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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"Get some clothes on!" I hear Sam yelling. Uh-oh what was she doing this time.

"But....Yori say take shower....."I hear Rachel say.

"Bah! Lock the fucking door then!" Slam! It's been almost two weeks since we brought Rachel here. She's getting better at not driving Sam up the wall but every once in awhile....she hits the bottom. I hear her crying in my room. I frown and walk to my room, I pass Piper, who is taking food to Luke's room, walking slowly. I wonder briefly if this is the second tray of food or the first. She has a habit of falling down a lot. I smile at her, and she gives me a weak tired smile. I walk to my room slipping off my shoes before entering.

"Rachel? Sam?" I ask.

She's curled up in the bed she has shorts and a bra on. It looks like she was getting ready to take a shower when Sam walked in. She's hugging a pillow crying hard. "Go away! I wanna go home! No one yell at me all time like stupid SAM!" I scowl at Sam, who is gathering laundry, it must be his turn to wash the clothes. Sam isn't paying attention, and he walks out carrying the laundry basket. Gah, he didn't take off his shoes...... I swallow hard, hoping my body actually behaves this time, and sit at the edge of the bed. I reach out and touch her hair. I nearly groan, as my body instantly reacts. I shift around, and pull a pillow across my lap.

"Rachel, please. I thought you liked it here, with me? And Pree? And Kane," I say.

"I don't care! Sam big meanie face! It not my fault! He no knock!" She yells into the pillow. "Me be good and he walk in! Not me fault! Not me fault!" She just sobs harder. I grit my teeth, hating that she's upset like this, but trying to distance myself. I sigh, defeated, and pull her into my arms to comfort her. I comb my fingers through her hair. Ugh her hair....

"Hey, I'll talk to Sam okay? He'll start knocking. He probably thought you were with me," I tell her gently. Please don't let her crawl into my lap. There are a few things she's bound to notice. She whimpers rolling over wrapping her arms around my neck and cries in the curve of my neck. I close my eyes, praying for control, her breath against my neck....she's crying for shit's sake!

"Why he get mad? Me no do nothin wrong...." I stroke her hair and hold her close.Her leg slides in between mine pulling herself closer sniffling. I stiffen a little, trying to shift around a little so she doesn't notice anything. I swallow hard and rub her back. I love being close to her, even though I shouldn't And especially since she's only in her bra, the closeness of her skin to mine. I let a very small gasp escape. Shit, I cover it up by coughing a little.

"I don't think he was very mad at just you, Rach, I think he's frustrated with himself," I tell her. Poor Sam and Ashley, they are still trying. I even caught Sam alone in the bar one night crying. Now they are both on special diets.

"He doesn't sound like that with stupid Ashley." Yeah Sam and Ash weren't her favorite people. To believe that the two nicest people could turn so cold. I've never seen Ash mad at anyone. To think Jacob is higher on her favorites list before they are. "She needs to eat protein if she wants a stupid baby with stupid Sam. She too skinny. Not good for bearing sons." She huffs rubbing her face in my chest. I groan softly, and again try to hide it by clearing my throat. I hug her, wanting more contact, but hating myself for it. She's practically a kid. She shouldn't affect me like this. It's sick and wrong. But it never fails. I don't think I have taken a hot shower since she's been here. And sometimes the cold ones don't even help.

"I know. She's working on it...." I say. "I'm sorry they are mean to you. I'll try to talk to them about it again."

"It doesn't matter anymore. They just big meanie heads anyway." She huffs crossing her arms rolling away. She's stopped crying and now is just bitter. "Mr.Linny say i get to dance tonight. Since I've been so good." I frown a little.

"What do you mean dance?" I ask.

"Like what pree do. She gonna teach me, and we get to go see people. He say I need to start...what's that word.....so..soc...socialize?"She tries to say socialize it takes her a few times. I breath a sigh of relief, I half feared it would be another kind of dance, not that Lin would do that kind of thing. I nod.

"Pree's a good dancer. And you should socialize more. I think it would good for you," I tell her. I reach over and wipe her face with a tissue.

