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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I stare down at my son's name, burned into Luke's chest. I'm trembling, though I'm not sure why. I grit my teeth. Jerolin's words echoing in my head. He's a demi God. I glance over at the very still chubby, balding guy that Luke beat to a bloody pulp and the up at Jerolin.

"Why the hell is my son's name burned into his chest?" I hiss calmly.

"He's a demi god......hes a fucking demi god."Lin seems just as lost as I was. This must have been a shocker to him too. I shake my head though and slam my head into the gravel.

"Why the fuck is Korren's name burned into Luke's chest Jerolin?!" I snap, not at him really, but out of fear and worrying. Demi God or whatever I want to know what this means.

He picks up Piper shaking his head,"he's a Demi God......he's a Demi God...all these years I didn't know......Gods I'm stupid. It was right there the whole time..."He says putting Piper into the Jeep. He slams his head into the side of the car. "He's the son of Hades Pree.....he just turned 23.......son of a bitch!."He decks the side of the Jeep. I stand up and turn to him, wringing my hands in front of me.

"Wh...What does that mean? What does it mean Lin?" I say. "What's going on?" I turn and look down at Luke and flinch at the word on his chest. Tears threaten to spill out of my eyes.

"It means that he has to take an innocence. And The innocence has to be from someone he knows...The only innocence he knows is Korren..."His voice cracks as he slams his head into the jeep. This is really beating him up. I go to him, and put a hand on his shoulder, turning him to face me. No! No! Not Korren. He can't kill Korren. No! I won't let him kill my baby boy.! This can't really be happening.

"He's not touching Korren," I say. "What can we do? How can we help?" I

He shakes his head,"I've never known a Hades child to be able to fight the curse...they either kill who's ever on their chest or....." he doesn't finish his sentence and his shoulders shake once. "Or they find away to kill themselves to escape the pain." I gasp, tears spill down my face. I shake my head frantically. Not Luke.... Not Korren. This! Can't! Be! Happening! I slam my hands to the glass and spin away from the jeep.

"Then we'll talk to Hades," I gasp. "Hades!! Please I..."Jerolin interrupts me.

"he's not the one who created the curse love. Hades pissed someone off and they created the curse on all his children." He rubs his eyes as if trying not to cry. I shake my head again, letting out a small sob.

"Who did? Who cursed him?" I demand.

"No one knows it was a mortal witch that Hades raped eons ago. But at that time there was so many none of u- them kept track." He always hides his past from me. As if he was afraid I was going to run for the hills taking Korren with me. I slam my fists into his chest, hitting him, tears pouring out of my eyes like a damn waterfall.

"You're a God!" I cry. "Fix this. Take it back!" I hit him again, weaker this time and then bury my face in his chest. "Fix it Jerolin."

He wraps his arms around me shaking. He buries his face in my hair. "I can't Pree...I don't know how..." He sniffles and straightens up. "Get in the car. We'll take Luke home and chain him down. Maybe we can wait out the curse." He says clearing his throat wiping his face. I shove him and run to the other side of the car. I climb into the car and bury my face in my knees. I shouldn't hit him or shove him, it's not his fault, but I can't help it. I gasp trying to get my crying under control.

he opens the door and puts Luke's head in Pipers lap laying him in the back seat. He slowly makes his way to the Drivers side. He's hanging his head slouching, God he's guilty. He gets in and closes the door softly. He starts driving not even looking at me he's focusing past the road. I sniffle, wiping my eyes and nose with the sleeve of my jacket. I reach over and run a hand through his hair.

"We...We'll figure something out. We have to. Maybe we can find another witch or something. Or maybe like you said we can wait out to curse." I whisper. I grab his hand and squeeze it. "Im sorry for hitting you,"

He nods wiping his face on his shoulder,"Its fine you needed to let it out." He coughs to clear his throat. Luke groans in the back seat but doesn't wake up. He's knocked out old and still clutching his chest in pain.

"I love you," I tell Jerolin. I look into the back seat and study the two in the back. "She was glowing." I say more to myself than anyone, staring at Piper. Lin nods.

"I have a more solid theory on her than I do on Luke." He says softly. I tear off a piece of my shirt.

"What's your theory?" I ask. I grab a water bottle from the floorboard and pour some water onto the cloth. I needed to attempt to clean her wound a little, before she got blood everywhere.

"I think what the guy was saying about her being his angel I think he meant an actual angel. I've met one or two. One was was nice and decent the other was a straight up,"he leans out the window and yells out,"A BIG FAT UGLY WHORE!" he comes back in he smirks softly. I raise an eyebrow at him, but shrug.

