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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Centuries upon them the children did not change,

With a Gift of youth Artmis had given,

The children aged one year for every hundred,

A curse some may say, but the children did not mind,

For to them it meant more bliss.

As they got older and wiser so did their powers.

For this Zeus was afraid of Apollo's prophecy,

It was on their 5th century Zeus's fear was too much for him to bear.

On the bridge of passing it was Poseidon's turn to have the children,

He waited for the children on the other side,

Eger to get to the other side to see her favorite Father

Verona ran as Jerolin walked slowly,

He had a gift to be able to sense wrong,

'Jerolin you are as slow as a methusai!

Come great Brother!'

He smiled to hid his feelings, he hated to water,

And had been dreading going to his sea fathers company.

Impatient Verona ran back to the bridge and took her brother's hand

'Come Brother Father has a arranged a

Grand party to celebrate our names day!

Isn't this magnificent!'

Jerolin didn't answer for the feeling of wrong was stronger.

A thundering clash made the children look up.

As the bolt of Zeus's deadly bolt came crashing down,

The bridge was destroyed leaving the children hanging for their lives.

Small weak Verona had been quick of thought like her mother,

Grabbed rope from the bridge and her brother.

They called out for their Father's and mothers for help,

All the Gods came to rescue the children,

But with Zeus and Apollo fighting against them they had not chance,

All they could do was sit and hope,

And call to them to hold on to one and other.

Jerolin looked up to his sister,

As she struggled to hang on to both of them,

Her face covered in sweat,

Even having the strength of Ares was not going to help her save them both.

He looked up to her said

'Great sister this is what the fates have decided,

I sensed danger this fortnight and was ignorant,

I will not let you fall for me.'

Verona looked at her brother with a grave expression,

'No Brother you shall not fall! Not like this!

I cannot allow thee to die for me!

For I can not be whole with out you!

This is a test! As we will face many others together!

Please Brother! Do not think in such dreadful ways!

Our Fathers and Mothers will find a way to save us!'

Jerolin looked down and back up to he's sister and at the gods,

Watching and screaming their names powerless to do anything,

For their children. He knew what must happen,

'My dearest sister. I love thee and will

Always be there with you, may you have grand triumph,

And a glory, live both our lives for us and keep me in your memory'

He smiled and closed his eyes and let go of his sisters' hand.

And the Son-of-all fell.

I jump out of bed falling on my ass,"Shit!" I groan holding my head.

"Linny? Are you okay?" I roll my eyes standing facing the sunrise. Streaching my arms and back from the restless night. I look over to the girl who was lucky enough to share my bed with me last night. A petite blonde with no boobs. She sat up holding the sheets to her chest.

"Your clothes are hanging up on the door. Order whatever you want from room service." I tell her getting dressed in a pair of black jeans and a white shirt. "A cab will be waiting for you when you are ready to leave." I grab my leather jacket throwing it over my shoulder.

"What? Wait what ab-"

"There's nothing about us don't you understand the concept of a one night stand? Your lucky that I'm nice enough to give you a place to clean up. Now I expect you to be gone when I return." With that I close the door and jog down the stairs. I lived In New York now above a bar that I owned. Being the son of the Gods was easy livin, all I had to do was stay out of their hair and they stayed out of mine.

It's only noon and the bar is bustling with people who like to drink before five. I grin looking at all the girls who had stumbled into my bar. All of them barely a three on a scale of one to ten. I look over to the bar and groan. My new trannie was having a hard time keeping the orders up. I jump over the bar.

"Luke how many times do I have to tell you a screwdriver has orange juice not redbull."

"I...I'm s...sorry Mr.Conquest. I'm trying. Rachel hasn't shown up for work yet and I'm swamped!" I roll my eyes and start serving drinks.

"Don't worry about it you've only been here for a few days you'll get used to it." I fill all the orders and lean back on the counter looking around. MY bar was simple but different. It was a guys heaven. TV's everywhere showing all the sports going on, there was extra rooms in the back for those who got lucky enough to get some action, and the drinks were half off for the ladies. I look around trying to decide on who I was going to take upstairs to be my first victim of the day. I chuckle as the load music starts to play half the time I don't understand why humans like the music that they do, you can't understand half of what they're saying. I watch the dancers carefully, thats where majority of the girls are now. I look at a woman about 5'6 I can't really make out her features but something about her made her stand out.

I tap Luke's shoulder "Hey who's that?" I gesture to the girl.

He shrugs, "I dunno I saw her come in, she ordered a shot of whiskey and went straight to the dance floor." I bite my cheek tilting my head. Something about her was off. What it was I didn't know. She has her eyes closed and swaying to the music like she owns the dance floor. Her ass shakes with the beat and her hands rise above her head. I watch as she doesn't even seem to care about all the guys trying to make a move on her.

"Watch the bar Luke." I don't wait for him to answer I make my way over to the girl, keeping my distance so I can get a good look at her. Her hair is black, and there are streaks of purple and blue in the layers. She wears a red mini skirt, with leggings, and a black tank top. There is a scar on the side of her face, going from her temple to just below her ear. I move in closer when the door bursts open with three men stand in the door. The girl spins around her eyes widen.

"Damnit!" She hisses and looks around. She eyes the three men carefully and then grins. "You know how to crash a party, don't you?" One of the men steps forward.

"You're coming with us, you bitch," he says. The girl snatches a drink from girl passing and take a drink.

"But I haven't finished my drink," she says and laughs. She throws back the drink in three swallows and throws the glass at the man.

I take a deep breath and walk over "Hey this is a bar not a fight club." I catch the glass before it hits the man's nose. "Why don't you men go over and get a drink from the bar on me." I make sure that I'm in between the girl and them so that if a fight broke out I'd be able to overpower them.

The man that stepped up first looks at me, and then looks at the girl behind me," She's wanted. She comes with us." The other two men come up to flank him.

"Show me the warrant and I'll gladly help you. but till then. Go have a drink." The man glares at him and then looks at the girl again. He grumbles something and the three men stomp over to the bar.

I look behind me and look at the woman handing her the glass, "If you wanna really fuck them up throw this a little lower." I smirk offering my hand "I'm Jerolin the owner, and can you tell me why you're causing trouble in my bar?" The woman sizes me up, studying me before answering.

"I'm Pryena, my friends call me Pree, or they use to anyway. Look I'm sorry,I didnt mean to cause problems. I thought I ditched those douche bags, three towns over," She snatches the glass from me.

"Next time they want to fight, we'll take it outside. I wouldn't want their blood staining your bar." She glances over at the men, who are still glaring at her like she's an animal.

I bow my head slightly and kiss her hand, "Thank you lovely. Now....I'm gonna do you a favor. No matter what you think you see, your wrong got it?" I wink at her and melt into the crowed I go to the phone and call the bar.

"Lin's place Nightclub and bar how may I-"

"Shut up Luke. YOu know those three guys at the bar?"

"Yeah the pricks who don't tip?" I chuckle

"Yup those are the ones. I want you to slip a little somethin somethin in their drink for me."


"Don't question just do." I hang up and smile watching Luke slip in one of the date rape drugs I hid under the register into the men's drinks. I chuckle and go to my office in the back closing the door. Simple minded humans.


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