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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I look around the bar. Dammit, there is no way I can leave now, not without those assholes following me. I'll have to knock them out. Then I'll probably be kicked out for good. I turn my attention to the music again. Letting the music flow through me. I sigh and sway my hips from side to side. I let the music move my body. Running my hands through my hair and up over my head. Dancing is my way of getting rid of stress. I never miss a beat and I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty good. My thoughts turn to the owner of the bar. Jerolin. What did he mean "No matter what you think you see, your wrong got it?" Whatever is didn't matter. What matters is keeping the Hunters away from me. I can't go back to that hell.

The music pulse louder and I throw myself into the dance more fiercely. I feel like I can just dance to worry away, but the music fades to something softer and I don't want softer right now. I stop dancing and open my eyes. I need a drink. I walk to the bar, my calves burning from the dancing, but its a good feeling. I sit down on the stool as far away from the Hunters as I can get. I'm aware of their presence. They already look wasted. Idiots. I wait to be served, already looking forward to the burn of liquor in my throat.

"Hello miss, anything in particular?" The bartender asks me. He's average height with dark hair and dark eyes to match. Hes wearing a black shirt that says "Lin's Place" tucked into his jeans. "And You'll have a few hour head start with those guys courtesy of Mr.Conquest." He says cleaning a glass.I start to bat my eyelashes at him, hoping to get a free drink, without having to use my gift, but I stop, taking in what he says. I frown, and look over at the Hunters.

"Wait? what do you mean?" I demand. I clinch my hands together.

He slides a bag of pills to me, "He sends his apologies that certain men aren't as kind as he is." He gives me a glass of whiskey and coke. "On the house." He turns to leave. I stare at the pills and then look up at the bartender. No. No. No he shouldn't have gotten involved. They'll be gunning for him next. Idiot. Of course, I'm not stupid enough to drink the whisky after seeing the drugs.

"Excuse me?" I ask the Bartender.

The bartender smiles casually fixing drinks, "Be with you in a minute miss!" He calls down serving a group of ladies a glass of wines and tequila. He walks over to me "Need a refill miss?" He asks already grabbing the whiskey bottle from the top shelf.

"Um, where is Mr. Con... Where is Jerolin?" I ask. I grab the bottle from him. "And I'll take the bottle, okay. I can pay for it." I take a wad of cash out of my bra and throw down thirty.

He shakes his head not taking the cash,"Take whatever you want. Mr.Conquest has paid for your drinks for the night. He's in his office if you'd like to speak to him." I growl at him, and scope up the cash. Despite the fact that, only moments ago, I was trying to get a free drink, I'm heated that now all my drinks are free. Why me? Suspicion slams into me. I take the bottle and jump off the stool.

"Thank you very much," I say through gritted teeth. I storm the the office and throw the door open without knocking. "Knock. Knock."

Jerolin doesn't even look up from his paperwork unphased from my entering. For some odd reason that makes me angrier. No not only am I worried and not wanting him to get involved with Hunters, but the fact that he is ignoring me irkes my nervous. I put the thirty back into my bra and take out a fifty instead. I slam the fifty onto the desk in front of him, and then take a swig from the whisky.

"You and I are going to talk." I snap, trying to sound angrier than I really am. I'm thankful for his help, I am, but I don't want him involved in my mess. He doesn't understand what could happen to him if they find out that they were drugged.

He still doesn't look up from his paperwork. Strangely for a business man he doesn't have a computer. I fight another wave of anger.

"Go ahead and talk I'm listening." He says scribbling down some numbers on his papers. I fight the urge to yell. He's irritating me. I take another long drink from the whisky bottle. The burn down my throat helps with the nerves and the anger.

"I'm glad you like my whiskey." He chuckles, he hasn't even looked up at me how would he know what I'm drinking? Is he a Hunter with an ability? Damnit, I don't need this. I slam the bottle down on the desk. I don't trust a lot of people.

"Actually, it tastes like shit," I lie. "I'm just drinking it from the buzz. Now would you look at me dammit. This is important."

He chuckles, "Yeah right." He finishes his paperwork and looks up to me his eyes are the shade of violet with a little extra blue, "Sorry I really suck at math so it takes me a little while and I have to concentrate. What's up...Preyena was it?"He stands and reaches over his desk to shake my hand. I yank my hand away from him. If he's a Hunter, then I don't want to be taken by surprise. His eyes catch mine, and I suck in a deep breath. Not normal eye color. My stomach knots up.

