mathis nods and Regel rolls his eyes.

"Drop the attitude fucker she's learning." I hiss at him I clench and unclench my fists. Fuckin hell I can't lose control right now. Piper needs these guy's help. What was that thing Pree taught me? Oh yeah counting sheep or whatever. One sheep over the fence...fuck this is stupid.... two sheep, three sheep, four sheep....

"Yes your mother was an angel as well. She was one of the good ones, but she saw something in the future that must have scared her and she ran. Our guess is that she was trying to protect you," Mathis explains. five sheep, six sheep, seven sheep....

"You keep saying was....." Piper says softly. crap I feel it. I grit my teeth and shut my eyes tight. Keep it together man. Piper needs them to teach her you can freak out after they leave. Mathis nods.

"She's no longer with us," Mathis says. Piper gasps, putting her hand to her mouth and shakes her head.

"But...But no one told me. I know she wasn't always there, but someone should have told me right?" She demands. Mathis blinks at her.

"Ugh, this is way the young angels are taught as they girl. I hate dealing with the naive ones," Regel groans. "She's not dead. She's fallen. But that doesn't matter. What matters is teaching you so we can get out of here." Piper glares at him. Obviously not happy with him either.

"Heehee you made her mad, I won't have to kick your ass." I hiss. Regel smirks and holds up his hands. He waves at Mathis to continue. Eight sheep, nine sheep, ten sheep.....

"I am sorry that you had to find out like this. But we must press on. We don't have a lot of time. Come let me see your wings." he says.

"Don't you fucking touch her! DOn't you dare fucking touch her! Piper get these fucking chains off me! Fuck!" I yell starting to yank on the chains again. Damn it I can't fight it anymore. Piper flinches, and looks at me. She comes over quickly and cups my face.

"Luke... baby, stay with me please," she begs.

I groan closing my eyes shut, "It hurts...I'm trying....Piper make it stop..." I arch my back yelling in pain. She press her lips to mine, kissing me a little. Regel chuckles, and Mathis shifts around uncomfortable.

"Do you need more ice?" she asks. I blink hard nodding fast coughing. Once I meet my father I'm kicking his ass. Along with Regel and Lin for making these chains so damn tight! She kisses my head and turns to Mathis. "Please give me second." Mathis nods and Piper rushes to the freezer and grabs more ice packs and then packs them around me. She had to drop the pillow in order to do it, but she seems more worried about me.

I shiver,"T...take m...my j..jacket...a...and...w..wear...b...backwards....i..it'll c..cover y..you up." I say in between chattering teeth. She nods, and smiles at my thankful and pulls the jacket on backwards. She kisses my head and turns to Mathis. Regel twirls a finger around, silently commanding her to turn around.

Where was I in the counting sheep thing? I think I was on ten hmm all start again. One sheep....two sheep...three sheep...four sheep....five sheep....six sheep.... I keep my eyes shut so that if Regel touches her I don't flip my shit again. Seven sheep...eight sheep....nine sheep....ten sheep....eleven sheep......

"Hmmm.... well there is no damage," Mathis says. He must be examining her wings. "The birth of your wings must have gone smoothly. You will be able to tuck your wings inside your back to hide them." He folds her wings carefully and helps her tuck them away. I let out a snort but don't say anything. Regel puts a hand on my head and the pain I felt when he touched me starts up again. I yell in pain. Gods damn this son of a bitch!

"Stop it!" Piper snaps at Regel. Mathis turns her to face him, trying to claim her attention. Regel doesn't listen, and the pain continues. I scream bloody murder hoping that Pree comes in and guts this motherfucker.

"Now listen," Mathis says. "Angels have the power to summon the heaven fire. As well as weapons if they are needed. They also have the power to calm people. They have to power to take pain from others as well as give pain. And as I said before each angel has a unique gift. However at the moment it is uncertain what yours is." He looks at Regel. "Enough Brother!" Regel jerks his hand away and smiles at Mathis. Piper glares at him. I'm not even sure she heard what Mathis said.

