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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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If I were to put in simple terms a description of Hades it would be a horrible nightmare. When the door closed behind me after I walked into Hades, the screams were deafening, the heat almost knocked me on my ass. Cliffs of red and black bedrock created different shapes and angles. Little gems shown in them from being hidden forever in the earth. The shoes Verona gave me kept my feet from burning and melting. I adjust my backpack that was full of anything and everything I could possibly need. I pat myself down and make sure the dagger Verona gave me to kill that Hunter was hidden. The engagement ring Jerolin meant to give to me, is on my ring finger. I also still have the pieces of Jerolin's shirt tied to each of my wrists. It was stupid I guess, but it was like I have a piece of him with me. I stare walking and it was immediatly I almost gag. There looks like there's different levels of Hades. I see people being forced to jump off cliffs onto spikes, woman and men getting rapped by creatures I've never seen before. They were bigger than Sinners. They were about seven feet tall, covered in a black tar like substance. Their talons tore people to shreds with a simple flick of the wrist. I flinch, rubbing my stomach. I hate this place already.

I slam into a crack in a wall as two of them walk by hissing,

"Did you hear of Hades new toy?" The creature hissed its long tongue goes over his teeth cleaning the blood off.

"Yess the man of all talentssss, suffersssss greatly. I have the clean up duty for that man tonight."He growls,"Stupid Godssssss." Their voices start to mute as they walk around the corner. They better not be talking about Jerolin. I swallow hard, and ease out of the crack. My hair is still changing colors, it's red right now, and it's starting to annoy me. I forcibly change it back to the normal black hair with blue and purple streaks, and shove it into a rubber band. I continue walking, looking for signs of Hades.

You ask for a sign here you get it. Be careful on what you think child. I jump as Verona's voice rings in my head.

"What the hell Verona," I hiss under my breath. "Scared the hell out of me."

Sorry, I did not mean to frighten you. I'm following you from the surface world. Go down the stairs on your right and go all the way down when you can't see anything hug the wall. Do not light a match or a candle that I gave you. That will awaken the beasts. She says very sternly.

"Gotcha," I hiss again. I start down the stairs, carefully and quietly. The screams get louder and louder every floor I go down. I cringe at the sounds. God, I really hate this damn place. As soon as I find Hades and Jerolin, the better. I continue down the stairs carefully, and swear as it starts to get dark. I put my back to the wall, and use it to help guide me down.

The wall is slimy and it smells like a sewer had a baby down here. I gag, and pull the collar of my shirt over my nose and mouth. Jerolin owes me big time for this. I was probably going to be covered in this icky slimy. God, I wanted a shower already. Get to Hades. Find Jerolin. Those thoughts keep my going.

I start to see a small light up ahead of me. I smile, picking up my pace a little. To the light. I have to get to the light. I want to make a mad dash to the light, but I just barely manage to stop myself. I hope I'm almost there. I am already sick of this place. I put a hand to my stomach protectively, and work my way closer to the light.

When I reach the light I have to shield my eyes to let them adjust. I look around at it's just pure flames. But their not hot their flames of....light.

"Hades! I'll kill you! You sorry son of a bitch!" I gasp and cover my mouth hearing Jerolin yelling both in anger and in pain. Tears fill my eyes, this pregnancy is turning me into a wuss. I clutch my stomach tighten. My hair falls out of the ponytail, shortening to my chin and turning blue. Damnit! When this is over, I'll have to get Sam to check my chip.

"Jerolin," I rasp, looking around for him. He screams bloody murder. His voice is echoing from somewhere. I flinch, and cover my eyes. His screams propel me forward wanting to do anything to end his pain. It's time to cowgirl up, a saying my grandma use to say.

"H-Hades!" I yell. "Jerolin!"

The earth shakes underneath me, huge canyons form and shoot me upward leaving me no place to run. I see Jerolin chained to a huge bolder the chains are red hot burning his arms and chest. The rock is steaming and melting the skin off his back. He's covered in blood from a gash on his stomach and his face is beaten in. Tear stream down my face. I walk as far as I can to the edge of the cliff, staring at the person I love most in the world.

