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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"Luke! How do you work this Goddamn thing! It won't stop beeping!" Lin yells, glaring at his cell phone. I laugh at him. He hates technology, he really does. Pree finally convinced him to get a phone. And he's broken three of them since then. I walk over and open the text message.

"Pree went to go help Yori with Rachel." I tell him He growls at me.

"I hate you."He always says that when I find something that was right in front of his face or when I figure out something before him.

"I know you do."I tell him chuckling. He takes the phone biting his lip as he tries to figure out how to text back. I go back to the mirror trying to get my stupid cowlick to stay down. to no avail. I was wearing a black dress shirt and jeans. She said to dress normal but I wanted to impress her. Hence my fruital attempts to control my hair. I growl when it pops back up.

"Stupid prick." I hiss at my hair. I hear the phone beep again.

"Luke!It did it again!" He yells I walk over and chuckle.

"Lin. You send a message back to Yori." I explain.

"How'd I do that?!" He demands.

"You click the 'send' button."He glares at me. "I know i know you hate me." Kane comes over with Korren.

"Little man wants his daddy." Lin smiles throwing his phone in the sugar jar locking it in and takes Korren kissing his head. He was always sure to make sure Korren knew he was loved. He tickles Korren's stomach smiling huge. Him and Pree have taken to being parents so well.

"When's your girl coming?" Lin asks.

"And are you really going to wear that."Kane scowlds. He's officially become the guy's fashion police. He always dresses nice.

"In an hour and yes I am." I snap at them. Kane rolls his eyes grabbing a drink of whiskey. No one has seen much of Samuel or Ashley. Gods only know why. The sound of the door catches my attention. At the same time my phone beeps. Here. It's from Piper

I smile and have to make sure I don't go bolting to her. I restrain myself and walk over to her. "Hi you." I say

She's standing there, wringing her hands nervously, like she's troubled, or shaken up. But she's a beautiful as ever. She's wearing a red and black shirt. The top part tight around her curves, in a heart shape, the straps are black and lacy. There is a black bow under the curves of her breasts, and the rest of the shirt flared out. She's wearing black skinny jeans that show off the flare of her hips. Her hair was tied back into a messy bun at the nape of her neck, behind her ear. Loose hair curls in spirals at her ears. I must not have noticed it before, because her hair was in the way, but on the side of her neck is a scar? Birthmark? It's a shade lighter that her skin, in the shape of a leaf or feather.

She looks a little pale though, and tired. There is a pen mark on her cheek, and a bright pink, Care Bear band-aid on one of her finger. She sees me and her lips twitch into a smile. On the table in front of her, is a paper sack and a tray of drinks.

"Luke," she breathes. "I know I'm early. Sorry. I….I was too excited… if this is a bad time I can come back. I just….." She tugs on one of the curls at her ear. "I brought some burgers from my favorite burger place. There's fries too. Oh…and I brought some shakes. I wasn't sure which kind you'd like more, so I got you all three to choose from. There's chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. I got myself a vanilla one. I know, I'm pretty surprised I made it here without spilling any too, but I walked really slow." She's babbling nervously. Talking too fast. "Um…. Errr…. But if you've already eaten or don't like burgers… or….whatever, you don't have to eat them… I just…. I thought you might like to….. Well you fixed me dinner so I thought I'd return the favor." Is she trembling? I smile and kiss her cheek.

"I'm starving thank you." I pull out a chair for her to sit in and join me. I grin wickedly glancing at Korren and the shakes already my evil plan forming in my head. I take the chocolate one and hid it for later. I take a sip of the vanilla and smile. Boring for some people but I love love vanilla. "This is fantastic." I hear the door again and glance, Gods it was Pree. I was kinda hoping to have some time to prep Piper to deal with her. I sigh, and take a bite of a french fry. An idea pops into my head. I jog over to Lin and take Korren and go back to my table. IF I have Korren at least Pree will keep it PG-13. Piper plays with her straw on her shake and smiles a little at me.

"Sorry again that I'm early.....Awww cute baby. Your Boss's baby right? He's cute," she says. softly.

I chuckle and make Korren wave at her."He's adorable when he's not being a brat."I smirk and feed him a few bites of a chocolate shake. I was going to give this kid the sugar rush from Hell.

