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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Strapped down with a few weapons I stole from Jerolin, I follow Luke's trail. I never go anywhere without being armed. I sigh, Luke sure knew how to lose someone, if I had been anyone else, I would have lost his trail a long time ago. I keep close to the shadows, just in case Hunters are watching. I hope I can cheer him up. I hate knowing that he's upset. I jump over a fallen trash can and look around.

"Luke?" I hiss. He's close, just how close though, I'm not sure. I palm a knife, just in case. I see him across the street with his head down as he walks, kicking a beat up soda can. I sigh and sheath the knife. I run up to him.

"You are a pain in the ass to track," I say. I grab his shoulder gently.

"Apparently not enough of a pain." He hisses as he shakes my hand off. "Leave me alone Pryena." He says walking kicking the soda can forward as he walks. He goes to kick it again and when he does it flies into a trash can. He chuckles softly almost bitterly as he continues his walk. I frown and jog ahead of him. I step in front of him to stop him.

"What is wrong Luke? And if you tell me nothing, I'm going to make you eat dirt," I say, concerned. "Come please talk to me."

"Go ahead then cause I'm not telling you anything." He says he looks up at me. His eyes are red and swollen like he's been crying...and crying hard. "Just leave me alone alright?" He shoves past me shoulder checking me as he walks past. I growl and I grab his hand and yank him back.

"Don't make me, make you tell me Luke, I don't like doing that to you. I want to help. Please." I say.

"You can't help me, get it through your head. You can't save everyone. The sooner you learn that the better." He pulls his hand away harshly and turns around and goes into a small market place.

"I'm not trying to save everyone! Just the people I care about! You arrogant son of a bitch. Just please talk to me!" I follow him, preparing to make a scene in front of everyone. I'm right behind him, not letting him out of my sight.

"No! I don't feel like fucking talking to you especially alright! You happy now?! " He snaps at me. He shoves past me again and I look down he took the two daggers that were up my sleeves without me even noticing! What the hell! Tears burn my eyes a little, but I shake my head.

"At least tell me what I fucking did wrong? Why are you acting like this to me?" I demand, with a stomp of my foot. If I have to control his mind, I am going to be super pissed off.

"Cause I'm tired of being nice to everyone! So go before I do something I'll regret." He glares at me going behind a shelf. I sigh. I lean against the shelves. Oh Luke.... I hug myself. What would Jerolin say to him.

"Then don't be nice, just come back with me," I says softly. Not even sure is he can hear me.

He laughs darkly,"Yeah no. Theres a reason why I left. I'm so tired of turning a corner and hearing the lovey dovey cutesy shit.I'll. Pass." He grabs some fruit crackers and nuts. and goes to the checkout counter paying for his things and leaves running out through the crowded making me lose him again. Goddamnit, this kid was getting on my nerves. Maybe I should go talk to Jerolin about this. I walk out the door and scan the crowd for Luke. If I have to keep hunting him down, I'm definitely going to make him eat dirt. Out of the corner of my eye I catch the back of his head going into a building. He's gonna get himself hurt again.

I sigh and I follow him back into the building, keeping my distance though. I look around then building.

"Miss. Ravira please." He asks. Its a Resting Home. The nurse at the counter nods.

"She's playing bingo in the living room Mr.Ravira." He nods taking his things going down the hall taking a left. I step behind a plant, changing my hair color to blonde so he won't notice me, from a first glance. I follow him down the hall and to the left. Miss. Ravira? Does he have a grandmother here?

I see him kneeling next to a woman who looks barely 40. He runs a hand through her hair. SHe doesn't even seem to notice he's there. He blinks hard shaking. I stay back watching him.

"H...hey mom." He croaks putting the fruit and things he bought in front of her. "I bought you your favorite." He coughs to clear his throat. The woman slowly looks down at him and cups his face.

"H....hello little one." He smiles softly putting his hand over hers. "Nice to see you again."

"Mom....I thought you were having another episode." He says tears freely rolling down his face.

"No just...really tired. They wake you up every ten minutes it seems to make sure you're still breathing. Stupid Pustis." Luke laughs a little kissing her hand.

