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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I pull my eyes open. They feel like they were glued together. My lungs are still burning, but not as much as they were before. My head hurt too, I guess suffocating will do that to you. I yanks the breathing mask from my face, and toss it to the floor. Sam is so getting a perm. I grin to myself, a little but then look around. Oh God, Jerolin! I cough a little, my throat is still pretty raw. Damn Jacob!

"Jerolin..." I swallow hard, looking around. I spot a bottle of whiskey, and smile a little. My face hurts, so smiling doesn't help. Maybe I will forgive Sam after all. I see a pair of feet sticking out of the bathtub but theres no head or body connected to them. I gasp. "Jerolin!" I cough and throw the covers off me. When my feet touch the ground, tiny pinpricks shot into my feet. I must have been out for a while. I stumble half, running to the bathroom.

Lin is under the wat with his hands over his chest. He still has clothes on...well whatever is left of them. Their torn up and burned like he had go through a fire. There isn't any bubbles coming out from him breathing. Maybe I will kill Sam after all.

"No!" I shriek, that causes me to go into another coughing fit. I grab Jerolin and yank him out of the tub. "No... no..."

He coughs yawning"I'm up...I'm up...."He yawns opening his eyes looking up at me. Relief floods through me, and I fall onto him, kissing him and hugging him.

"....What'd I do?" He yawns he looks so stiff like he doesn't want to move. I hug him harder and then look down at him. I can feel tears threatening to escape my eyes, damn I hate crying.

He looks up at me then to the tub, "Oh......oh sweetie you forgot I don't have to breathe didn't you?" I nod and kiss him again .

"And....Jetta.... she...hurt you...," I croak. "My fault..." I run my hand through his hair.

"That bitch is fucking dead in a ditch somewhere." He growls. "And not your fault. It's no ones fault shes got a personal vendetta." I run my hand through his hair again. Remembering how he had killed her. How amazed, yet somewhat terrifed. He had gotten so huge. I half feared he'd step on me, but then he saved me, right before Jacob stabbing me in the gut.

"I'm so sorry......Im so so sorry that you had to see me....like that." He looks so...embarrassed and ashamed. I kiss him again, lingering a little this time.

"Don't... Dont be sorry. It's okay.... you saved us...." I tell him. I cough again. "Are you okay?" I cup his face. I demand to know the answer, but I'm scared that he's still hurt. I wonder if Sam helped him up here, or if he did it himself. I shouldn't have let him put me to sleep when all I wanted was to see my Jerolin. To make sure he was okay.

"Stiff...sore....but over all.....I think I'm okay. Just a nap and try to get my body to work right again I'll be good to go." I nod, I stand up. I'm still wearing just a tank top and panties. Bastard took my weapons and my gun! I offer my hand to Jerolin.

"Let me help you get to get then," I rasp. I look down at him.

He chuckles shaking his head,"Yeah...no. Nice try love. Not happenin. I'm three times your size and you're still coughing and you're still sick." he starts to try sitting up. I kneel next to him, and pull him to where he can sit up.

"I'm stronger than I look. And I'm not sick. just a little sore," I grumble. I hide another cough, by pretending to growl at him.

"You my love are the worst liar in the history of liars and trust me. I'm old I know that history." He coughs grunting as he grabs the side of the tub to stand. He holds up his pants with his other hand. He looks like the hulk after he goes back to being Bruce banner. But I definitely liked this Hulk better. Much sexier. I wrap my arm around his waist to help him out at least a little.

"Don't stress yourself love. I can do it." He coughs but I can tell by the way he shifts his weight he was thankful for the help.I help guide him to the bed, and lay him down. I run a hand through his hair again and kiss his cheek.

"Sam brought us a drink. Do you want any?" I ask. I start over to the other side of the bed where the drinks were.

"It's official he's my new favorite. I'm hiring him. And getting him whatever the fuck he wants."He coughs laughing rolling over to lay on his stomach putting a pillow over his head. "Yeah I'll take one." I smile a little and make us both a drink. I set them aside for a moment, to go pull on some sweats.