And right on time, Pree slides up a chair next to Piper, and snatches some of my fries.

"So! You're Piper!" She grins, stuffing fries into her mouth.

"Thief."I mutter under my breath. I hate it when she jacks my fries. I dip a fry into the shake and let Korren suck on it. She narrows her eyes at me.

"What are you doing to my baby?" she hisses. Piper smiles.

"Nothing letting him try something that isn't baby food."I grin Korren whines for another bite of shake. I feed him another one. This was going to be fun. I let him have another fry covered in shake. I see Kane and Lin talking to each other.

"Yes, I...I'm Piper," Piper says, she looks at me, and nibbles on a fry. She looks at her food.

"There you met her and jacked my fries so leave you evil beast."I tell Pree. Korren has already downed half the shake. I can't stop the evil grin on my face he was already bouncing around giggling. And it was only going to get worst. I wonder in the back of my mind what Lin would be like on a sugar high. Pryena narrows her eyes at me, grins and then turns to Piper.

"I'm Pryena, or Pree. My man is over there, talking to the guy that looks like he just walked out of a fashion catalogue. Why do you have pin mark on your cheek?" she asks. Piper, burns bright red and touches her cheek. Strike two I think Ashley has a chocolate bar on top of the fridge I can feed to Korren a little.

"I still have pin on my face?" she looks at me, burning brighter. "No one told me all day!" Pryena laughs a little and pats her shoulder. "My... cousin was teasing me about my freckles. Said he could play connect the dots with them. But he did pay his half of rent and bought groceries." Pryena laughs harder and pats her shoulder again. I smile at least Randy was following orders.

"Some men are Asshats." she says. Piper blushes and nods, she looks at me, staring, her eyes swim with.....tears? Maybe I'm not sure.

"Some woman too."I mumble under my breath glancing at Pree. Korren grabs at the shake cup and tries to get some by himself I chuckle feeding him another bite. Pryena growls, and takes Korren from me. He screams like he's being murdered. Heehee I win.

"Well I'm gonna get you out your hair now," she scowls at me, and then looks at Piper. "Luke thinks you have a nice rack by the way," she walks away, blowing me a kiss.

"I did not say that!" I yell at her. 'I said she had a nice house! And pretty hair!" I slam my head into the table. I hate Pryena Conquest. Piper blushes and grabs my hand.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I know she's just teasing you," she says softly. I squeeze her hand ans laugh softly when I hear Korren screaming on the top of his lungs.

"I know...and the fact that we're even."I smile glancing back to where Pree took Korren, "Wanna start heading out?" I ask. She tugs her the curl around her ear and nods. She stand, tripping a little on the chair, but she remains on her feet.

"Ugh..." she says annoyed. "Sorry. Yeah, we can leave if you're ready. Um Luke?" She swallows hard; she hasn't really looked away from me.

I chuckle holding her up so she doesn't fall again. "Yes Piper?" She smiles a little and squeezes my hand. She kisses me hand.

"Ummm, well you see, that offer you made me.....I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to decline. My boss," she trails off for a moment. "Gave me a raise." The last part sounds a little forced, but she smiles.

"Liar."I instantly say. "What happened today you seem really upset." I cup her face. "Did he threaten you or something?" She flinches a little and shakes her head.

"No... I....No I'm just nervous about the Slam and... I was nervous that you'd change your mind," she says. Something tells me that's only half true. She gives me another smile.

"You are the worst liar ever. Almost as bad as Ashley but I don't think you wanna meet her right now." I cup her face making her look at me. "I'll drop the subject for now but I want the truth soon alright?" I say softly. I really just wanted to shake the truth out of her. But it's not polite to shake. A tear rolls down her cheek, but she quickly flicks it away.

"He doesn't want me to quit," she whispers softly. Her eyes close, half mast like she's trying to look away.

"Who care what he wants, it's your decision. Don't tell me he bullied you into staying." I hated bullies. I really did. They're just pieces of crap that need to get over themselves. She shakes her head slowly, and lays her head on my shoulder. She hugs me.

"Not bullied exactly," she says. "But hey let's get going and have some fun," she says, desperately trying to make this fun for me I sigh and kiss her head.

