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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"Yori! You son of a Monkey turd!" Pryena yells, as baby Korren screams and cries. "You woke Korren up!" I rub my head, the headache coming back in full force. I sit in front of the bird cage, feeding the baby Eagles Pryena saved from the underworld. Pryena was upstairs probably in the nursery, but I can still hear her from here. She took the role of Mommy too far sometimes. I groan and lay my hand on the side of the cage. Please someone get that girl some candy!

"Pree love please stop yelling you're scaring the baby."I heard Jerolin say, He took the role of the laidback father. Pryena sighs and I can practically feel her calm down. She begins to coo the baby and I can picture her shooting dirty looks at Yori. I close my eyes, and a baby eagle caws at me.

Someone jumps on my back giggling,"Boo! You are my prisoner!"Ashley laughs wrapping her arms around me. I smile, and turn to her. If it wasn't for her, I'd have lost my sanity long ago. I nearly did when I thought she was dead. I hug her tightly.

"Hey, sweetie," I breath in her scent of chocolate and wild berries. "How are you?" I look up at her. The blue green eyes and wavy blonde hair were amazing. Her skin soft and warm, and her smile is contagious. God, I love this woman.

"I'm good, Kane took me to go get you a present."She grins playing with the edges of my hair biting her lower lip very gently. Kane, oh yeah, my male admirer. I look around for Kane, trying to be nice, even though guys were so not my thing. I shudder a little but smile. He was a nice guy.

"Oh yeah?" I say, staring at her lips. I really have to get my thoughts under control. "What is it?"

She blushes softly and lites out an adorable giggle,"You have to wait till we're not in public anymore love."she winks and kisses me softly before going to the bird cage. "Their getting big huh?" I groan. I can only imagine what my "surprise" was. And damn I want to take her to her room. I wrap my arms around her waist, and pull her closer, brushing my lips against her neck.

"Yeah they are. We are going to need get a bigger cage soon," I say.

She smiles softly,"I feel like other things are getting bigger too." She teases. I groan softly. Oh yeah, a few other things are growing. To tease her, I brush my fingers across her breasts oh so softly. Upstairs Korren gives another shrieking cry. It sounded like he had a stomach ache. Pryena groans, letting out a small whine in complaint.

"I told you I fed him, I've burped him,I changed his diaper. I don't know what's wrong with him." I hear Lin say. I sigh and look at Ashley.

"As much as I really want to take you to bed.....like I really do, I should go give them some medicine. He probably as a stomach ache," I sigh. I feel close to tears myself. Wanting the girl standing next to me, so badly, but needed elsewhere. Sometimes it sucked being a doctor. I rub my temples.

She smiles and turns to face me and leans in to whisper in my ear,"Then I guess I have time to go get your surprise ready." She smiles and nibbles my ear before pulling away and winks at me. She walks into our room and closes the door behind her. I groan, aching for her, as I stomp up the stairs to the nursery. I knock softly, before entering.

"Pree? Lin?" I ask. Pryena shoots me a dirty look, but then softens a little. She looks tired, hell they both do. Pryena is sitting in the rocking chair, rocking the little one. Korren Conquest. I smile at the family. The Conquest family were Gods and Goddess. A fact that still struck me odd, but I was happy for them. I'm just glad Pryena finally found someone to look after here.

"Sam...I think Korren is sick." Lin says rubbing his eyes leaning against the wall. He looks like he's about to pass out. I nod handing them some Tummy relaxers.

"Just a tummy ache, " I tell them. "just give him 12 millimeters. And it will settle his stomach. Pree are you watching what you eat?" She nods and grumbles.

"I won't let her eat anything you said she wasn't allowed to."Lin tells me with a smirk, "I get hit about it all the time." Pryena sticks her tongue out at him. Geez and I thought the pregnancy was bad. Trying to keep Pryena in bed was hard work. If it weren't for Jerolin, Luke, Yori, and Ashley, she wouldn't have listened much.

"Thanks Sammy," Pryena says. I nod and look at Jerolin.

"Are you opening the bar up tonight? And do you need me to work, or is Yori covering it?" I ask. Pryena pouts, she misses working, and drinking.

He rubs his eyes,"Yeah it's opening tonight Luke and Yori have the bar,'He glances at Pryena,"And if she takes a nap she gets to work for a few hours to escape from baby duty." He says ending with a yawn. He must have had the Korren nightshift. She grins and kisses Korren's head, and then looks at Jerolin.

