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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I pace in front of the computers, in Hunter Headquarters, in Vollen. I know smoke is spilling from my pores and my arm is in a cast, thanks to the bastard that killed my sister and threw me into a fucking wall.

Hunters cough but they don't ask me to stop. They wouldn't fucking are. "Nothing Sir we can't find her on our radar. Just like Preyna, Samuel, or Ashley." The hunter says still scanning the computer. I growl at them.

"No shit!" I hiss. "Keep looking. I have a pretty good idea why we can't find traces of any of them." I say the last part mainly to myself. I lean over one of the computers to study the screen.

"Sir you have information? Anything you might know can help us find the repogirl." I rub my chin, really needing a shave. I have that five o'clock shadow going on, and I haven't slept in days. I'm suppose to have food brought to me, but they haven't showed up yet.

"I think it's that bastard Yori. He stole a cloaking device from one of the Hunters a few years back. I'll bet you anything, it's cloaking the rest of them too," I slam my fist into a keyboard and letter keys clatter to the ground. "Goddamnit."

A broken rushes in with a tray of food. She's breathing hard like she was running to get here. She gets on her knees and holds the tray over her head for me. "Master Jacob your food." I grab the tray and set it aside. I cup the Broken's face and make her look at me.

"And why are you late?" I ask.

"A red coat sir asked me to go get him food as well. He threw the first tray down. I had to get you a new one Master Jacob." She shakes in fear not looking me in the eyes. keeping them looking down towards my shoes. I release her face.

"Pick up the keys off the ground," I tell her, before turning to my food and eating a little.

She quickly does what I ordered putting the keys back onto the keyboard before getting back on her knees hanging her head,"Is there anything else Master Jacob?" I study her, not nearly as pretty as Sweetness. I snort and wave my hand at her dismissively.

"Bring me a bottle of rum," I tell her, and then focus my attention on another screen.

"Sir I think we have something." A hunter says I see the broken run out to go get me what I ordered. "Here, in what looks like a Mall. Her emotion chip went haywire here for a few moments. It was just a brief flash but it was there." I walk over to the screen and study it.

"What emotion?" I ask, gritting my teeth. "Can you tell who she's with?"

"It looked bluish green." He looks through some paperwork, "According to these reports thats fear and sadness." I growl, and push the screen off the desk, as that it shatters on the ground. I have got to get my temper under control. But she is scared and sad and I don't like that. I'm not there to make her feel better. I was always there. Why would she leave me! I remember when we use to hang out under the Medic Desk as kids. She'd hold my hand and I'd play with her hair. And I'd tell her about movies I had just seen. Father didn't allow her to watch much movies, but a few times I was able to beg him to let her. Jetta said I was a silly boy, but Sweetness was my best friend. Aside from Jetta of course.

"Where's my drink," I snap.

The broken girl rushes in putting my glass on the desk leaving the bottle next to it. She already had the drink poured. "Right here master Jacob." She says with her head down and her hands cupped in front of her. I grab the cup and drain the contents in two gulps. I throw the cup into the trashcan, not caring that it's glass, and grab the bottle. I look at the Broken girl and tap a finger against her cheek.

"Look at me," I order. She lifts her head up to me but she still doesn't make eye contact. Which she wasn't allowed to do. Good, she knows the rules. I look away from her.

"A computer screen fell. Clean it up," I say, before walking around the Hunters to see if they have anymore information for me. She gets down and starts picking up the glass with her hands.

"There it is again." One whispers

"What do you think it is?" A second one says the first one shrugs. Their staring at a screen. I faint beep pulses. "There it was did you get the location this time?"

"No it's going to fast." I walk over to them, putting my hands on their shoulder.

"What is it? Is it her?" I ask hopeful. I will find Sweetness and bring her back where she belongs.

"We think so but we can't be sure. The color keeps changing every time it shows up. One moment it's blue another its gold then its back to blue. Happy sad happy sad like her chip is malfunctioning or it's being tampered with." Fucking hell! I swear I will kill every single one of them.

"Keep looking," I snap. I turn around, taking a large drink of rum and keep pacing. I can't stop thinking about her. About the each time I held her hand as she gave birth, or when I use to comfort her when she had to say goodbye to a baby.

The girl cuts her hand and lets out a yelp but she hides her hand and keeps cleaning. The Hunters keep talking trying to get a fix on Sweetness's chip. I mutter about how useless this shit it. I should have patrols out, but that stupid bitch Pryena, seems to always find them and kill them. And if she doesn't Yori does.

"We got her!" The first Hunter yells. "We got it down to a few streets Sir. A two mile radius." he makes a map showing it to me.I study the map and grin to myself. They really like that bar of theirs don't they. I figured they'd move out after the night the bastard killed......I don't finish the thought. I miss my sister terribly, as if it wasn't enough for that bitch to kill Father, now her man has killed Jetta. Their family should pay, but not until I have Sweetness back, safe and sound.

"I want a watch on the whole two mile radius. I want to track their every movement, because we will only one chance to grab her, before they start protecting her even more. I want to know schedules, who leaves, who stays, and I want Jamie to check out the inside and report back to me with what she finds out," I order, knowing very well that my order will be obeyed.

"Do you want us to capture them if we spot them with the Repogirl Sir?" The second one asks the first one grabs a phone and starts giving orders to others.

"And not captured. Well Pryena and Jerolin, yes capture them if you can. I owe them a face to face explanation of why I'm killing them slowly. The others kill on sight, or permanently injure them," I say.

"Yes Sir." He moves and doesn't see the Broken cleaning up and stumbles over her. "Stupid girl!" He kicks her in the ribs knocking her over getting up. She yelps coughing trying to catch her breath he fixes his shirt and leaves. Her lip trembles but she hangs her head going back to cleaning. I chuckle and then toss the bottle into the trashcan, following him out.


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