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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I start making drinks for everyone, it's been about six hours and everyone has been sleeping since. They should be waking up soon. I make Pree a whiskey , Lin a vodka shot, I don't think doc drinks but I fix him a Whiskey and coke I don't know what the girl drinks either or the vernoa and her boy toy drinks....so I make the sick girl orange juice and a slice of chocolate cake. Every sick person needs chocolate...right? The guy Yori, leans the broom against the bar and sits down. He pops his fingers and looks at me.

"So...uh listen, I'm sorry for throwing the dagger at you and Pree, and not believing you two," he says, looking at the bar.

"You know I don't mind you know throwing the dagger. YOU couldn't see it in her eyes?" I ask not looking at him as I put the bottles away. He sighs and drums his fingers on the bar.

"I did. Or at least I'd try to convince myself that I didn't. Last time I saw her," he sighs again. "She was...."

"Different." I say finishing his sentence. He nods and slams his hands onto the bar.

"I did something awful to her, and she still wants to try to keep me safe," he growls. He looks away ashamed.

"That's Pree...the most forgiving woman on the planet." I say softly looking down wiping the counter down ashamed. He sighs again and lays his head on the bar. He laces his fingers on the back of his head and and covers his face. He groans

"It'll be alright man. Trust me. They'll be up soon so you can make amends then." He nods but doesn't look up.

"I hurt her bad....." he whispers, almost mostly to himself. "Really bad."

"You're the boy who caused her the scars right?" I say cleaning glasses. He grabs a fistful of his hair and pulls.

"The ones on her stomach, yes," he says. He looks up at me, and then looks around. He grips the edge of the bar tightly, but then relaxes a little, in defeat. He nods. "A Hunter gave her the one on her face.... It was before we had our differences. It's not a good story." He leans against the bar, looking at the stairs.

I sigh, as much as I wanted to know I knew I didn't want to know. I hear footsteps from up stairs."If you want to go hide till shes more awake you can use my room." I say getting out breakfast foods. He shakes his head and frowns.

"Better get it over with," he says. He looks up at ceiling, and then looks at the stairs. Lin starts down the stairs carrying Pree on his back. Her legs are wrapped around him and her arms are around his neck.

"Wow....you are the dorkiest couple yet. Are you really giving her a piggyback ride?" I snort.

"She was tired but she was also hungry." He smiles tapping Pree's head. "Have to take care of my sleeping beauty." Pryena kisses his neck and smiles. Yori raises up his head and stares at them. He swallows hard. Lin sends Yori a hateful glare and I can tell he hatd an intention of killing Yori eventually.

"Pryena," Yori stands and starts toward them, slowly. Pryena stiffens and holds onto Lin tighter. He pauses and looks down at his feet. Lin growls loud holding Pree behind him/

"You stay right the fuck there and talk." Jerolin hisses. I swear the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Yori sighs. Pryena hugs Jerolin and kisses his neck.

"Put me down please, Linny," she says softly. She cups his cheek and nods. I know she's trying to get him to calm down a little. He growls still glaring but I can tell his anger goes down...... .5%

"Fine. Speak mortal." Pryena wiggles out of his arms and hugs Jerolin, she kisses his lips.

"Pryena," Yori starts again. Pryena looks at him. Her arms curl around her abdomen like she does when she's uncomfortable. She digs her nails into her sides.

"You two should grab a table and talk." I say , In reality I needed to get Lin away from them so he doesn't kill Yori. "Lin come over here and help me out with the bar." Lin growls but nods coming overcoming behind the bar. I hand him his Vodka shot and he throws it back and shudders.

"Thanks....."He sighs. Pryena glances over at him, and then back at Yori.

"Look, I know.... I know I can't apologize enough for what I did to you, Pree. Nothing will ever be enough and nothing can take it back. I'm so sorry, Pree. I flipped when I woke up after you knocked me out and I saw you holding Jadon and laughing. I shouldn't have.... done what I did.... I shouldn't have.....and I should have believed you when you told me that you weren't a Hunter anymore. I...I just wanted to convince myself that you were, because I thought it would justify what I did to you. When I see you like this, I hate myself for what I did." He says. His voice is shaking.

