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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I watch as Pryena tries to teach her man to hip hop dance. He seems to be enjoying staring at her ass. Pree has always been a great dancer. I'm not even sure how she does some of those moves. Like the way she vibrates her whole body, shimmying her hips. She taught me a few things, before she got sick but I'm still not nearly as good as her.

Pryena laughs at something Lin says and she swats at him playfully. She's got it bad for him. It's easy to see just how much she loves him just by watching them. He seems good for her too. He watches her like he's ready to jump in front of a bullet for her. She waves at a couple, walking up to the bar. Well the girl is in a wheelchair, and is already eyeing a slice of cake. The guy is smiling.

"I want that one Sammy." She giggles holding one of his hands. He chuckles, and grabs her a slice of cake. He hands it to her, and then pushing her hair out of her face. She was pretty, no doubt about that, but she wasn't my type. At least I didn't think so. Plus she was taken, obviously.

"Jerolin!" Pryena shrieks, laughing. "I'm trying to teach you to dance"

"Pree! I'm trying to have fun." He laughs he has her over his shoulder spinning with her "Is this how it's done love?" He laughs. The girl giggles then his a cough in the blanket that covered her legs. She glances up at the guy she called Sammy as if she was trying to hid the cough from him too. He stiffens, a little, and then hands her a water bottle. He brushes his fingers against her cheek.

"Drink some water," he orders softly. He glances over at Pryena and Jerolin, as if studying them.

She sighs taking a sip then takes a big bite of chocolate cake. Lin puts Pryena down and dips her smiling down at her, kissing the tip of her nose. Pryena giggles and hugs him tightly.

The girl looks around,"Where's that guy Luke?" she asks softly. Sammy looks around, his gaze lands on me and he scowls. I sigh, I'm getting a lot of that. I shrug and take a drink of my rum and coke.

"I'm not sure. He said he was going to wake up Verona and her boyfriend," Sammy says. He plays with the ends of the girl's hair, but sighs and lets go. He looks around.

"We woke up on our own." Verona says yawning holding a guys hand. The guy looks around as if ready for battle to start at any moment.Sammy looks up at them and scrubs his hand over his face.

"Did you guys see him?" he asks.

They look at each other and then to him shaking their heads.

"There was no one in the hall." THe guys voice was a lot deeper than I thought it would "Is there a child missing?" He asks. So formal he looks at Lin as straightens up like Lin was something special. Pryena waves at them and smiles spinning around.

"I'll go check on him. Verona, Uh....Justin...? I think. This is Ashley. Ashley, Verona and her boyfriend, I think, Justin," Samuel says. I jump up then.

"It's okay. You stay here. I will go check on him," I tell them. Anything to get away, from all the scowling, and cute shit.

Justin bows respectfully to Sammy, "Pleasure to meet your acquaintance son of Apollo." He looks at Lin almost in admiration. Sammy blinks at him and shakes his head.

"Son of Apollo?" he chuckles a little. "And you don't have to be so formal." I start up the stairs.

"You are a man of healing sir. I am Roman I shall be what I am Formality and honor are the Roman ways." Justin says plainly

"Sam don't try to derail him I tried over a thousand years ago with no avail it ain't gonna happen." Lin says spinning Pryena. Pryena giggles again, and leans her head against his shoulder. I stomp up the stairs, so whatever Sam says next, I don't here. I explored a little before, so I know a little about the place. I knock on a closed door, hoping I get the right one, and I wait.

"Go away." I hear a guy groan. I lean against the wall, and cross my arms over my chest.

"People are looking for you," I say through the door.

"Probably because they can't tell a rum from a whiskey." He grumbles, I hear him rolling over in a bed. I chuckle.

"Trust me, I know Pree knows her liquor and I'm sure her guy knows too. I don't think that's the reason. Everyone is down there having a good time," I tell him. I rub my head.

"Let them have a good time then. I'll clean up afterwards as usual." Damn this guy is bummed out. I run a hand through my hair, and I open the door, hoping to God, he's not naked or something.

"I don't know you well, but I know that something is bugging you. And if you get to hide, then I get to hide, but I'm telling you they are looking for you," I say. I lean against the doorway.His back is towards me, under the covers.

"Nothin is buggin me but you right now. I'm not hiding either I'm following doctor spocks orders. Rest." I sigh and slide down the wall to sit down. I still can't get what Pryena said to me out of my head.

"Is that really true or are you avoiding people?" I ask.

He snorts, "I don't avoid people...." He pulls the blanket more over his head. I cock my eyebrow at him, even though he can't see me.

"You're doing it right now," I observe.

"What are you a shrink now? Funny how your telling me to do things that you yourself wouldn't do with Pryena?" He hisses. I flinch. I sigh and rub my head.