I pant leaning my head to the side,I hate him. I hate him. I hate angels. Minus Piper. I hate them all. but Piper.

"Both of you should be on the look out of anything that happens out of the ordinary around here. The Dark One mentioned something about poems or something like that. It may be something to look into." Piper nods, her eyes on Regel. She stomps over to him and shoves him away from me.

"Good. You told me what you had to. Now leave," she says. She's glowing again. Mathis sighs.

"We are leaving. But you must control your emotions better or you will burn everything down," he says. Piper crosses her arms.

"Well noted, now leave." she hisses. Regel blows her a kiss, probably to piss me off and he vanishes. Mathis nods.

"If you need me, all you have to do is call my name," he says and vanishes. I let out a sob of relief turning my head into the pillow.

"Piper......" I whimper, I just want it all to end. I want the pain to stop, I want Piper to stop having to take care of me all the time. Fuck I wanna be able to go to the bathroom without having Lin in the room! Piper turns to me and walks over. She crawls on the bed and sits next to me. She strokes my cheek.

"Are you okay? I can't believe that asshole did that to you," she says.

"Let me go...just let me go Piper. It hurts so much."I beg turning my face into her hand. She flinches a little and shakes her head. She leans down and kisses my head.

"I know it hurts.... I'm so sorry Luke. I'm so sorry." she says. She lays her forehead on mine, and closes her eyes.

"Make it stop Piper...please? Please anything...it needs to stop....please..."I beg. She scrambles off the bed and goes to the bathroom. She comes back with a bowl of water and a sponge. She sits on the bed next to me and start bathing my face.

"Focus on something else," she coos softly. "Focus on anything else but the pain." I was focusing on something else before but you are now covering it up. I blink hard staring up at the ceiling.I picture Piper with her wings straddling me just smiling down at me.

The pain slowly starts to fade I smile in relief. I frown but I have to cross my legs. She leans forward and kisses my head again, the jacket slides off her shoulder a little, but she doesn't seem to notice.

"Better? What are you thinking about?" she asks. She continues to bath my face and neck. I lift my my head so that she gets more of my neck. I smile softly, is it bad that this is the most action I've gotten in....ever? I chuckle in my head stupid Luke.

"You." I whisper softly. She smiles and dabs my chest and arms.

"Me?" she says. I bite my lip softly closing my eyes enjoying the feeling of her just keeping my cooling down. I smile looking at her.

"I love the belly button piercing." I smile looking at her Gods she's so beautiful. She blushes and touches her stomach. She raises the jacket a little to reveal her belly button again.I fight a groan biting my cheek.

"Sexy, you know that?" I ask her dying to kiss that soft skin to hold her under me and feel her heart against my chest. She blushes. Gods that blush is like excetsy.

"I...I got it a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it's because Nana made me mad. I had a small rebellious streak in high school. But I like it and never took it out. I'm glad that you like it," she says.

I chuckle softly, her rebellious? That's a show I'd love to see. I gently tug on the jacket making it fall a little bit more. Her eyes widen a little, and she hesitantly slides the jacket down. I suck in a breath, she's only been covered up for a few minutes but I already forgot how beautiful they were. She smiles and tugs on her hair.

"Damn....you are so beautiful Piper." My voice betrays me. Its husky and full of desire. Me crossing my legs isn't even helping anymore. She swallows hard and puts a hand on my chest.

"You're so handsome too," she says. Surely that isn't desire in her voice, is it? She leans forward and kisses me. I lean my head up to meet her kiss. I don't fight my need anymore. I'm done fighting,I want nothing more that to show her how much I love her. I thrash my tongue against hers, nibbling her bottom lip. She gasps softly and kisses me back. She tangles her tongue with mine and she cups the back of my head. I can only move my hand enough to cup her knee as I try to deepen the kiss. She lays down next to me and kisses me harder. She hooks a leg around my legs. I groan softly pulling her leg against me, I pull away softly and blush knowing she can feel what she's done to me.