"No fucking shit." Lin whispers to me. I chuckle softly. It was fun to see him like this.

"You left me cuffed to the heater, bleeding to death," Pryena hisses softly. She swallows hard and anger lights in her eyes. "I nearly died!" Yori flinches, he takes a step forward, his hands out in surrender.


"I had no one Yori! I had no one! They killed my family, and they made me kill one of my best friends. And now you didn't want to believe me because you thought it would justify what you did! Nothing. Goddamnit! Nothing justifies that!" She shouts. "Nothing Yori. What you did... What I went through.... not only did I kill my best friend but I had to deal with your hatred." The last part is said softly. Lin goes over and wraps an arm around her waist and whispers something in her ear. Probably something comforting knowing him. She sags against him and buries her face in his shoulder.

"Pryena, I'm.... sorry," Yori says. He sounds so defeated and close to tears himself.

"I should hate you Yori. I hate what you did, but I can't hate you. Never you," she whispers.

"I on the other hand will always hate you." Lin hisses, "You think seeing Pree mad is scary you haven't seen jack shit boy." Lin hisses glaring at Yori holding Pree close to his chest. Yori swallows hard and nods.

"I'm glad you hate me. I really am. Its what I deserve. I deserve Pryena to hate me too. I'm glad that she's found someone like you. I can tell that you really care for her," Yori says.

I look at all three of them and take a deep breath, "Well! As exciting as this reunion has been we do need to get everyone up and sit down eat and discuss on what to do next. SO everyone sit at the bar while I go wake everyone up." Pryena shrugs out of Jerolin's arms, smiles weakly at him and goes to sit down. She grabs her whiskey and takes a large drink.

"Can we turn on music?" she asks.

I nod tossing the remote to her,"Go ahead Pree have fun." I run my hand through my hair and turn to go to the guest room. I rub my eyes, I lied to doc when I told him I had fell asleep at the bar. I actually almosted walked in on them having sex. I heard her screaming and at first I thought she was hurt but then I saw her clothes on the floor and well I did a 180 and turned around and left the room and waited till I heard him telling her to go to sleep. I rub the back of my neck, what is wrong with me> Why do I crush on the girls who are so out of my league or already taken? I shake my head and knock on their door opening it.

"Hey.....this is the wake up call. Time to get up guys we have stuff to talk about." I say looking inside but looking at the ground just incase they were doin' the nasty....again. Samuel was sitting in the chair, he has different clothes, and he's staring at a device, slightly larger than a cell phone. The glow of the screen lighting up his face. Ashley whimpers twisting and turning in her sleep. Every now and then letting a small yelp out.

"Hey....Doc we're starting to gather everyone up....." I whisper looking at him. "Nice uhh cell phone looking thing." He clenches his teeth every time Ashley yelps. He looks up at me, and nods. Did he sleep at all? Hycroprite.

"Okay. I'll get Ashley up. Pree and Lin up yet? And it's not a cell phone, its.... a Brain Scanner. I... I was seeing what she was dreaming about," he sighs. "God.... that sounds creepy. Its usually for medical reasons...." His voice is soft. He sets it aside and leans over Ashley. He stroke the hair out of her face. She squirms around making a pain-filled face. He flinches.

I walk inside and close the door behind me. "But you were seeing what she was dreaming about to see what they did to her. Right?" I ask softly sitting down next to her. He hangs his head and nods.

"Yeah. It was worse than I even imagined," he hissed in anger. Knew he had a little of a temper, but Geez.

"What did they do to her anyway? She looked real bad. But she looks a lot better now." She still looked way too thin and exhausted but at least she didn't look like a zombie. He pushes the Scanner thingy to me, but doesn't say anything.

I look at it and watch, knowing my eyes were popping out of my head. "Holy....shit what are those things?" I ask looking at the huge beasts trying to claw at her. He clenches his teeth and sighs. He removes his glasses and rubs his eyes.

