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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Fire everywhere, pain so much pain, Pree,,,pree why are you here, no you died too Og Gods please make it stop make it stop! It hurts too much to bare! Please! Just let me be!

"Gah!"I flare at whoever was touching me. I groan when I hit my head on the wall. "Ow!" I cough holding my head with both my hands. Gods what a nightmare. I look around, why am I in the tub? Did I fall asleep in here again? Hands are holding up one of my legs, and scrubbing my feet gently with the lufa. There's a soft grunt and someone swear softly. I blink hard everything is so blurry and I can't really see anything. I pull my legs under the water and get ready to attack but the movement just sends a sharp shooting pain through my body.

"Oof!" The person cleaning me complains, when they hit side the side of the tub, losing balance. "Jerolin, stop I'm trying to help." Then there is a gasp and splash of water as the person hugs me. "You're awake! Oh God.... Gods....Jerolin!"

I blink at the person my ears were ringing so loud that it was making it impossible to see if it was a guy talking or a chick. I move away and rub my eyes trying to clear my vision. "Who are you?" I ask. My voice is so rough and thick, Gods I feel like I cried for hours. Lips press into my neck and whoever it is gasps around a small sob. In relief?

"Damn hormones," they mumbles. "It's me, Linny. Pryena." I blink hard and rub my eyes. My visions starts to clear a little bit I can see her hair and her spock ears.

"P...pree?"I cough hard and groan laying down in the tub.Why am I so exhausted? She giggles and hugs me gently.

"Yeah, its me. I got you out baby. I got you out. Don't worry, it's all okay," she says. She runs a hand through my hair and kisses my cheek.

"G-got me out? Got me out of where the bed?" I ask rubbing my head. She raises up and frowns a little. She shakes her head.

"No. Out of Hades. You were chained to a boulder, and an eagle was eating your liver. And I killed the eagle. And Hades tried to drown me in the River, well for my own good. Not to kill me. And I'm a Goddess now. And I had to eat the eagle and then," she voice cracks a little, and she continues rambling. "And You were in so much pain. Oh God....Gods Jerolin, it was awful. and I had to carve you a ring from the boulder. I thought I was going to lose you again!"

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa that actually happened!?" I yell sitting up then gasp immediately regretting the movement."Fuck me that hurt."I hiss laying back down

"Tempting, but you are hurt, and I shouldn't at the moment," she curls her hand around her stomach. "And Yeah it actually happened. You are never ever dying again! Understand?"

I cough,"wasn't my choice I have to make you you were okay." I groan sinking under the water so that my head was fully around the water. God I hurt. there's no other way to put it. I feel like I fell off the bridge repeatedly. I can't believe she did all that for me. I'd hope that Luke and her would get together after I died...I know she'd never love him like she loves me, but at least she wasn't going to be alone....but no she...she came after me. I slid back up to get my face out of the water.

"Pree...you shouldn't have....it...Why did you do it?" I ask looking up at her. Pryena frowns, and give me a look like it should be obvious.

"Because I love you, and I can't, won't live without you. The whole time you were dead, it...it hurt so much. I had to get you back. I need you. I love you so much, and because I...." she hesitates, and then looks down at her hand. She's wearing the engagement ring.

I gasp and look around for my pants,"Damn it Verona! That was a surprise!" I'll kick her ass later. Pryena's eyes fill with tears

"Oh Pree don't cry I'm not mad I just...I had this whole thing planned and now you already know so its all...."I groan now I'm the rambling idiot." I'll go hide now."I mumble going under the water again. Pyrena grabs my face and pulls me up, she kisses me hard and passionate before pulling away.

"You didn't let me finish..." she says.

Verona walks in I grab a towel and cover myself,"Damn it Verona! Ever heard of knocking!" I yell that's strike two on her!

"Oh shut up Jerolin. Pree I brought you something to eat and that tea to help with the morning sickness. I figured you and the baby were hungry." My jaw drops and I stare at Pryena. Pryena glares playfully at Verona.

"I was just about to tell him," she growls, but she's smiling widely.

"Oops, I'm sorry.""Verona giggles,"Pretend I never came in, but make sure he closes his mouth before he chokes on a fly."She laughs closing the door leaving a few sandwiches and tea for Pryena. She turns to me, still smiling.

"I saw the ring and I got so upset because I want to marry you so badly. And I went to get you, so that I could marry you and we can raise our baby," she says. I gape at her. I'm in so much shock that I feel frozen. I was gonna be a Father? Yeah I probably have afew bastard kids running around but....a kid that I'll actually care about? How the fuck do I do that!? How the fuck do you be a father! I never really had one! I had like three at a time! I know I haven't said anything that makes sense to Pree the whole time I'm just rambling in my head. Shit! The bar is totally not baby safe! All the cords the damn brat will strangle itself! Oh what about all the glass!? Shit shit shit so much work to get done!