"Wanna see what mistress Pree got me?" She asks softly. I nod, nervously now. What could Pree have gotten her. Knowing Pree, it's something that will really make me need a cold shower. She's the only one that knows of my attraction to Rachel, unless she told Lin about it. She gets up and goes to the bathroom I hear the door lock, something she gotten into the habit of doing that now. Especially since Sam had the worst timing and walked in on her showering. She comes out a few minutes later. In a silk strapless cocktail dress. A black ribbon with a bow in front. It was scrunched up at the bottom so it was just a little past mid thigh on her. Her long hair draped over her shoulders as she blushed softly. My breath hitches in my throat, and I curse Pree out in my head. I stand up, and go to her before I can stop myself. I look down at her and tug gently on her hair, wrapping it around my hand softly. I lick my lips.

"Beautiful," I breath, my voice sounds a little husky.

"She say that it good cause it makes me pretty and Sammy hates the color red. So it...what she say....a....win win s..situ..situation?" She's a Repogirl and she seems oblivious to the fact that I'm dying to kiss those soft lips."Yori? You okay?" She asks waving a hand in front of my face."Did i break you?" I grit my teeth and nods. Fuck I could cry. I lean forward a little, but stop myself. I look away trying to focus on something else.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I like this dress," I say softly.

She giggles and kisses my cheek. She turns around and skips to the bathroom,"Me shower kay? You stay in room to keep evil Sammy and Evil Ash away kay?" She closes the door but not all the way I hear the water turn on and I hear the dress drop to the floor. I swallowed hard, hating myself for what I was about to do. I walk slowly to the door and peek inside.

Shes pulling her hair up into a messy bun she's fully naked and smiling softly as she takes a step into the shower, she has a small tattoo on her lower back that looks like a barcode. she smiles humming as she starts to wash herself down. Humming softly that silly song that Jacob taught her.

"When I'm gone when I'm gone you're gonna miss me when I'm gone, you're gonna miss me by my hair you gonna miss me everywhere oh you're gonna miss me when I'm gone." I am very jealous of that body scrubber. I swear softly, and back away. I should not be doing this! I plop down on the bed and put my face in my hands.

"Yori, you are sick bastard," I tell myself softly. I try to ignore the thoughts of her on my bed naked and ready for me. I shake my head. I can't go there! I shouldn't even continue to let her sleep in here, but she says she feels safer in here, and I admit, I love it.

She comes out a half hour later all clean and wrapped in a towel she blushes running to her dresser grabbing some underwear and bra,"I sorry I forgot." she goes back to the bathroom closing the door. This girl is really testing my patience, even though she doesn't realize it. Sometimes I can't help but wish I would just give in.

She comes back out in that dress and with her hair braided down her back with little gem clips in her hair. Pinning all but two little curls back letting the two curls cup her face. She smiles softly looking at me, she has a little bit of make-up on but not a lot, just a little lipglos and some mascara. Even though I don't think she needed any make-up.

"Good Yori?" She asks softly. Smiling innocently.

"Oh you have no idea how good," I say before I can stop myself. I feel my eyes widen a little and then change the subject quickly. "Have you always known how to put make up on or did someone teach you?"

She giggles and skips over and kisses my cheek and nods,"I always know, I always know how to make happy. Sometimes red coat like makeup some don't care some don't like it at all." She shrugs and grabs my hand playing with my fingers, "You dance with me tonight Yori?" I swallow hard and nod. It was going to be one of those days where I have to wear loose jeans.

"I'd love to," I tell her. I should have said no, but I would do anything to spend more time with her.

She giggles and kisses my cheek again. And now I wish that I had moved my head a little, so that she got my lips instead.

"Let's go! Lets go Bar open in ten minutes so we go make music man work!" I chuckle and let her lead me out of my room, I can't stop thinking about her in the shower. I shake my head and start saying movie quotes in my head to try to get my mind off it. But my eyes fall onto her ass...fuck what did I do to deserve this torture?

"Music man! Play song!"She giggles going up to the DJ he chuckles, he doesn't seem phased by her. I think his name is Roger? He's been here for a month now Lin must have made up some story about Rachel.

"What song pretty lady?" She makes a thinking face biting her pointer finger just a little in thought.

"The one that goes Boom boom!" He chuckles and nods.

"Alright you got it boss lady." He shakes his head chuckling. He plays Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas. She grabs my hand smiling.

