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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I grab my hair pulling on it looking around I hear the boy fall to the ground. I couldn't concentrate on keeping him there when I had to find Pryena. I start tearing the wall down seeing if maybe they had put her inside the wall. I scream in rage as I start tearing the Bar apart looking for where they took her.

Pryena appears in the center of the room. A man is holding her tightly, and she's been stripped down to her tank top and panties. She has none of her weapons on her. The man holds a knife to her throat. Blood swells around the knife, and there is blood coming from her ears. There is a blonde girl standing behind them

Luke lays on the floor acting like he's out cold that it looks real he even slowed his breathing so that it looked like in my rage I knocked.....shit....I see the wood that hit him in the head. Damn it. I take a step forward towards her.

"Pree...." The man tightens his grip. Pryena glares in hatred, and she struggles against him. Smoke comes from his hands, swirling around her mouth and nose. She coughs and gags.

"Come any closer, and I swear I'll cut her throat," the man says. I put my hands up in a surrendering gesture. He smiles at me.

"This doesn't have to get ugly. I've already killed three of your men and one of your woman. I have this one here."I point to Luke."In custody. Give her to me and we can talk." He laughs and cuts her throat a little to show me he means business. Pryena hisses in pain and coughs harder.

"I know all about you Jerolin. Or at least most things. I know you destroyed half of Vollen. And Damn does that piss me off," he snaps. Pryena grabs his thigh, looking for a weapon. I shake my head at her. She stares me.

"So you know I can easily make her mine again and kill all of you before you have time to even think of something else to say. But I'm trying to give you a chance to live. Just leave her alone....and go. No harm will come to you or you men." I keep my hands up and gesture to the bar...what's left of it. "Let's sit down....have a drink and talk."

Samuel get into the closet with the girl. Now! Keep her quiet and don't move till I tell you to got it! I tell him using my mental abilities.

"On your knees," he orders. Pryena coughs, as more smoke swirls around her face. She coughs harder and shakes her head at me.

I nod, "Alright just stop hurting her. Okay?" I show that I have no weapons on me. "i'm unarmed So you don't have to worry." I slowly crouch down to my knees keeping my hands where they can see them. Pryena shakes her head at me again, and her eyes widen.

"Jer...oll...lin," she gasps. She struggles harder, and the guy slams her into his chest, to keep her from moving. He grins at me and licks the side of her face.I fight the growl and keep my face straight. A hand touches my shoulder. I don't move a muscle

"Don't turn around, handsome, or the bitch dies." a female says. She grabs my face, gently from behind.

"I guess that makes you the boss around here huh?" She laughs, her laugh sounds like bells and Pryena glares at her. She struggles again, but the guy digs the knife into her neck some more, and the smoke increases.

"See Pryena, this is what happens when you make friends," she says sweetly. She puts her hands on my shoulders, and a shock runs through me. I gasp a little and look away from Pree to recollect myself. I grab my thighs to help.

"Gee....not on the first date. Girly. I don't do BDSM." I say not moving, looking back at Pryena. Pryena has tears in her eyes. She's giving me that I'm so sorry look.

Where the fuck is Yori?

The woman laughs and a stronger shock goes through me. Pryena yelps, trying to get away again. The man increases the smoke, and she chokes. Yori stumbles to his feet, shaking off a daze. He grabs the baseball bat and tries to attack the guy, but the blonde girl grabs the bat and knees him in the groin.

I hold my breath closing my eyes tight taking it I tense up and ride through the pain. I breath through my nose going through the pain without showing anything on my face.

"Pryena stop...moving." I hiss at her. "If...I have...to go save your ass in Hades Imma make you sleep on the couch." I say through my teeth showing Pryena that I'm alright by trying to keep my sense of humor going. She flinches and nods a little. She reaches a hand in my direction, but she can't reach far.

I breath deeply, "Wow shorty if your just gonna do electrotherapy may I suggest going high up the voltage? Honestly cause I'm barely feeling what you're giving me." Pryena shakes her head frantically at me. The guy covers her mouth and putting the smoke directly into her mouth. The woman behind my grabs my head, and the shocks increase a lot more. I grab the woman's wrists but not to pull them away or to flip her over I do it to hold her there. I shake just slightly from the pain but I take every ounce of what she gives me.

Keep it up whore keep it up I chant in my head. Sam said Verona needed a pick me up right? Me in danger should be just what she needs. I let a very faint groan,but only the woman behind me could have heard it. She increases the shock again.

"Y...your good all give you th...that." I gasp clutching my hands around her wrists tighter but careful not to hurt her. "Wonder how goo...good you really are." my voice is thick and I know Pree can hear that I'm in pain no matter how hard I try to hid it. The woman shocks me with everything she's got. Pryena gasps, inhaling more smoke and she coughs harder.

