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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"Pree! Hurry up with the rum and cokes for table six!"I yell fuck the bar was over packed tonight. It was ridiculous on how packed it was! We had people waiting out in line! She smiles at me and pours the drinks.

"Don't get your panties in a twist. I got this," she says. She fixes the drinks and still moves around to the beat of the music. She turns to take more orders from the bar. "You're order is up!"

I glare at her as I put the drinks on my tray. She pinky waves at me and winks. I hated being a waiter but Sam told me that Pryena wasn't allowed to walk around a lot yet. I pick up the twelve whiskey shots and the the three martini's. Stupid loud bachelor party. Just another girl going off the fucking market.

I carefully carry the drinks not really paying attention to where I was going. I was concentrating to hard on making sure I didn't spill anything. I swear she comes out of nowhere. I didn't even see her sitting in the booth. But the next thing I know, a cute girl stands and slams into me. She squeals as she falls to the ground, taking me with her. I fall on my ass. And there goes the drinks. She hits her head on the side of a chair, and gasps. She rubs her head and looks at me.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!" she says. She scoots over to me, as if to see if i'm okay, and yelps when she puts her hand on some broken glass. Blood blooms around the glass in her hand. She nearly faceplants into my stomach but catches herself.

She is pretty. She has light brown hair that frames her face. It hangs to her shoulders, a small braid on one side. Her hair looks messy, like she was just caught in the wind, but she really pulls off the look. The ends are wet from the drinks that fell. Her eyes were light brown too, they are big and framed with long thick eyelashes. And they are currently filling with tears. A few freckles dusted across her nose and cheeks, just adding to her beauty. Her lips are thick and trembling. She's wearing a black skirt that goes half way down her thighs and a dark blue tight low cut shirt. The sleeves hang off her shoulders.

I blink at her. My Gods....she was gorgeous. I can't stop looking at her, her eyes were like topazs, full of life and pureness. I think my heart stopped. I know I'm trying to speak but I can't even form words, I'm just stunned at the purest beauty I've ever seen. It was like Aphrodite herself carved her from stone and brought her to life.

"I...I..." FUck I'm an idiot. Say something Dammit! Say something like wow you're beautiful or wow your eyes are amazing hell a simple HELLO!

"LUKE! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND CLEAN UP!" Crap I shake my head and see Lin coming at me. Fuck..... The girl scrambles her feet, a few tears trek down her cheeks and offers me a hand, the one that doesn't have glass in it. Her eyes are on Lin though.

"I'm sorry. It was my fault," she sniffs. "I'll clean it up, and I....I....I'll pay for the damage." She makes it sound like paying would be somewhat of a challenge for her.

I get up without taking her hand, I can barley talk just by looking at her, if I were to touch her...>Gods I might just beg for her just to let me stare at her. She glances at me.

"Don't worry about it, tell your table your drinks will be free for the rest of the night. If you go see my wife at the bar she'll take care of your hand. Luke. My office. Now." Shit...I'm in so much trouble. I nod picking up the broken glass pulling a rag out of my back pocket and wipe up the floor. Thank Gods I was able to peel my eyes off of her. I concentrate on my plate that way I don't look like a damn idiot. She kneels down and picks up a few pieces of glass I missed and puts it on the plate. She looks at me and blushes a little. She looks at Lin.

"Please, sir, it... it was my fault. I crashed into him... please don't fire him. It was my fault. honestly," she says. She looks at her feet. "I'm so sorry."

"No no it was my fault I was concentrating on not spilling and not paying attention to where I was going." I argue. She looks at me and shakes her head.

"No..I... I should have looked where I was doing too. I'm so sorry... Oh God," she covers her face. "This is perfect. What a great way to end a great day. First my boss threatens to fire me, then my apartment gets broken into and.... and....and...." she looks up at us again. "Please don't fire him. Please."

Lin looks at me then to her,"Fine Luke you do it again I'm sending you on baby duty." I shudder, that baby never shuts up! Lin turns and leaves I put my tray on a table and look at her hand.

"It's not that bad a little whiskey soaked wrap and it'll be good as new."Okay Ilied I was going to use ambrosia but hey I just met the girl. I look at her and swallow hard. I stare into her eyes again. Gods she has beautiful eyes. She holds up her hand and looks at it and then looks at me.

"I'm sorry... I really am. Are you okay?" she asks, taking the glass out of her hand with a little wince. "I'm such a kultz." She sighs.

I chuckle softly and grab her good hand pulling her to the kitchen."Sit here I'll be back." I lean in to kiss her head but I shake my head. What the fuck am I doing!? I turn and leave to the bar, I slam my head repeatedly on the counter.

"Bad night?" Pryena asks over the loud music. She laughs. At least someone is laughing.

"I think I got hit by cupid." I mumble,"and shes sitting in the kitchen with a bleeding hand with topaz eyes that shine brighter than apollos chariot." Pryena smiles wide.

"Well then go talk to her, silly! Get her number, because if you don't. I will do it for you, and I will tell her about what you said about her eyes.I can handle it in here. It's dying down some," she says.

I blink and shake my head,"no...no its...I....."I burn bright red. She laughs and runs a hand through my hair.

