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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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I giggle high on the bliss freedom. I skip around looking for the Yori and Ashley my brothers lover asked me to get. The boy was easy to find he was in a house in North Carolina. I floated above the state looking down at its beauty.There are three distinct landforms of the Southeast and of North Carolina: the Coastal Plain, the Piedmont and the Appalachian Mountains. The Coastal Plain is low and flat as it gently starts sloping into the land that extends along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The boy was laying on the beach laying on a towel. A very sexy boy may I add. He was muscular, having spent hours at the gym. He was clearly Asain. He had dark hair that hung in his eyes. His nose was straight, as if it had been chisled by an artist. His lips were a shade darker than his skin the bottom lip a little fuller than the top. sigh a little Sometimes controlling my mother's side of my emotions was difficult. I float down and land on the beach making myself appear in a white bikini that kept me mostly covered but revealed just enough to get the boy's attention. I watched him and changed my red hair to become his favorite dark brown. I read his mind just enough to get a slight feeling of what this boy was into.

I make my way over to him and pretend to slip and fall on him. "oof!" I yelp falling on top of him. He jumps a little, shifting around to get away from me. An automatic reaction from someone on the run.

"Ouch! What the!" He looked down at me, "Hey are you okay?" I nod sitting up. He studies me, his eyes lingering on my curves, a normal reaction from a guy. He looks away and looks around nervously, and swallows hard.

"I-I'm sorry i tripped when my ankle twisted." I hold my ankle pouting just a little. Enough to get the sympathy play. He looks around nervously again and helps me up.

"Thank you stranger."He nods grabbing his things, stuffing several things in his bad. I see a glint of a blade. "Hey where are you going?" I ask, and his hand brushes against the knife briefly.

"I have to be heading home." Theres a tone in his voice that I recognize straight away. I lean in and whisper in his ear.

"I know who you're running from." His eye get wide and he starts backing away from me. He narrows his eyes at me, and reaches into his bag. Probably for the knife.

"You're a Hunter." He snaps, dropping his things getting ready to either fight or run. His fist flies toward me, but I grab his arm pulling him down to the sand. I put my hand up and bullets hit an invisible wall. He flinches and his hands come up to cover his face, as if he can block the bullets with his hand, silly Mortal.

"No, they are Hunters. I am a fiend of a friend." I say. He scrambles back a little, putting a few inch distance between us. He palms his knife, looking around frantically. He scans the beach, looking for something to use to his advantage. He swallows hard, and looks at me.

"Don't have any friends," he says through gritted teeth. "Who are you?" I giggle and kiss his cheek.

"I'm Verona, goddess of warrior protection well when I'm the greek me."I giggle. "COme on little Warrior, our evil little guests want to come after me too now so let's tally ho!" I grab his hand and wave at the crowed of people. I giggle as my loyal clouds lift us up into the air flying us to safety.

"Hold on tight silly mortal!"I laugh smiling wide returning to my natural figure of long beautiful red hair and a long flowing white dress. He squirms around, obviously scared.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. I'm being kidnapped by a crazy lady," he gasps. but he clings to me, staring down at the ground. I glare down at him. Meanie head!

"Watch your french mister!" I huff half tempted to let him fall...but I don't cause I'm a nice person. Unlike my daddy Ares he a meanie head. And my daddy Hades he mean too. I love my daddy Poseidon cause he let me to fun games! Like ride sharks, sink ships, collect seashells down by the sea shore, I love my daddy Poseidon. He looks up at me, his eyes wide, he's a little green.

"S..Sorry," he mumbles. He squeezes his eyes shut. He begins chanting softly in japanese.

I giggle landing in a small clearing. "YOu can let go now. I suggest laying down for a moment. But don't take too long." I spin around and My armor appears on me."We have a rescue to do." A long chain mail dress with a gold and silver chest plate that hugged my body perfectly. My red hair in a tight bun, I grab my sword and pull t out to examine it. Its a double edged sword, one made out of pure steel and the other side a faint gold colored metal that Hepatus created for me. The handle had a skull with ruby eyes like my eyes changed into when I went into my ROman mode.

"Come you ignorant child get off your ass." I snap. Fully Roman I hold my head up high as I look at him. I know he no longer sees that ditsy little wimp but a damned angel. He blinks at me, and scrambles to his feet. He looks around like he's trying to find a good way to run.

"Look, I'm confused as hell lady, and I really shouldn't be here. So uhhh....shit..." he breaths. He rubs his head and backs away a little.

"I'd tell you why I'm doing this but then you'd just get angry. I owe wo favors to a mortal I'm here to pay my debts. Here."I flick his forehead and fully body armor appears on him with his dagger by his side. "Pick it up. If you want to live. You will do as I say understand." My eyes glow a bright red as I glare at him." He swallows hard and nods. His are still wide but he doesn't look away from me. His hand curls around his dagger, but he doesn't draw it.

"Good lad. Now follow me." I lower to a crouch going through the pushes with an evil grin on my face. Unlike Jerolin who got bigger with the anger he used for utter most destruction. I can hear him following me. He moves quietly like he's use to this. He swears under his breath and shifts around. He doesn't say anything, just follows me.

The warehouse comes into view there's about fifteen guarss around the warehouse doing patrols those would be easy. The question was how many people were on the inside.

"Now how experienced are you child?"He growls, and glares at the people in front of us.