"Alright. Lets go. Do you wanna walk or do you want me to drive?" She looks up at me with pleading eyes, swallowing hard.

"Can we drive? I'm tired of walking everywhere," she says. There's a hitch in her voice, like she's about to cry. "Me and walking don't mix well."

I sit down and pull her into my lap,"Sweetheart you're about to cry, please....tell me what's wrong please?"I almost sound like I'm begging. Seeing her this upset is making me want to do everything to make her happy again. She's crying Gods please make her be happy again. She looks down at me, playing with her hair.

"He....blackmailed me...." She says softly. A few more tears roll down her cheeks. "He....He.... he....had pic...pictures... and... I don't know how he got them! I swear I don't! But it looks like they were taken in his office."

"Pictures? Pictures of what?" She blushes, turning red.

"Of...Of...me.... in my..." She looks away, and stares at the ground. "Underclothes." I bite my tongue .

"How the hell did he do that?" I growl softly. Now I know I have a temper. I know that I've always had temper problems but I take the meds and I went to classes when I was a kid and I've learned to control it. But this prick is definitely gonna get some of the old Luke. She shakes her head frantically.

"I don't know. I've never changed in his office and anywhere but home! I'm always so careful when I drink in public... and... and....please can we just drop it..... I'm embarrassed enough. Please Luke. I'm sorry," she begs.

I kiss her softly to calm her down. "Don't worry about it alright? You don't have to talk about it anymore." I get up putting her on her feet and grab my coat leading her to the car. I text Pree

Pipers boss is blackmailin her. When I get back me and you got a mission to go kick (preverably kill) a fuckface. >.<</em>

Piper grabs her jacket and shrugs into it, she grabs my hand, and puts in on her cheek, she's looking at her feet. "I swear, I'm not a slut, Luke," she says softly, and very bluntly. "I'm not. Please don't think that of me." She's trembling a little. Pree texts back quickly.

Bastard. O.o Fun! Count me it. I like her by the way. She's nice. Need me to do anything while you're out? Make a plan? sharpen knives? Tell Lin?

I kiss her head,"No I don't I think there's more to this than he's letting on." I text Pree

Grab my gun from my closet see if you can get the damn thing to work It's been years since I've had to use it. NO! DO! NOT! TELL! LIN! He'll kick my ass.

Piper's eyes light up a little, and she smiles. It's a small smile but, it's still a smile. A real one. She tiptoes and kisses my cheek. She plants a soft kiss on my lips and hugs me. She grabs my hand, intending to lead me out, but stops and looks at me.

"Thanks. I'm glad you don't think I'm a slut,"she says. Pree texts back.

K, won't tell him. I'll tire him out so he sleeps good tonight. ;) well that is if Korren doesn't do it for me, you bastard..... I'm getting payback. What's her boss got on her for blackmail?

"it's kinda hard to see you as a slut when you aren't one." I smile at her making sure that she can't see my phone."By the way Pree likes you." I read the message and fight a gag, but I chuckle darkly.

Nude photos but I think their faked cause she swears that she's never gotten dressed out of her apartment. I'm gonna see if I can get the boss's address out of her tonight. But one way or the other that bastard is going on a trip to fucking death road. 3:(!

Piper smiles wider, already the light is coming back to her eyes, and color in her cheeks. "I like her too she's funny. Oh and you're in trouble by the way," she grins up at me.

I gasp a little sarcastically,"Me in trouble?! Since when does that ever happen?" I say helping her into the jeep. She giggles and waves her band-aid finger at me.

"I was thinking of you too much today, and it distracted me....... I stapled my finger," she says. She smooths out her shirt and jeans, before buckling up. Pree texts back.

Oh that bastard. No need. Just tell me where she works and I'll get the bastard's info. He is so dead! You okay?

I bust out laughing closing the door making my way around by the time I come back into the car I know I'm red. In both frustration and the fact I made her stable her finger. I hope in closing the door, "Where to pretty lady?"

No. Im. Not.I'm strangely really pissed. Hmmm wonder why. *rolls eyes* Getting in the car text you later.