"It's easy. Go in there and say. "By the way, I'm Luke." Then you take care of her hand. Girls like it when guys take care of them like that. Trust me I know," she smile, and elbows me lightly. "She's probably waiting."

I burn and rub my face taking some bandages and soaking one side with ambrosia."Okay.....but if you're wrong?" I bit my lip. Another rejection.

"If I'm wrong, I'll make Jerolin give you a week paid vacation anywhere you wanna go, now go," she says, pushing me a little. I sigh and go into the kitchen. She's sitting at the table. I take a deep breath and swallow hard.

"Hey....umm...by the way...I...I'm Luke."Gods shut me up. Please? I'm a total moron. I take her hand and start wrapping it with the bandage. She hisses a little in pain but smiles a little at me.

"I'm Piper," she says. She reaches up and touches her neck, as if reaching to touch a necklace that wasn't there. she sighs and drops her hand.

"That's a beautiful name." I say and instantly regret it I didn't want to say that out loud. Fuck me why can't I keep my mouth shut. She blushes, and smiles down at the table."So ummm....what happened you said you're place was broken into."I ask desperately trying to change the subject. She looks away and shrugs.

"Yeah, sorry....I was just ranting. I didn't mean to like, dump all my problems on you. Sorry."

"After running into you, and spilling drinks all over you I think I've earned the the dumping."I say smiling softly. "Anything of value get taken?" She fiddles with her hair and blinks at me.

"Really is was my fault," she says. "And yeah, a few things, but it's okay. I told the police and stuff."

I rub the back of my neck, Gods please let Pryena be right. "So.....I was wondering...."I swallow hard."can I take you out to a movie?" metal facepalm. Fuck....I really am the king of stupid."You know to make your day a little less shitty by taking you somewhere you can be happy?" Someone shoot me so I stop talking. She lets out a tiny gasps, and once again reaches for a necklace that isn't there.

"You wanna take me out? Even after I nearly got you fired?" she asks in disbelief. She's staring at me. I nod running a hand through my hair.

"Sorry I'm not really good at this whole asking out thing. I ummm...yeah."I burn brightly fuckin Hades come take me already. She blushes brightly and nods.

"Yeah, sure I'd like that," she says, smiling. "A lot." I grin brightly and Gods did something cause it took everything for me not to kiss her .

"So....pick you up in an hour? I have to close the bar...."I ask. She looks around and then nods, grabbing a pen. She grabs my hand and writes down her number. Her skin is so soft. I was right I was turning into utter goo just by her holding my hand. She adds a little smiley face on my hand and then looks up at me again.

"Text me or call and I'll give you the address," she says. Her mood seems to have brightened a little since our crash.

I can't stop smiling. I have to do it I have to. I grab her injured hand and kiss the top of it. "See you in a little bit then?" I say. Her smile widens and she touches her hand where I kissed.

"Yeah, see you soon," she says, standing up. "Thank you for fixing my hand. It feels better already." She glances down at my lips and then quickly looks away. I help her out and lead her out back to her table going back to the bar.I know I'm grinning like an idiot. I write her number on a sticky note so that there's know why I can lose it. I smile cleaning the bar counter.

"Told you it would work!" Pryena beams at me. "She's pretty. What's her name?" She was sucking on a lollipop, and habit that became an addiction during her pregnancy.

I burn but I can't stop smiling,"Her name is Piper." I shudder even her name was enough to make me smile. Pryena grins.

"You my friend have it bad." she says. She looks over at Piper, who is collecting her things and laying down a tip. She glances over at the bar and her eyes find me. She gives me a small wave and makes the "Call me" sign. She starts for the door.

"Huh.....yeah...sure...whatever you say Pree."I say not hearing what she said as I watch her walk out the door I sigh putting my head on the bar closing my eyes. Gods that had to be the perfect woman. Pryena laughs and ruffles my hair, she goes to make a drink.

"She's pretty." I brath tracing Pipers phone number on my hand smiling. Can I call her now? I just have to hear her voice, I smile dialing her number, it starts to ring. I bite my lip when worry sinks in, What if she gave me a fake number. Gods please let her answer.I start to pace the bar. Pryena shakes her head at me, smiling.

"Took you long enough," is the greeting I get when she answers.

I laugh softly,"Sorry I had to make sure you didn't give me a fake number."I smile softly making small hearts on the bar counter. She laughs a little.

"Now why would I do that? Then I miss our date and I would be sad," she says. I can hear the smile in her voice, and I can tell she's holding the phone tightly.

I smile biting my lip,"I'm glad you didn't that would have really sucked." I chuckle softly. "Have you eaten yet? I can take you out to a nice dinner after the movie o-or before if you're really hungry." I bite my lip trying to find someway to just sit and talk with her longer. To be in her presence longer. She giggles softly.

"Food sounds sublime. I'm starving. I should have eaten before I decided to drown my worry in a glass of wine," she says.

"No cause if you did eat I wouldn't get to spoil you a little bit more. Or get a chance to talk to you either." I say burning as I see Pryena grinning at me. There's a small thud and she's quiet for a moment.

