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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I sit on the floor, on the pile of blankets I made in my room since my bed is taken. The girl hasn't stopped whimpering all night, she's hurting bad. I feel bad that there's not much I can do about it. So needless to say, I haven't gotten much sleep. Well that and between the couples going at it in their rooms.....I roll my eyes and lean against the wall.

Is it bad that I think the girl is beautiful? The most beautiful girl I've seen. And I know I shouldn't think so. She's a Reopgirl, and then only things she knows how to do is probably have sex and breath. That should be every guys dream, but not mine. It sorta makes me sick that I'm a attracted to her. I shouldn't be.

Jerolin comes in and sits on the bed shaking the girl awake,"Sweetness wake up." He was the only one still calling her that. She whimpers opening her eyes a little. They were just the right shade of dark green. God damn did they program her for me too?

"Make happy?"She almost begs a little. He shakes his head.

"I am happy. You don't need to make anyone happy. Now sweetness I have something for you. I think it will make you feel better okay?" I watch him, too tired to really greet him.

"Sex in shower Mister Jerolin?" He rolls his eyes a little and picks her up and takes her to the bathroom closing the door. Oh. My.God. What the hell? I get to my feet and knock on the door

"Hey, what are you doing dude?" I ask.

He comes out a few minutes later the girl is sitting on the floor with a black bag she bites her lip staring at it. Lin closes the door and looks at me."What I got her some medicine. Don't go in there till she comes out okay?" I rub my neck and nod. I can only guess what kind of medicine he's talking about. I comb my hair with my fingers and glance at the door and then around my room.

"Alright then," I say. I grab one of the pillows on the floor and toss it on the bed. Pryena comes in, with a tray of food. What is it with these people and not knocking? Geez. She smiles and I hold up my hand to stop her. "Shoes Pree."

"But I'm just gonna be in here for a second!" She grumbles, taking off her shoes. "Ugh you annoy me with that." She smiles at Jerolin. "Good morning!" Well she looks happy. I can guess why, but she also looks like she's about ready to explode with excitement.

"Has Luke come back yet love?" Lin asks leaning against the wall. He never wore shoes. Unless he was out in public. Even at the bar he only wears socks and that's if the floor is cold. Great was Luke missing now too? Pryena sets the tray on the table next to my bed, smiling at me.

"Brought you and the girl some food. Where is she?" she asks looking around.

"Busy." Jerolin answers. He's almost guarding the bathroom door, knowing her she'd wanna see what was going on. "She'll be out when she's ready." Pryena frowns a little but nods. Two seconds later she's smiling again though.

"And Yeah he's back finally from his date. Oh I'm so happy for him! He's gotta girlfriend. She's pretty too. Did you see her Linny?" Pryena practically bounces up and down. "I can't wait to tease him about it!" Luke's got a girlfriend. Great.....another couple.

He nods,"She was okay, you the only one here I find pretty. And I'm gonna be the good guy and leave him alone till he comes in with the "I just got laid' face then he's mine." He grins chuckling. "Cause I just got on Ashley's chops about her and Sam, if their baby is as loud as they are now we're never going to get any sleep."He laughs. Pryena laughs and nods eagerly.

"You and Pree have no room to talk. Do you know how awkward it is to hear your best friend scream like that," I say, wanting to add my opinion in the mix.

Lin grins,"Why do you think I do it?" He laughs. "That's almost the best part. Knowing that we're bothering the shit outta all ya'll."He winks at Pree. The girl comes out a little flushed and hugs Lin tight. He chuckles and kisses the top of her her. "Better?" She nods fast in his chest. I straighten when she comes out and cross my arms over my chest. Pryena walks over and kisses Jerolin's cheek and pats the girl's head.

"There is food for you on the table, girl. And this is Yori. he's a friend and he's nice," she tells the girl.

The girl makes a face at the word food like it was something she didn't enjoy. She looks over to me like she's looking at me like a client. She looks back at Pree,"Blowing?" She tilts her head to the side confused. I feel a flush rush to my cheeks and I turn to busy myself cleaning up a mess.

"No. No blowing, even if Yori hasn't been..... nevermind. No just talking is fine. He's nice don't worry," she says. She looks at Jerolin. "I'm gonna go check on Korren and wake Luke's ass so I can ask him how his date went." She kisses him and practically skips out forgetting her shoes. I sigh in frustration. She so did that on purpose. The girl nods biting her lip going over to the food and a small sigh escapes her lips as she kneels on the ground sitting on her hands. I frown, watching her.

