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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"Fuckin Hades baby...oh wait I am one!" Luke yells, laughing bitterly. He didn't even know he was a....Demi God. According to Jerolin. Luke groans trying to shake off the chains again. I raise up from the pile of blankets on the floor and look at him. I've been awake for a while, cuddling with Pez. I didn't like leaving Luke alone, so I made a nice bed on the floor next to his bed. It's a killer on the back, and my whole body is stiff, but I don't complain. I grab his hand and lay my head on the bed.

"Are you okay baby?" I ask worriedly. "Do you need anything?"

"Its back again." He hisses in pain. "Yeah a gun would be nice." He's been talking like this for hours. The guy Sam sedated him so that he could get some sleep. I bite my lip hard, accidently drawing blood. I hate when he talks like this. The thought of him being in so much pain that he wants to kill himself. I blink back the burning tears and swallow the lump. I'm getting good at this whole, not crying every time he asks for death.

"Are you hungry or thirsty?" I ask softly. I squeeze his hand lightly.

He sighs leaning his head back, blinking hard,"I'm sorry......yes please to both....is little Pez here?" He asks softly. I stand up slowly, picking up Pez and smiling. He smiles weakly,"Hey little guy. Mommy didn't step on you again while I was sleeping did she?" He tries teasing. I blush, because he knows me too well. I kiss Pez's tail, where I did step on him and put him on the bed next to Luke. Pez curls up right next to him. I think Pez knows that Luke needs comfort. Either that or he's just really lazy. Luke turns his head and kisses Pez's head.

"Hey." I pout playfully. "Don't be giving all your kisses away to a silly cat." I lean over and smile at him. He chuckles and kisses me softly, I like it when he's like my Luke. I don't like killer evil Luke. I kiss him back softly, knowing that it might be awhile before I can kiss him again. He lifts his head to deepen the kiss. I cup the back of his head to help him out and kiss him tenderly. I don't want to stop, but I know that I should make him some food and get him something to drink. I pull away a little, and the three words that seem to linger in my mind threaten to bubble up past my lips, but once again I hold them back. It's true, I've never felt like this before.

He nips at my lips pulling on them gently with a small smile on his face. I smile back and lean in and kiss him again. He kisses me passionately and moves so that he's on his elbows. When he has his moments of clarity he's most calm when we're making out. He trashes his tongue around in my mouth demanding more of my kiss. I gasp softly and give him more. I lean over the bed and kiss him just as passionately. God I like his kisses. he pulls away putting his forehead on mine. Breathing hard but smiling about it.

"I love that....you can do that." He says doing that dorky Alaskan kiss by rubbing his nose on mine. I giggle and hug him.

"I love it too," I tell him. I sit on the edge of the bed and stroke his hair back. This man means so much to me. Why can't I tell him how I feel. He closes his eyes tilting his head, he really is like a cat when I mess with his hair like this. I smile and kiss his head and stand up.

"I should go get you some food," I tell him.

"Anything but soup. If I have to eat another bowl of soup I swear I'm gonna have to go on a hunger strike." He chuckles. I giggle and pet Pez on head, and start walking to the door.

"Bah! And earplugs!" He yells after me as he hears Ash and Sam start at it again. I blush and and nod. I was use to Randy and his women, or I used to, but it's still awkward. I gasp as a spasm runs through my back and I catch myself on the door frame.

"Piper? You okay?" He asks looking over at me. I nod, not looking at him, because I know I'm making a funny face. Maybe I will see if Jerolin has painkillers. I swallow hard.

"Just another back spasm baby. I'll get some advil," I say.He bites his lip scrunching his eyebrows together. He doesn't believe me but doesn't push it. I look back at him and smile. I blow him a kiss, and flinch when I see my hands are going that weird glowing thing again. I hate it when it does this. I still don't know why. I walk out and make my way down the the kitchen. Pryena and the strange girl Rachel are in the kitchen when I enter.