"I know you don't like it here. I've been saving to get you your own house. I'm almost there too....just a little more time and you'll be able to live with me." He sounds so hopeful. Tears burn in my eyes again. I hate seeing him upset. I never knew anything about his mom."You just have to hang on a little longer." Maybe I should leave and let him have his time with her. I turn to start walking out. I wish he would have told me.

"You keep talkin like Imma keel over sunny." She chuckles kissing his head. "Whose the girl?" She looks over to me, and I freeze. I see where Luke gets his eyes from. Her eyes were clearer though and not red from crying. I swallow hard and finger wave at them. I feel bad for trespassing on this moment. I shouldn't have been so nosy, but I was so worried.

I can see Luke glaring at me but his mom waves me over, "Come over here youngling.My eyes don't work so well anymore."I shake my head, looking at Luke.

"I'm sorry, I....I was just leaving. I just had to make sure Luke was okay," I say. My voice sounds thick and I know I have tears in my eyes. "I'm sorry Luke."

His mom smacks him on the back of the head,"Look at what you did you silly goose. YOu made a pretty girl cry. Apologize."

"Fuck that-" She smacks the back of his head again, "Ow!"

"Language young man. Apologize to your friend right now."

"But m-" She gives him a glare that all mom's have he growls a sigh and looks at me.

"I'm sorry I made you cry." He grumbles. I shake my head, more tears streaming down my face. I walk up to him and pull a wad of cash from my bra. I shove it into his hands. He gasps and looks at me.

"Stole this from the bar when I first got there, I meant to give it back sooner, but I was ashamed and I was planning on sneaking back into the bar when no one was looking. I'm sorry," I say, looking away. I look up at his mother and then back at him. His mom takes my hand and pats it.

"There there child, don't cry come here.." She opens her arms for me to hug her. She smiles softly, she reminds me of my mom...she's sweet and kind...understanding. I can't look at Luke for a moment, ashamed, that I stole from him. "Come on sweetie I'm not getting any younger." I hug his mom, not sure what else to do. I hold her carefully so I don't hurt her.

"There there child see? Hugs are the cure all for everything. That's what I taught Luke." I smile, yeah she reminds me of my mother so much. Another wave of tears threaten to make themselves known, but I blink them away. I look at Luke, sure that he hates me now.

"I'm sorry," I say, to both of them really.

"Shh shh,"She says patting my back gently,"It's okay sweetheart. It's okay. You're not a bad person. You're just a good person who's done bad things." I chuckle a little, I pull away, more so that I can let Luke have time with her mother.

"Thank you," I say.

She smiles then runs her hand through Luke's hair, "Lucas Antonio Ravira , You best behave yourself. I love you kiddo so don't be doin anything stupid." Luke chuckles not mad at all.

"How can I...you took all the stupid with you." He teases, she laughs and kisses his forehead.

"Now you two take that money and go to a nice lunch. You two deserve a small little thing together." She whispers something in Luke's ear and he turns bright red and coughs to clear his throat.

"Umm....yeah uhhh.....pass.... so umm yeah Pree we better get going." He says standing totally embarrassed. I glance at him and then his mom.

"You don't wanna spend more time with her? I'm sorry I interrupted," I say.

"Ha ha yeah umm no." He says grabbing my arm dragging me out. "Bye Mrs.Rachel hope that knee gets better!" He says to the front desk lady. "So...umm my mom thinks we're married." He rubs his face trying to shake out his embarrassment. Oh, so didn't see that one coming. I shove my hands into my pockets, feeling even worse for following him all the way to see his mom.

"She told me to say she expects four kids by the time she's out."I burn bright red, but his words hit me right in the gut. And damnit one of these days I will do a day without tearing up. A lump rises in my throat and I choke on it.

"Can't have kids," I mumble softly. I should be apologizing more for stealing the money and for being so damn nosy, but those are the first words out of my mouth.

"What?" He puts a hand on my shoulder, 'What do you mean you can't I thought.....wow you eat wierd man." He says softly and gives me a hug. He seems in a lot better mood now that he say his mom....and besides wanting to cry all the time I feel good too. I give him a hug back. and smile.

"I've always ate weird," I say with a small laugh.