"Angel huh? I guess if Gods and Goddesses exist, Angels can too," I say. I reach back, leaning over the seat, and press the cloth to her wound.

"I think theres some ambrosia in the cubby in front of you." I nod, and start to turn back around when Piper gasps and her eyes flutter open.

"Luke," she gasps, cupping his face and then she looks around. She flinches when she sees me and Jerolin. "What's going on?! Where am I? What happened? The last thing I remember is...." she gasps again. "Oh God...." She touches her head and winces. "He.... He... oh God. Oh God. Luke."

"Clam down Luke took care of the fat ass. But I do believe youre fired." Lin says pulling up to the bar. She shakes her head and covers her face. I pat Jerolin's leg.

"Do you want me to go get Sam?" I ask. Piper yelps softly, crying a little. He nods.

"He's a doctor Piper don't worry." Luke gasps starts screaming again. Piper jumps, screaming with him, and cups his face again. I look at Jerolin and sigh. This is going to be a long night.

"Luke?!" Piper shrieks. "Luke what's wrong? Are you hurt?" The worry in her voice is so thick I could cut it with a spoon. Luke starts to flare out trying to rip away through his chest. Screaming in pain. Ashley must have heard screaming cause she comes running in Sam's boxers a his shirt.

"What's going on?" she asks. Sam stumbles out, pulling a shirt over his head. He slides his glasses on his face and joins Ashley.

"No!" Piper grabs Luke's hands to stop it. "What's going on?" I turn to Sam and Ashley.

"Sam, Luke and his girlfriend is injured, and Ashley can you go get some chains?" I ask. I reach into the back seat but stop not sure what to do. "Jerolin we need to get them inside." I jump out of the car and yank the car door open. Piper tumbles out, but I catch her before she hits the ground.

Lin nods Ash takes off back inside. Kane jogs out from taking out the trash and helps Lin carry Luke inside. Luke is yelling like their killing him. Piper screams Luke's name again. I grab her, trying to haul her inside but she's struggling against me. Sam runs over to help me, and with his help we carry her inside.

"Stop!" Piper yells. "Luke!" She kicks Sam in the chest and he drops her. She hits the ground and scrambles backwards in fear.

"Fuck!" Lin yells.

"Owe! Damn Luke call down!" Kane groans their in Luke's room. I hear Ashley yelping.

"That's my hair!" Ash whimpers. I hear the chains. Piper scrambles away from us more, her eyes wide. She glances at the door, wanting to bolt. Sam approached her slowly, his hands up in surrender.

"Look, I just want to help you," he says calmly. I rub my eyes. Piper shakes her head frantically. Yori cracks his door to see what's going on, but then shuts it abruptly, probably to keep Rachel from seeing Sam or seeing what's going on.

"What's going on?!" Piper demands, tears rolling down her cheek. "I want Luke!" Sam kneels in front of her, digging through his bag. Piper watches him, and when she sees him pull out a device, she scream again. She's shaking horibble.

"Leave me alone! Don't hurt me!" And I've had enough of this bullshit. I stomp over to her. My voice turns echoy, and I control her mind.

"Calm down now. Let him help you." I hiss. Piper blinks at me, but calms down a little. She's still shaking and crying though. And she's glaring at me and Sam.

Ash stumbles out and comes over,"Luke needs to be sedated or drunk or something. It's taking both Lin and Kane just to hold him down to the bed." She face is a little swollen. Luke must have hit her or she fell again. Sam cups Ashley's face and examines it. He looks pissed but he doesn't say anything. He digs through his bag and pulls out a sringe.

"Fuck! I need that for later!" Kane yells Lin laughs then yelps.

"Ow! Pree is gonna have your ass if that's broken!" He yells.

"Inject his into his neck sweetie," Sam growls. "Nevermind, I'll do it, cause if he hits you again, he's gonna get hit himself. Try to calm the girl down a little more. I will be right back." He jogs off to the room. Theres a crash from a lamp breaking and lin growls, "That wasn't cool!"

Ash nods and strokes Pipers hair gently whispering calming words to her. "shhh it's okay Piper. Once they've calmed Luke down I'll take you to see him. I'm going to fix your forehead so then Luke doesn't see that that mean man hurt you alright?" Piper touches her head and winces. She wipes her eyes.

"I don't understand what's going on?" she hiccups. She grabs the strap of her shirt, that must have ripped when her boss attacked her.

