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Darken Tales

Novel By: Tyanna Snider

A part novel of my friend and I's version of fairy tales. Following amazing couples through their endless journey to keep their love going.
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"You piss off fucker." The boy tries to get out of his restraints glaring up at me. I roll my eyes and grab the black device that I use to put people to sleep.

"Don't fucking touch me with that shit!" I sigh and I wrap the device around his head. I rub my hands on my jeans and look around again. After being in Vollen for so long, this is a nice change. There aren't any jewels winking at me as I walk down the hall. There isn't people screaming and yelling as they get experimented on or punished for something stupid. God, how relieved I am to be gone from that place.

"It's for your own good," I tell him. "I'm trying to help you."

"If you wanna help me untie me so I can kill that piece of shit!"He yells. He's trying to shake the device off his head. I clip the device on tightly, and smack his cheek roughly. He glares up at me.

"That piece of shit is my friend so shut your mouth." I sneer. I put my hands on the device and with a blink of light, he passes out. I relax a little and turn to my equipment. I grab the Chip Detector and turn it on. I hover it above his neck where I know the Brainwashing Chip is and it beeps softly. I work my way around his face and head and down his chest. I trail the detector around his arms and hands. I do a search over his whole body, and sigh in relief when the detector doesn't go off again.

I flip him over, so that I can have more access to his neck. I replace the Chip Detector and pick up another device. One that will open up his neck without a lot of bleeding. With a deep breath I start the procedure.

I make a small cut right where last cut was. I wipe away what little blood swells up, and examine the inside. The Chip winks at me still shiny and new even after being in someone's body. I hate the damn things. My Skin Chip itches like hell sometimes, and you can't scratch something that's on the inside.

"Bastards all of them," I mutter. I grab a set of bejeweled tweezers, and flinch. If I never see another jewel again, it will be too soon. Jetta and her stupid sense of decorating. I dig the tweezers into the cut, and pause waiting for the kid's body to react with a twitch. I put the tweezers on the chip and with a careful flick of my wrist, the chip unhooks from the nerves. I remove the chip and set it aside. I wrap another device around the kid's neck.

I take a deep breath and summon my skills to control the devices. There is a flash of pink light and the wound I made seals up nicely. I turn him around again. I start to remove the restraints, but stop. It's better to see how he will react when he wakes up again. I put my hands on the device around his head. Another flash and the kid begins to wake up slowly. I back away a little.

He coughs ,moving his head side to side,"Stupid...bitch...get off....me..."He starts to open his eyes a little and he gasps and looks around trying to get out. "Shit, shit shit shit. where am I?" He looks around and groans,"My head ....who took it upon themselves to beat it?"

"Please calm down," I say. "You will hurt yourself even more, and then I will be pissed. You are in a bar."He seems to relax a little at the word bar. "You're friend Jerolin's bar I think. I just performed surgery on you, so you need to rest."

"Thank Gods....did I pass out or something?...Fuck! Wheres that stupid blonde bitch!?" He starts to struggle again as he looks around he groans when he moves his head. I start to clean up my equipment, stuffing everything back in my bag.

"I am assuming you mean Jamie. but I do like Stupid Bitch too. And do you understand what happened to you?" I ask. I keep my tone even, so I don't freak him out.

He shakes his head and grunts giving up on trying to escape the restraints, "ll I remember is fog....and saying no a lot. her telling me to do something but...it hurts." he makes a pain filled face as he's trying to remember. I nod, expecting this. I move to his arms so that I can untie him.

"I'm going to untie you if you promise to stay laying down. Then I will explain what happened. I'm Samuel. I'm a friend of Pryena's."

He gasps"Oh God is she okay!? I didn't get to her did I?! OH God Lin's gonna hate me!" I take my hands off the ropes, clearly he's still freaking out.

"Pryena is fine. They both are. They dragged my ass out here to help you. Pryena and him are worried about you. But I've removed the Brainwashing Chip, so you will be okay." I tell him. I start to untie the ropes anyway. In his weakened state I am faster in case he decides to get up.He sits up to lean on his elbow and rubs his wrists then coughs laying on his side coughing holding his head.

"They...they wanted me to take her somewhere." He whispers. I nod at him and turn around and grab the chip. Damn, I'm glad it was just the brainwashing chip. I crush the chip and toss it in the trash can next to the bed.

"I know. They will do anything to capture her," I tell him . Including using her friends against her. I shrug out of my damn medic coat and lean against the table.

"She...she killed two of them....but I remember...remember wanting to give her a good job cookie for it too......Then....the coffee shop...it was empty and gah!"He curls up coughing hard holding his head tightly. His face drained of color and his breathing got harder from trying to force his way through the memories. I push him down so that he's laying down.