"Jerolin," I gasp. "Oh god. Hang on, I... I will get you out of here." I look around, looking for a way to get to him. A ma dressed in black suit with a red tie approaches me,

"You rang live one?" His voice is bittersweet and instantly makes me feel like a little kid who got caught sneaking out. I swallow arm, wrapping my arm around my stomach. My other hand closing around the hilt of my hidden knife. I snap my head up, holding it up high, determined to show no fear, even though tears were still streaming down my face.

"I...I... Yes I did. I'm here for Jerolin," I say.

He laughs softly circling me, he's walking on the air around the cliff. "So you're the one who opened my door. Did little miss Verona help her new wittle fweinds?" He laughs causing the earth to shake under me. My knees buckle but I stay up right. What's up with Gods circling me?

"Yeah, I opened the door. Please, I just want Jerolin," I say.

"You'd be surprise on how many people tried to come get him since he died. Old lovers, his parents lots of people. Why should I let you take him I actually am enjoying his screams." I swallow hard. Don't back down Pryena.

"Because I love him. And I know he loves me, and I am willing to do anything to get him back," I say. No way was I going to tell him about the baby. Not unless I really needed to.

He runs a hand through his dark black hair. For a god he looked so pale and old. His beard went to the middle of his chest he brushes his beard staring at me.

"Hmmm alright." He snaps and suddenly I'm in a room with a window that lets me see Jerolin who long before passed out from blood loss and pain. It had a iron rusted table that looked like a dining room table. "I'm hungry sit and dine with me child." He smiles softly as he sits drinking from a wine glass. I walk to the window staring at Jerolin. My hands are trembling, and my hair, changes hot pink and falls into my eyes. I grit my teeth and yank it out of my face. It was no use trying to control it. I stiffen and turn back to Hades.

"If...If I dine with you. You'll let him go?" I ask, my voice shaking.

He chuckles, "Not exactly child you dine with me and I'll be open to discuss his release." I nod slowly and walk to the table. I sit down, altering my chair a little so I can see Jerolin, even though I hate seeing him in pain passed out or awake. I look down at the table, looking at what there is to eat. It's all fruit. Shit.

"What do I have to do to get him back?" I ask.

"I know you hear the prophecy child. A sacrifice must be made firstly. and then once you accomplish the sacrifice I will allow you near him and you can try to free him." He says taking a bite of an pomegranate. I stare at the food, not eating, remembering what Verona told me.

"But I don't have another sacrifice," I whisper, gripping the edge of the table tightly. "What would suffice for you?"

He chuckles,"Guess you're going to have to figure that out now aren't you...oo my favorite part of is coming up."He smiles gesturing to the window. LIn has managed to wake up just barely shaking his head. He tries to fight the chains yelling as they burn him. Then he flares as if trying to kick something away. An Eagle claws at him and picks at him trying to eat him alive. I scream, my feet moving, before I can register the thought. I'm at the window in seconds, pounding out the glass.

"Jerolin!" I cry. "Stop! Stop! Stop!" My hair turns purple, and curly. I choke on the lump that slams into my throat. "No!! No! Jerolin! Oh God!"

jerolin screams as the Eagle cuts his stomach digging his talons into him ripping out...his liver. Lins head falls back onto the rock he's shaking so bad. He's paler than Hades. I slam my fists into the glass over and over again, to the point where they ache, but I don't care. I want to break the glass, but I don't think it would work.

"Looks like you're running out of time child. Find a sacrifice." I spin around to face Hades, glaring at him. All the fear I felt before is gone, replaced with anger.

"Let me out of here and I'll get your sacrifice," I demand. I know exactly what the sacrifice should be. It was the damn bird that had been dining on my lover's liver!

"Then off you go." he smirks and a door appears,"Your destiny awaits." I don't hesitate, I run out the door, and begin my search for the eagle. I put my tracking skills to use. Finding the nest was easy.....now how to get the fuck up there!! The damn thing's nest was twenty stories up! Damnit! I look around for stairs or a ladder. The weight of my backpack, adding pressure to my shoulders. Oh Duh! I shrug out of my backpack. Oh please let the be something useful. I yank open the backpack. The sight of Jerolin's shirt on my wrists cause me to freeze for a moment. I blink back tears and search the backpack. God Verona...I owe you so much. She backed a bow and arrow with a foldable ladder.