"What about you Linny?" she asks. "You need sleep too? Are you working tonight?"

He shakes his head,"I'll open the bar then come up here and nap with Korren." He hasn't worked since Korren was born. All he did was leave the bar and come back with a ridiculous gift for Pree of Korren. Diamond earrings, a 5 foot stuffed bear, a jeep with four wheel drive. Lin was going family nuts. I sigh in relief, if I didn't have to work, and Ashley didn't have to work, it meant that we could be together tonight. For as long as we wanted. Pryena shifts around a little and giggles.

"Aww! Who's a sweet boy!" she coos at Korren in her baby voice. "You're a sweet boy! Yes you are! Jerolin he's sucking on his toes!"

"That's cute love."He says with a small smile.

Lin gives me a look when Pree's distracted, I'm going to have to beat the softness out of that boy. Aren't I? He says in my head. I chuckle and shake my head.

"Just remember the medicine. I'll be... I'll be in my room if you need me," I say. Please don't need me.

"Fucking Ashley." Lin says in a fake cough and a smirk. There was a little of the old Lin looks like he's not fully gone. Pryena gives him a stern look, but is trying not to laugh. She winks at me. I feel myself blush and rub the back of my neck. I hate when they do this, but I do set myself up for it.

"Right... well, see ya then," I say, and start to walk out. When I close the door behind me I hear them bust out in laughter. I shake my head in embarrassment, and walk to my room, where I'm hoping to get my surprise. I open the door.

Ashley smiles wearing a very sexy nurse's outfit laying playboy style on the bed. She's wearing white fishnet stockings that go mid thigh that have little red bows on top. A very short dress that hugs her hip and breasts perfectly,hiding everything I wanted to see but showing just enough to drive me up the wall. I groan when I see her, walking to her as if in a trance. I climb onto the bed and pull her into my arms. My mouth is watering.

"Damn, baby, you are sexy," I whisper in her ear, laying her down and hovering over her. I smile studying her face.

She puts her arms above her head smiling that sexy grin of hers, "I'm only like this for you Doctor Samuel." I groan into her ear. My Ashley. My amazing Ashley. I grip one of her thighs, and kiss her hard. My tongue rolling in her mouth. Already my need for her is so strong I ache. She wraps her arms around my neck, tangling her delicate hands in my hair pulling gently. Kissing me back with full force. I tilt her head to the side to kiss her deeper, my hands start roaming her body. She pulls my hair harder and pulls me in, crushing her with my chest. Her leg moves in between mine rubbing my manhood through my jeans.

"Ashley," I groan against her lips. I hook a finger into the fishnet stocking and pull one down. My other hand palms her breast and I kiss her harder. She smiles kicking away the stocking I took off. She arches into me kissing me harder as she moans softly against my lips. I push the other stocking of quickly and run my hand up her leg, and cup her between the legs. I move to kiss her neck.

"Oh Sam,"She purrs softly tilting her head. She bites her lower lip softly as she eagerly tries to undo my jeans. She must have it as bad as I do. I let out a soft growl and yank the tight little dress off her, unable to stop myself. Wanting this so badly. I bury my face in her chest, kissing and nibbling. She lets out a small cry of pleasure using her feet to take off my jeans and boxers. I nod wanting this so badly, I kiss her harder, and practically rip of her panties. I nibble on her bottom lip.

"Sam.....please.....I've been dying without you."She moans ripping off my shirt throwing it with the rest of our clothes. "Take me please."She begs jamming her tongue into my mouth kissing me frantically. God I love it when she begs. Helpless, and fueled by my need, I grab her leg and give her one more chance to say no. I might be gripping her leg too tightly, so I loosen it a little.

"Please Sam....please..."She whimpers lost in her own desire. I groan and thrust into her, with a loud moan, she gasps and moans my name softly wrapping her other leg around me. I smile down at her.

"I love you," I say, before claiming her mouth again with mine. I kiss her ravagly, and pump hard but slow. She nods in the kiss, moving her hips to meet my every thrust. She moans in my mouth and I swallow the sounds, enjoying everything about her.I palm her breasts again and massage them. I move to kiss her neck and nibble the softest part of her throat. I can feel her pulse against my lips and I groan louder.

"Ashley," I hiss in raw pleasure.

