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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I'm dreamin. I have to be, or at least that's what I thought when I few Hunters decided to play slice and dice with my arm. The pain was too real. But what the hell was going on! I look down at the crazy girl, Verona. Who the hell is she? And why had she looked like Pryena! I swallow hard. What have I gotten myself into. What the hell? I shake my head trying to clear it. I was so confused, and I hate being confused. Almost as much as I hate Hunters.

I suddenly see that she has a phone in her hand. That....wasn't there before. With trembling hands I reach for the phone. I scroll through the contacts looking for a name that sounded like the name she said. Jerolin. I hit the call button, not even sure why I'm doing this. I wait for whoever this is to answer.

"Yolo Lins bar what's can I do for ya?" Its a male voice he laughs "Woman stop that this is my lollipop and I ain't sharin!" I blink at the phone and then shake my head. I hope this helps. I really do. I tighten my grip around the phone.

"Is this Jerolin?" I ask.

"Yup the one and only." I can hear him smiling. A cheerful guy, by the sound of that. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but.....

"There's a girl here. Her name is Verona, and she told me to call you. She's in bad shape and I don't know how to help her," I hiss into the phone. She had looked like Pryena I wasn't sure I wanted to help her, but I do because I hate seeing her in pain like this.

I hear the phone drop and in a bright light a man appears, "VERONA!" He yells running over falling to his knees pulling her into his lap. "Sis come on wake up I just got you back don't do this." He shakes her tapping her face lightly. When she doesn't respond he curses and stands holding her. "Who are you?" He growls not looking at me holding the girl like a newborn baby. I back away, but I grab my dagger, just in case. I stare at him.

"I'm Yori... Look I don't know what happen to her. She was fine when she was fighting, but then she did this burny thing and after that she went down fast. Tried to help her," I tell him. My heart is thundering in my chest and I know I should calm down.

He growls at my name he almost looked disappointed. He glares over to the side looking at the girl. "Can you carry the other female?" He hisses he's shaking with anger. I nod at him, but I don't speak. I go and grab the other girl, holding her close to my chest trying not to hurt her.

He goes to a wall and kicks a hole through the wall but instead of it leading to the outside like it should have it leads what looks like a bar. He steps through it like its a normal thing. I hesitate but then I follow him, not sure what else to do.

"Jerolin?" a familiar voice says and I freeze, my heart jumping into my throat. I set the girl down gently on a table and draw my dagger. I look around for the girl responsible for the death of my best friend. I see her then. Pryena. She gasps when she sees Verona and Jerolin and then her eyes widen when she sees me.

"Sam!!" The man Jerolin yells, laying the Verona chick on the bar counter. He's shaking so bad that it's not even hard to tell anymore. A guy with glasses runs up. He fixes his glasses, and looks around. Pryena stays frozen and I glare at her, gritting my teeth. Bitch. She ruined everything.

"Please....please Sam please." He chokes out. "Help me please." The guy with the glasses, Sam, nods and rushes over to Verona and Jerolin.

"Sure. Anything. What's wrong with her? Anything I should know?" he asks. I focus of Pryena. Her hands come up, and I hiss.

"I don't know. But shes so cold. And she was bleeding from her eyes and mouth. The boy said something about her using magic but that's never affected her before." He glances at Pryena "Pree what's wrong with her!?" He begs to know an answer. The guy Samuel begins attaching things to Verona.

:whoa...negative energy between to friends. "A blonde guy says looking at me and Pryena he grabs Pree's hand "This guy troublin you bud? I can't walk right but I still rmemeber a few things those bastards taught me."Pryena glances at him and shakes her head. She steps closer to me, and I step back.

"Hi, Yori," she says. Her voice soft. She takes a shaky breath and holds out her hands in surrender. An act I'm sure. I point my dagger at her.

"Don't talk to me Friend Murderer," I hiss. Pryena flinches and lowers her hands. Tears fill her eyes. Seriously? How desperate is she

"Hey now don't be doin that name callin thing. I did that enough to her already." The guy says standing in front of pPree like he's.....protecting her...? I frown, not lower my gaze.