I put my phone in my pocket so that I don't text and drive no matter how badly I want to plan with Pree about tonight, I have to concentrate on getting Piper happy. She smiles over at me, and pats her hair, like she's making sure it's still in place.

"It's at a coffee shop down the road from my apartment. On 17th, I think....? Yeah 17th," she says. Scrunching up her nose in thought.

I nod and start driving leaning my head back taking deep breaths, Fuckin hell. I haven't lost my temper this bad since I was like 8. I sigh in my head and plug my Ipod in. I chuckle when the first thing that comes on is "A Star Wars wars Parody" by the Piano guys. I love their cello music. Can't play a cello worth a shit but I know how to appreciate it. I grab her hand instantly calming down much more. I don't know how she does it but she manages to get me back to my calm self just by holding my hand.

"You look great by the way. You're gonna kill that poetry slam." I tell her. She smiles kissing my hand. She digs in her purse, grabbing a tissue and attempts to wipe of the pen mark on her face.

"How do you know? What if my poems suck?" she asks. "What if they.... are like The dog sat on a log, eating a frog in the fog," She blushes and makes a face. "Eww frogs."

I laugh a little,"I used to have a pet frog...then my cat at him." I chuckle remembering the day I came home seeing the frog leg sticking out of his mouth. Again I was 8 when that happened too."And I know so because I'm me. I know everything." I say with a cocky grin in her direction then I focus back on the road. She huffs playfully, and sighs.

"You so don't know everything," she says. "You don't know what I'm about to warn you about, now do you?" She smiles at me. God, it's good to see that smile again.

"Hmmm I have a few guess's." I smirk tensing up for a smack. She pinches my arm lightly and laughs.

"Well I don't this one is one of your guess. One of my friends is going to be there. She's not staying long. Just long enough to meet you. She insisted, but she hates poetry, so she wont stay." She says.

"Ow!"I rub my arm "A friend? Hmmm maybe I can hook her up with oh wait I forgot he doesn't play for that team."I keep trying to find Kane someone but...HE'S GAY! I never realized how hard it is to find a gay friend. And he's picky he doesn't want the overly gay guys the ones that wear bra's and thongs that shit no he just wants a guy who likes it in the ass. I shudder. My phone beeps, so I know Pree texts me back, but I don't check it. She laughs.

"Good luck with that. She's picky. Anyway, just a heads up. She's a little..... mmm what's the word.... Errr I guess....."

"Eccentric?" I offer the word. She nods.

"Yeah that's the word," she smiles. "Thanks bab....Luke." She blushes a little and tugs at her hair. I smile and kiss her hand, She's so adorably amazing. She runs the fingertips of her other hand, along the back on my hand. IMaking little stars and staring out the window. She takes a deep breath and lets it out. She licks her lips. "I'm a little nervous," she admits. "I've never preformed my poetry in front of my boyfr.....I mean date." She blushes again.

I chuckle softly and kiss her hand,"I'd be glad to be your boyfriend." I fight the urge to say I wanna be more than that. I pull up to the shop and cring a little remembering the last time I was in a coffee shop I got jumped. I pull out my phone and read the text Pree sent me. Piper smiles widely.

"I'd love to be your girlfriend," she says happily. She leans over and kisses my cheek, before busying herself to get her purse. "Um...Luke?"

Tell me where she works and I will see what I can find out. 8)

"Yes Piper, hey pipes where do you work anyway I mean in what business can this guy be in that he can do this to you?" She frowns and look at her feet. She tugs on the the curls of her hair.

"It's a magazine company. A local one, called The Link. I do page designs." she answers softly. I smile softly.

"Hey Kane reads that magazine. You do all that?" I ask trying to lighten the mood. She swallows hard and smiles a little.

"Yeah most of it. I love doing the designs of the pages, but it still has to go through editing, because sometimes my designs are too..... chaotic apparently," laughs a little at a memory, I think.

"Well with you...yeah I can see that."I tease her lightly. I text Pree where she works and tuck my phone into my pocket. "Pree has officially gone mama bear mode. She wants me to keep her updated on what's going on." I say smiling. I wanted her to know I wasn't texting cause I was bored or something. Piper smiles at me, tucking one of those curls behind her ear.

"She must really care about you then. It's a good thing," she says.