"Pree teach me a little bit wanna see?" Oh....my....God. Pree please don't tell me you did this just to torture me. This is just cruel. I'm definitely getting my pay back for this. I swallow hard and let Rachel lead me onto the dance floor. I should have said no. Damnit, now it's too late. She puts my hands on her hips and she puts her back to me pressing her butt against me. Fuck. You. Too. Pryena. She shimmies her hips with the music tangling her fingers into mine smiling. I groan softly, in her ear, and start to dance with her unable to stop myself. I'm a pretty decent dancer, just not as good as Pree. She smiles moving with me every moment she's smiling. This isn't fair. I should just walk away.

Walk away damn you. Move your feet and walk away.

What do I do instead? I raise her hands over her head and lace my fingers through hers. Fuck, I'm a goner.

I don't even notice that the bar is filling up. Her hair smells like vanilla her skin is as soft as silk. She drops one arm and trails her fingers down the back of my head down my neck. I hiss, rocking my hips side to side, and I literally have to hold back a moan. Shit, I needed to stop! She smiles turning around to face me wrapping her arms around my neck resting her head on my shoulder. She plays with the ends of my hair, twirling it around her finger. Still moving her hips side to side with mine.

"Thank you for being nice Yori." She says smiling with her eyes closed. I breath in her scent. Her words helping me build that wall again. A nice person wouldn't be thinking about kissing her. A nice person wouldn't be thinking about pinning her to the wall, or joining her in the shower. A nice person wouldn't be having these thoughts. I hug her and pull away, not wanting to.

"I need to get something to drink," I say in her ears, and just because my lips are tingling, I kiss her temple. "Take a break?" I'm breathless, and it's not just because of the dancing.

She nods, "I have to use little girls room. I'll be back." She kisses my cheek again smiling that beautiful smile at me before skipping away to the bathroom. I swear watching her go, before making my way to the bar. I didn't even notice who was working.

"Cuttin it there close arent you Yori?" Lin says putting a whiskey and coke in front of me He slides vodka shots down the counter to a customer. "I think I could see your boner from here." He chuckles, yup pree told him. "Why haven't you made a move yet?" Curse Pree, she's lucky she's not here. She's probably watching Korren. I take a large drink before glaring up at him.

"I'm going to put bugs in your's and Pree's bed. She wasn't suppose to tell anyone," I hiss.

"She didn't she was thinking it and I overheard it." He says cleaning a glass. Shame on her for thinking it then. Oh Fuck! I forget that Lin can read minds, ugh, now I'm ashamed of every dirty thought I've had about her.

"Don't be half the guys in here are thinking worst things about her then you are." He says pouring a drink then tossing the bottle in the air letting it spin. He always tried to make pouring drinks entertaining. I growl, that just pisses me off. I don't want people thinking about her like that. I take another drink.

"I haven't made a move on her, because she's a Repogirl, practically a kid, and I don't want a relationship based on mainly sex," I shudder. And I'm thinking about her in the shower again.

"She may be a Repogirl but she does care about you. You don't realize how she thinks about you. YOu make her happy and feel safe. Isn't that already a relationship?" He winks at me, "YO GET OFF MY BAR BEFORE I HOSE YOU!" A drunk guy was standing on the bar but hops down when Lin yells. Lin turns back to me. "Look you better make some kind of move before you lose her. Cause soon she'll be ready and you'll miss the train of happy relationship ville." I swallow hard.

"So it doesn't make me a bad person, for wanting her?" I ask. I look at the drunk guy that Lin yelled at. Pree would have pushed him off. That was her way of entertaining people. That and that she dances making drinks.

He shakes his head,"Look at me and Pree do you really think I was interested in her brians when I first met her?" He gives me the you know what I mean look. Everyone knows that Lin's favorite part of Pree was her ass. I smile a little. I guess he's right.

"You guess? Boy you know I'm right. As always!" He laughs going down and shrugs spraying the guy with the soda gun. "Stay off my bar fool." I chuckle, it's a wonder how people keep coming here, with Pree and Lin working here. Knowing he's probably still reading my mind, even though I hate it. I think about flipping him off, and then just for shit's and giggles.

Yeah, but I bet you haven't laid much, sense Korren has been born.