"I-I-I-I."is all Pryena hears but if she could hear what I was thinking she's be laughing her ass off.

"Errrr.... Are you mad?" she asks softly, worriedly.

I shake my head and not even caring about the pain I pull her into the tub and kiss her hard hugging her to my chest."I love you.....we're having a baby!"I laugh hugging her tight smiling then all the pain hits me and I let out a yelp,"Ow.....pain but still happy. A baby! Shit we have to start working! The bar is no place for a baby! I mean come on! The stereos are hanging off the ceiling! what if they fall and crush it!" I yell trying to get up but the pain is just too much. I growl I will make this a safe place for my baby. Pryena, my sweet Pryena giggles and hugs me.

"You get better first and then we can babyproof the bar. I'm sorry to do this to you, on such short notice, but I may have to take a leave of absence. Yori can work for me, if that's okay?" She kisses me.

I laugh and hold her,"You my love are going to regret telling me your prenant. I can get a little....protective." I grin evilly down at her."You're.On.Bed.rest." She pouts, and draws circles on my chest.

"Yeah, we'll see about that," she huffs. "Oh....and there is one more thing."

"lets see I got Yori Verona Sam Ashley and kane on my side what do you have? Nothing"I stick my tongue out at her and kiss her smiling. "What's the one more thing. Is there more than one inside you?" I ask biting my lip with a grin. She smiles, rubbing her stomach.

"You all don't play fair...No bed rest for me," she says. "And... no, not inside me.... Err Well I kinda saved baby eagle eggs since I killed their mother..."

My happiness vanishes and I turn to a glare."Stupid bird." I cross my arms. I hate losing to anything. She flinches and hurriedly wraps her arms around me.

"I know, I know, stupid bird. I'm sorry. I had to though. I couldn't leave the baby eggs...."she says softly. Tears in her voice.Hormonal. I fight to tease her about her hormons.

"FIne. We'll kept them but only if you make sure they don't eat me." I huff. She nods frantically into my chest and hugs me.

"I love you Jerolin," she says. I smile and wrap my arms around her.

"And I Pryena...love you more than anything on the face of the earth....but you're crushing me." I shift around trying not to groan in pain. She rubs her face in my chest and sits up, moving away so that she's not hurting me anymore.

I grin I have to make a joke I just have to,"And Love....are you sure you just didn't swallow a beach ball?" She frown and smacks my chest.

"Ugh! The fat jokes have started. Yori is gonna give me hell too. And you two better behave or I will make you both fat," she threatens playfully.

"Maybe an alien symbiote crawled up your ass." I laugh hard.

"Or! maybe my future husband just couldn't keep it in his pants and owes me big as soon as he's better," she says smacking my chest again.

"I can't wait for senior night cause all their going to do is smile at you. Wanna know why?" I grin this one was totally gonna get me slapped. "Because you're bigger than they are." I laugh hard. Gods this woman was going to hate me. She gasps and smacks me again.

"That's it, I am officially withholding all kisses from you!" She threatens. "And I'm turning your hair pink." She reaches out to grab my hair. I grab her wrists and slam her lips onto mine, kissing her passionately and fully not letting her move one inch in any direction.

"I'm sorry love.Don't be mad at me." I pouts a little gently stroking her hair. She smiles sweetly, and kisses me again. She pulls away.

"How can I be mad at you right now? You're alive, and I get to marry you, and hug you, and hold you, and kiss you. We are having a baby together," she says. I smiles and chuckles. I wave my hand and make a t-shirt appear.

"Here, You should wear this around Yori." I grin, the t-shirt is a white one that says"I got baby brain what's your excuse?" "Do you like it?" I ask softly. She laughs and kisses me.

"I love it! Of course I will wear it, but I need a shower first, and those sandwiches are calling my name," she says.

I chuckle and nod with a yawn<"YOu eat and show love...I'm just,"I get interupptted by a huge yawn. "Nap."I finally manage to get out. She laughs and kisses my cheek.

"Well get out of the tub then, unless you're gonna nap in here while I shower, which wouldn't be wise," she says. She hugs me again, and rubs her face in my chest. "I love you so much Jerolin."

I nod hugging her tight,"I love you too Pree.....and I can't move other than to hug you." I let her go and make the water really warm."Night night."I slid under the water. I know I should go to a bed but I'm too tired to walk that far....okay its a few feet but still. Too far for me. She laughs again and moves around. She removes her clothes as that she can clean herself.

Gods shes perfect.


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