"She does care,especially after everything thats happened with the Hun- hungary Korren. Come one lets get inside." Son of a Bitch I really gotta stop doin' that! She grabs my hand before I can reach for the handle.

"Luke?" she says softly. I glance at her, shit I'm in trouble.

"Yeah Pips?" She leans forward and kisses me softly.

"Thank you, for everything," she says and blushes. I chuckle softly and kiss her cheek.

"No problem sweetie, I care about you and I want you to stay safe and to be happy." I tell her. I've never meant that more than at this very moment. She smiles, and jumps when someone knocks on the window on her side. She lets out a tiny yelp and looks over. I instantly wanna kill whoever made her yelp. A girl is grinning at us through the window. She's blonde.

"Candice," Piper sighs. She gives me an apologetic look. "My friend that I told you about."

"Come on Pips, stop doing to the dirty and come out, I'm dying to meet him!" the girl says. Piper blushes and scowls at her friend.

You'll be dyin alright. I blink, damn my temper is really bad today. Maybe I should take a shot when she's not looking to calm the nerves. Piper opens the door and steps out.

"We were not doing anything but talking," she says, blushing brighter. Candice hugs her and smiles.

"It's about time you got here, I thought I'd have to sit through the whole poetry gig," she says. She leans over and waves at me. "Hi! You're Luke right?" My phone buzzes, as Pree texts back, and right after to buzzes again. I nod and shake her hand.

"Yes I'm Luke and you are...." I pause trying to remember if Piper told me her name or not. I think it was something that sounded like candy. "Candice?" Candice nods eagerly and looks at Piper.

"He's cute! Just like you said. And I see what you mean about his eyes. What did you tell me about them?" Piper blushes more.


"Oh yeah! Eyes as green as the brightest emeralds and as friendly as the sea. Oh and you talked about his lips too, comparing that to candy." She says. Piper covers her face

"Okay okay so she was right you are eccentric aren't you?" I know if she kept talking I was gonna turn into a tomato like Piper was. "So it was nice to meet you are you gonna stick with me and watch Piper totally own this thing?" I lean over and kiss Pipers cheek checking my phone.

Found the pics!

OMG She's got her belly button pierced! I wanna pierce my belly button!

Another one comes in as I'm reading them.

Want me to save you one of these. She matches her bras and panties!

"Nah, I don't dig the whole poetry thing. I just wanted to meet you real quick. It was nice meeting you," Candice says. Piper mutters something that sounds like "Thank God."

I chuckle softly,"It was nice meeting you. I'm just glad our first meeting went better than mine and Randys." Candice rolls her eyes and nods.

"Oh I can imagine, He's a prick," she says. Piper smiles at me and grabs my hand. And another text from Pree comes in.

Sam and Ash are at it again.... -__- if you and Piper are this loud, I'm gonna start banging on your door.

"I agree."I say trying to keep my composure. She was so gonna get it when I get home tonight. Maybe I'll make her hair go pink. And....another text.

I wonder what Lin will do if he finds me looking at naked pics of girls.

I growl. No one should be seeing her naked but me! I text Pree.

I. Hate. You. You know that?! I'm standing right next to her and now I'll I can see is the fact that shes naked and has a belly button piercing!! And if you show Lin these pictures I'm gonna kill you. >.<</em>

"Pree is going to be dead when I get home tonight." I tell Piper. I send another text.

And we haven't gone that far yet! Believe it or not I still got my v card so zip it before I zip you. I bit my lip. Gods kill me......and save one picture for me.

"Oh why?" She asks. "Bye Candice." She waves at Candice who is walking away. Pree texts back fast.

Does she have a cat?

V card really?! I didn't know!

And the next one is a picture of Piper, in a light blue lace bra and matching lace panties. She drying her hair with a towel and I can see the piercing. She looks a little lonely in the picture.

Oh my Gods, I clear my throat and shove my phone in my pocket. I somewhat step away from Piper. Have to make sure she doesn't notice anything that's growing. Fuckin hell why did she have to send it now?! Damn it. I wonder if piper is wearing that now. Oh Gods was she the most gorgeous thing on the planet Earth. I grab a chair and cross my legs. "She was friendly."I say I know my voice is a little husky. Please Gods don't let her notice. She smiles and sits down as close to me as she can get. She smells like peaches.

