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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"But it's Samuel! I have to do something!" Pryena hisses.

"And you just had a baby! You're! Not! Going!" Lin yells. Fuckin hell these two have been at it for twenty minutes! I belt on the gun I stole from Pryena, Hunter addition, my favorite. Pryena shakes her head and lays her head on Lin's chest. "Being all lovey dovey will not get you any closer to what you want. It's illogical for you to want to go."

"I know," Pree gasps softly. "I'm just scared for him." Lin Kisses her head comforting her.

Ashley is shaking so bad that she can't buckle the belt for the sheath of her dagger. She hasn't stopped shaking since we found out Sam was missing. I go to her and help her with her belt.

"We'll get him back," I tell her. I clip the belt and tighten it so it doesn't fall off.

She looks at me her eyes full of tears,"What if they already killed him? What if they're hurting him? What if they turned him into a Sinner!?" Pyrenea lets go of Jerolin and rushes to comfort Ashley. She hugs her and runs a hand through Ashley's hair. I glance at Jerolin and then look around.

"They wouldn't kill him right away. All we can do is hope that he's not hurt bad," Pryena says. "And for every mark he has on him, a Hunter will suffer."

Ashley nods and hugs Pryena tight. I hear her swallow hard. "L-Let's go." She croaks. Lin walks over and puts a hand on Pree's shoulder.

"Luke is going to stay behind and help watch the baby and protect you if needed. Kane is going to check the perimeter." Pryena looks up him with a frown. She punches him in the chest.

"If you can back hurt, or dead, I will make you regret it. Jerolin Conquest." she says. I can't help but chuckle softly. I look at Ashley and give her an apologetic look. I know this is hard on her. Pryena tried to get her to stay behind, but Ashley refused flatly. I double check to make sure all my weapons are secure, before walking to the door. Ashley follows after me and Lin laughs leaving. I hear Pryena blow a kiss, before moving to go to check on Korren.

"We have to get him back."Ashley says.

"We will sweetie. Don't worry."Lin kisses the top of her head and pats his around his pockets to make sure he's got everything. I swear if he's got baby brain too....

"And then Pree can kick his ass for getting kidnapped," I say, trying to ease some of the tension. I scan our surroundings, but nothing really looks out of place. I jog forward, checking the alley, all the years running, coming back to me. I grip a handle of a knife, but I don't draw it. "There should be a warehouse around here somewhere with a door. Pree gave me the key she swiped from a Hunter while she was grocery shopping not too long ago. We can get in there and get disguises. Ash, did you bring Sam's Skin lab coat?"

She swallows hard and nods she has it draped over her arm. I hadn't realized that she'd been clutching it to her chest."Y...yeah, it's been cleaned and ironed to regulation."She says softly. I grit my teeth, hating to ask her this, but I have to.

"You're the only one with a Skin chip. You'll be able to get passed the scanners, which a patient," I glance at Jerolin. "Or a prisoner that means to be questioned. So here's my idea. Ashley, you'll have to put the coat on and act as a Skin. Jerolin," I pause, knowing he's gonna get a kick out of this. "We can disguise you as a redcoat, and that means you get to drag me around, and throw a few punches at me. Then we search for him."

"Hey and Pree can't get mad? Sweet!" He grins. Ashley swallows hard and nods.

"I...I can g...go to the Skin Computer... it has access to where they might be keeping him." She says softly. I nod. As much as I hate being punched, it was the best plan we had. I grab Ashley's hand and squeeze it gently. I give her an encouraging look.

"Then if everyone knows their part. That's what we will do." They both nod Ashley squeezes my hand she's still shaking but not as bad as she was at the bar.

"Let's do this thing. And I swear only stomach punches alright man?" Lin says putting a hand on my shoulder. I nod, thankful.

"Make them look good, though," I tell him. If he holds back at all, they will know something is wrong.

"You'll have a bruise." He says bluntly. I nod again, and swallow hard.

"Okay. Just not the balls," I growl. I look around, preparing to get hit. I see the warehouse up head. There should be a few redcoats laying around for Jerolin.

"I'm not that mean." He rolls his shoulders. Ashley puts the coat on, it's a little big for her but she rolls up the sleeves in a way that makes it look normal. I smile at her, and hold out the key to Jerolin. Better he have it, than me.

He grabs my arms and ties them behind my back putting the key in his pocket. Ashley keeps walking with her head up so that she doesn't look like a Broken. She walks ahead of us so that she doesn't look like she's with us. Lin half drags me to the warehouse."Move it ass face." He hisses. I struggle against him, trying to make it look real, but I let him drag me to the warehouse. When we get inside he decks me right in the gut knocking the air right out of me. "I said move it! Fucking traitor." I gasp doubling over. I nod to the cabinets, trying to let him know to grab his disguise.