I grab the bow and arrow, and tie the ends of the rope ladder the on arrow. Even though, I'm better with a gun, I still know how to use a bow. I step on the other end of the rope, so it doesn't go flying, take aim, and fire. The rope and the arrow go soaring up, up, up until it latches into the rocks. I shrug into the bow and test my weight on the rope ladder. It wouldn't do me any good if I got half way and fell to my death. It was sturdy. I rub my stomach, swallow hard and begin to climb. I don't look down, I'm not afraid of heights, but I know that if I look down, I might lose my nerve. I keep a steady pace, each passing moment, Jerolin was suffering. I can't let that happen much longer. I have to save him. Sweat is pouring face and arms, and legs. God, I probably reek to high heavens. My arms start aching, but I press harder, climbing higher. Breathless I reach the top.

The Eagle is sleeping, finally something easy.... I grab the dagger Verona gave me and grip it tight. It ruffles it's feathers and moves around but doesn't awaken. I grab the eagle, and quickly snap it's wings. It was a pretty creature, and if it weren't for the fact that it hurt Jerolin, I would have left it alone. I grab the damn bird around the beak to keep it from trying to peck

It tries to escape looking at me with the saddest blue eyes. It moves around and I see that it's sitting on eggs. I flinch, motherly instinct taking over. I reach into my backpack, grab the rest of Jerolin's shirt, and wrap the eggs in it gently. I place them back into my bag, and ease the bag onto my shoulders.

"I'll take care of them," I tell the bird. I don't even know why I'm talking to the bird. Probably the heat getting to me. Tears fill my eyes. It caws softly watching me put her eggs into my bag. "I'm sorry. I have to save the father of my child." I look away from the eagle's eyes and untie one of the pieces of shirt from my wrist. I tie it around the bird's beak, and with a firm grip around the bird's torso, I start down the ladder. It tries to wiggle its way out of my arms. Poking my boob with it's beak. I yelp softly, and start climbing down faster, still trying to be careful with the eggs. I keep a tight grip on the eagle.

Down, down, down, I climb. My arms are shaking, and twice I nearly fall, because doing down, using one arm, is harder than climbing up with both. The eagle continues to struggle but I don't let go of her. I can't. Jerolin needs me. When my feet touch the ground finally, I fall to my knees, breathing heavily. I almost want to kiss the ground, but I don't, because...eww gross!

"H-H-ades!" I yell, panting. I get to my feet, hugging the Eagle to my chest. "Hades!" In a gut wrenching twist of the world I spin into the room.

"Ah so you didn't stop when you found out that she had chicks coming." Hades chuckles. "You passed yet another test Pryena child." I gasp, looking around, and then looking at him.

"I said I would do anything," I say softly. Hating myself for breaking up a family, but knowing it had to be done.

He chuckles,"Yes...yes you did didn't you. Jerolin looks thankful. That the Eagle hasn't come to eat him." I glance out the window and see Lin laughing and crying in relief. My heart swells a little, and I don't feel so bad anymore. Remembering the eagle tearing into him.

"Where do I sacrifice her at?" I ask.

He points to a marble table that replaces the dining room table."Do you know that chant?" He snaps his finger and a cage appears," Oh I almost forgot!" The Eagle appears in the cage. "You have to be immortal!" I blink at him. My hopes being slashed to peices.

"What... What do you mean immortal. I'm not...I'm not immortal...." I gasp, clutching my stomach. My knees give out and I fall to the ground again. A sob escapes my mouth. All that work! Why didn't he tell me sooner.

"Oh don't look at me that way child. YOu look like I killed your hopes and dreams."He starts to laugh. "Oh wait I did!" He laughs harder, "oh that was good." He smiles a crooked grin at me. "Follow me child." I look up at him, glaring. I stand up. Having no other choice really. Tears leaving a burning trail on my face.

He chuckles and leads me through a few dark hallways that I trip over several things cause I can't see jack shit! He leads me to a river.

"Do you know what this is?" He asks.

"A river," I answer simply. "I'm guessing its not just a river though." I hiccup, and cover my mouth.