"Yeah she is, embarrassed the hell out of me, but she's nice. Oh do you want a coffee?" she says. "The poetry slam is about to start. I'm going last."

"Sure."I say smiling, I have yet to tell her I signed up for this thing three months ago and I'm one of the first people to go up. I wanted it to be a surprise. I'm a poetry kind of guy sue me. When I found out she did these type of things I was thrilled! A girl who admits of doing poetry? Awesome!!! She kisses my cheek.

"Great! I'll get you a coffee, don't worry for me its on the house," she says. "They enjoy my poetry here. What do you want?"

"Just plain coffee." I like the bitterness of the coffee, that and the fact the bitterness of the coffee should calm me down enough to the point where I stop giving a standing ovation underneath the table. She smiles, licking her lips and nods.

"I'll be back then," she practically skips to the counter, as the lights go down for the first person. She was alright but kind of cliche about her poetry. The guy who was next should have even shown up. Piper comes back, looking a little upset and sets the cups down.

"Sorry I took so long. I spilled the first ones," she says.

I chuckle softly and kiss her hand."It's fine." I smile looking up at the host. Probably the manager of the coffee shop or something.

"Next up Luke Rivera." I blush softly but nod standing I wink at piper. She's staring at me stunned and swallows hard. She smiles widely at me.

"Good luck kiss?" I ask softly smiling. At least she wasn't mad. She nods, and jumps up, almost tripping again, and kisses me. Pree chooses that moment to text me again. I kiss her back and pull away making my way up to the small stage reading the text as I go up the stairs.

Luke.... DOES PIPER HAVE A CAT?! Answer me damn you.

I chuckle softly putting my phone away. She can wait. I clear my throat. It's been a while since I actually said any of my poetry out loud. I take a deep breath and take the mic.

"You are the keeper of the key.

It unlocks a whole new world.

One that is fragile yet strong.

One that is naive yet cautious.

One that is scared yet brave.

One that brings pain and ecstasy.

Through time the honor is bestowed upon you.

Will you guard it always and treat it as if it was your


Will you lose it or hand it back to me?

Please take care of the key to my heart.

It unlocks only for the one that possesses the key."

I smile softly, I wrote that one after mine and Pipers first date,

"At first sight, I knew you were destined to be in my life.

I knew you were different someone very special

Never in my life would I have thought I'd fall for you this


Any woman out there would be lucky to have you with


You're sweet and generous with a genuine charm to you.

My heart is captured by your personality

Now that it has opened up and come to love you, I fear

losing you."

I hand the mic over to the host and start my way down the stairs. Piper is smiling and clapping eagerly. She puts her fingers in her mouth and whistles. Was it bad at that moment I was jealous of her fingers? I blush a little and sit down next to her and take a sip of coffee.

"Bad and cheesy I know." I mumble. She grabs my face and kisses me smiling.

"No, amazing and sweet. I loved them both!" She says. I feel the blush crawling onto my face but I smile.

"I'm glad you did. It'd be bad if you didn't." She sips her coffee and hugs me.

"I'm surprised you did this. I didn't think you liked poetry. They were beautiful Luke. I loved them."

I sip my coffee too,"Poetry helped me out a lot growing up. With my siblings always either running away or just plain leaving. My father running out my mom getting sick...it helps. Please don't tell Pree I'll never hear the end of it." She smiles and hugs me again. More people take their turns.

"Don't worry, you're secret is safe with me. And Yeah I understand the whole it helps thing," she says softly. She grabs my hand and laces her fingers through mine. I trace my thumb around her palm. Her hands were so soft and gentle they feel amazing in mine.Gods damn it. I cross my legs again. I somewhat listen to the other peoples crappy poetry but I just really concentrate on not blowing up under the table and embarrassing the shit out of myself. She bites her lip and really focuses on the poetry. I know when she doesn't like a poem because she will wrinkle her nose. But every time someone finishes she claps hard just so she doesn't hurt their feelings, though she never claps as hard as she did for me. She squeezes my hand and smiles.

"Piper Spears, you're up," the host says.

