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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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We enter the bar. Pryena rushes in passed all of us. The engagement ring Verona found with Jerolin, is on her finger. I can't believe he's dead. Poor Pryena, and poor Luke. I look around for Ashley, feeling bad that I left her alone for so long, and also needing comfort. I see Kanes head on the couch he's snoring. Maybe he knows where Ashley is. I go to him and flick him on the head.

"Wake up," I snap. Behind me I hear Pryena making herself a drink. I raise my head to tell her not to. Not if she's really pregnant. But she's not drinking it, just staring at it. Yori is over their shaking his head at her.

He jumps a little I see that Ashley is laying in his lap curled up in a ball under a blanket. She moves around a little but doesn't wake up. "Hey watch it she's had a long day." He smirks I notice that he's not wearing a shirt and I don't see any sleeves or straps on Ashley's shoulders. and she's not wearing pants. I flinch, and my heart jumps into my throat. I...I... can't believe it. My eyes widen, and tears burn in the back of my throat. I knew I wasn't good enough for her.

Ashley yawns and blinks up at me with a smile, "Sammy...."She sits up and she's wearing a strapless blue bathing suit. She crawls out of Kane's lap and comes over to me using the couch to help her walk. "Kane took me shopping today. He said just in case you weren't around to help me bathe I should wear this." She giggles I notice that Kane' is in swimming trunks. "Then he took me swimming to help my back."I notice all the shopping bags in front of the T.V. Her knees give out and she falls on me. "Oh pooie." I wrap my arms around her, putting my face into her neck. I sniffle. So...maybe she didn't sleep with him, and he didn't seduce her. Thank God. But I still wanna punch him in the face especially if he keeps smirking like that at me. I hold her tightly. Behind me Pryena screams, and throws the glass. It shatters against the wall. Ashley yelps and hids in my chest.

"Whoa what the Hell is goin on?" Kane asks standing. I glare up at him, and then sigh.

"Jerolin....is dead," I whisper. I hold Ashley closer. She gasps and starts to cry a little holding me close. Kane runs a hand thtough his hair. The first time I've said anythng that he hasn't had a comeback too.

"Take me to Hades," Pryena yells at anyone who will listen. Verona grunts dragging a guy up from the basement.

"Here's your ticket to Hades." She says throwing the guy on the ground...its the guy Lin used to get past Vollen security.

"You fucking traitors! I'll make sure Jetta knows that you pricks are here!" he yells. Yori steps in between Pryena and the guy.

"Wait, Pree you shouldn't go," he says.

"Fuck you, I'm going. Try and stop me. Verona, what do I gotta do?" I pull away a little from Ashley, but I keep an arm around her waist, and her head in my shoulder. I watch Pryena side step Yori and approach the guy

Verona gestures a lot when she talks,"Two sacrifices must be made, a life for a life. You want Lin you have to give Tartarus something to replace it." she points to the guy. "There's your first sacrifice." She hands Pryena a solid silver knife, "As you stab him in the heart say "Haes déchontai af̱tí̱ ti̱ thysía kai na anoíxei tis pórtes tou Ádi̱." I stiffen watching as Pree grabs the knife. Is it my imagination, or are her eyes changing colors? Nope not my imagination. In her grief her abilities must be going out of whack, because her hair turns bright blue and wavy. She doesn't seem to notice.

"No!" Ashley screams throwing herself over the guy "No! Don't! You can't!" She screams protecting the stranger she didn't know. "Hunter or not he's still a person!" I go to Ashley, and put a hand on her shoulder.

"This Hunter tried to kill Pree. He wants to hurt all of us," I say, trying to calm her down.

"So what! Pree has killed lots of people but we still gave her a chance! He deserves the chance too!" She looks at Pree, "Pree you can't murder him." Pryena leans down, her eyes flickering between blue, and green, and brown, tears fill her eyes.

"Ashley, you're right, people do deserve chances, but this is Jerolin, we're talking about. I need him. I love him. I'm having his child, so I'd rather kill this man to get Jerolin, the father of my child, and the only person I will ever love, back then give this asshole another chance. Please move," Pryena explains, calmly, despite her shaking. Her hair changes purple, and shorter.

Ashley shakes her head not moving covering the guy the best she can,"I've been tortured I've been starved I've been clawed and bit. I'm tired...I'm so tired of seeing blood spilled because it benefits someone else!" Wow. ...she sounds....passionate about this.I rub her back. Pryena narrows her eyes at Ashley, she squeezes her eyes shut, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.

The guy gasps and clutches to Ashley around the waist. She squeaks but the guy falls backwards. Blood starting to pore from the guys chest.

"Say the words quickly Pryena child, and finish him off." Verona grabs Ashley and throws her onto the couch.

"No! Pryena don't do this!" She screams she groans trying to get back up. I glare at Verona but rush to Ashley. I hold her close, trying to block her view. Pryena gasps, slamming the knife into his chest again. Ashley screams sobbing trying to get away to help him but she's still weak so it's not hard to hold her back. I bury my face into her neck, hating that she hates this so much. Hating what it's doing to her.

"I'm sorry Ashley. I have to do this," Pryena hisses. "Hades déchontai af̱tí̱ ti̱ thysía kai na anoíxei tis pórtes tou Ádi,"

"I'm sorry Ashley," I coo. "I'm so sorry."