"What are you doing? You're suppose to eat it," I say, walking over to her. She looks up at me confused.

"Oh now that's just cruel."Lin hisses walking over picking her up putting her in the chair. He knows more about Repogirl's that I thought. Pree must have told him.

"No Yori I just know a lot about sex." Grr I hated it when he does that. He cups the girls face. "You don't have to wait for a master you're no longer a bounded woman okay? Just eat okay?"He takes a bite of the food and holds it out for her she looks confused but she looks starving and takes the bite she cringes into the chair like she was going to get hit for eating. When she doesn't get hit she looks at Lin and hugs him again. He chuckles handing her a plate."Eat up and if you want more Yori will help you okay?" She nods fast while she eats. I rub my neck and sit on the bed next to them. I stare at the girl in wonder. I can't imagine what her life must have been like. I hate this. I hate that she had to deal with this, and I hate that I can't stop looking at her. Her eyes were so gorgeous and her hair.... God her hair is amazing. I look at my feet, curling my toes and studying the floor.

"Errr.... so...?" I say. God this is awkward.

She looks at me but shrugs and eats all of her food smiling looking a load better than before. Lin kisses her head and leaves. She starts patting her legs in a beat. Humming a tune.I watch her interested. I tilt my head to the side and listen.

"That's pretty," I tell her.

She looks at me,"It stupid song. I hate it." She goes back to humming it patting her legs with the tune. I watch her carefully, smiling a little. She's good at this.

"Why is it stupid? I like it," I ask her.

"Cause Master Jacob taught it to me. He stupid so it stupid." He pouts a little but she still hums it."When I'm gone When I'm gone you're gonna miss me when I'm gone." I smile a little at her. I study her, like i've been going all night, like the creeper I am.

"Yeah, Jacob is stupid," I tell her.

"He me best fweind and he still hurted me...I'm leaving tomorrow whatda say? When I'm gone When I'm gone you're gonna miss me when I'm gone, you're gonna miss by my hair you're gonna miss me everywhere oh you're gonna miss me when I'm gone. " She seemed really torn about it. I heard that jacob raped her with Sam but, why did she call him a friend? I clench my fists up, trying to hide my anger towards Jacob. I so wanted to kill him.

'Do you wanna hear another song," I ask a little too quickly. Trying to help her forget about Jacob and Vollen.

She flinches,"He say that big no no." I smile grabbing my ipod and scrolling through my songs, trying to find a good one.

"Well Jacob's not here and I'm not gonna hurt you. It's okay, I promise," I tell her. She bites her lip but nods slowly.

"Okay." She says curling up. I play a nice country song. Something Pree put on my Ipod and I always deny liking, but truthfully I love it. It's upbeat but not overwhelming. She smiles softly biting her lip closing her eyes softly listening to the music. I watch her smiling. I resist the urge to play with her hair.

"Do you like it?" I ask. I figured it would be better than my Jpop stuff, she wouldn't have understood the words, but this one wasn't bad.

She nods smiling she looks at me,"Me look?" She asks pointing at my ipod. I smile and nod. She takes my ipod and starts to go through it she smiles giggling looking at one of the pictures she hits play and it's the one song I forgot about on my ipod. She laughs popping her head with the song. "Ashita Ga Aru Sa" giggling she starts to move around in her chair like she was dancing. I laugh and offer her my hand.

"Come here," I tell her. She giggles taking my hand with a perfect smile on her face. I pull her to her feet and start twirling her around and dancing with her. Once again I have to ignore the urge to play with her hair. God, I love that smile. She squeals laughing spinning around with me. God, her laugh too, it's better than listening to music. I spin her around, and drop her into a dip before popping her back up.

"Are you having fun?" I ask, smiling. She smiles giggling nodding fast.

"Again! Again!"She giggles laughing. She looks like she's so happy and free. It's amazing. And with her in my arms like this, I can almost forget that she's a Repogirl. I hit the replay button and start spinning her around again. She giggles spinning smiling, she starts to sing with the words and in about twenty minutes she knows all the words, and I'm dizzy from spinning, but happy. I laugh and pull away from her.

"No more. Let's take a break and get something to drink? Okay?" I ask. She smiles running out but she's back before I can even run after her she hands me a whiskey and coke smiling. I frown. How'd she know how to make that? I set the drink aside and shake my head.

"Well I was actually thinking some water, but thanks anyway," I tell her. "Come on let's go to the kitchen." I offer her my hand again.