"Go get them babe." I say to her kissing her hand. She kisses my cheek and stands. She makes her way up to the stage and trips a little as she steps up. She turns, her face is red. She puts her hands on her hips as if daring someone to laugh at her.

"I do that every time. You all should be use to it by now," she says I chuckle softly finishing my coffee. She straightens and takes the mic. "Okay, I'm gonna do two poems for you. One I wrote, for my mom. and One I wrote for a very special guy." She blushes looking at me. My phone buzzes once again. I look at it under the table.

Pics are fake. Photoshopped.

Thank Gods,I text her, Thank you Pree.

Piper clears her throat and begins the first poem.

"Anger is Red,

Fear is Black.

Cut deeply and confused.

But in my heart I know I would be back.

Hope is White.

Strength is Blue

The time has come for me to go.

And this has been my cue.

Safety is Purple

Love is a void

There is a place I must venture

And you my daughter cannot go."

Piper's voice rises and falls as she speaks. She really gets into her poetry. Pree texts back, and Piper gets ready to do her next poem.

This Bastard is sick! He's got a whole file about her. Calls her his angel and everything. O.o

"I'm sorry, give me a second, I'm a little nervous for my next one," Piper says. She bows her head and nibbles her bottom lip. She tugs on the curl around her ear. She takes a deep breath.

I text Pree, Delete the shit I want a pic of this fucker now. I almost break my phone texting Pree that. I shoot a wink at Piper mouthing 'You got this.'

Piper smiles at me, gripping the mic tightly, she begins.

"Captivated by the roots of your heart.

You reeled me in,

Hooked, line and sinker.

Thrusted into your warm embrace.

Tangled in your arms.

Your voice ever present in my mind,

You left me breathless.

And then I was falling.




Down to the fiery depths of passion.

A warm abyss I couldn't foretell.

Trapped in a plague of endless romance.

Destiny takes a wild twist.

I can't get enough.

Spiraling through a vortex of hope.

Words echoing, more.




To vanish inside a kiss.

Stumbling along a path of everlasting bliss.

Emotions circling all around,

Throwing me from side to side.

A thirst so powerful is can't be quenched.

Hunger so fierce it can't be sated.

So near yet so far.

So I run.




To meet you halfway."

She finishes, her voice never quivers even though I can still see that she's nervous. She's still looking at me, and there is a smile on her face. She give a little bow. Pree takes that moment to send like fifty more messages. I smile at her then look down at my phone.

He's stalking her! Fucking bastard knows where she is at all times.

Luke I don't like this come home.

I'm gonna go get her stuff from her house.

I mean it come home this guy is creepy. I don't like it.

I can't right now she's on stage! Fuck me sideways! you and lin get down here and make sure we get home! Fucking ass mother fucking gah!

I hear a crack. fuck me, I cracked the screen of my phone I slam my head into the table. Piper starts to walk down, but stiffens, she pales a little. And are her eyes glowing a little? She blinks and looks at me. Her gaze seems far away.

"Light and Darkness," she says, loud enough that she doesn't need the mic for. Her skins starts to glow a little, like a plasma ball. I stand up a little and move closer to the stage.It looks like there are gold lights under here skin.

"Can't have one without the other.

Darkness binds Light.

Light strengthens Darkness.

Darkness and Light

Two opposites, a pair perfected.

Dark deeds turned to Light.

Light actions deliver Darkness.

Light and Darkness

Ropes of destiny intertwined.

One Light.

One Dark.

Both lost without the other.

Darkness and Light

Without Light, Darkness ceases to exist.

Without Darkness, Light cannot survive.

Working together to overcome.

To empower.

To live."

I shake my head my chest starts to have a tightening sensation but I ignore it. I look around from my new table. Where was Pree with that damn picture. When I want a picture she doesn't send it when I shouldn't have a picture she sends it before I can fucking blink.

"Pipes....Pipes come one we have to get out of here." I whisper harshly. She shakes her head and blinks. She blushes.

"Oh sorry. I must of zoned out. Sorry." She starts to come back down stairs, watching her feet carefully so she doesn't trip. The fat fucker comes out of nowhere. He grabs her arm and jerks her away, and into a back room, quickly. Piper screams.