She gasps when I nibble her neck,"Samuel.....oh God.....sam..."She leans her head back moaning. Arching her back as she started to roll her hips faster. "Sam.....oh God yes..." I moan her name again, grunting as I pump faster. I grip her hips, trying not to hurt her. I kiss her breasts, flicking my tongue. I rock my hips and go harder. I groan.

She moans and claws at my chest she pushes me over onto my back and climbs ontop of me slamming herself down onto me she gasps loud, "Damn....Samuel..."She purrs going up and down on me once again. I roar in pleasure and buck my hips off the bed. I grab her hips so I can help her move. Slamming into her and kissing her lips roughly. She rolls her hips faster as she pulls on my hair. Kissing me with a fiery passion. I feel her heart starting to beat faster as she starts to moan loudly, putting her head on my chest as she rolls her hips faster, meeting everyone of my slams perfectly.

"Sam!"She screams.God I love it when she does that. I slam her down again, wanting her hear her scream some more, and bite her bottom lip. She screams louder as she digs her nails deeper into my chest rolling her hips almost as fast as her heart was beating in her chest. I kiss her neck again, wanting to feel her pulse against my lips. I nibble her neck.

"Ashley.." I gasp. "So...close." I groan, bucking my hips off the bed, my heels digging into the mattress. I love this woman.

"Don't stop! Oh God so...so close..."Ashley screams she looks so wild and free not even caring what she was doing. I knot my fingers in her hair and pull a little. She was beautiful, and sexy, and smart, and strong. God she was everything and so much more to me. I gasp out her name as I feel her tighten around me. I moan loudly, calling out her name. I pump harder and faster until I find my own release. When I do, I roll over onto her and savage her with another passionate kiss. Taking in her gasps for breath and giving her my own. God...God this woman. My woman. I was trembling because of what she does to me, trembling but smiling.

She collapses, spreading out all over the bed breathing hard as her head falls to the side,"I....love....you."She gasps smiling. I smile into her kiss, I roll over and tuck her into my side.

"I love you too Ashley, so much," I pant. I run my fingers up and down her spine, rubbing her shoulder I feel her biting her lip as she cuddles with me, burying her face in my chest. She moves around and starts to bite her thumb. She only does that when she feels guilty or embarrassed by something. I feel my cheek heat a little.

"Yeah, Jerolin and Pryena are probably going to tease us," I say, thinking that's what she's embarrassed about.

".....I haven't taken birth control in two months." She tenses as if waiting to get a smack. I freeze and swallow hard.

"What? Why?" I ask. I look down at her, and take her thumb out of her mouth.

"I...I....its...umm...."She sighs and hides her face in a pillow,"I want a baby."She doesn't look at me. Me a father? Oh God, I'm not even sure I'm ready. I'm not the father type, not when I have to run around taking care of sick people. I groan and hold her closer.

"Ashley....you know how dangerous it is for us to have children...." I whisper.

"I know but, I never had a family....watching Pree get the perfect family...I....it...."She groans and rolls over with her back to me,"I'm sorry I brought it up just forget I said anything."She puts the covers over her head. I pull the cover from her face, and study her face.

"Can I think about this please? It's not that I don't.... want a kid.... its just with my job.... I'm afraid. and I didn't exactly grow up in a happy home...." I sigh. I kiss her head. "You'll be a great mom.... But... I... what if I'm a horrible father. What if I get the baby sick? It's a scary thought.....that's why I don't spend too much time around Korren or Pree."

"You'll be a great father Sam, you always know what's wrong with the baby, you are so kind and gentle....."she's tearing up now,"I just want us to have something we both never had." I hug her tightly. God, I love her, but my face heats with fear and I swallow hard.

"Can I think about this please?" I ask. I hate this, knowing that I'm probably crushing her spirits. Hating the thought of hurting her. She nods looking down at her hands and sighs.

"Okay....I...i'm just gonna go to sleep....." She rolls away from me curling up in a ball shaking. I sigh and kiss her head.

"I'm sorry sweetie. Just please....please don't hate me. I just need time to think about this. I love you so much," I whisper. I brush my knuckles against her cheek gently. She nods and tries to go to sleep. I kiss her head and tuck the covers around her.

"I love the nurse suit by the way, Amazing." I tell her as I get dressed.