"It's a long story that I'll let Pree and Jerolin explain okay? Cause I don't understand half of it myself." Ash says. I watch them carefully. Thank Gods for Ashley. She could calm anyone down. Expect apparently Luke. Speaking at which, Sam must have drugged him. Piper hugs herself, but she doesn't say anything.

"Fuck I think he broke my nose." I hear Kane say coming out Lin is helping him to the chair his nose is bleeding badly. And Kane must be pissed if he's cursing. Sam follows them out, he kneels in front of Kane, examining his face.

"I can fix it. Just give me a second," he says. "Tilt you head forward." Piper scrambles to her feet, trips, and goes sprawling to the floor again. Lin catches her just before her face meets the floor. Kane gags leaning forward. Piper gasps and jerks away a little. I step up next to Jerolin.

"You alright?" Piper shakes her head again, I swear the girl was going to get whiplash if she kept that up. She chokes a little.

"No," she laughs bitterly. "I am not okay! First of all my boss attacks me, yelling some nonesense about wings! And tries to rip off my shirt! Then Luke comes bursting through the window to save me, and I think he might have killed him! Then you come and start beating him up! Now my boyfriend is screaming in pain and what do you do about it?" She points a finger at Jerolin, and starts glowing again, a little brighter this time. "You drug him and chain him up! He needs to go to the hospital! And if that's not enough, my head hurts like a bitch, and my back feels like it's been trampled on. Oh and I have no idea what's going on!!" She sinks down into a chair, covering her face. "Please someone explain all this to me.." she adds softly. The glowing dulls a bit, but doesn't stop. She must not see it. I glance at Jerolin. Sam stands up after having tended to Kane's nose and starts walking over to help.

Lin wiggles his nose,"Alright. Give me your hand. I'll explain it for you all you have to do is take my hand." She gives him a strange look, and hesitantly places a shaking hand in Jerolin's hand.

"If this is a trick...." she says softly. I sigh, I wonder if I was this bad at first. Suddenly her and Lin Vanish. Piper gives a tiny yelp as they disappear.

"What the flying fuck?" Kane says looking around. "Where'd he go!? Ow." Sam glances at him and sighs shaking his head, before going to Ashley. I smile to myself, thinking of what Jerolin could possibly be showing her. Ashley looks like she's about to cry. She must have tested negative again. Poor Ashley. Sam looks sad too, but he's trying to comfort her as much as possible. Holding her close, and rubbing her back. They've been trying so hard these past few days that it doesn't make sense.

"Maybe there's something wrong with me Sam..."She croaks softly. He shakes his head and kisses her temple.

"There's nothing wrong with you sweetie, I've run all the tests.... You should be able to get pregnant...." he sighs. "Maybe its me. There are a few things I can do to...um... " he blushes and looks around remembering they have an audience.

"Maybe I have to come in and help." Kane teases half asleep on the bar counter. Ash glares at him. Damn, she is one angry little person. She really doesn't want to share him. Sam doesn't say anything.

"Come on, let's go get some food. I know some food that will.....help a little." he says.

Kane laughs,"Bananas and pineapple Samuel! Fix you right up!" He laughs hard. Sam chuckles and then flips him the bird, taking Ashley's hand. He leads her into the kitchen.

Jerolin and Piper reappear,"There feel better now? And Luke is the son of the ugly pale one. And that's why he's hurting cause he has to go through a challenge." Piper's eyes are wide and she's crying again. Her brain trying to process this.

"No...No...Go...God's aren't real. I'm dreaming.... I'm dreaming right?"

"Does Luke's screaming sound like a fucking dream!" He says gesturing to Luke's room. "Do I look like a Gods fucking dream?! Does my wife look like a dream?! How about my son!? We are all really here! So you better believe it." Piper flinches and stumbles away from him, falling on her ass. I frown walking over to him and put a hand on his chest.

"Jerolin.... Don't scare her like that. She's still trying to process all this. Give her some time. Most people aren't as accepting as me and the others. She's probably lived a normal lift. I mean she doesn't even seem to know that she's different."

I can feel him growling under my hand, "I can't do this."He looks at me. "I won't baby her. Not with Luke chained up in agony. I can't I won't She can either get her head out of her ass or she can leave and never come back." He hisses going to Luke's room. I sigh and kneel in front of Piper, who is now sobbing.