She frowns but nods grabbing my hand. I lead her into the kitchen. Sam is there, getting something to drink. He's only in his sleeping shorts, so my guess is that him and Ashley are taking a break. Or she's sleeping. His hair is a mess and he's trying to read the expiration date on the milk without his glasses.

"Sammy!" She yells tackling him jumping on his back like a piggy back ride giggling. She kisses his neck softly hugging him, "Me no hurt no more we play now!?" Sam tenses and swears under his breath. I rush over and pull her off him. Sam looks at her.

"Err... no... I'm sorry. But remember I have a girlfriend. And we don't have to play. But I'm glad that you aren't hurting anymore," he says. He swallows hard and glances at the door. Looking for an escape.

"But me make you happy! OOO we make you happy together!" She giggles grabbing his hands,"Come come! We go play!" He pulls away from her, his eyes wide and he looks at me. I turn her so that she's facing me.

"No, you can't make Sam happy. His girlfriend is doing that. And There is no way, I'm ever going to make him happy. I'm not into that," I say, and then blush a little. I see Sam trying to tiptoe out.

She giggles still holding one of Sam's hands,"No you silly! He other friend! The pretty blonde one!" Oh she was talking about Ashley. Phew.

"Umm... Ashley wouldn't like that. I'm sorry, girl, but stay here with Yori. Don't you like him? He's nice right?" Sam asks, pulling his hand away from her.

"Yeah! We dance! And he show me funny song! But you need happy! So me go make you happy!"She's totally oblivious to the word no. She giggles jumping on his back again,"Let's go play!" She starts to nibble on his neck and ear smiling. Sam groans softly and shakes his head. He really needs thicker shorts....

"Yori, do something, please," he mouths to me. I nod. I pull her off him again and hug her. Samuel takes off running. "Ashley!" I hear their door slam shut. I turn the girl to face me again.

"Listen, okay? You can't do that. He's already happy. Okay?" I say. "Let's get some water.

"THAT VOLLEN WHORE DID WHAT!?" Oh crap. Ashley comes out.She's wearing one of Sam's shirts and boxers. She comes over and slaps the girl"You touch him again I swear to god I will fucking kill you! You stupid Vollen whore!" She yells the girl cries holding her face running away to the corner. I frown at Ashley.

"Whoa whoa what's going on here?" Luke asks yawning rubbing his eyes like he just woke up. Lin pops his head out of his office looking around.

"Ashley, you know as well as I do, she can't help it. I'm trying to distract her." I say.

"She'll start learning then won't she? Every time she fucks up and I find out Imma hit her. Stupid bitch will learn that he's mine not a fucking fuck toy." She hisses.I shake my head at her.

"You aren't going to hit her. She's been abused enough Ashley. I'll keep her away from Sam and I'll take care of the teaching her part. Okay?" I'm trying to keep my cool.

"You better but if she touches him in my presence not only am I going after her. I'm going after you." She shoves past me and goes back to her and Sam's room slamming the door. The girl has curled herself up under one of the tables sniffling. Luke and Lin silently tiptoe back to where they came to avoid Ashley's rage and to avoid me. I hear Pree coming down stairs.

"Luke! I stole your phone. I'm texting your girlfriend," she laughs. "Telling her to send me dirty pictures!"

"Hey! Give that back!"Luke yells "She's supposed to come over today! And thats gross Pree!"He jumps on her and I hear them hitting the ground rolling around."Ha! My phone woman!" he runs closing his door it sounds like. The girl lets out a yelp at all the sounds of fighting. She starts to cry again holding her hands over her ears. I kneel in front of her.

"Hey it's okay. I'm sorry she hit you. Come on out please. I won't hurt you," I say. I can here Pree yelling to Luke that she was kidding about the dirty pictures. I can't hear what he says to her but it must have been bad cause she gasps and calls him an ass. Pree stomps to another room, probably to check on Korren again.

She shakes her head fast curling up more under the table. She cries into her knees rocking back and forth. She was really scared and upset. I reach for her, to comfort her.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm not going to let her hurt you. I promise. Okay?" I tell her. "Come on out." She sniffles looking at me she goes over and curls up in my lap. Grabbing a fistful of my shirt as she buries her face in my chest. I feel her tears soaking through my shirt. She's shaking like a leaf. I hold her close, rocking her back and forth.

"I'm sorry.... See girls don't like it when you mess with their men. You can't mess with Sam like that," I try to explain. "It's okay. I won't let her hurt you again."

