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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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The chair the chair the big white chair. I smile skipping over to my big white chair. I like this chair this chair soft and comfy. And the lady here is nice, she smiles and takes care of me. She tells me to lay down.

I do.

She tells me that my last baby happy in his new home I smile and giggle. Number 6 was happy! That's good! That make me happy that he happy.

I giggle when the lady puts this icky yellow stuff on the inside of my leg, It make my leg feel funny. I close my eyes and lay my head down giggling I know she making red stuff come out but it's okay me used to it. She works on the inside of me for a while and sews me back up. I smile wide as a shudder runs through me, I get a new friend! His name Samuel, he likes it gentle but he likes to play rough too. I get to make a baby! Yay! I can do that, that my favorite! I smile and hug the lady skipping out to go back to my room.

Me always make the pretty babies, that always lady says. She say I make pretty babies because I'm special, no one else in this place is like me. I'm what she called unique. Me special to the people here. I no know why, me be here forever that probably why. Other people come in when they my age now, I been here since me was a baby. I got what they say sexual chip when I was 5. I didn't understand why but it was okay cause they told me what I had to do. I have to make pretty babies for Vollen to make people who can't have babies happy. I also have to keep redcoats happy to. The first one was really nice and he make sure that he no hurt me. He said I had to give him a blow job on his magic wand, but when he was done it it's shoot magic! I wanted to see magic so I did what he told me to do.

Since then I've been making redcoats happy by doing that. When my red week came for the first time I was 13. The lady said I don't have to do anything during that week. I don't like that week. My tummy always hurts and I can't make redcoats happy. But when it all done and I don't have to stay in my room they all come talk to me and make me happy. Its fun to make people happy.

I was 14 when I had number 1, she was a pretty red head. I get to keep her for a little while because she needed me to feed her. I had a red coat who always came to help me with her. He name was Jacob. He like that I make pretty baby. He say that when she big enough to be on her own she make family very happy. I smile I get to make other people happy too?! I giggled when he plays with my hair while I fed baby. He never wanted me to make his magic wand happy. He just said that watching me with a baby made him happy.

I skip to my room, unlike the other people I get a special room. My room big and pretty full of shiny things and a really soft bed where I get to make lot's of people happy. I got a couch cause sometimes redcoats wanna do it there. I got a really big bathtub and a shower. I like it when redcoat wants to do stuff in the shower. Sometimes I get a pretty lady in my bed. Their fun! I giggle when I see that I got flowers again. I skip over and see that they wrote note. I shrug I can't read it anyway I have recoat read it for me when they come it. I smell the flowers they my favorite, The lady nurse says they're called roses, I like the pink ones.

I put some water in the vase and put it on my table. Pretty flowers for pretty room. I smile and giggle when I look at all the pictures of all my babies with their happy family. I have all their pictures, the families always wanna make sure me know what babies are doing and how they growing. Number 1 is 8 now. She has my pretty hair and eyes. Number two is 6 1/2, she got really dark hair and my pretty green eyes. Number 3 he was a tough one but he always smiling now that he have a daddy to play with. Number 4 and 5 were twins, they made me super big and made Master Jacob really happy. I smile as I look at number 6,he was my favorite baby. He was always smiling at me and when they took him away he cries all the time. I had to go to him and tell him that I no mommy that his mommy was a redcoat that couldn't have babies.

I look behind me and Master Jacob is watching me. I smile and skip over to him and kiss his cheek. "Hi Mast Jacob. Me get new chip today!" I giggle grabbing his hand. He looks really sad. Mistress Jetta and him probably got into another fight again.

"That's good darling," he sighs, rubbing his face. "Are you doing okay?"

I nod fast and run to the note and hand it to him,"Someone gave me flowers again Master Jacob but I no know what note say." He takes the note from me and reads it. He looks at me.

"It says. "Thank you so much for our little bundle of joy. Warm hugs and kisses from us all." and it has a heart on it," he says softly. He sets the note aside and covers his face with his hands.

I giggle I should have known that the number 6 family sent me flowers."Master Jacob are you okay? You have sad face on."I pout holding his hand pulling him to the couch to sit. He likes sitting on the couch. He sits down putting his elbows on his knees.