"Are you sure Pree? I mean dude you eat weird and you've been crying so mcuh....I just assumed...." He looks behind me. "Walk. Now." I start walking faster, glancing behind us.

"Can't have kids. I have a Birth Control chip, courtesy of Jetta. All female Hunters get them... what's going on?" I ask, trying to keep it casual..

"Talk ater move your ass."He says half dragging me. "I saw someone who doesn't belong."He growls softly trying to lose whoever was following us. I pretend to stretch my neck to see if I can get a look at whoever it is.

"Hunters?" I breath softly, but I walk faster. "Hunters I can fight, Luke." I say, getting ready to pull out a blade.


"Somebody rang?" A beautiful woman with long blonde golden hair braied down her back with fresh flowers. She had a blood red dress that showed her hips and just enough to make one want to strip her down. She has an aura that made even me want to see how her lips tasted. Luke pulls me behind him and keeps his eyes shut.

"Go away Aphrodite. You are not wanted here."

"Oh sweetie I'm not here to ask you for anything." Her voice was soft like music and her lips moved like clouds on a summer day. "I'm here to make Jerolin pay. So DIng!"Suddenly we vanish right off the street into an arena chained to a wall.

"Shit!" Luke curses. I begin to fight the chains. Damnit! I hate being chained! No! I struggle hard.

"You stupid Bitch!" I yell. "Let us go! Or I swear I will make you pay." I swear. I'm trying to pull loose of the chains. I look at Luke. Not him too. Shit! Luke is fighting his chains trying to pull them out of the wall with no avail. He yells.

"You ugly whore! Release us! Now!" He demands. Ares appears grinning wide. I narrow my eyes and spit at him. He's the bastard I saw fighting Jerolin that one time. So badly do I want to punch him so hard in the face.

"Let the games....begin!" The chains vanish and a weapon appears in Luke's hands. A sword that was both gold and silver. He looks around ready to fight but his eyes glow gold and he faces me. I frown, and shake my head.

"Luke, focus, I'm not your enemy," I say. I palm my knives that I stole from Jerolin, just in case I needed to use them. Not that I would ever hurt Luke. But if we were fighting something, I had to play it safe.

"P....Pr....ee." He tries to talk but he yells and starts attacking me but I can see in his face that he's trying to fight it. Suddenly the arena stands fill with a crowd cheering on for bloodshed and death. He takes another shot at me but clearly aiming where he knows I can block him. I block him easily, and sweep his feet out from under him, to knock him on his ass, but not to hurt him. I look around for Ares.

"What the hell is going on?!" I demand to know. I look back at Luke. "Luke, stop."

"A battle to the fittest my dear child!"He calls out from the box, feeding apples to the bitch that tooks us. He laughs as Luke kicks my knee and flips me over and gets up.

"Oof," I groans when the air leave my lungs for a second. I scramble to my feet. I kick Luke away from me, and then glare up at the assholes in the box.

"You sick bastard. I'm not killing my friend. But I'd love to have a go at you, and that ugly ass bitch sitting next to you," I yell, keeping my eyes on Luke too.

Ares laughs, "I'm the God of war child you have nothing that I don't know. You whimpering quim." Aphrodite laughs tapping his chest kissing his neck. Ugh gross. Luke tackles me to the ground pinning my arms down and hits my across the jaw.

"Let's make this more interesting!" Ares roars and claps once. A warmth enters me and my eyesight goes red. Suddenly I start attacking Luke without restraint. Luke Growls and Grabs his sword jamming it into my thigh. I shriek and cup my thigh for a second as if to rub the sting away. I lunge forward sinking my dagger into his shoulder and then kicking him in the chest. No! What the hell is wrong with me? I don't want to hurt him, but I can't stop. I narrow my eyes at Luke, waiting for another chance to attack.He circles me rolling the shoulder I stabbed. He glances around at Ares and flips him off before attacking me again meeting my dagger with his sword. I try to disarm him, why the hell do I want to hurt him? I kick him in the chest again and take a swing at his gut. I should hobble him, go for his ankles so he can't walk. What the hell? No I shouldn't. I should be going after that damn God!