"I have a reason to avoid her. Everyone down there hates me at the moment," I say. "But you.... they are asking for you. You belong down there, not up here away from your friends."

She shrugs,"Whatever, I don't want company." He starts to get up and runs a hand through his hair. He gets up grabbing his coat. "You never saw me." He says going out the window going down the fire escape. He jumps and pops the collar of his jacket walking down the alley. I sigh. Damnit, that dude had it bad. Whatever it was, I'm not sure. I stand up, and start down the stairs. I'll tell Pree, so that there isn't a huge scene. If anyone can talk some sense into him, it will be her.

Pryena is still dancing with Lin, and the girl and Sammy, are talking to a guy I haven't seen before. Sammy looks red in the face and almost ready to pop the guy in the face.

"That's funny!" the girl laughs smiling patting the guys hand that was on her lap. Sammy grabs her hand and strokes his thumb over her knuckles. Jealous much? The girl giggles smiling kissing his cheek then smiling at the guy.

"So Kane why did the Vollen take you?" The guy, Kane grins widely, he takes her other hand, and kisses it, and then shoots Sammy a look. Sammy glares at him and wraps an arm around Ashley's shoulder.

"I stole some jewels from Jetta so she had me punished," he says, trying to be the bad boy type. I roll my eyes and look at Pryena, trying to get her attention without being noticed. Ashley whimpers a little at the name Jetta and shudders.

"Jettas a real b word." She whispers Lin taps Pree's shoulder and nods over in my direction. Kane pats her hand and nods sadly.

"Yeah she is," he says. Sammy growls and pinches the bridge of his nose. He has it bad for Ashley, and obviously didn't like this guy hitting on her. I can't help but laugh a little. I pour Pryena a small glass of coke with a hint of whiskey, I wasn't sure if she was drunk or not, but if she was going to go talk to Luke then she needs some wits about her.

Pryena looks over at me and then at Jerolin. She nods and whispers something in his ear. She then cups his face and kisses him. She pulls away and smiles.

"Love you," she says. She starts over to me. A little concern in her face, and I can see her arms itching to curl around her stomach. I sigh, trying not to focus on the. How the hell could I have done that to her. I shake my head.Lin watches me very carefully but he doesn't glare...that's an improvement. Thank God. I smile a little at him.

"What's up?" Pree asks as she comes to sit next to me. She's breathing hard from all the dancing, and her face is flushed. She's smiling though. I push the drink to her, and take a drink of my own. I try to play it casual.

"Luke left. Something is bothering him," I tell her. She stiffens a little, and then flicks her hair out of her face, trying to put on the act of normalcy. She takes a drink and nods.

"I'll go talk to him then. Thank you for telling me," she says.

Ashley starts laughing again playfully shoving Kane away,"You're such a dork!" Pryena looks over at them, frowning a little and then looks over at Jerolin, and pinky waves at him. Sammy sits at the bar right next to Ashley. He rubs his eyes under his glasses.

"Ashley, honey?" he says. determined to claim her attention again. AShley smiles looking over at him.

"Yes Sammy?" She asks she has no clue on the secret battle going on between him and Kane. I chuckle a little. Sammy kisses her cheek.

"You need anything?" he asks, hopeful.

Ashley shakes her head smiling,"kane is making me feel better by making me laugh so much."She giggles "Kane thank you; you are too kind." Kane grins at Ashley and kisses her hand again.

"The pleasure is all mine darling," he says. Sammy groans and slams his head into the table, laying his head down.

Ashley yelps and goes over to him,"Oh no are you okay?! You hit your head!" She whimpers making him look at her as she checked his forehead. Pryena laughs.

"He's fine Ashley. He's just being jealous," she calls to her. She jumps up, and throws back the drink. "Be right back, gonna go talk to Luke and get his ass to join us!" She announces, and skips from the room. Kane laughs, watching her leave before looking back at Ashley

"Jealous?" Ashley whispers tilting her head to the side confused "Why? Kane isn't my type. he's just funny." She looks so lost and confused that its hilarious. I laugh again. Sammy peeks at her. Kane frowns a little, but then smiles again.

"What is your type?" he asks her. I grab my coke and whiskey, mine having a little more of whiskey then I put into Pree's but I don't drink it. I just stare at the liquid.

She giggles and kisses Sam's cheek,"The sweet type." Sammy smiles and hugs her around the waist. He pulls her closer and buries his face into his arm,, looking up at her.. Dude looks tired. He's got that five o'clock shadow going on. Kane huffs, and looks around. I look at Lin, he walks over and flicks Kane on the nose.

"That is my ass you touch is I will gladly rip your hands off and feed it too you." He says it with a smile and so politely its creepy. Kane swallows hard and nods. I take a deep breath and hesitantly walk over to him. I should have done this sooner.