I start to sweat but I will not fall. I will not fall in front of these bastards. I will not. I start to dig my nails accidentally into the woman's wrists from the pain. She gasps. Pryena yelps, as he guy digs the knife into her neck more.

Luke stirs but hasn't fully come to yet he's still out cold.I release the girls wrists putting my hands over hers.

Damn it Luke when I need you your always asleep!

Am not pretty good huh?! Even fooled your sorry ass. Verona woke me up a few seconds ago.

Fucken tell tell her to hurry with what the fuck she wants to do.

Pryena sinks her teeth into the guys hand, she draws blood. She grabs the guy's wrist and throws him over her shoulder. She collapses coughing and dry heaving. The man howls and scrambles to his feet. Pryena stays on her knees, but she swings at him with a knife, she must have stolen from him.

"L...lady.....t...take....me...y...you c...can... t...take me in....." I gasp breathing hard swallowing hard. "Th...that J...Jetta w...woman l...likes p...power right? I....I can....give....her.....more....than she.....ever needs." I look up to the woman. I know my eyes are bloodshot from the shocking but I know that their bright murderous red. The woman slaps me hard across the face.

"I am Jetta," she hisses. "And I want nothing more, than to make Pryena suffer and get my orb back, you worthless peice of shit. Jacob grab her!" She yells a the guy. Jacob tackles Pryena to the ground, but Pryena stabs him. He howls, but punches her in the face, twice. Pryena knees him, but he stabs her in the thigh. She shrieks.

I smile and start to laugh a malicious laugh. That did it. Watching Pree get hurt...watching her blood pour out of her.

"Big mistake lady.....I hid the orb not Pryena." I stand holding the bitches wrists and I snap them in half. I feel my boddy changing as I start to grow. "You should pick your fights better witch." I grab her by the throat as I start to grow taller Soon I'm through the roof with her in my hands I smile she looks like a mere doll. I hang her by her hair laughing and I was about the size of a 50 story building.

"You. Chose. wrong." I hang her from a transformer hand crush the box watching her get shocked herself. I laugh when she screams.

Welcome to true power child. I smile wide enjoying the feeling of causing the woman who hurt my Pree suffer. I reach down grabbing the men making them watch their leader fry. I grab the woman and smile.

"If you ever come back. I'll make you suffer worst then Hades himself." I smile and Just for my own personal gain I break the womans back. it was like breaking a tooth pick. I blow air on them and they go flying being sent from where they came. I laugh as I start walking. I look down at all the trees being crushed underneath me laughing.

War war blood blood destroy war blood destroy that's what your heart craves let it out child let it out I smile as I start lighting the forest on fire.

Pryena screams bloody murder, and then it cuts off.

I stop looking back at to what was left of the bar then to the fir.

Come child come into the flames pain suffering blood and war await you come child come into the flame. I grab my head backing away.

"Pree.....Pree needs me."

She's just a mortal! You will find another!! Come into the flame Jerolin! I start to shrink heading back to the bar....to Pree. My Pree....my love.....mine......

"No...no there is just Pree....just pree." i chant as I try to get to the bar as I start returning to normal size. I collapse in front of bar coughing with only the shredded remains of my clothes.

I hear Luke yelling at Pryena, "Pryena!? Pryena what's wrong!?" Pryena sputters and passes out. Yori scrambles to his knees and stares at Pryena and Luke.

S....samuel.......Pr...ryena......needs you........... I chough rolling onto my back. Verona runs over putting my head in her lap so I can see everything that was happening. I can't see what's going on. I can't move. I just lay there like a zombie. Verona runs her hand through my hair.

We need to talk when this is over. She says. I blink hard letting her know that I heard her.

Samuel runs into the room, moments later. He drops to his knees and begins the examine Pryena. He swears and shifts her around a little. He looks up at Luke and then at me. He sighs and turns back to her, pushing her hair of her face. Her hair is matted with blood and sweat. Her lip is bleeding and her eye is starting to swell.

Luke gets up and limps over to the bar grabbing some water and ice He comes back over and starts to wash off the blood with a rage putting Ice on her throat to stop the bleeding. He runs his free hand through her hair. I flinch then groan from the action, she was hurt....my baby.....she was trusting me to keep her safe......I failed to keep her safe. Gods I failed her when she needed me most. I shouldn't have let them hold her for that long. I should have just killed them. Gogs I'm a vlaka.

"I need to lay her down on a bed," Samuel says. He picks her up. "Where can I take her?"

Luke stands, "Take her to her and Lin's room."

Verona nods, "Lin can't walk right now so Luke...you take Sam up to the room."

"Yes ma'am." Luke bows a little wincing at the movement and gestures Sam up stairs. I blink hard watching how Sam can take care of her and I can't even move my big toe. Samuel starts to carry to the stairs. Pryena gasps, coughing. Her eyes flutter open.

"L...Lin..." she rasps. "Lin!" She coughs.