He rolls his eyes, "This is the River of Styx. Has Jerolin explian this river to you?" He says asking like a teacher would. I can somewhat see why Jerolin liked him when he was growing up. He doesn't make you feel stupid.

"Just that if you swear to the river and brake your oaths lots of pain and curse.... and yeah, yeah yeah. What does this have to do with getting Jerolin back," I suppress the urge to stomp my foot like a child, and settle with hugging myself.

"This river is what gave Achilles his immortal strength." He says "with this and a little of my help you can become immortal and become a proper wife to my son Jerolin." My face heats up, and I look up at Hades. Please don't be a trick. Please don't be a trick.

"You'll make me immortal?" I ask not caring how desperate I sound. I swallow the lump in my throat, and I can breath easier.

"As much as I must torture him on that rock it's only my job to do so. He is my son. He and I have lived together more than any other of my children. HE and I have a bond and a curse that we both help each other deal with." He says his voice kind and gentle. I study him, my respect for him returning. I clutch my stomach.

"It....It won't hurt the baby....will it?" I ask, and smiling a little, I add. "Gramps."

"He's already a God nothing can harm him right now...well except you and that little drinking addiction." he winks and steps into the river offering me a hand. "No this will hurt you a great deal I will not lie. But just remember why you are doing this."

"I lied about my drinking addiction a little," I say. "And I won't forget. I told you. I'll do anything for him." I take a deep breath, I shrug off the backpack and set it aside carefully, so that I don't harm the eggs, and then take Hades' hand. he carefully leads me in. It doesn't hurt it's just a little cold compared to Tartarus.

"Hold you breath and make it a big one." I blink at him, waiting for the pain, but I nod and take a deep breath. He pushes me backwards like he's baptising me put mushes me down to the riverbank and keeps his hand on my chest. It's cold at first and I don't understand why he said it would hurt.

That's when it hit me. It was like going through what Yori did to me a thousand times over, getting burned alive. It's so cold that it's burning me . He holds me down no matter how much I flip around and claw at his arms. I scream under the water stupidly using all the air I had. Oh God I'm going to drown! I suck some water, coughing and choking underneath. I thrash around. God the pain. Oh God it hurts. I dig my nails into his arm, trying to get loose, but the I remember Jerolin. I go limp, trying to focus on why I am doing this, but it hurts too much, and at the moment I wouldn't care if I died. My ears are ringing from lack of oxygen. I scream again, sucking in more water.

Suddenly I'm on shore wrapped up in a blanket. Hades is in a lawn chair, wearing glasses reading a book. "Good morning child." I cough and look around.

"M...Morning?" I gasp. "Did it work? What happened?"

"You blacked out. And then I pulled you out and you've been sleeping for twelve hours." I shake my head. Twelve hours? Oh God. I look around for my backpack.

"Jerolin?!" I gasp. "Did it work? Am I.. Did it work? Can I save him?" I grab my backpack and hug it carefully to my chest. I want to check on the eggs, but I'm not sure I want Hades to know about them yet.

"Yes it worked. You are now the Goddess of Motherly protection and Family War." He says it with a yawn closing the book. "What a boring read." I pat my hair down. At least it's behaving finally, it's back to the way Jerolin likes it.

"Thank God....or I guess I have to say Gods now huh?" I rub my head.

"You are not a greek or Roman you may still speak of God." He chuckles getting up offering a hand to help me up. "I hope you are well rested for you still have another challenge."

"My name is greek....." I grumble. "And I know, I have to kill the bird and save Jerolin." I rub my neck.

He chuckles and kisses the top of my head. "Glad you are aware of your challenges." He puts a hand on my should and we appear back in the dining room where the bird is and this trip didn't make me sick. Bonus! I set my backpack down gently, I risk a quick glance at the eggs to make sure they are doing okay, trying to keep Hades from seeing the exchange. I look up.

"Okay let's do this. I have wasted too much time. Jerolin needs me," I say. He nods and puts the mama eagle on the marble table. She's not even fighting anymore. I pull out the knife, Verona gave me and grip the eagles head. With a squeal, I rake the blade across the bird's throat, spraying her blood.

