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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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Hey my love,

Going to get some groceries. Sam removed Luke's chip.

He's doing good. I've talked to him.

I love you.

~Love Pryena.

I finish the note and add a few hearts. I sigh, and glance over at the sleeping Jerolin. He mumbles my name with a sexy boyish grin. I smile a little and place my last green apple lollipop on the note next to the bed. I run down stairs and look for Samuel. I really don't have a lot of time before he wakes up and I need as much time as I can. I have to do this though. For him.

"Sam!" I call to him. I run up to him and he frowns. "I need you to do something for me." His eyebrows raise in question and he grips my elbows.

"Are you okay?" he asks. He's down in the bar sipping on some rum and coke, but he's not drunk. He doesn't drink to get drunk..... most of the time. I hand him the black bottle of that magic liquid. Note to self: ask Jerolin what it's called when I get back. He frowns again.

"I'm fine. I just.... if Jerolin is hurt, or pissed or anything, give him this. Don't drink any yourself okay? I'm going away for just a little bit," I tell him. I look away a little. I pat my sides to make sure I still have all my weapons. I pull out of Samuel's grip and start for the door.

"Pryena wait!" Samuel calls. But I run out the door. I can't afford to waste time. Already my hair is red and curly, that will throw some Hunter's off my trail in case they are looking for me. And they probably are. I run down the street, glancing back at the bar. Jerolin will be pissed at me when I don't return as quickly as I should. I'm not going to get groceries. Not this time.

I run to the abandoned house, that I had explored when I first got to town. It was going to be the place that I stayed at until Jerolin gave me a room. I take a deep breath. I'm not even sure if this is going to work, but I have to try. For Jerolin. He was so sad. I know when someone is crying even if they are trying to hide it. I clench my fists up and pace the room. Here goes nothing.

"Oh, mighty Zeus, please hear me, and answer my prayers," I grin to myself and I have to stop before I continue to quote to the movie. I sigh. "I'm requesting an audience." I close my eyes and wait to see if it works.

"Now here I thought I've seen everything." A man with blonde hair down to his shoulders and a scruffy beard leans against the doorway. He's tall like Lin and with Lin's nose. But his eyes were that creepy sky blue that looked like glass. "What can I do for you Jerolin's fuck toy?" I bite back my temper and meet his gaze trying to show know fear. I could already tell that he was going to test my patience.

"You're Zeus?" I ask. I take another deep breath. This could go very good, or very bad. I was hoping very good.

"Yes one of many versions of myself. I figured you' prefer speaking to the form that most resembles my son." He chuckles looking around. I touch the handle of my knife, more out of habit, than wanting to attack. I swallow hard. Now came the hard part.

"I'm here to bargain for Verona and possibly her lover's release," I tell him. I keep my voice steady. "I will redeem her myself if I have to." I watch him closely, in case he tries to attack.

He laughs one hearty laugh, "That's so cute. You want to try to help your lovers sister. All the while he's helping you with your friends." He laughs and thunder echoes through the cabin.. I grit my teeth and tighten my hand on the knife. I know it probably can't hurt him, but it helps steady my nerves.

"That's why I'm doing this. And I am dead serious. So tell me what I have to do," I raise my voice a little, to let him know I mean business. Please let him give me a chance. I'd do just about anything.

"Do you even know How she ended up there child?"I nod at him.

"Fell in love with a roman or something. I don't care really. Just tell me what I have to do to release her for her guard duties." My knuckles hurt from how tightly I'm holding the knife.

"She was sent there because she committed Adultery. It's pretty hard to redeem that child." he walks around the cabin circling me. "But I'll make you a deal since you're new to this whole multiple God thing. Sound fair?" I circle too, so that my back is never to him. My fighters instinct coming to play. I hold my breath hopeful, but I release it and square my shoulders.

"What's the deal?" I ask before agreeing to anything. I don't want him tricking me into taking my soul or something.

"In the near future I will need a favor. What that favor will be will be up to the fates. If you agree to the deal you will get both my daughter and her pathetic mortal lover back to my horrible excuse of a son." He smiles wickedly holding his hands behind his back. I tense a little, I glance around the room.

"I want to add a few conditions," I say. I narrow my eyes at him.

He gestures forwards at me,"By all means let me hear them then child." Ugh, if he calls me child one more time.... I release my knife and cross my hands over my chest. I hold his gaze. No fear, Pryena.

"You will return them healthy and alive. and the favor I owe you can't involve hurting Jerolin in anyway," I say, my voice is still steady. Even though I'm shaking on the inside. I'm not sure why. He's not that scary.

He smiles and offers his hand, "I think we have a deal child."I look at him hand and then back up at him. I shake my head at him.

"Promise me first. that Jerolin won't be hurt," I snap. I don't trust him that much, but its all I can do. I swallow hard again.