"What do me need apple for?" Rachel asks, I think she has Autism or something.But she's a sweet girl. I smile at them.

"For eating, silly," Pryena says. She glances over at me, and smiles. "Hey Piper. How are you?" I rub my shoulder. I wonder why they are packing a bag.

"I'm good. And Luke is in one of his calmer moods, so I'm making him food," I tell her, knowing that she'll ask about him next. I'm so glad that he's not yelling a screaming right now. I'm extra thankful that he hardly ever directs his yelling at me personally

"Lukey get better right Miss Pree?" Rachel asks. Pryena glances at me and then back at Rachel and smiles.

"Yeah, I think he will," Pryena says. "And Pips there is some left over in the fridge if you want to heat that stuff up. I smile at her.

"Thank you," I say. I got to the refrigerator and pull out the leftover she was talking about. I spoon them onto a plate and stick the plate in the microwave.

Rachel looks at the apple and giggles eating it,"Yummy." She spins around eating her apple while Pree continues packing some fruit. I hide a smile and turn to the sink to do the dishes, while I wait for the food to cook.

"So, why are you packing?" I ask curiously.

"Me go on trip to make me smart!" Rachel giggles throwing away her apple core.Oh she must be going to a special school. I look at Pryena, who just shrugs and smiles. Well that's nice. I shake the soap bottle, trying to get the last of it out. I accidentally fling a glob of it in my eye.

"Gah!" I hiss, and let out a tiny squeal, and put my hand to my eyes, which has soap on it. Pryena laughs at me, and pats my shoulder. I quickly rinse my hands and eye out, though I know it will still be puffy and red. Great, now Luke is really gonna have something to tease me about.

"You are the clumsiest person I've ever met," Preyna says.

"Thanks," I grumble. "I try." I dry my hands and get Luke some ice water, in his cup with a straw. I start to grab the plate, when another spasm goes through my back. I gasp and grip the counter. God my back was killing me. I gasp and shudder.

"Miss Piper you okay?" Rachel asks me. I nod.

"Fine.... just... back hurts a little from sleeping on it wrong." I say. "Pryena do you have any advil?" Pryena pats my back and rummages through a drawer. She pulls out a bottle and hands them to me.

"There you go. That should help," she says. I smile at her and shove the bottle into my pocket. I grab the plate, that's not soup, and the cup.

"Thanks," I breath and I leave. Making my slowly so I don't drop anything. My eye still stings, but it's not bad.

"Yori...we need to talk." Lin says patting Yori on the back. "Pree brought Rachel back." I see Yori and Jerolin at the bar. Yori jumps up.

"Where is she?" he demands. He seems to really care about her. I glance at them, trying not to be tooo nosey.

"That's the thing Yori.....she's not staying." I can hear in Lins Voice he's not happy about telling Yori this. Yori's face flushes red with anger and he glares at Jerolin.

"What do you mean she's not staying. Where is she? I wanna talk to her," he growls.

"She's with Pree...Yori....she's decided to go live with my sisters in Olympus." Lin explains.Yori backs away.

"Is it because of what I did? Let me talk to her!" he almost yells. I make my way up the stairs. I should mind my own business. Poor Yori though, he really sounds upset. I make my way back to Luke's room. Thankfully not spilling anything. I smile as I enter.

"Room service," I say like I do everytime I bring him food. He yells.

"FUCK YOU! LET ME GO!" Little Pez runs out of the room hiding under the stairs. I yelp, stumbling back and dropping the plate. Thank God it's plastic. I fall on my butt. Pain explodes in my back but I roll to my feet, ignoring the tears that are building up in my eyes. I got to him.

"Luke, please calm down, baby. It's me Piper," I say gently. I grab his hand, and cup his cheek. He breaths fast and hard moving away from my touch. He screams.

"Get away from me!! I want to get away!! Let me go! Release me!" He yells he starts twisting and turning his wrists. Crap he broke the scabs and now he's bleeding again. I gasp and shake my head. Tears flow down my cheeks and I cup his face with both hands.