She sniffles,"B-but I'm s-supposed to do it." She whimpers out. She does this cute hiccup thing when she cries. I shake my head slowly.

"No, you don't have to do that anymore. We can have fun another way. Like dancing," I tell her. "Jacob can't hurt you now for not making Sam happy."

She shakes her head in my chest,"He can too." she lifts up the leg of her shorts showing me a scar on her leg she points to it,"It track what me do and not do. It make me do it. If me don't it hurt me." I flinch a little and lower her shorts, and smooth it over her leg.

"What about the stuff Jerolin gave you? That makes the pain go away, right?" I ask.

"But it no stop it from coming. Only making Sammy happy do that." So they tortured them till they did what they wanted. Sick bastards.

"I know, but you are gonna have to just keep doing whatever it is that Jerolin told you to do, until we can figure something else out, okay? You can't make Sam happy. That's Ashley's job."

"Why she no share? it be only one time. Den me no have to do it no more." she says bluntly. I shake my head, and finally allow myself to run my fingers gently through her hair.

"It doesn't work like that," I tell her. "Come on, let's go into town and get you some clothes and other stuff. Would you like that? It will be fun," I say. I stand up, pulling her to her feet. She looks at me with that confused look again.

"What is town? And clothes?" She tilts her head to the side,with her eyebrows scrunched up together. Her face is a little swollen from where Ashley hit her. She might have some light bruising. I sigh, staring at the mark. I shake my head.

"Come on. I'll show you. Let's tell Lin and grab some shoes okay?" I say. And my gun, but I don't say that out loud.

"Shoes?" She asks. I smile and grab her hand and lead her out of the kitchen. I knock on Lin's office door.

Lin quietly comes out,"Shh Korren's sleeping in his bouncer." He whispers. "What's up?" I nod, letting him know that I heard him about Korren.

"Just letting you know that I'm gonna take her into town and get clothes. And I'm letting her use Pree's shoes since she decided to leave them in my room. They look about the same size." I tell him. We usually tell someone when we are leaving in case something bad happens.

He nods and grabs his wallet he tosses me a gold card."2546. And have fun. And trust me Pree can afford to lose a pair of shoes." I chuckle softly, and nod.

"Need me to pick up anything while I'm out?" I ask. Another thing we do, to save people trips to the store.

"Diapers the usual baby stuff if you don't mind. Korren shits more than I thought a baby could. I think it's cause Pree keeps feeding him so much." Lin chuckles. The girl looks back and forth between us. "Sweetness needs a new name. cause I seen the glare from Pree when I called her that." I nod, I have already been thinking about that. I don't want to call her something that asshole called her.

"Diapers and stuff. Gotcha," I say. I squeeze the girl's hand lightly. "Call if you think of anything else." Lin nods going back into his office closing the door very quietly.

"What are these shoes things? Is it bad?" She asks me in a confused look. I look at her.

"Shoes go on your feet. No they aren't bad," I tell her. "So.... you don't have another name other than S..Sweetness?" I ask, the name tasting like ash. I lead her back to my room, so I can grab my shoes and hers.

"Go on my feet? But their my feet."She shakes her head,"I always get called that. For....uhhhh...."She starts to count on her fingers she shrugs,"Foreber." I sigh and comb my fingers through my hair, thinking. I grab a pair of socks from my dresser and pull them on my feet.

"Here come sit on the bed, and I'll put your shoes on," I tell her. "And Sweetness isn't an actual name. It's more of a pet name. How about I give you a real name?"

"It my name." She says sitting down "I real....so that make name real too." I kneel in front of her and buckle on Pree's sandals. They look like Gladiator shoes, but thankfully I don't have to hunt down a pair of socks.

"No.... It's not a real name. It's a name that people use because they think it's cute. So....Uh....How bout I call you....... Rachel?" I say. It's the best name that I can think of. But it seems to fit her. She looks like a Rachel. I smile at her.

She shrugs,"Okay!" She giggles swinging her feet a little looking at the shoes. "They feel funny." I chuckle, and help her to her feet.

"Yeah, I know they do. But you will get use to it. Tell me if they start hurting your feet. They shouldn't hurt but just in case, let me know, okay?"

She nods getting up giggling grabbing my hand."We go now?" I nod, and lead her out. Pryena is walking down stairs, either done taking a nap or tired of bugging Luke. Who know's with her. She waves at us. I salute at her and go to the bar to grab her gun, that I'm fond of. I keep it hidden from Rachel, and tuck it into the waist of my jeans.