"Stay out of this. This is between me and her," I tell him. Pryena puts a hand on his shoulders.

"I owe her my life dude she saved me from becoming one of those heartless bastards. So you can either put your pathetic excuse of a agger down and you two can sit down and talk or I will pull a doctor Sam and knock you out on your ass right here on the floor." He sounds happy and polite but soaked with being serious.

"Luke, it's okay. Don't... Don't do this. Don't hurt him. Let me talk to him, okay?" Pree says. Oh this is hilarious. Look at her trying to pretend to be my friend again She curls her hand around her stomach. I flinch a little, remembering what I did to her, but then I smile. She deserved it.

"But he's the one bringing a knife to a gunfight!" He doesn't yell he just talks sternly to her.

"Pree please come here. Please."The guy Jerolin begs softly he hasn't even noticed the stand off going on behind him. He stares at his sister who just seems to get paler and paler by the minute. Pryena gives me a pleading look and she goes to stand next to Jerolin. I don't relax. I just watch her.

The guy Luke goes to the girl I laid on the table,"Dpc this girl is bad too. Want me to carry her to the room?" The guy looked like he just got the shit beat outta him He has a bandage around his head and his arm in a sling with his shoulder wrapped. Lin buries his head in Pryenas shoulder. holding her tightly like he's afraid. She comforts him, worriedly. I roll my eyes. Why is she so calm? Are all these people Hunters?

"Just give me a second Luke, and don't you dare pick her up. You should still be resting," Sam says. He doesn't look at Luke, but the way he holds himself, lets me know he's aware of his surroundings.

"Geeze why yes mister Iz get rightz on that." Luke says in a southern tone. He rolls his eyes biting his lip as He goes to the closet pulling out a wheel chair putting the girl in it. He smirks and rolls the girl into a room. He rolls his eyes and mutters something that sounds like "smart ass." There are a few flashes of light around Verona.

"Pree why won't she wake up." Lin whimpers into Pryena's shoulder. Pryena runs a hand through his hair and holds him. I could gag, but as I watch her, a pang of longingness slams into my chest. She's acting just like her old self.

"She's stable, Jerolin. From what I can tell, she overworked herself and she's not as powerful as she thought she was. She needs a pick me up and rest," Sam says. Pryena relaxes a little.

Jerolin looks confused, but nods fast rubbing his face in Pryena's shoulder I see a few wet spots on her shirt now. "C-can I move her to a room?" He asks. Sam nods and unattached a few things.

"Yeah. I'll be around to check up on her. Make sure there's no internal bleeding," Sam says, packing up a few things. Pryena squeezes Sam's shoulder and then runs a hand through Jerolin's hair again. She kisses his cheek.

"T-thanks Sam." He sounds really shaken up far different from the guy I first called. He picks up his sister and carries her up stais slowly like he's afraid he's gonna break her. The guy Luke comes back out.

"She's really scared in there. Pree I gave her one of your pajamas if that's okay. She didn't have anything on." He doesn't even sound affected he turns his head and I see that there's a faint scar on his neck. but it looks like it was just cut into again. An ex Hunter? Or a Hunter with a special ability.

"I'm going to check on her," Sam says. He hurries into the room. Pryena starts to follow, but stops and looks at me. She cheeks turn red and she looks at her feet.

"I'm not a Hunter anymore," she says.

"Bullshit!" I snap, unable to stop my hatred for Hunters leak through my voice. I glare at her. Hating what they did to her. Hating what she did to Jadon.

"It's true. She's even helped me...even after I....."He shakes his head. "Look this is a safe heaven. I've seen her kill Hunters. I got shot by one and she helped me get better. When they turned me into one she was there to help me though getting back to normal. She's not a Hunter anymore. I swear it on the river of Styx that its the truth." The guy Luke says holding her hand. It looked like he was both using it to shield her from me and to keep himself upright. I don't soften my glare. She squeezes his hand, and I wave my dagger at them.