"Luke," I hiss, but I punch him in the face, and then go for his throat. He goes to stab my stomach but we're suddenly thrown back into chains.

"NO!" The woman aphrodite screams. "She is with child!" She smacks Ares in the head, "You fucking idiot! I don't harm babies!" Luke coughs as his eyes return back to normal. I feel that I don't want to kill him anymore.

"P...pree....y...you got...a....mean swing." Luke says breathing hard. Blood soaking his shirt from his shoulder.

"Fine the boy won't harm her....but that doesn't mean that she can't hurt him." He laughs. I look around. Confused as hell. I'm so sick of being a puppet to the Gods like this. I rush to Luke, and grab him.

"Shit, Luke, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry," I say. I glare up at Ares and Aphro-bitch. What the hell was wrong with them.

"Sorry about your thigh....but do you and lin have something against my shoulder? Sam is gonna...be pissed that I fucked it up again." He says. I flinch.

'I think I was aiming for your chest," I say. "I'm sorry." I freeze then, my eyes going wide. The words Aphro-bitch said slamming into me. I look up at her with a pleading look. It's not true right? I curl my hands around my stomach.

"Yes child you are with child. You are with child. You must remember Jerolin is a God. No mortal instrument can prevent him from having a child." She says.

Luke coughs,"Congrats Pryena..."He shakes his head I hit a large vein and he's losing a lot of blood. Ares smiles standing and claps as music starts to play....what the fuck? Classical music? I look around and theres an orchestra in the crowd playing....the can can? I flip Ares off, and hug my stomach. Oh God..... She's lying. She has to be. I'll hurt the baby. I'm not suppose to have kids. My body, the chip won't let me. But, happiness swells up inside me, right along with the fear. A child, Jerolin's child. Oh shit, what's he going to think. Will he be happy?

"Now let the game resume!" Ares announces the music starts to escalate Luke stays chained but suddenly the arena looks like a Hunter's room. Where we......oh God.....no no no no.

"Pree? Pree what's going on?" Luke asks. I feel sick to my stomach, and its not because of the child. I'm trembling so badly, I can't see straight.

"Ares, you sick, sick mother fucking bastard. I won't! I'm in control. I fucking hate you. Let! Us! Go!" I yell, pleading. I stare at Luke, shaking my head. I won't hurt him like I hurt others. I won't do it.

Ares chuckles and I feel a phantom hand touch the back of my head,"You'll relive what you've done child. Suffering through every moment as you watch yourself hurt him without any control over what your doing." Ares says in my head. Luke suddenly appears restrained to the table but...he starts to look like someone else....the first man I killed as a Hunter.

"Pree! Pree what's going on!" the man screams. I grip my knives tightly, and approach him. I can feel a smile on my lips, but this....this isn't funny. I don't want to do this! I can't stop though. I lick the dull side on my knife and slice into the guys arm, wanting him to scream. But not wanting it.

"Pree! Stop! What are you doing!" He yells trying to move away from me. I laugh, and slam my knife down, right next to his head, not cutting him, but to scare him. He jumps away,"Pree snap out of it! It's me! Luke!"

"You need to pay for your crimes against Vollen," I hiss. With the flick of my wrist the knife cuts into his cheek. "You piece of rebel shit. I'll teach you a lesson, you won't forget." I stab his other shoulder and twist. He yells my name arching his back off the table. I laugh again.

No! Not Luke! Stop it! Stop hurting him! He's your friend!

I look down at the bastard, the traitor. I grab his hand, and snap his pinky finger in half.

"Pr...ryena! S...stop! I...it's me. Please Pree! R...remember J...Jerolin a...and me at...the bar!"He pants trying to yell. I snap his ring finger.

"Shut up! And tell me what secrets you told the rebels," I demand. I punch him in the face.

I know it's you Luke! Oh God, I'm trying! I'm trying to stop! I'm so sorry! Oh God Jerolin is going to hate me. Stop hurting him!

"The only rebel I know from your fucking planet is you!" He yells. I roll my eyes at him. Is he as stupid as he looks?

"Wrong answer!" I deck him again, busting his lip open. I laugh watching the blood roll down his chin. He spits it at my face.