"Hades déchontai af̱tí̱ ti̱ thysía kai na anoíxei tis pórtes tou Ádi," I say as I slit the eagle's throat. With one last look at me the eagle died.

"Ahh time to eat!" Hades says. I look up at him, with my eyes wide. Eat? I mean sure I was hungry, but eat the Eagle?

"Uhhh..... I have to eat it?" I say. My stomach rolling a little. He studies me and waves his hand as it turns into cooked eagle with stuffing in and on the sides of it.

"Yes, we do eat magical creatures, its so that their souls can escape their bodies." He says taking a leg. I pick up a wing and look at him."It won't harm the baby if that's what you're thinking. YOu haven't eaten in two days you're both hungry."He says sitting taking a bite. Phew, thank God....Gods. I nod, I am pretty hungry. I take a bite and shudder. It was really good.

"Errr, when can I see Jerolin?" I ask. "And get him out of here?" I keep eating.

"When the bird is gone." He says simple, "You need all the strength you can get." I nod again. Ugh this was so new to me. Jerolin owes me big for dying. I finish off the wing and grab the other. For a few hours we sit in silence eating the mother eagle, he just studies me as I eat. Which at first it was weird but then it just got to the point where it was normal. I didn't know what to say to him, even if thousands of questions popped into my mind. I didn't want to offend him to the point where he wouldn't let me help Jerolin.

"Okay, done," I burp, and then clamp my hand of my mouth. Damn was I stuffed. I;m not even sure if I could walk.

He chuckles cleaning his hands offering me a napkin, "In Greece that is a sign of a meal well done." he kisses the top of me head and gestures "Your man awaits to be free child." Suddenly Jerolin starts screaming again. I flinch, and jump to my feet, even in my rush, I pull my backpack to my shoulders gently.

"Then let me go to him please!" I am just about ready to beg him.He leads me down where Jerolin is being attacked by a much larger much meaner looking Eagle. Its feathers darker and its beak more deadly. Shit mom,eggs...didn't think about the fucking father. Jerolin screams as this eagle doesn't claw at his liver, no this eagle claws at his chest ripping out his other organs. I let out a scream of my own, snatching up the bow and arrow I have. I notch an arrow, as quickly as I can with trembling fingers and take aim. The arrow slams into the bird's chest, and I'm running to Jerolin, notching another arrow just in case.

The eagle caws at me angrily and flies away to go to its nest. Jerolin is whimper and breathing in quick rasps and gasps. I run to him, tears in my eyes and cup his face gently.

"P....pr....pree...?"He manages to get out. He's convulsing like he's going through withdrawals from a narcotic. He's pouring with sweat and covered in burns and blood. I gasp holding back a sob.

"Oh baby...Oh baby, I'm so sorry. I'm here, I'm gonna get you out," I say. I run my hands gently through his hair, and kiss him. "Just hang on a little longer, please. and Yes, I'll marry you." I kiss him again and grab the chains that are keeping him to the damn boulder. They don't burn me but the more I pull the more they burn him. He screams arching his back. He starts to cry between convulsions, he hands his head coughing up blood. How much longer can he keep losing blood like this? I shriek and let go of the chains. I look around for a key, or something to cut the chains with .

"Please, Jerolin hang in there. Please. You have to. I need you. Can you tell me anything about this? How to get the chains of?" I ask gently, cupping his face and kissing her tears away.

He coughs away from me shaking, he rasps trying to form words, "P..pree....h...urts....."He manages to get out. I flinch, shaking almost as bad as he is.

"I know baby.... I know. I'm so sorry. I'm trying. I'm trying to help. Please is there anything I can do to get these chains off. Focus, baby, please. Please I'm so sorry," I croak.

"Cut........ring.......forever........bound."He starts to gasp for air a little less, about ready to passout. I kiss him again, and look at the engagement ring.

"Of course I'll marry you Jerolin," I don't understand. "I love you. I have to get you out of here though."

He shakes his head coughing, trying desperately to help me."Pr...Prometheus......" He looks at me, but he can't hold his head up so he has to put it his forehead on mine. He's shaking so much. I help hold his head to mine, racking my brain for an answer. Tears streaming down my cheeks. Prometheus? Why is that familiar. Come on think. Think Pryena, think damn you! I gasp when it hits me.

