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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"Will you relax Pree? Everything is fine."Kane says rocking Koren tickling my babies tummy. He was totally infatuated with Korren. I snap my teeth at him, in frustration. I can't stop pacing. Korren could feel my stress, and hadn't stopped crying until Kane took him from me. I nearly decked him.

"What's taking them so long then?" I ask. I groan, when I hear the whine in my voice.

"High security, Jacob,the red coats, the broken moving slowly into nothingness." He saysbluntly he's grinning like a fool at Koren pretending to eat his toes."your such a good boy, yes you are." He coos.

"That's why I should have gone! I could have blasted through everything. Shed some blood and gotten Sam back in no time," I say. I'm complaining only because I'm really worried about them. They've been gone too long. I slam my hands into the wall and put my forehead against the wall.

"Yeah and you would have been hurt and then Korren would have no mommy or daddy."He says. I sigh. Something the urge to scream is just too much, but I grit my teeth, because I know screaming will upset Korren. So I do everyone a favor and not say anything. But if they are gone much longer, I'm going after them myself. I listen and wait. The waiting is torture. I hate it. I sigh in aggravation.

Ashley opens the door, Samuel is with her, clinging to her hand and there is another girl. I jump and smile.

'You're back!" I say. I hug them both and then look at the girl. "Who's this?" I look around for Jerolin and Yori and frown. "Where's the other two?" The girl is only wearing a bed sheet.

"They went to the store...to..buy Korren's baby stuff." Ashley says. I blink at her and then look around.

"Right now? Ugh! I'm going to turn his hair yellow. Doesn't he know how worried I've been!" I hiss. "Anyway what happened? Who is this?" Samuel looks away guiltily. I raise an eyebrow in question. Something bad? Is he okay? He doesn't look hurt. And then it hits me. I gasp.

"No way," I growl. I look at the girl in the bed sheet and then at Sam. "They didn't.... oh God Sam you didn't, right?"

The girl hides behind him burying her head in his back. And by the way Ashley looks super pissed....he must have done it. I rear back and slap him.

"You asshole!" I say. He hisses in pain and holds his cheek.

"he no do noding mistress Pryena."The girl whimpers kissing Sams cheek."He make Master Jacob go away." She coughs and moans holding her stomach, Samuel flinches back from the kiss, and I feel sorta bad for hitting him.

"You didn't?" I ask. He shakes his head, rubbing his cheek.

"No. I just. I was faking it because Jacob was threatening to hurt her and stuff," he grumbles. Oh, so that's why he feels guilty. I look at Ashley. She still looks pissed, probably only because he was naked with another woman.

"Vollen whore." She hisses stomping away dragging Samuel with her. The girl falls on her knees coughing. Holding her thigh gently. She sighs moving to a corner of the bar. Damn, I didn't know it was that bad. I run up the stairs and grab some clothes. I come back and give them to the girl. shorts and a tank top should work just fine.

"Here. Put these on," I tell her. I glance over to Ashley and Samuel. Samuel has his face in Ashley's neck, clinging to her like he's afraid to let go. Ashley kisses his head holding him to her chest. The girl looks at the clothes like she's confused on what they were. I sigh and shake my head. Repogirls. I pull the shirt over her head and help her get her arms through the sleeves.

"Stand up so I can put the shorts on you," I tell her.She looks baffled at the fac the shirt is on her. she stands swaysing but looks at me confused looking at the shorts. I put her arm around my shoulder and help her into the shorts. "Better?" I look around, making sure Kane didn't run off with my baby. Which he did but I could hear Korren laughing in his nursery. The girl looks at me then to Sam biting her lip she gasps grabbing her thigh again. I roll my eyes, and then focus on the girl.

"What's wrong? What's your name?" I ask. Ugh, where is Jerolin or Yori. And what the hell are we going to do about this girl? I rub my head and squeeze my eyes shut in thought. Someone is going to have to babysit her, and hopefully that person isn't me.

"S...sweetness."she whimpers she gasps holding her thigh. I pull her to a chair and take a look at her thigh. Oh God, it must be the chip.

"Sweetness?" I shake my head. "Is your chip hurting you?"

She nods fast,"I neber had it do dis before...it hurt....Sam! Sam please! Let me make you happy! Please!"She screams. Samuel flinches and looks at her. I grind my teeth together. Poor girl was in for a hell of a time. Samuel comes over, pulling Ashley with him, not wanting to let her go.

"You can't, I'm already happy, woman. And you're safe now. Jacob won't get you," he says. "I have a girlfriend and I love her." I sit down in a chair and lay my head down. This little problem has headache written all over it.

She shakes and cries ,"It hurts it hurt make stop make gah!"She screams curling up. Samuel groans and looks at Ashley and then at the girl. He pats her shoulder.

"I don't know what to do. I'm sorry," he hisses. Doctor Samuel coming out in him, and I know he wants to make her feel better but he won't do what she needs him to do. I sigh and rub my temples.

She curls up coughing harder shaking. Jerolin and Yori walk in. I jump up and run to him, and hug Jerolin. Samuel tries to comfort the girl, but I know he's getting frustrated.

"There you are! I was worried," I say. I rub my face in his chest, and hug him tighter. He chuckles and kisses my head.

"Love you but we got work to do." jerolin says. The girl screams getting shocked. I sigh. I tippy toe and kiss his lips. I look at Yori and smile and then look at Samuel and Ashley and the girl. Samuel is rubbing her back.

"I think I should put her to sleep for a little bit," he says. Ashley hisses.

"Best thing I've heard all day." Samuel nods and grabs a device in the bag and wraps it around her head and does his thing to put her to sleep. Ashley looks like she wants to slap the girl. I've never seen Ashley so mad. Jerolin winces when I grab his hand. I frown.