"Fuck you," I growl, sorta meaning it, damn, he really isn't holding back at all. But that's a good thing. It means that we won't get into trouble. It's a good thing Pryena didn't come. She would have just marched in and started shooting people, then we'd be in more troulble.

He nods and shoves me to Ashley,"You said you wanted to fucking check him so do it. I gotta fucking piss." He took to the Hunter role way too fucking easy. Ashley yelps softly when I bump in to her but she semi pushes me to my knees and reaches into Sam's bag to put a device on my head. She bites her lip. Shit I know it's been awhile since she's had to do anything like this she puts her hands on the device and it glows she just makes my stomach not hurt anymore. Lin comes back. I breath a sigh of relief, that she wasn't too rusty.I glare up at Lin and spit at his feet.

"Not telling you shit, bastard," I hiss.

"You don't have to tell us shit Jacob will get you to fucking talk." He yanks me up to my feet after Ashley takes off the device putting it back in Sam's bag. He drags me to the door and hands the key to Ashley. She hesitates for a moment. I know that she doesn't want to do this. I can see her shaking. But she shakes her head and opens the door quickly.

"You and Jacob and the rest of Vollen can go fuck yourselves," I hiss. Jerolin is really enjoying this. I want to reach out and comfort Ashley, but I can't, and don't

He laughs and pushes me through, Ashley steps through and shudders when she sees where they keep all the Sinners. "I-I have to go back to work. D-don't break him while I'm gone." She says gritting her teeth." Where shall I meet you?" She asks Lin. Lin looks down at me then to her.

"I'll call you and let you know. I have to take this fugly asshole to Jacob." He starts dragging me away and Ashley walks to the Skin Center. When no one's looking he pulls me into an alleyway untying me handing me a redcoat,"Snagged you one too." Hell yeah! I knew I liked this guy for a reason, and not just because he makes my best friends happy.

"Thanks for not punching me in my pretty face," I say, donning my disguise.

He chuckles and ruffles my hair,"I'll only hit you in the face if Pree tells me too." He chuckles then gets serious."Where should I tell Ashley to meet us?" I look around, and then stiffen, when a Redcoat comes into the alley, dragging a Broken with him. I draw a knife, and swallow hard when the Redcoat slams the Broken into the wall and punches him.

"Fucking bastards," I mutter. "Hey! I want a turn!" I call out, before Jerolin can stop me, not that I think he will. The Redcoat looks at me and grins. He punches the guy in the face again, and the throws the guy toward us. I glance at Jerolin and look around.

Lin goes over he towers over the Hunter,"Beat it before I beat you. I got my own fight with this Broken." He growls grabbing the Broken guy by the collar.The guy nods and leaves quickly.

"I would have killed him," I growl, remembering my time here. Fuck how much I hated it.

"Why do you think I jumped in."He puts the Broken guy on his feet and brushes off the dirt."Now you never saw us got it?" He tells the guy. the Broken nods and stumbles back, before running away.

"Let's meet Ash in the Media Building," I hiss through clenched teeth. Yeah, it's really good Pree isn't here.

He nods and closes his eyes for a moment then nods "She says that she got into the main computer and will let us know if she finds anything." I nod, and sheath my knife again. I walk out from the alley and head towards the Media Building. Lin gasps holding his head grabbing my shoulder squeezing hard.

"You okay, man?" I ask quietly, but letting him lean on me.

"Ashley's freaking out, took me by...surprise."He shakes his head and lets go of my shoulder. "I think she found Sam...but...she...shes not making any sense." I look around, shuddering when people pass me. I really hate it here. I wish I could burn the place to the ground.

"What is she saying?" I ask. I scowl at a few Brokens passing, to look the part.

"Something...something about...shit....i think its something about a Repogirl but I don't understand what she's talking about. She keeps using Vollen talk that Pree hasn't explained to me yet." Repogirl....repogirl..... I try to put it together, and when it hits me, I stumble and it's my turn to grab Lin's shoulder. My stomach rolls and I gasp softly. One of Vollen's sickest projects.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck. Shit!" I gasp. "Sam is in trouble."

"She's telling me to tell you to get our ass's to the Media center." He rubs his head. I nod and start running.

"They are trying to use him to reproduce," I explain along the way. "Thank God Pree didn't come. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God!"

"Agreed to that's she'd go fucking nuts."Lin says. Ashley is sitting in a back corner tapping her foot biting her nail with a water bottle in front of her to make it look like she was on a break. I run up to her.

"Do you know where the Reproduction Rooms are?" I ask.

She nods fast standing,"In the West building. We have to go now, who knows what their doing to my baby."she says. She lifts up a bag, that was bigger than Sam's-Which I didn't think was possible- and heads out going to the West building without even bothering to look at anyone.

She's pissed, and that's never a good sign.


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