"Do you see what you do to me?" I whisper nibbling her lips. She moans softly and nods. She rolls onto me and kisses my neck. I groan softly leaning my head back.

"Yes....this okay? I'm not too heavy?" she breathes against my neck and kisses my neck still.

"If your doing something wrong I wouldn't know it. And no you're perfect." I groan clutching the sheets under me. Fuck, her lips are so soft. She kisses her way back up to my lips and kisses me hard and passionately. She licks the seam of my lips and rolls her tongue with mine. I groan against her kiss I rock my hips once against her. Gods damn these jeans, I should have let Sam and lin put sweats on me. She moans softly and grinds into me. She doesn't stop the kiss. I groan pulling away,

"Piper...I want...I want to touch you." I nibble her lips trying to pull out of the chains. She pulls away and looks down at me, studying me. "I swear it's me....I...I just....I want to touch you...." I blush looking away from her gaze. Gods if I didn't sound like a virgin before I sure as Hell do now. She sits up, biting her lip and tugging on her hair in thought. She leans down and gives me a quick peck on the lips and then slides off me.

"I have an idea," she says softly. Her voice is still laced with desire, and something else, nervousness? She begins fiddling with on of the chains on the bed. I look up to her a little confused. She unchains the ends that are on the end and then chains them to her wrists. She looks down at me. "There now you won't accidently hurt anyone. Because I know you won't risk putting me in danger."

I make a face,"I don't like this idea...what if I lose control?" I as looking up at her too afraid to move. She leans down and kisses me softly.

"Don't lose control. I trust you not to hurt me," she says against my lips. She pulls away and blushes brightly, playing with her hair. "I....um... errr....do you...still....um.... are you..." she can't seem to finish.

I bit my lip nodding,"I have...I have to tell you.....I...I um....I've never..."I'm burning bright red I know I am. Gods I feel like a tomato. I reach up and touch her cheek and trace her lips softly. "I love you Piper." She blinks at me.

"You've never....but...you're...you're so handsome....I thought... I mean surely girls would have been throwing themselves at you." she stutters.

I shake my head, "I never met the right one....and the only girl to fall into my arms and I caught was you." I say rolling us over. I hover over her tracing her face softly. Gods she was so beautiful. I trace her cheeks,and her eyes. She closes her eyes, and leans into my touch. She licks her lips and nods.

"I've never done it either," she says softly. "The only thing I've done...." she shakes her head. "Not important. I've never even let a guy touch me like this....but I want you to...I want.....I want.....you.... I love you Luke."I smile down at her and kiss her gently. I want her so much but I want this to be special not just out of my need. I kiss her hard and passionate wanting to show her how much I love her in the kiss. She runs her hands up my chest and knots her fingers in my hair gently. She kisses me just at passionately and her tongue finds mine. I let out a small groan laying some of my weight on her. I cup the back of her neck kissing her more deeply. I pull away slightly and start kissing her jawline and her neck.

"Am I too heavy?" I ask my voice deep and husky as I start nibbling her neck. She moans softly, tilting her head to the side. She digs her fingertips into my scalp lightly and shakes her head.

"No... not at all. I like this..." she says. I shudder with pleasure, gods that moan was so hot. I nibble her ear lobe gently sliding off the straps of her bra so that I can kiss her shoulders and collarbone. I pull away to look down at her.

"It's not too late to chain me back to the bed Piper. Are you sure....?" The last thing I want is her to regret doing this with me. She pulls me down and kisses me hard.