"Wake the fuck up Pryena!" He growls. I blink hard, and gasp. Oh God! No! Please no!

"Luke!" I cry out. Tears flooding down my cheeks. "No! No! No! God I'm so sorry!" I go to try to unchain him.

He coughs hard shaking looking at me with a small smile,"Thank Gods you're awake...Get me out of these things." My fingers fumble with the chains, and I'm shaking so hard.

"Oh my God! What did I do to you? I'm so sorry Luke. I tried to stop sooner," I hiss. I get the chains off him and hug him.

"N...nothing much."He coughs rolling off the table standing,but barely he holds his messed up hand to his chest spitting out blood that got into his mouth from his nose. Suddenly we look like were outside....outside of Yori's house. Luke groans and I blink hard as I see him turn into....Jadon. "It's not bad. I've...had worse." I glare at him. That bastard has Mistress Jetta's orb. He had to pay. I backhand him so hard and he tumbles to the ground.

"Fuck! Pree! What the fuck!" He looks over to me".....shit...not again Pree please!" I straddle him, to hold him in place. I use my feet to pin down his wrists. I deck him in the face, once, twice, and a third time.

"Where's the orb you fucking bastard!" I spit. I hold a knife to his throat, pressing the blade in a little to draw blood. I grab a fist full of his hair with my other hand and slam his head into the ground. "Tell me, or I'll fucking gut you like a cow." I remove my hand from his hair and dig my finger into his wounded shoulder.

He howls in pain,"I don't know what you're talking about! Damn it Pree your being controlled!" I laugh. Oh Jadon. Poor naive Jadon. Should have stayed in Vollen.

"By the time I'm done with you, Jadon, you'll wish, I had killed you right away," I hiss. I deck him again. "Now tell me!" I dig my knife a little more into his throat at the same time I shove my fingers deeper into his wounded shoulder, shredding more of his skin.

That's not Jadon! It's Luke! Fight it Goddamnit! Fight it!

He coughs kneeing my back weakly in between screams, "Pree....please.....stop this.......y..you're not a monster....anymore.......Pree....."He coughs up some blood breathing slowing."You are not....a monster." He says looking me in the eyes swallowing hard. I laughs, removing my hand from his wound. I punch him again, and tighten my grip on my knife.

"Last chance Jadon before I make you bleed out," I hiss, I grind my feet into his wrists.

He looks up at me an theres a gleam in his eyes. He doesn't talk for a few minutes."Do it.....cause then maybe you'll wake up...and get the fuck out of here." He rasps,"You have a family to take care of now Pree......" He coughs lifting his head exposing his neck. I laugh, I bring my knife up, curling both hands around the handle, wanting to plunge it deep into his throat. To feel the way it cuts through his windpipe, and laugh as he bleed out around me. My hands start the downward descent.

"Pryena! No!" A voice behind me yells, and I'm tackled to the ground. Yori is here, and he disarms me quickly, pinning me down. I growl, trying to get loose.

"S...sam...."Jadon calls out heaving as he coughs up more blood. "H...elp...." He gasps for air. I look over and I see.....Jerolin..... I go limp underneath Yori and gasp. No....no....I can't believe it. I can't.....oh God. A sob escapes my mouth. I nearly killed Luke. I can't look at him, too ashamed of what I did to him, but I know Sam is working on him, patching him up and fixing him. I watch Jerolin in the blur of my tears.

"YOU DARE TAKE HER!" I hear Jerolin roar he's so pissed as he's beating Ares. Ares laughs pinning Jerolin with a flick of his wrist.Yori runs a hand through my hair, trying to get me to calm down. He's talking to me, but I'm not listening.

"You're a pathetic excuse of a God Jerolin! You have the power and you don't use it! Let the anger out Jerolin!" He taunts him. Lin Growls shaking growing a little but he shakes his head.

"No! I won't do it! You will not harm her again!" They start fighting again but their fighting so fast that I don't even see them till Lin is suddenly shielding me and Yori. He coughs falling on his knees. Ares laughter echoes through the arena as he vanishes into thin air. I shove Yori away and I grab Jerolin, trying to stop crying.