"I like you better in my boxers." How the fuck did he know I was wearing sweats? He hasn't even looked at me? I stick my tongue out at him, testing him, before shimmying out of the sweats and replacing them with his boxers. I grab the drinks and sit on the bed.

"We both know that tongue belongs somewhere else." He chuckles ending with a yawn. I set the pillows up so I can lean against them, and remove the pillow from his head.

"Do you want to take a nap?" I ask. I take a sip of whiskey. It burns as it goes down, but it taste good.

He groans,"No I just wish it wasn't so bright in here. I feel like I got a hangover from one of Dionysus's orgy parties." He looks over to me and smiles, "Maybe the next one I'll take you along." He grins. I smile at him and giggle a little. I get up and close the blinds more. I go back to the bed and sit down.

"An orgy party? Really?" I chuckle. I frown a little and look at the drinks in my hand.

He rolls to his side making a pain filled face taking his drink looking down at it. He throws the drink back and grunts. "Good brand. He knows his whiskey." I take another swallow, flinching a little as it burns down my throat. I smile at him.

"Actually he just knows what I like," I tell him. I nibble on my lip and take a deep breath. I smile to myself. "Hey Jerolin?"

"Mmm?" He says laying down putting his hands behind his head with his eyes closed. I turn my body to him, sitting up so that I'm facing him. This is something I have been meaning to do sooner. Something to make him happy.

"You know, with the ability to change my appearance, I can look however you want me to look. Whatever you dream about, and whatever you are attracted to," I tell him. I trace circles on his chest gently.He shudders under my touch, I can feel the faint purr rumbling in his chest. I smile.

"You are what I'm attracted to. You're perfect. If you ever change i might kill you." He said it teasingly. "The best part about you physically anyway is your ass. God do you realize how hard it is to find a girl with an ass as good as yours?" He looks at me with a smile then he bites his lip, "But can I make a confession?" I blush, wiggling around a little. I bite my lip and smile. He likes my ass.

"Of course you can," I tell him.

"I've always wanted Vulcan ears." He burns brightly. "I'm a huge Treckie." I laugh, and smile wider. He burns even brighter hiding under the pillow again. Something I didn't expect. I sorta expected him to ask for bigger boobs, or bigger lips. Or something. Spock ears, though.... I knew I loved this man for a reason. I touch my ears, changing them and then I reach under the pillow, grabbing his ears. I change them.

"And I thought I'd have to hide my Star Trek collection from you," I say. I laugh again, and hug him. "Well what do you think?" I ask, pulling the pillow away again.

He grins and hugs me tight,"I love them!" he gasps letting go laying down,"Fuck bad move." He groans putting a hand on his back taking deep breaths. I frown, feeling guilty that he's in pain. I cup his face.

"Oh... Oh baby... I'm so sorry. What can I do for you? Do you need that magic liquid? What is that stuff called anyway?" I ask tired of not knowing what it's called.

He chuckles kissing my hand still in pain"It's called ambrosia. It's like whiskey plus but it's blessed by Apollo to give it healing powers." I nod. Ambrosia then. I'll remember that. I stroke his cheeks with my thumbs, and nibble my bottom lip.

"Can I have a kiss? I missed sleeping with you in my arms." I nod, I lean down and kiss him softly. I'm so glad that bitch that hurt him is dead. Jacob will be pissed and come back with a vengeance though. I hate this. That I keep endangering him. Tears threaten to fall again, but I hold them back, shaking a little.

"Hey hey love please...come here." He gently pulls me down ontop of him and holds me in his arms stroking my back. "Shh shh it's okay it's okay." I curl into him, feeling numb, but loving that he's holding me. I don't deserve this guy, but how selfish am I because I can't let him go.

"You're hurt, because of what they did to me....because they wanted to punish me," I telll him. I begin to trace circles on her chest again.

"Eh...I'm more hurt by seeing you hurt and the whole growing fifty feet tall thing. The shocking bitch was nothin'."

"Yeah, but you wouldn't have had to Hulk out on them, if they hadn't been after me," I say softly. I should just drop it but I can't.