"She will always kill to protect herself and the people she cares about. You need to rest. Sleep or something. You'll give yourself a migraine and the medicine I have for those taste like cat ass." I cross my arms over my chest and study him, looking for sense of struggle, or side effects.

He rubs his head putting a pillow over his face to cover his eyes from the light. He mumbles something into the pillow that sounds like 'You would know what a cats ass tastes like.' He moves the pillow so that i can hear him talk.

"Ca...can I see Pree?"He asks. I sigh and run a hand through my hair and rub the back of my neck.

"I'm sure that, that would be fine, but I'm not sure where she is. You really should rest.." I tell him.

"Five bucks on her being underneath fucking Lin."He rubs his face sitting up again putting his head on his knees. Running his hand through his hair tracing where the chip was. I flinch a little at what he says. Yeah I noticed her attraction to him right away. I've never seen Pryena like that before. Despite the fact that she was pissed as hell at him, she seems happier than she has in a long time. I'm not sure how to reply to that so I rub my hands together and dig through my bag.

"I need a drink." He says as he starts to get up using the bed frame to help him stand. I grab his arm and make him sit again.

"You aren't ready to walk yet. How about I get you a drink. What do you want?" I ask. With the chip being attached to the nerves, he could fall into a spasm if he overworks himself. I am too tired to deal with that.

"I'm fine uhh Sam was it? Just a headache."He tries to get up again. I tighten my grip around his arm to stop him.

"You don't know anything about this. Trust me, stop being stubborn and rest. You might hurt yourself permanently." And then Pryena will blame me, and give me a tail or something. No telling what Jerolin would do to me. "Just relax, okay?" This kid is almost as stubborn as Pree. Sometimes I really hate stubborn people, especially if the are endangering themselves. He pushes my arm off.

"I'm a quick healer and I go apeshit crazy when on forced bed rest okay?" He gets p using the wall to help him stay up. He rubs the back of his neck tracing the faint scar on his neck. I sigh. Fine, whatever, I warned him. I rub my forehead.."I promise that I will lay down after I walk around a little okay? I just...need to get my head on straight." He starts walking to the door when his knees give out but he catches himself. "I'm alright."the way he says it it's like he's trying to convince himself that it's true. I sigh and walk over to him; I hold out my hand to help him up.

"Look, I understand that you don't like bed rest but you have to rest. You will feel much better after maybe an hour or two. And I can put you to sleep if you keep this up" Idiot. He sighs putting his arm around my shoulder. He nods.

"Fine doc...you win this round. But don't expect to be right all the time." He coughs in his elbow. He's burning up with a fever. He really did push himself too hard. Idiot. I help him to bed, and get through my bag. I grab the pain relievers, and the fever reducer.

"Take these, and let them dissolve on your tongue. And I warned you about the cat ass part right?" I hold them out to him. He takes them from my hand weakly and nods,

"Yeah you warned me."He puts them in his mouth and gags a little but lets them dissolve. He shows me that he swallowed them taking a drink of water from the glass Jerolin left him on the nightstand. "And your right, a cats ass." He lays down putting his arm over his face. "Can I see Pree now? I have a bad feeling that I owe her a really big apology sandwich." I nod. She probably wants to talk to him too. I'm sure she will want to know that he's okay.

"I will go see if I can find her. Lay down, and rest," I order. I walk to the door and turn back to make sure he's laying down. He's laying down breathing deeply staring up at the ceiling with a thoughtful look on his face. He's a strange kid, he's gotta be no more that 18-19 what the hell is he doing in a bar? I'll have to figure that out.

I walk up stairs and knock lightly on the first door I see, "Pryena?" I hope I'm not interrupting something. I don't hear anything, Thank God, but maybe this isn't their room. I wait and listen for a moment. I hear some rustling around and a guy snoring softly. The door opens and Pryena looks at me. She glances back into the room and then steps out into the hallway, closing the door behind her.

"Is he okay?" she asks. "Did you fix him?" I nod and she hugs me. 'Thank you Sam!" I hug her back. God I missed her. She hasn't contacted me in forever, and I was starting to get worried.

"He wants to see you," I tell her. She bites her lip and looks around. She nods and starts walking down to his room. I follow her, hoping to double check on him, and see how his fever is doing. She hesitates outside the room before walking in.

"Luke?" she whispers. I lean against the door. He's right where I left him. He looks over and gives her the biggest puppy dog I'm sorry look I've ever seen.