"It's Pryena, yes. Look, thanks for drugging those men, but stay out of my business. I can take care of myself." I tell him.

He stands putting his paperwork in a filing cabinet,"I can see that with the whole you know glass in the face thing." He's almost teasing me. He runs a hand through his hair its long and and shaggy with no sign of aging. He's well built, around 5'11'' and yet something's off about him.

"It was a distraction so I could pull my....." I trail off. He may call the cops if he finds out I'm packing heat, and heavily armed, and the cops would hand me over to that bitch. "Never mind. Just trust me, I can take care of myself." Why this handsome guy seemed unphased by my anger, I wasn't sure. I'm not use to people not being afraid of me. I glance at the bottle of whisky and then look back up at him.

"If you say so but hey," He sits down and touches the whiskey bottle as if he's reading the label but I can tell he wasn't really reading it as he puts it back down,"I have an offer for you and I want you to hear me out before you say no." I shake my head, I touch my hidden knife, tucked in the back of my skirt.

"You can tell me your offer, but I'm pretty sure I already know what the answer is going to be. I'm not going back to that place, and you can't bribe me to go."

He tilts his head kind of confused but shakes his head. "I was gonna ask if you wanted a job here. My other bartender just quit on me and Luke can't handle the bar by himself. I pay 20 bucks an hour and you get to keep your tips. I also offer home and board and insurance." He hands me a packet of paperwork. "Anything from chemotherapy, to a simple broken bone. You'd be helpin' me out here." I eye him carefully, and release my hold on my knife. So not what I expected. I cock an eyebrow at him. I can't believe I heard him correctly. I tap the whisky bottle, in thought and frown. I could have sworn I drank more, but it's full again. I shouldn't take the job. Not with people after my. I can't put anyone else at risk either. But the offer is so tempting. I want so badly to be able to be around people. To make friends again. I have been so lonely. But...

"Miss.Pree? Are you alright? If its the men you're worried about,"His face goes a little dark but I barely catch it,"You won't have to worry about them any time soon. They are otherwise preoccupied."

"You don't want me to work for you," I say softly. "I'm a drunk." Another lie, but I'd have to deal. I could get over the sudden pain in my chest.

"If I didn't want you to work for me I wouldn't have asked. And so am I. I just learn how to hid it better, it comes with owning a bar." I nibble on my bottom lip. It's so tempting. I hate this. I would love nothing more than to have to run all the time.

He stands and puts a key into my hands,"Stay the night and thinks about it. Trust me you look like you need a good night sleep and plus,"He chuckles softly"I think my boy Luke has a thing for you." He winks and heads to the door.

"Wait," I say. I curl my fingers tightly around the key. So tightly my hand shakes. A tear rolls down my cheek, but I flick it away, hoping he doesn't see it. I have to do it. This guy is too nice and too stubborn.

He stops at the door with his hand on the handle,"don't talk. Not yet. Go shower, get something than alcohol in your stomach and tell me your answer in the morning." He opens the door. "Trust me. You won't regret it." He leaves and closes the door behind him

"No, but you might," I whisper. I sigh. Way to go Pryena, getting yourself in deeper. That guy is probably going to die and so is everyone else you come in contact with. And I have been so careful! Despite his wishes, I grab the bottle of whisky and leave the office. I am definitely going to need this to take the edge off. Maybe if I showed him I wasn't a good listener he would rethink his offer.

He's talking to some of the people in the bar his eyes are a different color now their a shade of green. Weren't they blue before? I could have sworn they were blue. Was he like me?

Hes laughing and doesn't even have a care in the world. I couldn't do this to him. As much as I wanted to stay here and maybe get to know him, as a friend of course. I can't I just can't. I am a danger to him. Plus, if he knew, if he knew what I've done. He'd think I was a freak. There's no way he'd want a murderer to work for him. I watch him, drinking the whisky and leaning against the wall.

Luke, the bartender goes over to Lin whispering in his ear and he nods going to the bar ragging the three hunters outside by their hair. He doesn't come back for two hours and when he does come back he seems taller and his eyes red and he goes into the back where I think the kitchen was. Luke was calling cabs for those who were too drunk to do it themselves. The bar was closing down and there was only about a dozen people left.