"Yes....I'm sure....I want this....I want you. Please Luke...." she gasps against my lips. "Bra clasps in the front...." Her need makes her voice sound a little rough and just as husky as mine. I groan softly and smile nibbling her lips as I trail my hand up her leg and her sides.I go across her stomach and play with her belly button ring before I go up and grab the clasp. I wait a minute before flicking my wrist and letting it open. She gasps softly, her eyes are closed. She blushes a little, as if she's afraid I won't like what I see. She runs her hands down my chest and stomach, running her fingers through my happy trail and then curling her fingers around my belt loops. She arches into me a little and kisses my neck.I groan softly tilting my head letting her do her own exploring. I sit her up so then her bra can slide off but I look at her eyes the whole time.

"You are so beautiful Piper..." I say pinning her to my chest kissing her I lay her back down not breaking the kiss waiting for her to relax.She kissing me back. Her fingers fumble clumsily with the button on my jeans. She doesn't break the kiss either, but kisses me harder. I blush a little, if I had even thought I was going to do this with her I would have put on boxers...okay that's a lie. I hate boxers. I pull away and smile looking down at her gods she was so beautiful I kiss my way down to her breasts.I kiss one lightly and watch to see her reaction. She gasps loudly, and arches her back a little. She eyes flutter half mast and her lips search for something to kiss in return, finding my ear. I groan softly nibbling her breast. I grab her other one and start massaging it. I can feel myself stretching out my jeans. She moans into my ear, kissing just below it. She works harder trying to undo my jeans and finally unbuttons them. I sigh a little in relief to have a little more room than before. I kiss her breast, sucking on them just slightly. Just enough to drive her crazy. Gods that moan of hers was like ecstasy. I slowly kiss my way down to her belly button. I chuckle I've always wanted to do this. I hook my tongue around her piercing and tug on it just a little. I'm awarded with another moan and her fingers tangle in my hair again. I groan softly Gods she's amazing.

"Luke.." she gasps. She slides her hands down my back and she begins trying to take of my jeans. I smile grabbing onto her jeans. I pause. What the hell I'm already down here. I smile and very gently undo her jeans with my teeth looking up at her as I do it. Her eyes widen. Once I have them unbuttoned I gently start wiggling them down her legs. Pree was right she did match everything.

"You like matching things."I breath, kissing her stomach. She nods staring down at me.

"It's an obsession," she says, blushing.

"A very sexy one." I smile up at her tracing the little bow on her undies. "Very very sexy." My second brain was very very angry with me right now. THis was taunting me probably as it was to her. But I don't want to rush things. This is our first time. Not just as a couple but in general! Whatever we do tonight will set the standards of sex for the both of us for the rest of our lives.

"God you are so amazing," she says. "Handsome, drop dead gorgeous for sure." She slides my jeans off, using her feet to help her. She looks down puzzled. "No boxers?" She runs her hands back up my back and to my hair. I blush a little.

"They're uncomfortable and unnecessary." I blush kissing her stomach again..

"That's sexy," she whispers. "Come up here and kiss me....I want to kiss you all over too...."

I pull her close rolling us over again so that she's on top. I smile tracing the little bow on her undies again. She starts the kiss at my lips, nibbling a little and then kisses her way down to my neck. I let out a small groan leaning my head back. Her tongue sweeps across my skin lightly as she nibbles my neck. She leaves a trail of kisses down to my shoulders. Her teeth nipping softly. Every time she nibbles I jump a little. I gently trail my fingers down her back tracing her spine. She shudders and kisses my chest, biting gently.

"I love you Luke," she breaths against my skin.

I lean my head back a little and smile,"And I love you too Piper." I grab her face gently making her look at me. "Piper....."Shit. I roll over and open my drawer fuck I forgot I gave all of them to Lin. "We have to press pause." She blushes a little and blinks at me.

"W..Why?" she asks.

"Cause I don't have any protection Piper. I...I'd hate to get you pregnant or....or something worst..."I blush brightly I roll to the other side where my jeans were and grab my phone. I was thinking of texting Pree but I think better. I text Sam.

Can you do me a solid and slid a condom under the door?