"Pree...you're okay?" He starts to sit up but sighs staying down. Good boy. I really will knock him out again if I have to. Pryena walks over to him and sits in a chair next to him.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Are you okay? I'm so sorry they did that to you.," She looks guiltily down at him.

"It's...not your fault I was stupid. I fell into a trap....Pree...I...."He looks down to his hands that are clenched up in fists. "I'm so sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am. I...I never wanted to hurt you...I tried I really did try to fight but...there was so many of them and the fog.....the fog knocked me out...it was like I was me but...I couldn't control what I was doing. I was like a puppet and someone else was the puppeteer. All the things I said.....all the things I did...I...I'm so so sorry." He grabs her hand. "I'm so so sorry." She shakes her head and squeezes his hand. She reaches out and runs a hand through his hair. Her special way to comfort people.

"It's not your fault Luke. Hunters are horrible people. And the fog you felt. I know what it feels like. I know you couldn't control it. It's not your fault. You don't have to apologize." She says. Yeah she feels like shit about this. I know her well enough that its eating her up inside. He leans his head into her hand holding her hand.

"I'm glad you hit me with the baseball bat. If you didn't......I don't what I would have done to hurt you." She runs her hand through his hair again and drops her hand to her side. She nibbles her lip and looks away from him for a second. She glances at me and then back at Luke.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. It's my fighter instinct....." she pauses. "Luke we need to talk. Because I know I hurt you another way too..." I shuffle around. I shouldn't be here. But where else could I go. I look around awkwardly.

"Don't." He shakes his head. "It wasn't your fault. I was just being stupid, you are way out of my league.....besides....I have to tell you something. They wanted me to take you into a warehouse. I was going to take you tomorrow after I....anyway before I left they were talking about a guy and girl. A...shit what was their names."He grabs his head trying to remember. She shakes her head and squeezes his hand again.

"Don't worry. I will take care of them..... But Luke, please let me explain.... You are a handsome guy. A nice and funny and caring guy. I kind of guy I would have gone for, before all of this Vollen shit happened. When... when you asked me for coffee, I was so tempted to say yes. To be normal, and to go on a date with an awesome guy. But before all of this. Before you and Jerolin, I didn't date. I didn't hang around long enough to get to know people. I couldn't risk them getting hurt because of me. I was afraid, that's why I said no. It wasn't you at all, it was me. I'm a dangerous burden. And then Jerolin....he found a way....." she shakes her head. "I'm sorry Luke. I really am. I never meant you hurt you like that." She looks away ashamed. I start to go to comfort her, but I stop. I move instead to my bag and rummaged through it. Luke lifted her hand and kisses it gently.

"Pree...just think about it....if we had gone out....I would have taken you to the coffee shop where they attacked me...they would have taken you away....you ending up with Lin....it was Fate." Pryena turns back to him and kisses his cheek.

"Maybe it is Fate. But either way. I still didn't mean to hurt you. You are a great person and a great friend. The girl that finally wins your heart will be very lucky Luke. And you will find someone, because a guy like you always does...." she leans in close and smiles. "Samuel on the other hand is too up tight." she's trying to make him laugh. I snort. Up tight my ass. I'm an awesome guy.

He chukles,"You don't have to tell me twice he knocked me out. And made me take Cat ass pills....just promise me something Pree." He's fighting a smile.

"Eww I hate those damn things...." she says. "And what is it?"

He full blown grins, "Make sure you leave a sock on the door. I tend to just run into his room when its working hours....wait no I lie don't it'd be nice little surprise." He laughs winking at her. She blushes and nods, biting her lip trying not to laugh.

"Okay. I will try to remember that," she says. She hugs him. "Its good to have you back Luke."

He hugs her back tightly,"It's good to be back." he sighs and lets her go laying down."Doctor stick up his ass says I need to rest. Don't do anything stupid till I wake up so I can help you do it." he smiles softly then gasps, "ASHLEY AND YORI! HA! I remembered! They are doing things to get them or oing stuff to them already I can't remember! Shit Why does my head have to....." he gets cut off by a round of coughing. I freeze. Did he say Ashley? Pryena flinches a little.

"He's right. Rest please Luke," she says. Pryena knows something, or she would be freaking out more. I shove my hands in my pockets, to keep myself from shaking him, demanding more from him. Damn it, I want to know more. "Jerolin and I already have a plan. We'll help them." I relax a little, but I'm still nervous.

"he coughs rolling onto his side he whimpers,"k-kay......" he curls up under the covers shaking with the coughs. "You...you'll help them right Pree?" He sounds weaker. Yup Definitely gonna have to knock him out. I grab the black device and go to him. I look at Pree, and she nods. I quickly wrap it around his head again, and put him to sleep. Idiot. I tried to warn him.


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