"Kane said it would be your favorite....."She whispers. I can tell she's fighting tears, but doesn't want me to be the one to comfort her so she's trying to hid it.I put on my glasses, I really need to invest in some contacts. I sigh, hating this, but so scared at the same time. If I could only make her understand why I was so afraid to be a father.... I lean down and kiss her forehead again and walk out of my room, closing the door softly.

"Were you trying to kill her dude?"Kane laughs, "She sounded like you were trying to."

"Man and I thought Pryena and Lin were loud." Luke says laughing with Kane. I feel my cheek redden and I run my hands through my hair.

"Errr.... yeah, uh," I sigh. "Yeah." I shove my hands in my pocket.

"Seriously dude, I thought I was gonna have to intervene, you know save her life." Yori jokes as he walks down the stairs. I blush even more and shrug.

"I'm going for a walk," I say, ignoring Yori. "Need to get roses and chocolate." I mumble walking to the door.

"Uh oh someone fucked up."Luke cracks laughing Kane looks at me and nos.

"She told you didn't she." He says. He knew? Gods was I the only guy who didn't know Ashley wanted a baby? I nod, swallowing hard.

"She wants.... she wants a baby. I..." I run my hands through my hair again. "Scares me a little." I look at the three guys and then walk out before they can say anything else. Yeah, I know I'm a coward. I pick up the pace when I'm outside, not walking any of them following me. I'll walk to the flower shop and get her some flowers and chocolate. I know it's not much and it won't make up for this but it's a start.

Me a father?! I can't even hold Korren right, and I delivered him. And Pryena nearly died after giving birth! Part of the placenta still remained inside her and she nearly bleed to death. Jerolin went nuts. It was one mistake I made and she nearly died because of it. What if that happens to Ashley? What if she dies? I can't lose her.....not again. I lived thinking she was dead for months and it nearly killed me. I went into depression and I was pretty messed up. Shockingly - pun intended - if it weren't for that bitch Jetta, and her shocking me to the point where I nearly couldn't breathe, I wouldn't have snapped out of it. And then all the sudden there she was again. My Ashley. I don't want to screw-no pun intended- it up and lose her.

I walk down the street and look around for the flower shop that I know is close by. Someone bumps into me, and I mutter an apology until I look up and see three people standing in front of me. I swallow hard. Shit, this isn't good. The guy in the middle grins at me. There hasn't been a Hunter around here in a while but here were three and there were probably more. I back away. I'm not a fighter. I don't possess the skills that Pryena, or Jerolin or any of the others. Sure I knew how to throw a punch and kick, but there was no way I could take of three Hunters.

"Uh, what's this about?" I ask. The Hunter in the middle laughs.

"Master Jacob is requesting your capture," he says. I back up more, getting ready to run.

"Yeah, well I politely decline," I say. I turn to run, and slam into two more Hunters. Damnit! I punch one in the face, but the other tackle me, grabbing me and hauling me to my feet. I struggle, I really do. My only thoughts are of Ashley, and wanting to get to her. I yell and swear and kick and flail around but it's no use. The something slams into the back of my head and darkness swarms around me.

"Ashely..." I croak before passing out.


"Sammy sammy sweetie wake up."A sweet voice whispers in my ear. A small hand going through my hair. Ugh what a dream. It feels so real. I groan and grab Ashley's hand and kiss her fingers.

"Ashley," I mumble "Sleepy."

The voice giggles,"I'm not Ashley I'm Sweetness." I snap my eyes open and look at the girl. What? I sit up quickly. No! It wasn't a dream? Damnit.

I look around, the room is white the walls held no photos, there were camera's in every corner. the girls softly brushes her hand down my cheek, "Shhh they hitted you head really hard." What the hell? She looked about 21-22 years old. She had long light brown hair that went to her hips, She was wearing a blue dress. Oh fuck I'm in a Vollen Reproduction house! I sit up and push her hands away, I stand up and back away from her. My head is pounding and I blink hard.

"Sammy,back to bed. I no hurt you. I no bite."She giggles walking over to me. She's almost perfect. She has only one flaw....she wasn't Ashley. My sweet Ashley. This poor girl was being used in the most vilest ways and she had grown up to like it! Fuck this is why I hate this place.

"Where is the way out?" I hiss. I press my back to the wall. No way in hell. No way in hell am I going to let this happen. And then I start laughing. Laughing hard to. Oh the irony! I left to think about kids because I was scared and here I am in this fucking Reproduction Room. No way in hell. When I have kids its going to be with Ashley. I freeze realizing that I do want kids with her. I look around for the door so that I can get out of here.