As much as I want to dance off my frustation, I just take another drink. The liquor finally starting to get to me. I start to walk around, looking for the room that was suppose to be mine, but I can't find it. I clutch the bottle.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BAR YOU DRUNK BASTARDS!" I hear from the main bar Jerolin is shoving people out slamming the door shut. He leans on the bar holding the edge like hes trying not to flip out again. Damn he has a temper. I stare at him, gripping the bottle tightly. There is something about him, that both scares me and draws me in. I take another drink, and slid down the wall to my ass, just staring at me. My head is spinning a little.

He's trembling with anger, the veins in his arms are popping out like he's holding himself back. Luke hands him a black bottle that isn't labeled. Lin takes it drinking it. After a long swing he sits down and puts his head on the counter.

"Sorry Luke, didn't mean to blow up like that." Luke shrugs cleaning the counter.

"It's cool boss, I don't mind." Jerolin nods taking another drink and puts the lid back on.

"Put this back where you found it." Luke does what he's told and lin runs a hand through his hair his eyes a dark grey. His eyes are changing! He's a Hunter he has to be. Oh God, oh God. I can't believe it. I shake my head.

Lins head snaps over to the corner and he curses jogging over to the corner, "What do you want?" A beautiful woman walks out of the shadows long blonde hair that almost touched the floor, and in a toga like dress. And another one. Fuck! I can't catch a break? I draw my jeweled dagger and clutch it. I set the bottle down, ready to pop to my feet in case I have to fight. Stupid of me! I shouldn't have trusted so easily. No wonder he wants me to work for him.

"Aphro go back to fucking my uncle already will ya? I'm working here."

"That's my point you're working here instead of Olympus." Lin shakes his head pouring the woman a drink

"I told Zeus I'm done working for the Gods after what they did to my sister I told them to fuck off." The obviously don't know that I'm sitting here. "ANother thing how'd you get in my bar I made it to where none of you God people can't get in here."

"You have your secrets and I have mine."She sips the drink Jerolin gave her it glows yellow like its liquid gold. Lin's eyes are a little red and I can tell he's annoyed. Now I'm lost. I'm not sure what they are talking about. Gods. Zeus. Surely I'm not hearing things right. I must be more drunk than I thought. My grips loosens on the dagger, but I don't drop it.

"Linny please? Its so boring up on the mountain withou-" He glares at her.

"Don't Ever. Call.Me.Linny. Get the fuck out of my bar. I've already killed three people today don't become my fourth." The woman puts her hands up in the air in surrender.

"Fine than be that way. You know they'll be sending Ares here next right?"

"And I'll kick his ass like I did last time. Now beat it." She huffs and stops away "And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!" She flips him off and vanishes into thin air. I have to be dreaming. That would explain this wacked out scene I just witnessed. I take another drink. If its a dream then I cant get anymore drunk.

"Skýla i̱líthio Misó̱ xanthiés." He grumbles as he angrily scrubs the counter. A giggle escapes my lips when I revisit the conversation in my head.

"Linny," I snort. ".....Funny." I stand, using the wall to keep me from swaying. I really should find my room. Lock the door, and figure things out. Hell, what I really need to do is get the hell out of here. If Jerolin is a Hunter, then he could get more Hunters here. They'll torture me for the location of what I took from them. Wait, did he say he killed three men...? Surely not, unless he wants the award from my head, for himself. Shit Pryena, what have you gotten yourself into?

He glances over and his eyes go back to that violet color they were in his office, "Prenya."HE comes over and puts my arm around his neck as he helps me stand,"Lets get you to bed."HE starts walking down the hall helping me stand as he takes me to a room. He lays me in bed taking off my shoes for me putting them by the door tucking me in. He puts some Advil and a glass of water on the nightstand next to me. I watch him carefully.

"Sleep well Pryena." He mutters something else in a different language and he leaves closing the door quietly behind him.

"Not a chance, Hunter," I slur. I kick the blankets off and scramble off the bed. I clutch my dagger tightly. He could be getting more Hunters. I can't sleep more. I press my back up against the wall, and wait. After a while and slide to my ass again, my eyes still glued to the door. I shouldn't have let him drag me in here. Shit. I should have knocked him out or something. It shouldn't have mattered how gentle he was or, I blink, or that he gave me water and advil. A Hunter wouldn't do that, right? He must be a damn good hunter. I fight the sleep trying to take over, but it comes. I pass out, still clinging to my jeweled dagger.


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