"Me name Rachel!"She yells to Pree giggling. Pryena laughs and glances at me. I shrug.

"Rachel? Well that's certainly better than Sweetness. You two going out?" she asks.

"He say we go to town to get.....err.... weird word."She blushes when she can't remember the word clothes I comb my fingers through my hair again and rub the back of my neck.

"Clothes. I'm getting her some clothes." I say. Pryena grins wider and starts for Lin's office, quietly.

"Okay. Pick me up some lollipops," she says. I roll my eyes but not. She goes through lollipops like I go through boxers. Pree slips into Lin's office quietly, probably to check on her two favorite men, as she likes to say. I turn to Rachel....... I really like that name.

"You ready?" I ask. "Stay close to me okay? Don't run off."

She nods wrapping both her arms around one of mine putting her head on my shoulder. Her hair is so long too and soft."Okay..Y...Yori."She smiles when she gets my name out. I bite the inside of my cheek and nod. I lead her outside, hoping that nothing bad happens. And wishing again, that I wasn't attracted to her.

"Clothes first then. I know a nice store for girls to go to," I tell her. Leading her to one of Pree's favorite places to shop.

"I'm a girl!."She giggles Oh boy, don't I know it. and looks around. he gasps and runs to a dress giggling. At least she knows what that is. It was a purple dress with black spots all over it....and it had a large 'v' cut that I know would drive Samuel up the wall. "Pretty?" She asks me. I nod. It would drive me up the all too.

"It's pretty, but let's find you some jeans and shirts, first, cool?" I ask.

She gives me that look again,"J...jeans?" She tilts her head to the side. I grit my teeth, angry at Vollen for not teaching this girl anything. I take her hand gently and lead her to the rack of jeans. She looks to be about size...... 5, so I pull out a pair of jeans that have bejeweled back pockets.

"Uh...pretty? Do you like these?" I ask, holding them up.

She giggles,"Shiny!" she smiles then frowns putting her arm through the leg. I chuckle and shake my head. I point to her legs.

"They go on you legs," I tell her. I tug at my own jeans, showing them to her. "See? Like mine."

"Ohhh Okay!"She puts them on over her shorts she giggles,"Tada!" She giggles spinning around. She really did like spinning. I facepalm, but yank off the tag so that the cashier can scan it. I grab a few more pairs of pants for her, and smile watching her spin. Her hair flows around her like a cape.

"You're gonna make yourself dizzy," I say, swallowing hard. That hair.....

She slows and falls on her butt laughing grabbing a lock of her hair and twirls it around."I fell."She giggles. I chuckle and offer her my hand. I help her to her feet, and throw the pile of jeans I'm getting her over my shoulder.

"I see that. Let's go get you some shirts, okay?" I ask.

She runs off to the shirts giggling throwing a few at me. Their all the wrong size I think she's just having fun throwing things at me. She piles up the clothes in my arms to the point where I can't see anything. I fight the urge to flip the people off that are giving us dirty looks and start trying to put the shirts back. I can't hide my smile, even if I tried.

"No, silly, we have to find your right size. Medium I think," I tell her.

She giggles and hugs me tight,"Dis fun Yori!" I smile and kiss the top of her head, I flinch a little. I shouldn't have done that. I clear my throat and swallow hard. I have to get this attraction under control. I ruffle her hair, another mistake, cause now I just want to run my hands through her hair. Pryena should have done this instead.

She giggles backing away fixing her hair,"Silly willy that my hair." She smiles at me, God she has the perfect smile. I should call Pree and tell her to take my place here, but I hesitate. I busy myself looking through the shirts, grabbing her a few plain ones, but also some nice ones.

"Do you like these shirts?" I ask.

She nods fast smiling, she keeps looking back to that purple dress in the corner but she takes a shirt and puts it up to her. Its a simple white t-shirt with a v neck. She looks at me smiling. "Pretty?" She asks. I grit my teeth and nod. It's gorgeous, and it shouldn't be! It's just plain and white. I swallow hard.

"Yeah, I like it," I tell her, with a smile. I glance at the purple dress she was looking at.

She giggles and puts it on over her shirt and takes off the shirt she had on before without showing herself. she hands me the one that Pree lent her she giggles and starts spinning again. God damn that hair. I pull out my phone to send Pree a text, but once again I stop myself. I want to be here. But the next thing on the list is....oh God. Underwear. I squeeze my eyes shut. I can't to that. No Pree will have to take her.