"I swear on the river of Styx that he will not be harmed."He growls "We don't have a lot of time here darlin. Going once. Going twice-"

"Okay. Okay. But so help me, if this is a trick, you won't like me very much," I tell him. I hold out my hand to him. When he shakes my hand he grins and I feel like a bolt of Lightning races through my veins. A lightning bolt symbol burns into my wrist glowing an angry red then fades like it was never there.I yelp and glare at him. My patience shatters.

"A little warning next time," I growl.

"When that mark glows you will know when your favor is due."He vanishes in a bolt of lightning while his laughter echoing around me. I look around the room. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm a fan of Zeus. Jerolin was going to be pissed, I just knew it. Where was Verona, and her lover.

"Hey! What about my side of the deal," I demand, yelling at the ceiling. Theres a loud thud from the back room. I run to the sound, drawing my knife, just in case. I look around. My heart is thundering in my chest. Theres a woman laying on the floor with fiery red hair and a burn't up white dress that looked like it was once a wedding dress, then across the room a man in a toga with ink black hair and a great build. He looked like he could easily challenge Lin if I didn't know better. The woman stirs whimpering at her movement.

"Verona?" I squeak. I kneel beside her, but keeping my distance a little. "Verona, is it you?"

The woman coughs rolling onto her back shes covered in ash and sulfur. The smell is so awful, that I gag a little.

She coughs,"Linny?" she asks weakly trying to open her eyes. I go to her and peer over her, giving her a once over to make sure she's not hurt. She's not just a little weak looking.

"No. But I'm here on behave of Jerolin," I say. "Are you okay?"

She nods trying to sit up,"Just....just a little light headed....h...how am I.."she gasps looking around and crawls over to the man, "Justin!"She kisses his face trying to wake him up. "How did Lin get us out? He's tried for so many years...are we free?" She asks looking at me her eyes are a joyful blue. I smile a little, and look down at my wrist where I saw the lightning bolt. I rub my wrist.

"Jerolin, doesn't know you're free yet..... I... I made a deal with Zeus, to get you two back. I owe him a favor in the near future," I tell her. I decide to tell her the truth, so that maybe I can gauge just how badly Jerolin will react. I look at her and then at her lover.....Justin? He's not waking up but he's breathing. Verona tackles me in a hug crying softly.

"Thank you...thank you so much." I blink and I hug her back. If Jerolin acts like this, I'm sure I'll be needing that sock. I smile at the thought and hug her harder. Sure I've never met this woman, but I'm so happy to help her. For Jerolin.

"We should get back, before Linny knows I'm gone longer than I should be. I'm sure he's dying to see you. Do you think we can wake J..Justin? up?" I let go of her and look at Justin.

She shakes her head,"He's mortal the trip would have be really rough on him."She bites her lip I can see how much she looks like Jerolin. Their eyes, the way she bites her lip like he does when he's worried. She goes and cups his face.

"You wouldn't have and Ambrosia on you would you?" She asks me not taking her eyes off of Justin. I nibble my bottom lip, and pull out a small black bottle, that I brought, just in case I needed it. I'm not sure if this is right, but I hold it out to her.

"This magic liquid?" I ask. Note to self: I should have asked Jerolin sooner, so that I didn't look stupid. Oh Jerolin, does he know I'm gone? How long has in been. an hour? Two?

She giggles, nodding taking it she puts a little bit on her finger and rubs it on Justin's lips. He licks his lips a little waking up slowly. "I didn't do it I swear!" He shoots up awake grabbing a dagger out of nowhere. Where did he hid that thing? He's as good at hiding stuff as I am. But he doesn't have breast to hide stuff in.

Verona grabs his hand,"Shhh shhh rest love you'll hurt yourself." He collapses sitting back down running a hand through his hair. She kisses his head and he goes to sleep. "I just had to make sure it was the right soul." She smiles and runs a hand through his hair. "Where are we?" she asks me.Right soul? Damn I should have thought of that. I'm glad that it is.

"We are in New York. Jerolin has a bar not too far from here," I say. How the hell are we going to get Justin to the bar. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if I called Jerolin and told him to come help me get his sister and her boyfriend.

"Linny got a bar?" She giggles. "He hates people." She easily picks up justin like he doesn't weigh anything. "What's the name of the bar?" She giggles at the word bar like it's a dirty word or something. I blink at her. Oh well I guess that works. Damn she's strong. If I had her strength no Hunter would be safe. I realize I'm staring at her. What did she ask? Oh yeah the name of the bar.

"Lin's Bar and Nightclub," I answer. "Do you wanna go? I don't want Jerolin to come looking for me." Because he might run into Hunters, and bad things could happen. Or he's harassing Samuel, which will not be good either. Or maybe he's still asleep.

She giggles and grabs my hand."Hold on tight." I blink up at her again. I feel really stupid, not knowing a lot What does she mean hold on tight?

"Okay..?" I say, but I grip her hand tightly and look around. I shudder a little, remembering the bolt of lightning.

A small amount of wind blows through the house and a cloud floats underneath our feet. she smiles as we fly out of the house. I shriek and hold on tighter, afraid that we'll fall through the bottom, but we don't and I relax a little. Clearly I still have a lot to learn about Gods.