I look at Piper and smile putting the phone down,"We'll just have to explore each other for a little longer." I say kissing her collarbone. She gasps in pleasure and nods.

"I'm okay with that," she whispers, nibbling on my earlobe. I shudder in pleasure kissing the curve of her neck pulling me closer. I get a little handsy and grab her ass. She smiles against my ear and kisses my neck. There is a scratching sound as Sam slides the condom under the door. Well not even just one, but several. I blush a little but smile.

"Are you ready?" I ask using my foot to grab one so that she didn't have to get off the bed. She swallows hard and nods.

"I'm ready," she says, and leans up and kisses me roughly but passionately. She rolls her tongue with mine. I kiss her opening the aluminum package and put the condom on. It is by far worst than boxers. I kiss her harder and cup her face trailing my hand down her leg grabbing the side of her underwear. I tug on it smiling as I nibble her lips. I pull down her undies and kiss her leg as she pulls it out. I toss her underwear with the rest of our clothes. I kiss her passionately pulling away to put my forehead on hers.

"Last chance to back out Pipes.....I don't want you to regret anything." She closes her eyes and smiles. She hooks a leg around my waist.

"I won't regret it....I love you Luke," she says softly.

"I love you too." I kiss her softly and slowly start entering her. I groan putting my head in the curve of her neck.She tenses, and gasps into pleasure and in pain. She digs her fingers into my back, breathing heavily. I groan not moving once I'm fully inside her. The feeling is so overwhelming I'm afraid if I move I'll finish way too early. "a..are you okay?" I ask I can barely get the word out above a whisper. She nods.

"Better now.....Feels good...." she says. "Good?" I manage a nod. I slowly start rolling my hips. Gods damn this is amazing.

"Gods damn.....this ....fuck Piper..."I kiss her passionately cupping her face. She kisses me back, moaning into my kiss. She rakes her nails lightly down my back. I groan kissing her breasts running my hand down her side grabbing her thighs. I force myself to keep a steady pace instead of going faster like my body wanted me to. Fuck she was so tight around me it drove me insane. I groan sitting her up so that shes sitting on my thighs and I'm on my knees. I put my head on her chest in between her breasts thrusting harder.

"Luke...!" She moans loudly. "Oh God....yes....yes.....feels so good...." She's lost in passion. She begins to move with me, clinging to my shoulder. She kisses my neck, nibbling on the tender part of my neck. I groan loud, fuck I love it when she says my name like that. I hold her ass helping her move her hips. I move my head and start cucking on her breasts trusting faster and harder . She moans louder, and press her face into the curve of my neck, like she's trying to keep quiet.

I kiss her ear whispering,"Don't fight it I want to hear how I'm making you feel." I nibble her neck just below her ear. I start to lose the ability to restrain myself anymore. I bite her neck kissing the sting away as I thrust harder and faster moving her to ride me faster.

"Luke!" she screams out, gripping my shoulders tightly. "Yes! God! Yes! Luke!" She begins to ride me faster. I groan."So Good!"

"Oh Gods...oh Piper....so tight....so warm....." I groan in her chest I shek e my head laying her down again. Holding her legs to my sides as I thrust harder and faster. I slam into her a few more times before she starts tightening around me. I gasp and freeze inside her pulling her close as I come to my own climax. She gasp, breathing heavily, and letting out little breathless moans into my ear.

"That....was.....incredible," she pants, still clinging to me. She's trembling a little from on the pleasure. I know I'm shaking like a leaf on a tree hugging her to my chest as I lay on top of her. I can't even move to roll off her. I nod in her chest cause I can't speak. She plays with the end of my hair, her breathing starts to slow, but her heart is still racing. She relaxes into the bed. "I love you."

I roll off he gently laying on my back staring up to the ceiling smiling,"Piper......you have no idea how much I love you." I pull her onto my chest laughing softly. "You are so perfect, so beautiful, and you are so staying mine forever." I smile at her kissing her head. I rub my chest out of habit then frown."What the....holy shit!" I sit up looking at my chest.She grunts when I sit up. "It's gone!" She looks at me confused.