"Ow, oh, Sorry. I dropped the phone," she says. "That is true. Then maybe we wouldn't have met."

I chuckle,"You're funny when you're all klutzy like." She groans playfully.

"Oh I'm sure I'm hilarious," she says. "Like one time I got my foot stuck in a one of those street drains, and everyone was just having a hell of a time." I can already picture her rolling her eyes at the memory. "It was embarrassing."

I smile,"That would have been fun to get you out of. I did that once and my boss had to pull me out of the gutter." She giggles.

"Now that's funny," she says.

I grin even wider halfway skipping to my room like a kid who just got a new toy. Gods her giggle was like an orchestra. So beautiful. I smile laying on my bed with my free hand going behind my head. "So Miss.Piper what type of food do you like?"

"Hmm.... anything that isn't Ramen noodles," she says. I hear the jingle of keys and the swinging of a door.

"That narrows down one set of fake food, I lived off that stuff in collage. I learned how to make it into lo mein." I ramble a little bit myself. She sighs, and there is the sound of crunching glass, and footsteps, as she enters her house.

"Are you kidding me? You can do that with Ramen noodles? Teach me! That's I have in the cabinets right now," she says. "Pez, I'm home."

I laugh softly,"There's actually twenty-seven different ways of cooking Ramen. Theres the Cheesy chili Ramen, Thai shrimp noodle soup, Snap pea Ramen, one time I made it into pizza." I chuckle softly.

"Oh yum....You have to teach me your secrets. But no more talking about food right now. Starving remember?"

I bit my lip,"Sorry space, whose Pez?" I ask remembering hearing her say something about a Pez...maybe it was Tez or something else.

"Oh um.... he's my little kitten I adopted from the animal shelter," she says. "Poor guy didn't have a nice family before." I hear a creak of a mattress as she lays down.

"I had a cat before my mom...."I flinch, before her day-terrors started. "Before she got sick. I had to give him to a shelter because I couldn't give him a proper home while taking care of her." She's quiet for a moment, and I hear a sniffle, but it sounds like she took the phone away from her face.

"I'm sorry to hear that.... about your mom.. and the cat that is. Its never fun when a family member gets sick," she says softly. "Are you okay?"

I nod but then realize she doesn't know that I'm nodding,"Yeah I'm fine. My mother lives in a home now where nurses take care of her. She hates it there but I told her once I can afford to get her a house she can come live with me. When my boss gave me a job I went to the shelter but my cat already had a new home."

"Aww that's nice of you. I hope you can afford it soon....and that's sad about your cat. What was your cat's name?" she asks. "What did he look like?"

"His name was Capers an American Wirehaired cat. He was funny as hell. When he was a kitten he'd climb to the top of the stairs jump onto the fan and then onto my head when I can home from school." Wow I hadn't thought about that little rascal in years. She giggles.

"Pez likes to hide under the table and attack my feet. He's bad like th...." she trails of. "Hold on, my roommate just got home. He's pissed and late for rent." I hear the mattress squeak. I frown I don't like the fact that she's sharing an apartment with a guy. I shake my head none of my business anyway.....okay I lie I really really really wanted it to be my business.

"What the hell Piper?" I hear the guy yell, as he crunches over the glass. "You didn't clean up? I know you told me about the break in, but you could have cleaned up a little." I can hear Piper huff, like she's getting a little ticked off.

"Oh suck a fish," she says. "I know Aunt Dancy taught you how to use a broom so you can clean it up too. It's you're stupid lamp anyway. Oh and your rent is due," she says. I can't hear what the guy says, but Piper gasps and then there is a door slam. She puts the phone back to her ear.

"I am so sorry....." she says. "I didn't want you to hear that. I thought I put the phone on mute."

"Are you okay?"I ask sitting up getting my shoes on. WHy I don't know but I needed to make sure she was okay."I'm gonna come over and help okay?" I hear her swallow hard.

"Oh God.. uh... you don't have to.. He left. Oh and don't worry it's my cousin," she gasps a little, and the sighs. "It's a mess here. I don't want you to see it..."

"Trust me you haven't seen my boss's room that's a mess. Whats your adress I have to come get you anyway."I try to lighten the mood a little. She's quiet again.

"Ugh I keep forgetting you can't see me nod...." she says, then she rattles off her address.

I laugh,"I know me too! I keep nodding and then I'm like oh crap you can't see that."I say on my way down stairs then I curse away from the phone running back upstairs taking a wipey and take off my shirt wiping my chest down to get rid of the alcohol and I change into a new shirt. I hear the water running over the phone, she's probably doing the same thing I am....but naked. I shudder at the though and shake my head. No. No no no dirty thoughts now Luke bad voodoo. I shake my head.

"I'll be there in about twenty minutes alright?"I say with a smile happy that I get another chance to see her again.

"Twenty minutes?" she says. "Okay, I'll be waiting." I smile and hang up the phone.

"Hell yeah!" I scream laughing as I run down the stairs laughing with pure joy. God this woman was so fucking amazing and so fucking perfect. I look around and grab Pree's Jeep keys and run outside hoping in the care buckling in. I get to see her again!


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