"I know you hate me, but can we talk?" I ask. He sighs looking at me.

"Go don't hate you I just don't like you....but sure." He gestures to a door ,"Go in my office." I nod and start to walk into the office. It would probably be best not to piss him off. I walk into his office and look around.

"Thank you," I say as he comes in closing the door behind him. He goes and sits on his side on his desk. I cross my arms over my chest, and lean against the wall. I smile softly to myself.

"There was a time, when we were little, I'm pretty sure we were in third grade. Jadon and I got into a fight about who would marry Pree when we got older. She got pissed and kicked both of our asses and told us that she wasn't ever going to get married or fall in love, because she wanted to be the old crazy cat lady that yells at everyone," I say. I don't even know what made me tell him this. The memory just came to me, when I was watching them dance. I sigh, chewing on my thumb nail.

"I can see her doing that." He says chuckling picking up papers, "Fuuuuuuuuck. I hate this part of the job." The paper didn't look at paper the more I looked at it. It looked more like.....gold? I frown, trying to get a better look at the paper.

"Yeah, it's a very Pryena thing to do. But I'm glad that she found someone and that she's happy. I really am. She's..... never mind," I say. I can't really say that she's like a sister to me. Not after what I've done.

"You care deeply for her like I care for Verona. I understand it Yori." Whoa he called me by my name! No evil glare and no names? What did Pree tell him? I shrug.

"Got a funny way of showing it, dont I," I say bitterly. I shake my head.

"You were hurt it's human." He says it so plainly and so calmly. "Trust me I get why you did it." He puts on reading glasses looking down squinting his eyes trying to read a paper. I frown, tilting my head to the side to see what it is. Not trying to be nosy.

"Well...." I swallow hard. Not wanting to ask, but needing to know. "Is..... Is it bad?" It has to be bad. I know just how deep I cut. I remember the night perfectly. I still can't believe she forgives me."

"Yes. but thanks to you it adds a form of sexy to her that I enjoy. Most of them have healed to be scars but "Hinter" Is still red like it's been burning for all these years." He shows me the paper it looks like a bunch of squiggly lines and dots. He thinks the scars are sexy? I chew on my thumb nail, and they are still red...

"What is that? I ask him, wanting to change the subject.

"It's a prophecy from Apollo, it's a warning but I can't read it that well. You see he has visions of the future...but when his in the vision he can't write for shit. So I'm trying to break the code that he decided to write this time." he explains rubbing his eyes. I nod, still confused as hell.

"Oh I see," I say. "Do you think it's something bad?" I ask. I study the paper. That's a code? It just looks like squiggle lines.

"its morse code....the Apollo version." He groans rubbing his eyes "I was never good at reading Morse code. This prophecy must be for a demigod or a mortal." he explains "YOu wanna take a shot at it?" He says handing me a pencil. I shrug. I'm not good at breaking codes, even though Pryena use to insist that we had our own language. I never did seem to get the hang of it. Jadon was the pro.

"Sure, I'll give it a go," I say. I take the paper from him and study it. He starts working on other paperwork. As I start getting the code broke it starts to say something about a shifter girl and a grandson of a demigod, taken but the fruits of rage....one must honor the greatest sacrifice. I frown. I repeat it out loud to him. "That make any sense to you?" I stiffen a little, in thought.

He tilts his head to the side,"Ummmm that's pretty vague even for Apollo....I don't even know what to make of that. Cause that could be half the world population." I snort. He knows the world a little differently than me.

"The only person I know that could be a shifter is Pree but I'm not sure if she even counts," I shrug. I hand him the paper and look around his office. Strange seeing a God do paperwork. Couldn't he just get someone to do the paperwork for him?

"I could but it's my job in Olympus to deal with all the paperwork. At least from Apollo. I have to do this for another five hundred years then I move over to work with Poseidon." He makes a face at the name looking down at the paperwork. He keeps reading it then looks up to me. "Sorry your thoughts are really loud." I blink at him, and shake my head. The whole mind reading thing probably annoys the hell out of Pree.

"Oh I see. Why paperwork?" He runs a hand through his hair

"So as our secret do not tell Pree that I can alright?" He asks. I frown again but them smile. I can keep that secret.

"Sure no problem," I say.

"And the paperwork thing is cause I'm the youngest God so I get all the grunt work."he says then his eyes go wide standing, "Where's Pree?" He actually sounds worried but he crumples up the paper throwing it to the side. I rub the back of my neck.

"Went to go talk to Luke," I say. "He sounded really bummed.

"He's gonna be more pissed when he an Pree get taken." He growls running out. Curiosity takes over and I go grab the paper unfolding it. The last line he translated was-and forever the son of all will fall.


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