I smile in my head as tears roll down my face. Hearing her voice again....it was like music to my soul. She starts to struggles against Sam weakly, and she groans.

"Pree, calm down, please or I'll drop you," Sam says. She looks around frantically.

"Where....where is....where....is he," she croaks. "Lin..." She cough.s again, and starts to dry heave. Samuel swears again.

Verona,"He's down here sweetie. You go rest and he'll be with you in a moment." I cough closing my eyes. I don't even know how I'm gonna wake up again after this. Samuel glances at me and then back at Pryena. He shudders.

"I'm gonna get her on a breathing machine," he says. He carries her upstairs.

"Lin!" she screams, her voice so rough it cracks. "Jerolin..." I hear a door slam and her voice drowns away. Yori stares at the stairs and then he looks around.

"Holy fuck...." he whispers. Luke pats him on the shouler.

"Just think how bad you are for not believing her till she almost died." He shrugs and lips over to the bar and fixes himself a rum and coke. "Cheers." He throws the drink back and slams the glass down.

Verona keeps running her hands through my hair. Singing softly in my ear, "I don't wanna make a scene....I don't wanna let you down....tried to do my own thing and I'm starting to figure it out...that its all right keep it together wherever we go...that its all right....oh well whatever....you might be crazy have I told you lately that I love you...." I smile looking up at her. She grabs my hand and kisses my head. Luke chuckles looking around and starts cleaning every now and then shooting hateful glares at Yori. Yori looks away ashamed and leans against the wall.

Samuel comes back down the stair after a little bit, he kneels next to me and Verona, examining me. "She's asleep. She will be okay, but she told me that if I didn't fix you, she'd gut me. She's worried," he tells me.

"Pu na se Heso." Verona mumbles Luke and I laugh coughing, I nod at Sam. Samuel makes a face at us and then shakes his head. He glances back at the room the girl was in.

"Is the female okay Kopanos?"Verona asks Sam. Luke starts cracking up I roll my eyes at her. He gives us another funny look and the looks at Verona.

"Kopanos? And Yes..... Thank you so much for saving. M...Ashley. I thought I'd lost her for good," he says. He looks at me again. "He gonna be okay?"

"It means doctor in Greek. And don't thank me it all goes to that girl upstairs." Luke is about to die of laughter I haven't seen him laugh this hard in years. "Lin can't move...his body is refusing to do anything after that stupid stunt he pulled."she smacks the back of my head I'd move but that'd just hurt me more. "He needs a hot bath and rest." She covers a cough. I wonder how much energy she used coming down here. Samuel studies her and then looks around again. He glares at Yori and then turns back to us.

"I will draw him a bath then, and get him upstairs. You should be resting too," he scolds.

She sighs and nods, she was always the good patient. "Yes sir." She gently lays me down on the floor an shuffles to bed. Samuel watches her go, making sure she goes to bed. Luke whistles as he goes to hid from Samuels wrath he had a huge cut on his forehead and his stitches were out again. I sigh he's such a Hazi sometimes. Samuel looks over at Luke and narrows his eyes.

"I'll deal with you in a moment," He looks down at me. "Any objections to being carried. Blink once for yes and twice for no." I sigh I really don't have much of a choice. I can't even lift my head. I blink hard twice. "Good boy." He scoops me up, with a grunt and starts carrying me upstairs.Note to self:Get Sam a beer for dealing with all of our crap.I make myself smaller something my body was grateful for that way Sam doesn't break his back trying to carry my fat ass up the stairs. He carries me to my room, where Pryena is sleeping peacefully. She's attached to a few machines. He carries me into the bathroom and lays me carefully on the floor. He turns to the tub and starts the water. He looks down at me and shudders.

"Uh... Do you want me to remove the remainder of your clothes?" He rubs the back of his neck and grits his teeth. I blink really hard twice. Then wait a few seconds then do it again hoping he takes it as a double no. He sighs in relief and picks me up again. He sets me in the tub.

I gasp digging my nails into his shoulder blade. It wasn't that it hurt it was more of a 'Holy shit good morning' wake up call to my joints. I groan.

He scrubs a hand down his face and nods. "Will you be okay in here? Or would you like me to wait outside the door?" he asks.

I blink twice. I look towards the door then back to him. Hoping he understood that he could leave. He nods.

"Yell, or I don't know, do something if you need me. The mind thing scared the shit out of me but it worked. Don't drown, because then Pryena will shove my head in the toilet." he say, as he starts to walk out.

I nod weakly slowly getting some ability to move."T......than....ooo"I try to say thank you but it just comes out like a gargled up mess. Mental facepalm. He nods understanding.

"Yeah don't mention it. Now I'm gonna go check on Luke," he says, walking out.

I close my eyes and sink under the water soaking my whole body in the hot water. I hate baths. Unless I have my little minx with me. I sigh and try to get some sleep.


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