We land behind the bar in the alley next to the back door. she smiles wide and runs through the back door leaving Justin on a table. "Linny!!!!!" She screams. She sees the back of Sam's head and smiled hugging him. "Linny!!" She giggles hugging him tightly. I follow behind her slowly, and wanting her and Jerolin to have their moment. I laugh when Samuel gasps.

"What on Earth?" Samuel turns around and looks at her. "Uhh... I'm not Linny..." I laugh again, and look around for Jerolin.

"Oops sorry Mister." She giggles. Jerolin starts to come down the stairs with a lollipop in his mouth half asleep.

"Who rang?" Verona gasps and tackles him. "Gah!" He lands backwards on the stairs with Verona laughing. He gasps looking at her. "Verona?" I look at my feet and smile.

"Linny!! I'm home!" She laughs and he yells in joy spinning her around laughing kissing her head. I smile, happy that he's happy. I feel so good that I could make him so happy. It's amazing to see him like this.

"How are you here?!" He yells with a huge grin on his face then he frowns. "Pryena......." Suspicion and only suspicion in his voice. "What did you do?" I glance up at him, and kick my feet a little. Now hopefully, he'll tackle me and hug me when I tell him. Hopefully he doesn't yell. Here goes...

"I... uh.... might have made a deal with Ze-," I mumble a little. I glance up

"She made a deal with Hades." Verona interrupts me. "I just have to go back once a month to help him around Tartarus." Verona looks at me and winks quickly so that Lin doesn't notice. I sigh in relief. Maybe it will be okay and I can do the favor without him knowing.

"Dad let you go?" Lin questions her raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah Daddy's orders were not to let you get me out. HE didn't say anything about your... err girlfriend, to come and get me." Lin blushes a little but smiles coming over to me hugging me close kissing my head.

"My love I love you. I love you so much. Thank you for this. This mean so much to me." He says in my hair. I hug him tightly, burying my face in his chest.

"I know. That's why I did it. I love you so much too," I tell him. And I really do. I'd do anything for him. I breath in his scent. He smells a little like the green apple lollipop and my mouth waters. I really should get more.

Verona skips over to Samuel and kisses his cheek, "You're cute your dear one will be returning to you soon." she giggles skipping behind the bar.Samuel blinks at her and shakes his head confused. He stares at Verona, watching her.

"I owe you one favor miss. What shall it be? Forever fertile? Return a lost one? A night of good romance- no you and linny don't need that." she giggles teasing Lin. I've never seen him blush so red before. He runs a hand through his hair. I reach up and run a hand through his hair too. I kiss his cheek and look at Verona.

"Oh...uh...you don't...I don't.... You don't owe me anything," I tell her. I blush a little and look up at Jerolin. He shrugs he put the lollipop back into his mouth.

"Ah but I do. You saved my life-Oh! I owe you two favors now. I forgot you got Justin out two! It's bad voodoo for a Goddess to be in debt with a mortal. So come on spit it out what are the two things you want most?" I still stare at Jerolin. I take the lollipop from his mouth and lick it, before returning it to him. I shudder at the taste and smile. Damn I love those things. I look at Samuel; he's still staring at Verona confused. I look at Verona. What do I want most? What do I want most....

"Ashley and Yori," I whisper. "I want them safe, more than anything, since I already of Jerolin." I look down again. Happy tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I hold them back though and press my face into Jerolin's chest.

Verona giggles pouring champagne into glasses handing one to Samuel. She skips over handing one to Lin and me. "Then It will be done." She drinks her glass like a shot and runs over to Justin kissing him "You don't move got it? Good."She giggles waving good bhye and vanishes.

Lin"......She's weird then I remember." He chuckles sipping his champagne. I smile into my cup and take a small drink. I hug him again.

"I like her," I tell him. "She's funny. Tackled me to the floor and hugged me." I tell him. I take another drink and pull away from Jerolin a little.

"Funny looking." A raspy voice mumbles Luke has woken up. "What'd I miss?"

"A strange girl giggling happily and something about favors," Samuel explains in a tired voice. "I'm still confused as hell about this whole thing."

Lin laughs looking at me, "You didn't tell him about me and my family history?" Luke wobbles over to the bar sitting next to Sam putting his head on the counter. Samuel does his doctor thing and studies him quietly. I watch him for a second and then look at Jerolin.

"Oh I told him," I say. "He checked me for a fever and then asked me if I had been hit in the head recently

Lin laughs,"Samuel...you'll understand soon enough."

"He'll understand my fist if he keeps examining me like a fucking lab rat." Luke says turning his head without lifting it off the counter to glare at Samuel. Justin was sprawled over a table. He looked like he was going to be asleep for days.

Lin laughs waving his hand in a small circle and like magic he has a green apple lollipop in his hand. He sticks it in his mouth smiling watching Luke glare at Samuel. I giggle.

I got him addicted to lollipops.


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