"I got it! Oh just hang on my love. A little longer please!" I cry out. I gently lay his head back, and take out the blade Verona gave me. I begin to chip away at the rock, working as quickly as I dare. Carving a ring out of the rock. Sweat pours down my body, and several times the blade slips from my grip and slices my palms open, but I keep going, not allowing myself to stop for any reason, except to check on Jerolin with a quick glance. He's hanging his head letting blood pour out of his mouth like a river. I try not to focus on that. Twice my hair changes colors, because of my fear and grief. It's blue now, looks like a pixie cut.

Palms sweating and bleeding, my knuckles scraped raw, and my eyes so swollen from tears that it's hard to see. I chip away the last bit of rock, and pull the rock ring from the boulder. My ass hits the ground, jarring me for a second. I shake my head and scramble to my feet. I grab Jerolin's hand and holding my breath, I slip the ring onto his right ring finger.

The chains vanish and jeroling falls onto the ground. His convulsions continuing as his shaking worsens. But he's crying in relief for hes no longer burning. He coughs harder curling up as much as he can with his injuries. I wipe my bloody hands on my jeans and kneel next to him, hugging him. I'm crying in relief now too.He tries to hug me back but he can barely get his finger to move.

"Congratulations Pryena, you've saved him." Hades says clapping eerily. "You may take him home now." I nod to myself. I can do this.

"I just go the way I came?" I gasp. I put the back of my hand to Jerolin's cheek, careful not to get blood on him. Well anymore blood on him.

"Sweetie your immortal now you don't have to take the mortal route." He vanishes and appears on top of the bolder. "Use your powers now Goddess Pryena." I facepalm, immediately regretting to too, because the act causes my hands to sting. I shake my head and I curl my arms around Jerolin. I think of the bar, and being there, hoping I'm doing this right. Like being on a merry-go-round the world spins and we appear in the middle of the bar.

"Holy shit!" Luke yells "Sam!! Sam! Their back! Samuel get your ass out here!!" He yells running over to me and Lin. Lin has passed out but he's still convulsing and shaking. I pull him closer to me, putting his head in my lap.

"Ambrosia," I hiss at Luke. "I need ambrosia please!" Samuel comes running in.

He jumps up and runs to go get the bottle, "there's not much left. Lin used a lot to help Kane and Ashley." He says handing it to me. Theres a shot full left. "Sam get your bag he needs all the help he can get!" Luke yells. I pop the top of the ambrosia and force Jerolin's lips open. I pour it into his mouth carefully. Samuel drops to his knees and starts digging through his bag, attaching devices on him. I turn to Luke.

"Warm water, rags and a wad of clothes, doesn't matter what kind. Please Luke." I feel bad for ordering him around, but I don't want to leave Jerolin's side. I stroke Lin's face gently, watching Sam heal his wounds.

He nods fast running to get everything I asked for, I catch a glimpse of Ashley watching us she walks over holding her hands in front of her. "Can I help you Sammy?" She asks not looking at me.I flinch, remembering how she begged me not to kill him. Luke runs over with a bowl full of steaming water and some rags from the bar. He hands me some clothes.

"Here, anything else Pree?"He asks staring at Jerolin "Jerolin if you die on me again I swear I'm gonna go down and get you and I won't be as nice as Pree was." He grows he actually means it too. Jerolin coughs as his convulsions soften a little to where he just twitches harshly once and awhile. He has a horrible fever and still as pale as a piece of paper.

"Ashley, come over here and give him some pain killers and fever reducers. Make sure they dissolve on his tongue, sweetie," Samuel says to her. I grab rag a rag and start to clean his face.

Ashley digs through Sam's bag and grabs the pills, "Pree open his mouth for me?" She says softly. she puts a hand on my shoulder. The one thing Ashley was good at was bedside manner, something I found that Samuel doesn't have a lot of. I open Jerolin's mouth for her. She puts the pills on his tongue and watches them dissolve hes grabs a handful of water and puts a little in Jerolins mouth. "To get the taste out of his mouth." She explains to me. I nod.