The girl looks around at the camera's and takes a deep breath she comes over and starts playing with my shirt,"Come on Sammy, I make happy me promise....."She glances at a camera she shudders. I thought Reproduction woman were not supposed to be worried or nervous.

"I have to make you happy Sammy....please?" She begged me softly. I study her. She looks pretty scared. "If I don't make you happy then I have to make Master happy."She whispers so low that the cameras wouldn't be able to pick up what she was saying. Fuck I hate this. I lean forward cupping her face. What the hell was going on here? I put my lips to her ear.

"Does Jacob hurt you?" I whisper, trying to make it look like foreplay. She shakes her head but flinches softly wrapping her arms around me. She nibbles my neck.

"He no hurt me.....but last time...he hurt me tummy lots." She starts to nibble my earlobe. She must have been programed with my file. Yeah Vollen is that nosey. I hold back a groan. It's not Ashley, and I won't do anything with this girl, no matter how my body reacts. I lean into her again, whispering in her ear.

"You can trust me. Tell me the truth. Do you like it here? Do people hurt you?" I ask softly.

"People do what makes them happy, I like making people happy, but I don't like making Master happy." She says pulling me to the bed biting her lower lip. Damnit, she is biting her lips. I wet my own lips, but I look away. No Ashley damnit!

"Does he hurt you?" I whisper. "Will he hurt you if you don't do this with me?" God, what the hell was he doing to this poor girl! As far as I knew, Jacob never did something like this. But then it was Jacob and he is an asshole.

She shrugs pulling me down to hover her biting my lower lip softly nibbling on it,"Relax Sammy....it fun to be happy." What the fuck is wrong with this girl? It's like she doesn't know what the fuck I'm saying. He green eyes find mine. Then it hits me.

"What does Jacob call you?" She giggles softly.

"I'm Sweetness." I curse softly, the Repogirl born in captivity. She really only knew one thing. Pleasure. "I make you pretty baby me promise." She giggles kissing me. I yank away and shake my head. I pull away from her. No I don't wanna do this. I look at the cameras.

"Let me out," I yell. "I refuse to do this."

The girl yelps and pulls me back into bed shaking her head at the camera,"Me do it! Me do it! No come in!" She screams pinning my arms down, "Please.....please let me make you happy."She begs, "Please don't make Master Jacob come in here please." She whimpers kissing me hard. I pull away from her, and look at her. She really is scared of Jacob. That bastard. This poor girl deserves a better life. Gah! I'm so not doing this, no matter how attuned she is to me. I won't do it. I cup her face.

"What happens if he comes in?" I ask, no even sure if she will answer. I ask softly, so the camera doesn't pick it up. She just stares at the desk that was in the room and back to me trying to take off my shirt. Doing everything to get me to do something. Damnit! She undos my belt throwing it to the side. No! I jump off the bed, and throw her back down onto the bed, so that I don't hurt her. I look into the camera.

"I said I refuse, you son of a bitch!" I snap. "I'm not going to touch her." The girl sobs softly putting her head in her hands sitting on the bed on her knees. A few minutes later Jacob slams the door open. He glares at us.

"I...I tried...I did Master Jacob I did. He just no do it. I tried I did i did."She whimpers hiding behind the couch. Jacob stalks over to me and punches me in the gut. I double over gasping for breath.

"Stupid traitor. Think you're so good and so high and mighty, but I know your weakness," he snarls at me. I cough and flip him off. If I keep the attention on me, he won't hurt her. He punches me in the stomach again and goes to the girl. She tries to run into the bathroom. He grabs her and yank her hard.

"Master Jacob please! Please I make him happy me swear! Please!" She cries not struggling much. Her programing must make her know that he hates strugglers. He slaps her hard across the face, and I gasp taking a step forward. She yelps holding her face,but she doesn't say a word of protest.

"Don't," I hiss. Not wanting him to hurt her. Jacob shoots me a dirty look, and he slams the girl into the desk. He grabs her roughly by the hair and pulls. He grabs her between the legs and glares at me. She gasps in pain digging her nails into the desk but doesn't fight. She's allowing him to do this to her!

"You will do this. Or I will screw her in front of you," he snaps. I flinch, suddenly sick to my stomach. I couldn't allow her to be raped! Even if she didn't struggle, I knew she hated it. Fuck what to do! Oh, I feel like I'm gonna vomit.

