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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Why was Yori so mean? I said sorry. I ran away. I no belong nowhere. I wanna go home. I sit on the swingy thing at the park. Pree take Korren here all the time. I like the swingy thing. I make me happy when I'm upset....but not today. I'm really cold. I pull my knees up and just sit on the swingy thing. I hate that place. Everyone is mean. I wish Jakey would come get me. We'd be happy he might even take me to see movie. I like the cartoon ones. Like the one with the chinese lady and the dragon that sounds funny. I sneeze, I'm gonna get sick being out here. But me no care. Me never ever go back to that stupid place. Pree walks up and sits in the swing next to me.

"You shouldn't be out here alone," Pree says to me. She hands me a jacket. I don't take it I just look away ignoring her. I look around not moving my head that way she don't know where I'm planning on running to.

"Go away." I growl at her. She growls back and grabs my wrist before I can run. She pulls me to her.

"Look at me," she says. "You can't run off like that just because people are mean to you. Look at me. Look at my face." She touches the scar on the side of her face. "Think I ran away after the Hunter's did this to me?"

"I'm not you!" I shove her away and stomp over the the bench sitting down with my back to her. I put the coat on. Rubbing my arms cause it makes me warm. She walks over to me, and puts a hand on my shoulder.

"No, you aren't me. But you aren't the same person you were in Vollen. This is your life now, and you have people that care about you," she says.

"Why did you take me away? I was good! Jakey cared about me!" I yell at her shoving her hand away from my shoulder. She laughs.

"Jakey? Yeah well from what I hear, Jacob hurt you and raped you. If he really cared, he wouldn't have hurt you."

"He was mad, Mr.Linny make Mistress Jetta go bye bye. He say no but me tell him that it make him feel better." I shudder remembering the desk. I don't like that desk. Pree grabs my face and makes me look at her, she's more gentle about it than Yori was.

"Jacob, and Jetta, killed my family. My Father, Mother, and sister just because they could. They would willingly kill anyone that gets in there way, includiing you."

"Jakey was like my brother, Jetta my sister, and they daddy took care of me. I no have family but them. And you took me away! I hope Jakey comes and makes Korren go away." pout. Me no mean it I'm just cranky cause I cold and Yori hurt me. Pree sighs.

"Forget Jacob and Vollen and all that scum. Wanna know a secret?" she asks.

"You gonna tell me anyway." I mumble pulling my knees under the jacket putting my chin on my knees. Pree picks out a piece of grass from my hair.

"Yori was crying when I left," she says. "He's really upset that you left. And he begged me to tell you how sorry he was. He didn't mean to yell at you Rachel. He was hurt, and jealous of the guy you were kissing." I look at her.

"What that word mean?" I ask. She smiles and grabs my hand.

"It means that he really really likes you and he wishes that you had been kissing him instead of that other guy," she tells me.

"But he say it no good to do that no more. That why me no kiss other guy." She nods, and plays with my hair. She do this for the others when they sad.

"I think he only said that because he didn't want to tell you how he really felt. Guys will do that when they think the other person won't like them back. Yori thought you wouldn't like him back, and wouldn't want to kiss him so he said that it was wrong to do it. Well, it isn't good to try to make people happy in public, but it's okay to kiss. I promise you though, Yori likes you alot. and he wants to kiss you," she says.

I bite my lip looking down,"Mr.Linny say I should go away for a while....to he sissy and other sissy....they make me smarter." I look at her,"Should me go? That way Yori get smart girl like you?" She smiles and tweeks my nose.

"Yeah, Lin told me about that. Yori is going to miss you very much. We all will, but I think it would help. Promise that you'll come back though?" she questions. She looks around, and then looks up at the stars.

I nod and hug her tightly,"Me Promise. And Me no break those."


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