"Hulk? That's a new one. And love people will always be after me or you. We're just that popular. I knew that when I said I love you. I know what I signed up for." he runs his hands through my hair softly. I shudder and have to hold back a groan. No one has played with my hair in years. I hug him, and kiss his chest.

"I love you," I tell him. "So much. I'm lucky to have you." I kiss his chest again and move my head so I can hear his heartbeat. He continues to play with my hair I can hear him taking deep breaths and his heart pounding a loud steady beat. I smile.

"Jerolin?" I ask softly, with a small yawn. He's playing with my hair, and it's making me sleepy.

"Yes my love?"He says very softly like he too was half asleep. I yawn again, and kiss his neck.

"Will you teach me to salsa?" I ask hopeful. I love to dance. and dancing with him would be just amazing.

"I'll teach you salsa if you teach me hip hop." He kisses the top of my head. I smile, rubbing my face in his chest.

"It's a deal," I whisper.

"Good....now....wanna tell me who that girl is? And Why I shouldn't go break that Yori kid's neck?"

"Ashley... friend from Vollen. I'm pretty sure Samuel has a huge thing for her. Glad it's not me anymore...." I tell him. "And because, and I know this might not make sense to you. To me he's still a friend and to see him in pain, doesn't sit well with me.... Even after what he did to me," I whisper. Out of habit, I curl my arm about my abdomen.

I feel him growl under me holding me tighter,"Fine...but if he even lays a hair on you I swear on the river of Styx I'm gonna drown him in the river of Styx." I chuckle weakly.

"Okay. And feel free to toss him around a little, if you have to. I think I might deck him, for throwing a knife at Luke and me," I tell him. I kiss his chest.

He growls softly still,"You don't understand....I mean it." He looks down at me. "Do you know how serious swearing on the River is?" I look up at him, and shake my head. Zeus swore on that river too. I'm guessing its a big deal. I look up at him. waiting for him to explain

His eyes were a tint of red. "Swearing on the river and breaking the oath...equals ten years of punishment. No ambrosia...no nector...no drinking...no talking nothing. There isn't a single thing a oath breaker gets. We are put in a coma where that we are fully aware of all of the people we care for either age and die or worst." My eyes widen and I swallow hard, but I nod in understanding.

"Oh.... Then don't ever break an oath like that," I whisper, afraid for him all over again, even though he hasn't broken an oath yet. He kisses my head.

"Then make sure Yori never fucking touches you." I nod frantically, agreeing. He nods sternly and hugs me close kissing my head. I nod into his chest again. And kiss his neck.

"I can't explain to you what would happen if I lost you Pree....I just can't....."

"I couldn't bare if lost you either Linny. You mean the world to me, and I need you," I whisper the last part softly. I cuddle into him, careful not to hurt him. He smiles softly in my hair.

"Mine. And I'm gonna tell you I don't share nicely. Ask Verona when I got a new toy it was mine."He chuckles "Mine mine mine." He squeezes me tight shaking me side to side a little. I giggle and hug him.

"I don't share nicely either," I say. "You're mine."

"You don't have to worry about that. Any past girlfriends I've had I've treated so badly that they won't ever come back." I look up at him and pout playfully.

"You treat me badly, and I'll shrink your dick. Understand?" I tell him. I

He laughs hard,"But then we can't have fun!" He groans rolling on top of me smiling. I smile at him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Then don't treat me badly," I tell him. "And be careful, you'll hurt yourself."

He starts kissing my neck,"It'll be worth it though." He smiles nibbling my neck softly before rolling off me laying next to me. I pout playfully, and roll over so that my head rests on his chest again, listening to his heart beat. I trace the inside of his arms a little.

"That's nice." He whispers closing his eyes softly. I smiled and kiss his cheek.

"Sleep, my love," I tell him.

"Promise to be here when I wake up?" I nod.

"I promise," i say. He yawns nodding holding me close putting his cheek on my head and within minutes he's sound asleep snoring softly. I smile settling in comfortably. I close my eyes to sleep. God I love this man, more than I love anything else. I love him with all my heart, body and soul. I kiss his chest where his heart beats, and fall asleep.


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