She giggles talking to the store clerk the lady laughs and leads her away to the dressing room. After a few minutes Rachel comes out in a silk nightgown looking at me smiling she skips over and smiles,"Pretty?" My breath catches in my throat and I gasp. God damnit! Why does she have to wear that. I narrow my eyes at her, not angry with her, just frustrated with myself, and how my body reacts. Damnit!

"You're not suppose to walk around in that," I scold gently. "It will give men bad ideas." I grab her hand and lead her back to the changing room.

"That always have bad ideas."She giggles. Ain't that the truth....

"I know. Go change. I have to make a phone call," I say. It's time to call Pree.

She grabs my hand and pulls me down to sit in the chair."Stay! Me show you!" She giggles running to a room and I hear her changing. She comes out in another nightgown but it's green. "Tada!" She spins and giggles running back in. She comes out and my heart stops. She comes out in a black bra and panties with green lace and a little bow in between her breasts She giggles holding her hands behind her back smiling. Damnit! I cross my legs, shifting uncomfortable.

"No!" I don't yell at her, but my voice comes out a little harsh and breathless. I clear my throat. Damnit... She pouts and flinches going back in the room. I call out to her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound mean. I love it, but you can't walk around in underwear. I'm sorry Rachel."

"But I always do." I see her foot sticking out of the door she must be sitting on the floor."that what I do...." She sniffles. Oh crap I made her cry didn't I? I'm such an ass.

"I know. I'm sorry Rachel. But you can't do that here. It's not good," I tell her gently. I pull out my phone and send Pree a text asking her to come help. Then send Lin a text, hopefully he's figured out texting, telling him that Pree is coming to help me.

"No good?....Me no wanna be bad."She's still pouting, but at least the sniffling has stopped."What me wear now?"She asks softly. I know she's still sad. I can hear it in her voice. I hate myself for snapping at her. But she was turning my thoughts into......well I wasn't just thinking with one head. I rub my neck and sigh.

"Just put on the jeans and shirt you had on before, then we can pay and go somewhere else," I say softly. "I'm sorry for sounding mean." I hear her getting dressed and I hear her gathering everything up as she comes out. her hair blocking her face as she goes out holding some of the clothes. I take them from her gently and lead her to the counter to pay. I sigh again, not sure what to say to her. I place the clothes on the counter and look at her. She looks around quietly still using her hair as a curtain between us. I jog over to the purple dress she was looking at and bring it over to the counter, hoping to cheer her up a little. Pree texts back, saying she's on her way, but that I owe her. Lin still hasn't texted back. I pay for the clothes.

"...You get dress?"She asks softly looking at me through her hair."Why, it no dis stuff."She says pointing to the jeans. I show her a soft smile.

"Because I saw you looking at it, and I want to make you happy," I say. I take the sacks from the cashier just as Pree jogs in. That was fast. Rachel waves weakly at Pree she looks at me with a gleam in her eyes that I don't understand. It's both confusion and....something else that I can't put my finger on.

"She's gonna help, okay?" I tell Rachel. Pree walks over to us and gives me a strange look. What is it today give Yori strange looks day? I sigh and rub my neck. I hate this. I hand Pree a few bags and take the rest for myself. "Thanks for coming." Pree nods.

"Let's just hurry. I don't wanna leave Linny alone with Korren all day," she says. She smiles at Rachel. Rachel smiles a little, but its a little forced. She cups her hands in front of her and walks with us.

"I sorry you have to come Miss Pree....I make Yori mad...."Oh...crap. Pree frowns at me, and slaps me on the back of the head.

"Stop being an ass Yori," she hisses. I rub my head and scowl at her. "Rachel, feel free to hit him when he's mean."

"it my fault....me no know that rule of underwear." She says softly. Pree blinks at her and then looks at me confused. I just jerk my head to the changing room, and Pree get's it. I pat Rachel's head.

"It's not your fault, but now at least you know. Like I said, you can hit him if you want. It will make you feel better," she says. "Go on, hit him. Punch him in the arm." She urges. I scowl at Pree but tense up to prepare for a hit.

Rachel just shakes her head fast,"Hit mean." she rubs her face where Ashley hit her. "I no meanie." Pree frowns, not knowing that Ashley hit her, but knowing someone did. I don't tell her who though. Pree just nods.

"Well, I'll hit him for you, if he's mean to you. Okay?" she says. Rachel giggles a little and nods.Hearing the giggle, makes me smile. Pree turns around and looks around. "What else do we have to get?"


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