"What's gone? Are you okay Luke?" she asks sitting up.

I smile at her,"Look Korren's name is gone! The pain..the voice they're all gone!" She smiles, a smile that brightens up her whole face and touches my chest.

"What does that mean? How is it gone? This is awesome!" she says.

I smile shaking my head tearing in joy,"I don't know but it's gone...it's gone!" I kiss her holding her close laughing with tears hitting her skin. I'm so relieved that the pain is gone the voice telling me to kill Korren was gone. I gasp pulling away. "Innocence......." I look at her. "I took an innocence.......I took yours......and you took mine..." Her eyes widen with shock and she hugs me tightly. There are tears in her eyes too I laugh holding on to her kissing her head.

"It's gone Piper it's gone....thank you...thank you so much." I kiss her hard and passionately cupping her face."Unchain me please. I-I'm gonna wash up a...and get you some food." I tell her wiping my eyes and kissing hers. She quickly unchains me and then kisses my wrists. She buries her face in my chest, her shoulders shaking as she cries.

"Thank God.....Thank God.....Thank God.....You don't know how much I hated seeing you in pain. Thank God Luke. I'm so happy. We need to celebrate or something." she cries smiling. She kisses my wrists again.

I kiss her,"And trust me when you're done eating I'm gonna make sure that we celebrate. But We need to eat and I'm dying to eat something that isn't soup." I kiss her and wrap her up in the sheet before getting up my legs feel like jello so I pull a PIper and fall on my ass. "Damn it!"I yell laughing. "You rubbed off on me." I say laughing trying to get up. She giggles and stands up too, pulling the sheet around her more.

"Do you want me to come with you?" she says.

"No no you get your sexy ass back into bed. I'm gonna make you non ramen food. And then I'm going to take you into the shower." I say smiling up at her as I go into the bathroom with my jeans. I wash up and throw away the condom. I slid into my jeans and come out and kiss her so hard that she falls backwards onto the bed. I laugh smiling down at her. She giggles.

"We should at least text Pryena and Jerolin and tell them so that they don't tackle you when they see you. And then yell at me," she says.

I smirk looking at the door. I go over and open it Pree, Lin and Kane all fall on top of each other on to the floor in the doorway. Piper yelps and hides under the covers. "Do you know how rude it is to listen into peoples conversations?" I say to them. Pree grins up at me.

"Not a virgin anymore are you?" she laughs. "Took ya'll forever to get started!"

I burn brightly but smile not caring. "Just cause I like enjoying the meal before I stuff my face like certain men in this establishment." I say walking over them.

"Hey! Stop talking about me." Lin laughs, "Oh piper you're so warm!" Lin teases me I burn brightly. Lin and kane start laughing their ass's off. Kane hands him five bucks.

"You won the bet man. I pay my debts." Kane says laughing.

"Says the man banging the DJ." I smirk. Kane jumps up. "Oh shit!" Kane starts chasing me through the bar. I laugh.

"I hate all of you!" Piper yells, embarrassed.

"My favorite part was when you told her that you wanted to hear how you made her feel!" Pree calls to me laughing. I go over to the kitchen grabbing some stuff for sandwiches. THen I go over and kick her out of the room flipping them all off.

"Go fuck a dog oh wait Lin already is!" I slam the door and lock it. "I am so sorry sweetie." I say walking over to her laying all the stuff on the bed. "You're not mad are you?" She peeks at me, her face red.

"No of course not. And I don't really hate the others, I'm just embarrassed." she says with my smile. There's a soft knock on the door.

"I know I tease you a lot. But I love you. You're like a brother to me. I'm really glad you're curse is lifted. and that you aren't in pain anymore or wanting to kill my son," Pree says, through the door.