"Do what makes you happy Master Jacob,"She says swallowing hard. "I will not fail you again." Her eyes shut tight as her hair falls over her face. The bastard looks at me, waiting for my answer. What can I do? I can't do this. I just can't. She's not Ashley! Jacob squeezes her between the legs, his fingers really digging in. She gasps in both pain and pleasure she digs her nails into the desk moving a little away from his hands to escape the pain. I flinch again, and take a step forward.

"I'm waiting Samuel," he growls. He yanks up her dress, and grabs a fistfull of her hair. I hear her gasp as she leans her head back so that he's not pulling her hair as much. I clear my throat, and take another step forward. She shoots me a sad look before closing her eyes tight. It feels like someone punches a hole into my chest. I must have hesitated too long, because the next thing I know, he's slamming into her. She yelled grabbing his wrist thats holding her hair

"No!" I yell out as he grunts. I can't see that she wants nothing more to tell him to stop. But she won't say it.

"Please master Jacob....be happy." She whimpers out. I stumble forward to stop him. I grab his shoulder.

"Stop. Stop, I'll do it." I say. Just trying to do anything to get him to stop his savage assault. He shrugs me hand off. Oh God, now I really feel sick. I yank his shoulder, but he pulls her hair.

She lets out a cry of pain but she turns it into a moan, not wanting to disappoint him.The bastard. I try to yank him back again, but smoke emerges from his hands and wrap around my face, making me choke. I stumble back, coughing, and even though the smoke is blurring my vision, I can still hear him ravaging her. My stomach rolls with guilt, and I can't do a damn thing, not without him hurting her. He lets out a loud groan and then just discards her to the floor. He looks at me, smoothing his hair.

"Don't disappoint me or I will return," he sneers. He walks passed me, punching me in the stomach again and then walking out the door. She coughs and starts to cry loud and freely as she struggles to get up. She quickly goes to the bathroom and locks the door as she sobs. I walk to the door and knock gently.

"I'm... I'm so sorry. I....I didn't think....he would... I'm sorry," I say, the ache in my chest getting worse. I rub my chest.

"I tell you I tell you and no listen. I say no listen. No listen. Me be good. Me be good."She cries out. I hear her turning on the water or the shower. I have to do something. I have to help her. Get her out of here. Knowing Pryena, Ashley, Jerolin, Yori, and the rest of them, they'll figure out I'm missing sooner or later and come looking for me. I just have to buy us some time. I run my hands through my hair, an idea forming in my head.

"I'm make this better. I swear. I will help you," I tell the girl, promising.

She hiccups from crying,"my tummy hurt..."She whimpers coughing I can barely hear her she must be in the shower."Worst than last time. He neber that mean..." She whimpers. I flinch. Yeah I really have to help this girl now. I sink to the ground. I can't believe what just happened. Right there in front of me! What the hell is wrong with me? I bury my head in my hands, tears burning in my eyes, but I don't cry.

"I'll make sure you're okay," I say. I'm not even sure if she can hear me, but saying it makes me feel a little better.

She stays in the shower for an hour before she comes out in a bathrobe. She's using the wall to help her stay up right. She keeps a hand on her stomach coughing as she walks to the ben whimpering. I study her, looking for injuries before a go to her. She's not Ashley, but that doesn't mean I can't take care of her. I go to her and hug her, not sure what else to. I look at the camera.

"Rest for a little bit," I tell her. "Then when we can do whatever it is we have to do." A lie, bit Jacob doesn't have to know that. I lead the girl the the bed and lay her down.

"Me rest make happy?" She asks? God this girl really was made for one thing. She just got brutally attacked and she's asking me what makes me happy? A lump rises in my throat and I nod.

"Rest will make me happy," I croak. I tuck the covers around her

"You no lay here?" She says looking to the empty spot next to her. I fluff up the pillows against the headboard, and sit down in the bed next to her. I cross my hands over my chest.

"I will be right here," I say. She grabs my hand and just holds it softly.

"Dis okay?"She asks softly. I look at her hand, and nod.

"It's fine," I give her hand a gently squeeze. "Now rest, girl. Please." She nods softly and pulls her arm around her putting my hand over her heart as she cuddles to it like a stuffed bear. I feel her breathing slow as she drifts off to sleep. My mind is made up. I was getting us both out of here. No one deserves this kind of life.


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