"Jetta....is.....Jetta... is....she's dead," he gasps, rubbing his face.

I gasp and hug him super tight,"Oh goodness Master Jacob. I sorry that Mistress no wid you no more." I hug him even tighter. He needs a super hug! He hugs me back super tight before letting go.

"Don't worry about it," he say, sadly. "You got a new chip right? The name Samuel?"

I nod giggling,"He likes my favorite stuff Master Jacob." I play with his fingers as I sit criss cross on the couch. He nods.

"Good. Well I'm hoping he will be here soon. People are trying to get him. Can you do me a favor Sweetness?"

I no,"If it makes you happy yes Master Jacob."I smile kissing his fingertips. He pulls his hand away and studies me, and then he cups my face.

"If Samuel says anything about, Pryena, Jerolin, Ashley, Luke or Yori, will you please tell me?" he asks hopeful. "Can you remember those names?"

I nod smiling,"That easy Master Jacob. Jerolin, Pryena,Luke,Ashley and Yori." I giggle and rub my face in his hand that's holding my face. He kisses my head.

"That's a good girl. Now bring me a drink," he says.

I smile and skip over to the cupboard where all Master Jacobs stuff is. I make his favorite gin and coke. I walk over and hand it to him smiling,"Here you go Master Jacob." I bite my lip softly smiling at him. He gives me a weak, sad smile, before drinking his drink.very fast

"Better Master Jacob?" I ask taking his empty glass. He shrugs, and leans back on the couch, staring at the ceiling.

I frown a little, he was going to be happy before he leaves to day. I almost stomp my foot. But I know he doesn't like it when I get upset so I don't do it. I sit in his lap and bury my head in his shoulder brushing my lips against his neck.

"Master Jacob let me make you happy again. Please? I don't like seeing you sad." I whisper kissing his neck once before burying my head into his shoulder again. He stiffens and grabs my hips.

"No," he grumbles. "Save it for Samuel."

"I can make you both happy, Master Jacob I promise. I make you happy again...please?" I look at him. I know I have the sad face on but I can't help it, me love Master Jacob he my bestest friend. I want to make him smile again. He have pretty smile. "Please?" I ask again as I play with the edges of his hair. He squeezes my hips, and groans. I bite my lip and start nibbling his ear. He grabs a lot of my hair and pulls at that I'm looking up at him. He's got a mad and sad face now. I whimper a little but I don't fight him.

"Go lean over the desk," he tells me. "Take off your clothes." I smile and hop off him taking off the cute dress I was wearing, I never wore anything but a dress because it just made things easier. I go to the desk and let my hair out of the ponytail it was in. My hair was really long almost touching my hips long. But people always like my hair long. It makes them happy so I never ever cut it. I lean over the desk like Master Jacob told me to do.

He comes to me, yanking down his pants, and puts something around his magic wand. He grabs my hips and slams into me. I gasp softly grabbing onto the desk I bite my lip putting my forehead down on the desk. He keeps slamming into me over and over and over again. Hes not nice about it. Just keeps going.

I whimper digging my nails into the desk,it hurts when he slams into me but I don't let him see that, he likes hurting me and if he likes it then it makes him happy. I reach behind me and grab his neck to help me keep up with his slams. I left out a small cry of pain.

He keeps going and going and going. And finally he slams harder into me, with a loud groan, and holds me in place. His nails dig into my hips hard. He leans down a kisses my head.

I bite my lips, my hair covers my face so he can't see that my eyes are leaking. I put my hands over his and tangle my fingers with his so that his anils stop hurting me. I swallow hard,"D-do you feel better Master Jacob?" I ask softly

"Yeah. Thanks Sweetness," he pulls away from me and starts walking out. "Get ready for Samuel." And he leaves, closing the door.

I fall to the ground and hold my stomach, I know he's right outside the door but I don't care. I cry hard. My stomach hurts so much I grab the desk and try to get up but I just fall again. I rub my eyes and grab my dress sliding it on. My hips are bleeding a little from where his nails dug into me. I hiccup from crying so hard, as I curl up in a tight ball biting my thumb.

At least Master Jacob was happy now.


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