"Luke please. You have to calm down. Come back to me please. Please, I can't let you go. I'm sorry. Please come back to me," I beg him.

"Lemme go lemme go lemme go lemme go!" He yells arching his back trying to outstretch the chains. I flinch harshly and kiss his lips lightly.He doesn't kiss me back he turns his face away, "Lemme go! Lemme go! Lemme go!!" He shakes his head, his face is red and he's burning up with a fever again he kicks and flares. "I wanna go! I wanna go! Lemme go!!" I gasp again, holding back a sob. I go to the mini freezer and grab the ice packs. I pack them around him, praying it helps. I'm shaking again, and I think my face might be doing that stupid glowing thing.

"Is this better?" I ask, putting some ice packs on his chest.

He whimpers moving around his head side to side but he looks at me eyes filled with his tears. "P..Piper?" I let out a soft sob and hug him gently, burying my face into the curve of his neck.

"Luke..." I cry softly. My tears splash on his neck.

"Oh Gods...did I hurt you? Oh Gods i'm so weak...I'm so so sorry Piper please don't cry." He kisses the top of my head nuzzling his face into my neck. I wipe my face and hug him again, before raising up.

"You didn't hurt me, you just scared me," I say truthfully. I stand up and go to the bathroom. I grab and wet cloth and some bandages. I go back to him, and start cleaning up his wrists gently. I clean off the blood, and carefully wrap gauze around the open wounds. He hisses softly but slams his head into the pillow.

"Why they just don't shoot me and be done with it?" He closes his eyes tightly. I swallow the lump in my throat.

"I'd be sad if you died," I whisper softly. Because when he's not like this, he is the most amazing guy ever. He actually listens and cares to listen, even if I'm just talking about what I ate for breakfast. Because when he's calmer, he helps me write poetry and let's me read to him. And because..... I bite my lip and study his face while he has his eyes closed. He's still amazingly gorgeous, and leaves me breathless.

"I'm sorry you've been dragged into all of this....I wanted to introduce this whole thing to you a lot slower." He sighs. I kiss his cheek and bury my face in his neck.

"I think.... I'm falling for you," I whisper into his neck.

"You're just now falling? I've been stuck in the hold since you bumped into me." He teases kissing my head I kiss his neck softly, kissing where his pulse is. He lets out a small noise...a groan? But he coughs he must have been clearing his throat.

"No, I hit a long time ago, but I didn't want to say it and scare you away," I say. "I.... I love you." I blush brightly, but I'm glad he can't see it.

He smiles softly looking down at me, "I love you Piper." I smile hugely, probably looking like a kid at Christmas. I hug him tightly and smile up at him. I bite my lip.

"I dropped your plate of food. I should clean it up and get you another one," I say, rubbing my nose against his. He chuckles and licks my nose. He laughs at my face. "Hey!" I giggle. I lick his nose back and jump off the bed.

"Hey! I can't wipe my nose off! Now my nose itches!" I smirk at him.

"What was that baby? Oh no you have something on your nose. Let me get that for you," I say. I lick my thumb and rub his nose. I giggle at him. He growls trying to roll over to wipe his nose on the pillows. I giggle and hug him.

"Sorry. I had to," I tell him. I love it when he's playful like this. His stomach growls but he chuckles and kisses my head. I smile into his neck and kiss it. I straighten and tickle his stomach lightly. I blush a little, feeling his bare skin. He's even got a faint happy trail. And I really want to run my hands down his abs.

"Gah! No! No no no! Not fair!" he laughs trying to move away. I smile and shake my head, shying away from thought like that.

"I'll go get you some food, baby, again." I say. I kiss his nose and start walk out.

"At least this time it was my fault." He teases chuckling watching me walk out. I stick my tongue out at him. He chuckles and lens his head back taking a deep breath to relax. His chest was perfect, he had abs but they weren't very pronunced,he wasn't overly built about the rest of him either. He just looked...like my Luke.


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