"Yo fucker!" I start slamming my shoulder into the door, "Piper!" The back door was open, and I could hear Piper screaming, and crying. I could also hear the man's grunts every time she hit him and slapped him.

"I knew it!" I hear him yell. "Show them to me! Show me your wings!" He grunts in pain.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" She screams. "Luke!"

"Shut up yes you do! Show them to me!" he growls. Piper screams again and this time there's pain behind the scream. I kick the door but it doesn't budge. Fuck! I run out to the back looking through windows trying tofind the one that led into the room he took her in. I see him his back is to the window and I can't see Piper. I grab a trash can and chuck it through smashing the glass. I climb through and tackel the bastard to the ground. I don't even know what I'm doing a veil of red coats my eyes. I know I'm growling and cursing but I can't stop. I feel more than see my firsts smashing into his face and ribs. I hear bones cracking and I feel blood splattering my fists and face. But I don't stop, he has to die he has to die.

Kill him! kill him now! Do it! You can do it! Kill him! I hiss softly continuing on my rampage. When suddenly I'm pinned to the floor. My arms are behind my back and I can't even wiggle my big toe.

"I got him! Their back here Pree!" Was that Lin? I growl.

"Get off me! Get off me you son of a bitch! I'm gonna kill him!" Is that my voice? it's so animalistic and violent. I growl trying to buck Lin off. Pree runs over and I hear her splash through water. She swears loudly.

"Linny, I think she's in shock, and she wounded in the head," Pree says.

Hearing that just makes me angrier. I yell out in anger and manage to free my arm slaming my elbow into Lins face and to my surprise he is sent off me. I get up but Lin tackles me again but this time I'm fighting. We're throwing punches at eachother left and right, and he's not holding back as much as he normally does.

"Get her to the gah! Get her to the damn truck! We have to get her to Sam! Luke! Wake the fuck up!" he yells but I don't stop I keep fighting and fighting. I have to kill him I have to kill. Suddenly my head slams into the wall and the red veil is gone.I slump to the ground my vision blurry and I'm seeing double. There are two Piper's sitting in a puddle, of Gods know what, blood streaming from her forehead. She's shaking hard and staring at me. Tear fill her eyes, and she starts glowing again.

"Holy fuck Lin," Pree gasps. "She's glowing." Pree reaches out and touches Piper's cheek. The gold lights seem to follow her fingers. Just like a fucking plasma ball. "She's actually glowing...... Is Luke okay? Are you okay?"

Lin gets up I cough weakly looking over at him, his lip is busted and his eye is a little swollen but I didn't do much damage.

"I'm fine...you go to him I might kill him." I flinch, its getting really hard to stay awake. Lin goes over to Piper. "Sweetie do you remember who I am? Blink twice if you do." Piper glances at him and flinches back, pressing herself into the wall. Pree rubs Lin's back before walking over to me. She runs a hand lightly through my hair and kneels next to me. Lin sighs. He does something to her shoulder and she passes out.

"Luke?" she breathes softly. I roll my head over to look at her I grunt as a response.. Pree swallows hard and cups my face gently to examine any injury. "We need to get you and Piper out of here. Can you walk with my help, or do I gotta shrink you to carry you?"

I roll my eyes and use the wall to stand. I sway a little but manage to stay on my feet. I take a step forward and pull a Piper slamming my face into the concrete....I gasp grabbing my chest.I let out a scream. I feel like someone is branding me. My chest is on fire. Pree gasps.

"Luke! Are you okay?! Jerolin!" She kneels next to me. "What's wrong Luke?"

"Che..chest.....b...burns."I manage to choke out. Mother of Gods my chest is burning can't she see that! Pree frowns and rips off my shirt; she gasps and falls on her ass.

"JEROLIN!!" She screams. She touches my chest, her hand is shaking a little. I arch my back a little in pain, I feel tears rolling down my face, my whole torso feels like it's been bathed in the lava of Hades.

"Just make it stop...Pree make it stop."I beg her. Gods please just make it stop. I feel another hand on my chest, it has to be Lin. He curses.

"He's a demi god...fuck me." I feel him grab a fistful of my hair and slams it into the ground that when everything goes dark.


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