"You're all monsters! You are no different from the Sinners!"She screams and runs off slamming the door to our room. The guys body sinks into the ground and a blood red lined with gold appears in the middle of the room. I flinch, hating myself more. I start to follow her, but stop for a moment.

"You Pryena and you alone must enter the door. Take what you can carry, hope for the worst and expect the tragedy. No matter what do not eat any fruit in Tartarus." Verona says. Pryena nods, she grabs a shirt from the counter. One of Jerolin's? Must be, it's too big for her. She rips it up, and ties a few pieces to her wrists. She hugs the remainder of the shirt to her chest.

"In case I forget why I'm down there," she says. She stares at the circle and then looks around. "I will be back. With Jerolin." Verona hugs her tight.

"Bring my brother back so I can kick his ass for dying in the first place." She whispers.

"After I kick his ass," she smiles weakly. She looks at me. "Please.....tell... tell her I'm so sorry. I would... I would have spared him if I didn't need him to get Jerolin back." I nod, not sure if I can talk around the lump in my throat. I put my hand on the knob to go talk to her. Pryena looks around the room again. Her eyes still changing colors rapidly. She steps into the doorway.

"Be safe Pryena....I will watch over you for as long as I can." Verona vows. and with that I open the door to go talk to Ashley, sending a small prayer of my own that Pryena makes it back. I hear the door Pryena goes into slam shut.

"Ashley?" I say softly. She's not in the bedroom but I can hear her crying in the bathroom. She probably locked the door. I go and knock on the door. "Ashley, sweetie, please, please can I come in? Can we talk about this?"

"Go away!"She yells I hear her blow her knows sniffling."I'm not going to talk to any of you ever again!" I sigh. I really hope she doesn't mean that. I really hope she will forgive me.

"The only good person in this stupid place is Yori and Kane." She sniffles. "Why did you let them do it! You're supposed to protect life! Not watch people take it!" I sink to the the ground, leaning against the door. The lump in my throat gets bigger.

"Because....Ashley, you... you didn't see him die.... You didn't see how Pryena and Luke acted. If was.... awful...and....I tried to save him." my voice cracks. "I tried to save Jerolin, but I was too late. He died right there in front of me. And I couldn't do a damn thing about it. I felt so useless. I am useless. I...what would you do if the person you love was murdered right in front of you?" I remove my glasses so that I can wipe my eyes.

"I won't have that problem."She huffs. "Cause if you die I'm just gonna electrocute you back to life." I laugh bitterly, my heart swells when she mentions loving me.

"It doesn't always work that way, sweetie," I say.

"It will when I do it. I'll throw your rear end into the bathtub and throw in the hair dryer."She mumbles.

"That wouldn't work either, you'd just kill me more." I tell her. "So you would do anything to get me back?" I ask.

"Not kill someone......I won't kill anyone." She says it harshly. I flinch, knowing she's right.

"Pryena....she said to tell you that she is really sorry, that if there had been another way, she would have spared him," I tell her. "Ashley I'm so sorry." I hit the back of my head on the door lightly, over and over again. Wishing things hadn't gone this way. I hear her unlock the door, was that a sign for me to come in or to move so she could get out? I scramble to my feet and twist the door knob. I open the door slowly, swallowing hard.

Shes sitting on the side of the tub, her eyes bright red from crying she wipes her eyes and leans her head back, blinking hard to stop the tears. I go to her, unable to resist going to her. I hug her, wrapping my arms around her. I kiss her tears away.

"I'm so sorry sweetie," I breath. "So sorry..." I hug her to my chest tightly, hoping she doesn't push me away. Praying that she let's me hold her. She rubs her face in my chest and wraps her arms around my chest nodding.

"It's not your fault....."she whispers. I sigh in relief and kiss the top of her head. I tuck her head under my chin, and lay my cheek on her head.

"I love you so much Ashley," I say. She sighs softly

"I Love you too Sam....."She pulls away a little and stands. She goes to the sink and rinses her face off with some water. "Do you like the bathing suit? I couldn't remember if you liked blue or green." I hug her from behind, still not wanting to let her go. I kiss her shoulder, before taking a cool wet rag and gently dab her face. I'm sure her face aches from crying.

"Blue is my favorite color," I tell her. "I love it. You are so beautiful." She blushes looking down.

"Only you think so..."She whispers. I grit my teeth a little.

"I think Kane thinks so too, bastard.... I would very much like to punch him," I hiss. God, that little green monster really sank it's teeth in me.

She giggles,"Sammy......"She starts to laugh like she knows something I don't. I study her carefully. She finds my jealousy funny?

"Why are you laughing at me?" I ask.

"Kane....Kane's gay sweetie." She laughs in my shoulder. "Your so cute Sammy." Oh. Well that just saved him from getting hit. Not that I'm much at a fighter, but still.

"Oh," I say. Feeling a little dumb. "Lucky for him then. I thought he was hitting on you."

"He has a crush on you." She giggles, "That's why he took me shopping he felt bad for flirting with you." I blush, and rub the back of my head. O-kay, a little weirded out, but at least he's not trying to take Ashley from me. I shake my head

She kisses me softly smiling, "Can I show you the rest of the stuff I got?" I smile at her, and kiss her again. I kiss her tenderly, before pulling away.

"I'd love that," I say honestly. She giggles and runs out of the room.

God I love her.


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