"The ones that look sort of human are called Sinners. Those were once humans. And the ones that just look like wild animals, are the results of long agonizing experiments," he sighs. "They were going to turn her into a Sinner."

I hand him the thing back when I can't look at it anymore. "Gods....thank Gods Verona went and got her when she did." I look over at the girl, "Do you need a wheelchair for her? She still looks too sick to walk. We have one in the closet." He turns the device off and nods.

"Yes please. I don't want her walking yet, at least not too much," he says. He shakes Ashley gently. I nod and go over to the closet pulling out the wheelchair unfolding it and moving it over to the bed. "Thanks."

Ashley whimpers burying herself deeper into the blankets, "Go away..." Doc flinches and runs a hand through her hair.

"Ashley, honey, It's Sam, you're safe remember? Please wake up," he says softly. He's shaking a little.

She yawns cutely stretching rolling over pulling the blankets over her head, 'I remember......but I don't wanna get up it's too bright outside."

"It's called sunlight honey." I whisper She looks up and around the room with massive bed hair. I chuckle softly.

"Sammy?" She asks yawning loudly as she rubs her eyes reaching for him. He grabs her hand and kisses her knuckles. He smiles a little and hugs her.

"I'm here. Don't worry. Luke says that everyone is gathering in the main room. Pree will be there." he tells her she bites her lip playing with her fingers nervously.

"I also pulled out chocolate cake to get everyone's mood up." Doc looks at me and gives me a thank you smile. She gasps with the funniest grin on her face.

"Chocolate cake? For breakfast!?"She squeals laughing hugging Sam, "Lets go! Before Pree eats it all!" I laugh holding the chair ready for Sam to put her in it. "I don't have to sit in that do I?"

"Doc doesn't think you should be walking around."I explain

"I wanna walk around, why can't I?" I look at Samuel to answer that one. Samuel rubs the back of his neck.

"I think it would be better if you take it easy for a little bit longer. And not walk a whole lot. You can walk, but I just want you to take it easy, so you don't hurt yourself," he says.

She makes a glaring face but then bites her lip fighting a smile,"Do I get an extra slice of cake if I don't complain about it?" I laugh pinching the bridge of my nose. This girl was a crack up! Samuel smiles and picks her up.He sets her in the chair she wiggles around pulling a blanket on top of her.

"Of course you can," he says. She giggles with a huge grin on her face.

"Awesome. Best. Day. Ever!" I laugh and start to push her but then I stop.

"Here doc I still have to wake up Verona and her boy toy up." I say moving so that he can take over the pushing. He takes over pushing her out of the room. Music is playing and Pryena is dancing with Lin but their only swaying side to side in a circle holding each other closely..I could gag at how dorky they were. Yori is watching from the bar. I start to head to Verona and her boy's room when they start walking out themselves. I sigh there goes my being useful. I run a hand through my hair as they go to the main room. I head to my room and lock the door. My room was about the same size as lins just without the extra closet space. I plop onto the bed and stare at the white ceiling. I wonder how it would feel to be like Lin and Sam.....to have someone to have to worry about all the time. To get yelled at because you did something stupid. I reach behind my neck and trace the scar on the back of y neck. I almost miss the chip....not the whole wanting to kill Pree thing but...the feeling that I knew I had somewhere that I belonged....I always felt like no one never really wanted me around.

My father ditched me and my mother, my brother and sisters all went off to the military to fight and my mother shipped me out here cause she couldn't afford to take care of the both of us. Lin was always trying to find me somewhere I could fit in but....I can never do it. The whole fitting in thing. It was just not my thing. I roll over to my side seeing how happy my mother was in her wedding day picture with my father. How happy they were together till dad started drinking. I flinch rolling away looking out the window where the sun shined through my window. I should go down stairs and sit around them but I can't....I'm not really part of their crowd. I'm just me.

I sigh and pull the pillow over my head taking doc's advice and going to sleep.


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