"Then I have all rights to kick your ass later sissy!" I yell to her laughing making Piper a PB&J. "Pezster? I got you some tuna you little rascal." I put the tuna in a little bowl for Pez to eat. Pez comes out of the closet and and sniffs the air. He yawns lazily and and then pounces on the food. I chuckle watching him scratching the top of his head.

"Mmm.... peanut butter and jelly," Piper says with a smile.

"Nothing Ramen about a PB&J." I say smiling over to her sitting on the bed next to her brushing my lips on her shoulder. She smiles and kisses my cheek.

"That's the best part about it," she says. "Other than the fact that it was made by you."

I chuckle softly and crawl over to sit behind her. I start to rub her shoulders. "Hows your back? Any more spasms?" She groans in pleasure and leans forward. I can see the openings where her wings are hiding, and I can even see a feather or two.

"Not rightly. It's a little sore, but not even close to as bad as is was. I barely notice it. I think it was the wings that were giving me trouble." I nod rubbing her back careful not to touch where her wings come out.

"I knew you were special....but an Angel? Granted I thought you were as beautiful as one but...for you to be one? Thats a shocker even for this crazy ass family." She stiffens a little and then relaxes again.

"I am still pretty shocked about it too. Even though.... it makes sense now. My boss always calling me angel. What he did at the slam. Sometimes I even felt a little strange growing up. Sometimes I'd get a fuzzy feeling. The glowing. And my mother hardly being there, but showing up when I needed her the most. Like when I had to walk five miles home, at night and in the rain," Piper says softly, playing with the sheets. "Why didn't I ever see it before?"

I growl softly,"I hope he bled out on the concrete." I hiss. Then shake my anger away. "Piper....I won't tell you that I get where youre coming from.." I say putting my head on her shoulder."My mom was always there for me...but now that you know the truth you can't be mad at her." She leans back a little.

"For the longest time I was mad at her, but I'm not anymore," she sighs. "I understand now."

I lean my head to the side and kiss her neck sweetly.

"You'll never be alone...I promise you that." I whisper in her ear. She turns her head and kisses me tenderly before pulling away.

"You won't ever be alone either," she says. "I'm not going anywhere until you get so annoyed and bored of me that you have to kick me out." There's a smile on her face. I smile than frown when I realized something.

"You'll outlive me Piper....."I say softly. She stiffens and then turns to look at me.

"What do you mean, I'll outlive you?" she croaks.

"You're an angel......I'm human.......you're immortal.....I'm not." I say hanging my head. Every moment that I have with her already leading to the truth....I was going to lose her. Her eyes fill up with tears and she shakes her head, staring at me.

"No....No.... I...I...I'll.... give up my immortality or whatever...." she gasps softly.

"No....that's part of who you are Piper....I can't ask you to do that."

"But I don't want to live forever if I can't be with you." She swallows hard and squeezes her eyes shut. "There has to be a way.....Luke... has to be a way." She shakes her head. "No! This isn't fair!" She hits the bed with the palms of her hands, and leans forward putting her face in the mattress

I hug her tight,"We'll figure it out Piper....we will.....maybe I can ask Pree how she became immortal......I know she said she didn't wanna talk about it but......I don't want to leave......."I bury my face in her hair. "Please don't be mad....please?" She freezes a little.

"Be mad about what?" she says. Her voice is muffled a little from the mattress.

"I dunno, just don't be upset or mad or anything, I'm sorry I brought it up." I bit my lip. She rolls her head to the side and looks up at me, her eyes are red like she wants to cry. She reaches up and cups my cheek.

"We...We will figure it out, right?" she says. "If not that I will give up my immortality. I'm sure there's a way." She sits up. I kiss her.

"Lets go shower. Wash away all this negativeness away." I suggest smiling softly already have a condom in my back pocket. She smiles softly against my lips and kisses me back eagerly. I smile and pull her to the bathroom kicking the door shut. Gods I love this woman


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