"She killed our friend and laughed about it!" I yell. She flinches again. She grabs his arm, like she's gonna pull him behind her. Oh I hope she attacks me. I hope she does..

"I don't know how to explain it to you man.....the way the chip makes you feel.....its....it's like they rip you and and stuff something else in. You watch as someone uses your body. The pain of the changing of trying to come back. I care for Pryena with everything in me I' take a bullet for her...again. and when I had the chip inside me............I tried to rape Pryena." He hangs his head but doesn't let go of her hand. "I know you may not believe that she's not a Hunter anymore....but believe me when I say.....it wasn't her choice." Pryena runs a hand through his hair, to comfort him. What the hell? Her hand drops to her side. He gives her a thankful look.

"Yori...." She steps closer and I step back again.

"Don't speak to me like we're friends." I growl. She frowns a little. Tears roll down her cheeks, but she flicks them away. Her hand curls around her thigh. Reaching for a knife? I grip my dagger tightly. and throw it at her. She shoves Luke out of the way and bats the knife away from her. She spins around and throws the knife into the wall, where it lodges into the wall, all the way to the hilt. Hunter skills. My eyes widen. She looks over at Luke.

Luke grunts holding his bad shoulder,"Now...Imma kill him and you can't say shit." He tells her. "Be nice to my friends when they get here. They'll be tired and hungry. Oh please be nice to them they'll just need a little time to get used to the idea." He says mimicking her voice as he's trying to get up. "When Lin finds out that he threw a knife at you I won't even get a chance to throw my punch in cause Lin will send him to fucking hades!" He sits down and curses when blood starts seeping through his bandages. "Don't tell doc I busted my stitches." He hisses growling. "Be nice Luke they'll come around, Luke don't kill them if they do anything stupid, Luke can Yori have your room he likes looking outside for the sunset. It helps him relax." He continues mimicking her as he starts stitching himself back up. She rolls her eyes at him and goes to him.

"I never asked you to give up your room, Luke," she sighs. "I'm sorry I shoved you. Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah that's right Lin did because you were asking about rooms with a view." He snorts glaring at me. "He should be sleeping in a gutter." He looks back at her with kinder eyes, "I'll be fine just don't tell doc I fucked up his stitches." He says finishing up his arm re wrapping it. She sighs again and runs a hand through his hair again. She turns to me narrowing her eyes.

"Hating me is one thing, but don't threaten these people or...." She stiffens and pales. She grabs her ears and falls to her knees. A scream errupts from her mouth and I back away.

Jerolin runs down the stairs grabbing her arms and glares at me "What did you do to her!?" Luke falls down to be with her.

"Pryena!?" He cups her face trying to look at her. "He threw a knife at her and she reacted! She was just about to threaten him when she fell!" I feel a force slamming me into the wall forcing me to stay there. I struggle against the force. Pryena keeps screaming.

"You threatened her!?" His eyes flash red and hold Pryena close. "Babe babe you're okay. Babe listen to me Its me and Luke now nothing will hurt you please baby please." He chants rocking her. Pryena thrashes around, screaming louder. Blood gushes from her fingers, as she holds her ears. My eyes widen and I struggle harder.

"No.... No.... No..... They're coming!" I yell. Worry slams into me. If they are hurting her than everything Luke said, is the truth.

Lin glares at me then to Luke, "They still believe you're a Hunter. I'm going to take Pryena upstairs and try to keep her quiet. YOu take bimbo and the doc and the girl and you lock them in the room. When they question you make sure that you come up with something non lukeish."

Luke nods, "Yes sir. What about Verona?"

"She's out cold anyway." He says picking up Pryena tying a rag around her mouth so her screams are muffled. Something yanks Pryena away from him, and Pryena disapears.

"Pryena!" Lin screams running to where she vanished looking around for a portal or something "Pryena!"

Luke's face falls with defeat,"I failed her......."


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