I see his face fall and he glares,"Your the one getting bugs in bed Yori. At least I know I can get some." He calls over and smirks. Ding ding K.O. Yori. I sigh, I really set myself up for that one. I flip him off, and look around for Rachel I was going to let myself kiss her.She should be back by now. Unless she fell in again. I see lin tilt his head like he's listening to a conversation. He half jogs over to me and grabs my shoulder.

"She needs your help she hit bottom again." Shit. I run to the bathroom. Sending a metal Thank you to Lin. And not caring that I'm walking into the girls room.

"Rachel?" I ask, scowling at a girl that gives me a dirty look as she leaves.

"Please? I'm gonna get in trouble." I hear Rachel say but she lets out a moan. I hear someone messing with a zipper in the farthest stall. I growl. I stomp over to the last stall and using a trick Jadon taught me, I unlock the stall and push it open. Rachels dress is half way off showing a strapless bra a guy is kissing her neck her head tilted back with her eyes closed. His hands exploring her body. Fuck no! I grab the guy, spinning him around and deck him hard in the face.

"Touch her again, and I swear I will cut off your dick," I hiss. "And feed it to my friend's cat." Not that Piper would let me anywhere near Pez if I really intended to feed him male parts.

"Yo! She asked! Back off!" He says going to hit me. I grab his hand before he can hit me, and slam his head back into the tile.

"She's mine, get out," I snap. I hit him again, because I'm that pissed.

The guy says down, knocked out Rachel is holding up the top of her dress hanging her head biting her lip softly. She knows she's in trouble. "Y...yori I-" I turn to her, crushed. I guess I am already too late. At least I hope not.

"Did you really ask him?" I hiss.

She stutters,"I...I...it...I was...I....." She's nervous she keeps glancing at the guy then back to me."Y...yes....b...but...but I had to...." She tries to explain herself but she's stuttering too much. I should have kissed her on the dance floor.

"Had to?" I snap. I'm hurt because of my own stupid mistake. Then because I can't help myself, I ask. "Why not ask me?"

"Y...you said no...not to do anything...I...I didn't want to get in trouble....it was hurting but...I didn't want to go to bed.....I I..."She hangs her head. I clench and unclench my fists, and sigh heavily.

"You can't do this Rachel. You can't do that kind of thing in public like this," I tell her. I don't want you doing this with anyone else but me, I want to add, but I don't

"Bu..but it was just hurting so much...I...I didn't know what to do." She fixes her dress holding her arm to her side leaning on the stall wall. I growl, how did I not know she was in pain. I slam my fist into the door, not exactly mad at her, but mad at what she has to go through. She jumps a little.

"You could have told me you were hurting," I raise my voice a little.

"I...I...I..."She stutters not looking at me. I grab her face and make her look at me. Wanting to kiss her all over again, but I don't. I can't. I want to, but I don't think she would like that at the moment.

"Next time tell me. Because you can't do this in the bathroom like this," I tell her. My voice sounds harsher than I want it to.

"But Yori......I...I just.....I...I didn't know what to do....." She looks up at me scared and lip trembling. I grit my teeth, squeezing my eyes shut.

"You tell me, that's what you do!" I yell. I flinch, regretting yelling right away. Shit. She yelps pushing my hand away from her face. Where my hand was her jaw is red, she pushing past me and runs out covering her face. Shit! I run after her.

"Wait Rachel! I'm sorry," I call after her. I run out into the bar and look for her. I don't see her in the huge crowd. I look at Lin, questioningly. He looks at me and shakes his head. He hasn't seen her. I look around again and catch a small glimpse of her hair flying behind her as she runs out the back door. No! No! I start to follow her, but by the time I get outside, she's long gone. I yell out in frustration and deck the brick wall hard enough to sprain my knuckles. Ignoring the blood and pain, I run back into the bar and run to Lin.

"She's gone! I fucked up bad! She's out there all by herself," I hiss.

Lin nods picking up the phone,"Pree Come down and help close, Rachel ran off." He nods listening to whatever Pree says. "Hey! This time it's not my fault.......uhhuh.... Love you Korren you go to sleep now Korren.....Love you to." He hangs up and looks at me. "Pree's gonna kick your ass you know that right?" I nod.

"I don't care, just bring her back," I say. I lay my head on the table. "There's a guy knocked out in the bathroom, by the way."

"I know I saw. Nice punch." He says as he starts telling people that the bar is closing for the night a family emergency has come up.


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