"Look, Jerolin is just really worried about Luke and our son. He wouldn't yell at you like that if all this wasn't happening. And I understand that your scared, but I know you care for Luke. I saw the way you freaked out when he was screaming, and I know that this is hard for you to process, but I think Luke might feel better if he knows you're safe. I'm sorry that this is happening so fast. I would have liked to explain it to you slower." I say to her gently. She looks at me, and it's like golden tears are flowing down her face because she's glowing yet again.

"C..C..Ca..n I...I see him?" she asks, her voice cracking. I nod and hold out my hand. She takes it, and I help her stand. I feel the hum of power underneath her skin, and I wonder what she feels or if she even notices. I lead her to Luke's room. She looks at Jerolin, flinches and looks at Luke. "L..Luke?" she croaks. I look at Jerolin. Piper steps into the room slowly, staring at Luke. She's still shaking and crying, but at least she seems to be more understanding.

Luke still doesn't have a shirt on so Korren's name can be seen. It's like someone branded my son's name onto his chest. Luke is shaking with a horrid fever and he twitches harshly. Lin holds onto Luke's hand. He's rocking back and forth trying not not to cry again.

"He was the closest thing I had to a son for so many years..." I hurry over to him and hug him, running my hand through his hair. I kiss his head and hold him carefully so that he can still hold Luke's hand.

"I'm so sorry, my love," I whisper, my voice cracks a little too. I hate seeing Jerolin like this. The only time I've seen then this upset was when I was bleeding out after giving birth. Piper moves timidly around Jerolin, and to the other side of Luke's bed. She stares down at him, and smooths his brow with her pointer and middle finger. She cups his cheek and flinches when she feels his fever.

Luke's eyes flutter open a little,"M...make...make stop....make it stop..."He begs looking up to Piper. Piper gasps out another sob and looks at us expectantly and then looks at Luke.

"Shh...." she coos softly, trying to keep from crying. She strokes his hair back and sits on the side of his bed. She kisses his head. "Shh... it's okay, baby.... I..It will be okay." She swallows hard and looks at me and Jerolin. "Would...Would....ice help?"

"I don't know...." Lin says clutching Luke's hand in his. He tries to hide the fact that his lip is trembling by biting down on it. I run my hands through his hair again, hoping to calm him down. Piper tugs on her hair nervously and nods.

"Luke? I...I will be right back," she says. She kisses his cheek and hurries out of the room. I cup Jerolin's face and make him look at me. I kiss him softly, and sit in his lap.

"Luke is strong, love. He learned that from you. If anyone can fight this curse, he can. And we'll be here to help him," I say trying my best to comfort him.

"What if he dies Pree...what if we don't watch him that one time....he gets free and......and..."He can't even finish his sentence. I kiss him again and lay his head on my chest, playing with his hair. He doesn't even have to finish the sentence. I suddenly get the image of a bloody nursery. I gasp and grab a handfull of Jerolin's hair.

"You see it too? The nursery....but...do you know what else I see? I see Luke killing himself before Harming Korren. I see him...over and over again jumping through that window....grabbing your gun and putting it to his head-"His voice cracks and he puts his head on the mattress crying. I flinch and hug him. I'm crying a little too.

"We...We won't let that happen. We won't. Jerolin. Someone can watch him at all times. I'll lock away my guns and hide my knives. We can't let either of them die," I hiccup. He nods into the matress holding one of my hands. Luke trembles and starts to groan his sedative wearing off.

"Make it stop make it stop! Gods make it stop!" He starts screaming in pain.I flinch. Oh Gods. I hate this so much. I hate it. I grab Luke's hand trying to calm him down."SOmeone please just kill me! Make it stop just please!" Piper comes in, carrying a large bowl with ice packs in it, she's walking slowly at first, but when she hears Luke screaming, she practically runs.

"Luke! Luke. It's okay. It's okay," she cries. She puts to bowl on the table next to the bed, and cups his face, climbing on the bed, to look down at him. She strokes his hair back. "Luke we are going to help you." Her voice cracks and I'm crying yet again.

"It hurts....I...I want it to stop...make it stop.....make it stop...." He moves around trying to move his way out of the chains. Piper flinches and kisses his lips lightly and grabs ice packs. She starts packing them around him to try to cool him down. She puts a few on his chest.

"T...that's c...cold." he manages to croak.

"No shit sherlock." Lin says softly looking at him. Luke smiles weakly, the ice looks like it's helping. Piper glances at us and the back down at Luke hopeful. She's shaking a little.

"I...I...w...won't.....wont.....k...kill K...korren...." He says weakly. She cups his cheek and then trails her finger down his jawline, before standing back up.