"Thank you," I whisper. "Someone...please in my bag, are eggs, make sure they aren't smashed. please. Wrap them it clothes." Luke raises an eyebrow but nods doing what I asked.

"Yori! Help me egg sit!" He yells carrying the eggs upstairs. Yori pops his head out of his room. He looks at us and smiles, but then he follows Luke.

"What else Sam, he's lost a lot of blood." Ashley says putting a hand on Sam's back gently. Her voice is so soft i could barely understand what she was saying.

"We need to do a transfusion. Someone go get Verona," Samuel says.

Ashley gets up and rushes to Verona pulling her out. "We need some of your blood for lin."

"I'm not his blood type." Verona says, "Jerolin has blood for war I do not." She says. I blink at her, and then look at Jerolin.

"I have blood of war," I say softly, as Samuel swears. He looks at me, and shakes his head.

"No your his love theres a difference you new to the goddess thing miss preyena."She doesn't call me child....sweet! She looks around and looks at Ash. "It is her who can help." Samuel looks at Verona.

"Ashley? But she's human," he says "And Pree it looks like you've lost some blood too so we won't be taking any of your blood." I frown and look around, wanting to do anything to help.

"His blood is human. And Pryena is with child. Ashley is O negative, she can donate to both of them if needed." Verona says. Ashley pales biting her lip looking at Sam. I look at Ashley too, trying not to look hopeful.

"I don't need blood. I'm fine. Don't worry." I say.

"Ash, it's up to you if you want to do it, but I need to know soon sweetie." Sam says kindly, Ashley looks at Jerolin then to me biting her lip I can see that she's scared. She never could make quick decisions. She nods at Sam offering her arm to him.

"Ashley, I will bake you your favorite chocolate cake for this," I say, thankful. I sigh in relief and kiss Jerolin's head. Samuel leans forward and kisses Ashley.

"This won't hurt, sweetie, just a quick pinch," he says softly, and kisses the inside of her arm before inserting a needle. "Verona, can you wrap up Pryena's hands?" he asks, and he attaches another needle to Jerolin, so that he gets the blood directly. Ashley lays her head on Sam's shoulder clenching and unclenching her fist to make sure that blood was pumping. Verona grabs my hand wiping a rag across it to clean it then wraps it. She does the same thing to my other hand. I nod at her, thanking her silently and then stare down at Jerolin.

Samuel checks his wounds again and then, after making sure all are mostly healed he curls an arm around Ashley holding her. For a while we just sit and wait. When Jerolin's gets enough blood, to keep him going, but not too much to keep Ashley from moving, Sam removes the needles and kisses Ashley again.

"Now all we can do is wait," Samuel says.

"A-and clean him up. He smells like a s-sewer." Ashley says softly with her eyes close. She moved so that she could lay her head down on Sam's lap."So...so d..does Pryena."She yawns softly tired from the blood donation. "I need a cookie, and a soda."She mumbles. Samuel and I both chuckle.

"I will get you anything you want," he says, holding her close.

"I will get Jerolin to the bath," I say.

"I will help you, you are almost a month along now Pryena you can't be doing these things alone."Verona says A month!? What the hell was she talking about? She picks up Jerolin wrapping one of his arms around her shoulders. "Come on Pree he's heavy." I grab his other arm and wrap it around my shoulder. Damn he is heavy.

"What do you mean, I'm a month along?" I ask.

"The child is Lin's he's a God, the pregnancy is about a two to three month period."She says it grunting as she helps me carry him."Fat ass."She says kicking Jerolins ass with her foot playfully. Oh. Well that explains a few things."I'll make you a tea to help with the morning sickness."Verona says gruning as we start carrying Jerolin up stairs. I help haul Jerolin to the room.

"Thank you," I say. "That will mean a lot to me." I kick the door open to our room. "Just help me get him in the tub, and I can wash him if you are busy."

"Thank Gods cause I wasn't gonna help you with that department anyway." She chuckles "Me and my brother are close but not that close." She says kicking the bathroom door open and helps me lay Jerolin into the tub. I smile weakly.

"I understand. I think he'd rather me wash him, anyways," I say. "Thanks."

She nods and kisses my head,"I'll bring you tea in a few minutes." She says and leaves closing the door behind her.


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