"Jerolin," I gasp. "I'm so sorry, I hurt him. I tried to stop. I tried so hard, it was....it was like I was a Hunter again and he...he was Jadon. I... I was going to kill him. Don't hate me please.....I'm so sorry," I hug him. "Are you okay?" My body is shaking, and I hug him tightly. His shirt feels wet, he coughs hard falling forward holding himself up with his hand.

"S...sam."He croaks. I blink at him, and my vision becomes clearer. No....All that blood! No!

"Jerolin!" I scream. "Sam! Sam Help!" I scream louder. I shake Jerolin a little, as if shaking him will help him. Theres a huge dagger in the middle of his chest.

"Just a second," Sam hissed as he finishes up Luke. "There, Luke will be okay. Just rest, I'll stitch it up better when I can. Don't move." Luke nods closing his eyes

"S....sam I...d...don't have........a....second." Lin gasps collapsing onto his back gasping as he tries to breath. Sam stumbles over, and starts to attach devices to him.

"Jerolin! No! Stay with me! Please! Stay with me!" I yell. I lean over and kiss him, trying to keep him alive. Sam swears and starts to work faster. "Please Jerolin, I love you!"

He cups my face blinking hard, sweating trying to breath. He's shaking hard. He swallows hard,"P...pree..." He gasps in pain when Sam tries to pull the dagger out, but all it does is get bigger the more Sam pulls on it."S...stop that....i...idiot." Lin groans coughing a little blood starts to slide out of the corner of his mouth.

"Pree I.. I can't pull the dagger out," Sam gasps. "I...I..." I scream bloody murder. I grab the dagger wanting to pull it out.

"No! Save Him! Sam save him please!" I gasp. I'm sobbing again.

Lin grabs my hand from the dagger and puts it on his head closing my fist around his hiar. he looks up to me. God he's so pale....

"D...don't.....i...its.....my....fault...." He rasps, I can see in his face how much pain he was in. "S...sam...w...will t...take c...care of you. H...He knows the way out." He groans blinking hard. I shake my hand frantically. I lean down and kiss him, not caring about the blood.

"No Jerolin! Don't... Don't leave me. Dont you dare die!" I sob. "I love you. Please I need you, We need you."

He coughs harder looking at me,"L...love you....Pryena.....I lo...love y...you so...m...much." He looks up at me and takes a few more breaths before his head falls to the side and he stops breathing.

"No!"I scream. "Jerolin! No! Come back! Come back! I don't know how to take care of a God baby!" I start breathing into his mouth, giving him some hair. I try to bring him back. Hands touch my shoulder, to pull me away and I turn and deck Sam in the face.

"Holy shit! Pree please, I'm sorry... I'm sorry I couldn't save him. It's too late," Sam says. His voice cracks, feeling guilty.

"Fuck you!" I sneer. But I know he's right. I curl into Jerolin's lifeless body and start bawling into his neck. I hear Luke screamin in sorrow shaking Lin's shoulder speaking in Greek. Sobbing in anger and sadness. Yori hands run through my hair, as he's trying comfort me. I want to bite him. Do anything to make him leave me only. I reach out and grab Luke's hand blindly, even though he probably hates my guts right now. I cry harder, knowing that he's hurting too. I want to say something to him, but I can't get any words passed my tears. He squeezes my hand and cries on Lin's chest almost as hard as I do.

"Bring him back Sam...make one of those thing's glow....I'm begging you please.....bring him back." Luke sobs. I squeeze his hand tighter, knowing Sam's answer already. I rub my face into Jerolin's bloody chest, making those strange crying sounds because I can't catch my breath.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, it doesn't work like that.....I can't do it," Sam sounds defeated and so sad. I sit up quickly, letting go of Luke's hand. I shove Sam hard.

"Stop it!" I yell. "You don't get to be sad! You don't know him that well! You don't get to be sad! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Why didn't you save him! Why?" I shove him again, and again. I know it's not his fault, but I can't stop myself from yelling at him. I shove him again, and he falls back on his ass.

"Pryena," Yori starts to say. I turn to him, gritting my teeth.

"Don't Pryena me!" I shout. "You can't be sad either! Shut up!" My face aches from how hard I've been crying. I shove Yori too.Luke grabs me from behind and slams me to his chest holding me close.