"I'm gonna go get some water to bathe his face," she says quietly. She grabs the bowl and goes to the bathroom. I watch her go and then grab Luke's hand.

"You're gonna get through this, okay? I won't have it any other way. And If I have to go to Hades to drag your ass out, I'm kicking it until you can't sit for a month. Just fight it.... please Luke," I beg.

"T...try....n...no...p..pomises.....P..Pree...i..if so..something happens......m..my mom.....needs someone.....to take care of her.....s...she likes you....." he looks at me his eyes are tearing up. He was accepting the fact that he might die?! I grab a fistful of his hair and pulls lightly. I hate doing this, but the guy needs motivation.

"No. I'm not gonna be stuck caring for your mom, so pull through this so you can take care of her yourself. I have my own family to take care of." I hiss. I don't mean it, but I won't accept that he could die.

He whimpers softly from me pulling his hair,"Pree....please....." He begs again "I...Ill fight it...but...please....." I wipe my eyes and remove my hand from his hair.

"Do you honestly think me and Jerolin are going to let you die? And what about Piper? Hmm? So get over yourself and fight through the pain. I know you can do it Luke. I know it." I tell him. Piper squeals, trying to keep from spilling water as she makes her way back over to us. She's walking slower than before.

Luke closes his eyes tight looking away from me but avoiding looking at Piper. Somehow she manages to set the bowl on the table again. I have to give her props, she's really trying. I curl into Jerolin's lap, and rub my face in his chest, before looking back at Luke. Piper wets a sponge and dabs Luke's forehead gently.

"Luke?" she whispers gently. Luke opens his eyes again I can't tell whether he's crying or if just the water. By the way his lip is trembling I'd say crying.

"I..it hurts Pipes...." Piper flinches nods. She runs the sponge down his cheek and to his neck.

"Don't focus on the pain. It helps if you focus on something else. That's what my nana told me when I broke my arm in three places. It hurt a lot, and Nana wouldn't refill my pain medication cause she didn't want me to get addicted to them. She told me to think about something else," Piper says, rambling maybe to help him forget about the pain. She must have taken care of people before.

He closes his eyes again his chest rising and falling heavily. He arches his back a little, "I can't do it... I keep...I keep seeing him...so close...so close I have to do it! I have to kill him!" He yells flaring. I flinch, wanting to race up to my baby and take him out of this place. I stand up, intending to go, but what Piper says next makes me stop. She cups his face and makes him look at her.

"Stop it," she hisses. "No you don't. You don't have to kill him. You are still Luke even if you are cursed. You are still the Luke I bumped into. You are still the Luke that doctored my hand up and then asked for my number. You are still the Luke that came to my house, cleaned up my apartment and made me a romantic dinner with ramen noodles. You are still the Luke that same to a poetry slam and actually got up stage and......" she trails off glancing at me and then down at Luke. "Did stand up comedy. You don't have to kill anyone, because you are still the same Luke that fed that baby a shake and actually cares for him. You are still my Luke. And I know my Luke can fight this." she gasps and turns into a cherry. She puts a hand on her mouth.

Luke relaxes a little bit swallowing hard his breathing slows but is still like he just ran a mile,"O..okay.....pipes......i..I'll......stay...." he says softly his voice is so dry from all the screaming. Piper smiles and kisses his cheek. She dabs his forehead with the sponge again.

"A romantic dinner with Ramen? What is this Ramen?" Lin asks confused. I chuckle weakly and kiss him.

"It's a kind of soup that's yummy at first, but if it's all you eat for a while it starts to be gross," I explain.

He hmms and goes into a deep thought like he always does after he learns something new.

"Y...you....missed butter fingers..."Luke croaks at Piper smiling softly only one of his eyes are open. Even that eye is half way closed. Piper scowls playfully at him and huffs.

"Call me butter fingers again, I dare you," she says, pretending to be mad.

"B...butter fingers." He says softly. She giggles softly and kisses his lips gently. He smiles softly."Much better." His breathing slows again and his head rolls to the side passing out again.

"Well then, I guess we found ourselves a Lukesitter." Jerolin says looking at Piper. The next room I hear the mattress squeaking, Oh God really? Luke has lived with that? Sam and Ash round fifty. Piper looks around, and then burns bright red. She looks at me and turns even more red. Poor Luke and Piper. I grin at her and then turn to Jerolin.

"I'll go to her apartment and get her things," I tell him. "Watch over Korren?" Lin nods and kisses my hand.

"Be safe my love."


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