"I've been killing these people for years, I'm pretty experienced," he hisses. "Why did you bring me here?" He draws his dagger.

"I owe a debt and the debt was to bring you and a female to my brother. The female is in the warehouse. You are going to help me rescue her." I say bluntly I stand up. He scrambles up next to me, holding his dagger tightly. He's ready.

"Hey! Morons! Wanna get your number one most wanted!?" I yell I make myself look like my brothers girlfriend grinning. "Come on bitches!!" I glare at the boy. Get the girl I got these morons." I wink running out in the open cutting the head off of the first person I see When the blood splashes on my face I sigh with a grin. I take my finger and taste the blood off my cheek.

The boy gapes at me, sputtering, but he bursts into action. He stabs a few people that get's in his way, slashing at them. But he doesn't marvel in his actions. He just keeps going. He runs into the warehouse.

I'm shocked at how many people are truly after my brother's lover. I will have to confront her about this. I grin ducking under a bullet blurring as I stab them in their worthless hearts ripping them out of their bodies easily. I laugh evilly.

"Come at me bitches!" I yell my laughter will be the last thing this bastards hear. I finish off everyone outside and start making my way inside the warehouse. The boy is battling some, standing guard over a girl, strapped to a table. Her back is split open and blood is spilling around her. She whimpering and struggling. The boy slices a guys throat, but he's hit from behind with a lead pipe. He stumbling forward, remaining on his feet. He spins around to face off with his attacker.

I rush over and hold out my hand, "PyrkagiĆ”!" I scream and bright flames shoot out of my hands burning only those with darken hearts...okay I lie it all the people who I wanted dead. When there is nothing but ashes left of the bastards I fall on my knees with my nose bleeding. My head spins and I gag on what might be blood I'm not sure.

Careful what you wish for whench A voice echoes on my head my eyes go wide and I swallow hard. As the air shimmy arounds me and I return to my Greek side. I cough harder groaning as my vision starts to get black dots on it. My close my eyes trying to breath normally.

The boy kneels next to me, he presses a handkerchief into my hand, and backs away a little. He also places a bottle of water next to me.

"I wanna know why you looked like Pry.... someone I use to know. I hope you are going okay, just take a breather. I'm gonna check on the girl," he says. His tone is hard, but laced with a little bit of concern. He's still obviously nervous around me. I cough into the handkerchief and look down seeing blood.

Shit, Lin was gonna kill me. I move so that I'm leaning against the wall "h...hey.....u..use this....for your head." I show him a bottle of ambrosia. I take a quick sip letting the warming sensation flow through me. It was like stepping into a hot bath. "Put...it on you wounds." He takes the bottle from me, and frowns. He shakes his head.

"I'm fine," he says. He turns to the girl, who is still strapped to the table. He undoes the straps, and examines her back. The girl whimpers and shrinks away from him. He was gentle with her, like he was afraid he'd snap her in half. He pulls out a towel from a cabinet the people had stacked around and presses it to the horrible wound on her back. She hisses in pain and yelps.

If she was hurt when I gave him to Jerolin's girlfriend she might hate me. I watch him work on the girl.

"Does...she need medical attention. We have your kind's doctor back where we're staying." I whisper leaning my head back. I used to much today, something was wrong with me. He nods a little.

"I think she does. She's hurt bad," he says. "Who is she? Who are you?" He asks the girl.

I stand up and sway a little but I keep steady. "Her name is Ashley. You are Yori. The two the person I'm in debt to was granted two favors. I asked what they wanted most in the whole universe. They told me that more than anything in the world they wanted you and this girl safe from harm." I walk over and remove the towel. My hands feel like air across the girls back I put some of the ambrosia in my hand and gently drip it onto the wound I close my eyes and let some of what strength I had left to make sure she felt none of the burn from the healing process. I feel myself get paler and more light heade by the time I'm done I fall backwards onto my rump.

"Oof." I whisper rubbing my eyes trying to clear my vision. Yori kneels next to me and studies me.

"Take it easy," he growls. "I may not trust you that much, but that doesn't mean that I want you dying or something." He grabs the water bottle and curls my hands around it. "Drink something."

"I don't....think I've told you my name yet..."I whisper staring into the water I take my sip and cough softly choking on it...me? choking? What is this? I groan and shake my head. "I-I'm Verona......." I rub my head . I didn't realize that I was shaking.

Welcome home child. A male voice laughs echoing in my head. I yelp jumping away looking around.

"No no no no no. you're dead!" I look around.

I was dead child. Now I'm back and I will get you my dear. You can be sure of that. I scream in pain, I feel like I'm burning on the inside. No! No! I killed him! I locked him away! No this can't be happening! Not again! No! Justin! Justin help! Oh Gods Daddy!! Jerolin! Anyone! Help me!!

I feel the warmth of my blood trickling down the corner of my mouth and eyes. I gasp for air. I can't breath! I can't breath! Jerolin!! Yori swears again, and shakes me gently.

"Verona, what the hell is going on?" he sounds a little worried, and scared. "What do I do."

I shake my head in denial trying not to lose consciousness I grab his shirt pulling him close to whisper in his ear,

"G...get.....J...er.....lin.....h....e...help..."My breathing slows and I feel my eyes start to roll in the back of my head. Everything starts to get dark and I go limp.

"Justin......" I breath out


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