"What happened?" I demand. Samuel removes the device when the girl is asleep.

"This Vollen whore had to sleep with Sam. Fucking prick ass mother fucking Jacob Raped her in front of Samuel and now he's gonna make it up to me. Now."She glares and points to their room."Shower. Scrub from head to toe. Now." Samuel kisses her head and nods.

Lin mouths wow seeing Ashley pissed was new too him. I nod in agreement. And I thought I had anger issues. I grab Jerolin's wrist and study it. It was strained. I glare up at him.

"Guess that gets us out of babysitting duty," Samuel says. "Who's gonna watch her?" I touch my nose quickly.

"Not it!" I yell. Lin touches his nose too but his he looks at me confused.

"Why do we touch our noses?" I giggle and hug him. Sometimes I forget that he doesn't know somethings. I shrug.

"Its just something we do. It's like calling shotgun when you wanna ride in the passenger side seat of a car," I explain.

"Shotgun? Why would someone call shotgun you shot it." I facepalm and shake my head. There was just no telling with him sometimes. I reach up and kiss him, with a laugh.

Luke touches his nose and Ashley forces Sam to touch his nose along with herself we all look at Yori.Yori groans.

"Alright. I'll watch her," he sighs. He goes to her and picks her up. "Least it gets me out of working tonight." he grins and starts carrying the girl off. Samuel hugs Ashley close, and whispers something in her ear. Ashley nods and points sternly. Samuel nods and walks into their room.

"WHAT!?" Luke yells from the couch."I'm working alone tonight?!" I look at Jerolin and then at Luke,

"No I'm working with you, don't worry," I tell him. "Kane is taking care of Korren for now.'

Lin growls, he doesn't like the fact Kane hangs out with Korren now that he knows he's gay. He's not a homophobe...he just doesn't want Korren to be a sissy boy. I kiss him again, and give him a It Will Be Okay smile.

"Whew thank Gods. I hate working the bar alone." Luke grumbles.

Lin bites his lip and whispers in my ear."Can we take this opportunity to you know...."He bites his lip trying not to be obvious on how bad he wanted me. I grin and shift the color of my eyes to purple, knowing he knows what that means. And God....err Gods I wanted him too.

He grins and picks me up and carries me up the stairs his eyes a violet purple. I kiss him softly at first, in a promise for more kind of way. He throws me on the bed kicking the door shut and locking it in one swift moment. I back away against the headboard and smile up at him. I kick of my shoes and lift my shirt over my head.He rips his shirt over his head throwing it over with my shoes tackling me to the bed crushing his lips onto mine. I kiss him back hungrily and wrap my legs around him.

"Jerolin..." I gasp. I'm already panting, already wanting him so bad. My sexy man.

He growls biting my softest part of my neck. He growls as he rips my bra off. I moan loudly, and grind into him. I unsnap his jeans and yank them down. He wasn't wearing boxers,God what a sexy man. I nibble on his shoulder, and collar bone.

He growls and literally tears of my panties and slams into me. I cry out in bliss and rock in him. God..Gods... he is amazing. I dig my fingertips into his hips urging him to do more. My lips find his again and I kiss him roughly. He growls biting my lips demanding to have his hunger fed as he thrusts harder and squeezed my breast almost to the point of hurting me. I moan, meeting his thrusts with my own hungry thrusts.

"Oh yes..." I moans. "Jerolin....more...more..." I pant. I roll my hiips.

He grbs a fist ful of my hair yanking my head backwards as he nibbles my neck. He starts to go faster and slamming his hips into my own to where he was fully going inside me. I scream out his name and rocking with him as much as I can. Oh this man knows how to make me feel so damn good. I claw at his chest and bite him.

He groans rolling us over holding my hips making me go up and down on his manhood he groans loud.

"Fuck...Pryena...fuck yes..."He growls. I kiss him roughly and I ride him faster. Wanting more and needing more. I moan loudly, sucking and nibbling on his lips. I love the sounds he makes and the way he says my name. He groans digging his nails into my hips as he thrusts harder into me.

"Jerolin...!" I scream. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I arch my back and dig my nails into his chest. He moans and rolls over putting me on my hands and knees entering me from behind harder than ever. I scream louder and grab the headboard. I moan, still trying to move with him. He holds my hips slamming into me grunting with each thrust.

"Fuck I missed you..." He groans as he nibbles at my spine. I moans, too lost in pleasure for a moment to reply. I move with him. I reach back and grab a fistfull of his hair.

"I missed you too...." I gasps. "Oh God...Gods..." I kiss him, rolling my tongue with his. He groans in my mouth cupping my face and pulling me up on my knees holding me up by my breasts. He doesn't stop thrusting into me even faster than before. I lean my head against his shoulder. My hair cascading down his back. I cup his hands that are cuping me, and move with him. I cry out his name again. He groans as he buries his face in my shoulder and he starts to thrust slower but harder as I tighten around him.He groans as he too reaches his climax. He hugs me tight to his chest refusing to let me move away.

"I love you,...I love you....I love you....I love you....I love you..."He breaths on my neck holding me still. I pant leaning against him. I kiss his cheek.

"I love you too. I love you so much Jerolin," I gasp. I close my eyes and smile. "Wow. That was...." He just nods leaning forward and kisses my back laying ontop of me I feel his heart pounding through his chest. "Amazing. You're amazing." I smile feeling his heartbeat. I snuggle into him and into the mountains of pillows on our bed. Before long I hear him snoring softly into my back. I smile to myself, and yawn. I guess a small nap before work won't be so bad. I reach out and set the alarm before nodding off to sleep.


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