"Pree it's...it's not their fault." He says between his tears. "Please Pree.....it's not their fault." I press my face into Luke's neck, crying harder.

"My...fault.....my fault, I know....it's my fault," I cry.

"No...no Pree it's not it's Ares's fault not your's."He says rocking me running his hand through my hair. I cling to him, wishing so badly it was Jerolin, and this was all just a bad dream. This is just as bad as when I killed Jadon. I'm shaking so hard that's I'm pretty sure Luke was going to have whip lash.

"Let Hades be merciful on you brother." I hear Verona whisper. Her voice was thick but it didn't sound like she was crying. Hades....fuck Hades. My poor Jerolin. Down there suffering. I freeze, thinking about it. I pull away from Luke, blinking at him, staring. Tear slide down my cheeks, but at least my sobs were settling down. I am still shaking, but the numbness I felt when I was bleeding to death after Yori carved into me, was settling in around me.

"Sam...I stabbed her in the leg can you come help her?" Luke says softly. I shake my head, slowly.

"I could...I could die too," I whisper. What else did I have to live for? Jerolin was gone. But even though the thought is so tempting. I curl my arm around my stomach. I still have one thing to live fore. Jerolin's baby. Our child.

"No, I'm not losing you too....and Pree....your killing two people if you do that." He whispers cooing me softly. I lean my head on his shoulder for a second, then remembering I stabbed him, I pick my head up. I hug myself. He kisses the top of my head and pushes it on his shoulder holding it down as he rocked me.

"How can I do this without him," I hiss softly. Sam exchanges a few words with Yori and then attaches a device on my leg. I let him, my anger drained to the point of numbness.

"I don't know but we have Verona, you have me, Sam, Ashley, Yori, Justin and no matter how much of an ass he tends to be Kane. You won't be alone with this." He says rocking me with the beat of his heart. As soon as I feel my skin knit back together, I yank the device off and toss it into Sam's bag. I look at Jerolin's cold dead body, just staring at him.

"I want out of here. I don't wanna be here anymore. Get me out, please," I say, and then quietly I add. "I want Jerolin.

"What is that in your pocket Yori?" Verona asks waving her hand over Jerolin's body waking him look perfect. His hair is combed and gelled back, he's in a white suit with a red tie. His hands folded across his chest. Verona puts a small box in my hand. "I believe this was meant for you child." She says softly avoiding eye contact. I grip the box tightly, opening it, but not taking my eyes off Jerolin, until the box is open all the way. It's a ring, a small ring,,,it's an engagement ring.

"Oh... it's just...A paper with a prophecy thing, about all of this," Yori says.

"Can I see it?" Verona asks reaching out for him to hand it to her. He nods and hands it to her. I stare at the ring, and then slam the box shut. My numbness shattering, and I start bawling like a baby again. I scramble away from everyone. I have to get Jeroln back! There has to me a way. He's a God! No! Have! To! Get! Him! Back! Sam starts over to me, but I growl through my tears. He sighs. I curl into myself, crying harder, trying to think of something.

Verona looks at the paper,"Do you know how to read this chil?" She asks "It seems that Jerolin didn't finish breaking all of the code."

"I can try," Yori says. "I got the first part." I watch him take the paper back from Verona and study it. I sit up, clutching the box. It makes sense now. I know what I can do. I wipe my face, and stand up. My legs are shaking, but they hold me up. Verona watches Yori carefully pacing slowly she waves her hand and Jerolin's body vanishes. I've already made up my mind, but I wait to hear this prophecy bullshit.Maybe it would be a little helpful.

"The son of all will fall....." Yori whispers. and I flinch. "And be risen again by the one who'll breaks the chains of Prometheus's Curse.Two sacrifices must be made in order to bring the fallen from the grave." Yup, I'm going to Hades. If it was the last thing I do. I have to at least try.

"Get me the hell out of here," I sneer. Luke looks to Verona and she nods.

"Come on over here. Group hug now...and Samuel child....be ready to catch me when we get back." We all go over and hug her. I stare at the blood stain where Jerolin had died.

I'll bring you back Jerolin....I promise.


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