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Between Love & Hate (A Blake Novel)

Novel By: Touched By A Vampire

Tags: Erotica, Love, Hate

Jillian Blake thought she had it all figured out and set for life a career to look forward to and very promising a lovely home and a dutiful husband, but she never thought that Steven her fiance would cheat none the less with the cities highest payed escort.

Escort my ass......

Until the encounter she had with Steven and his whore it made her realize things weren't going the way she thought they were she finally summed up the courage to repay her childhood home a visit and see her twin brother Jax she didn't expect the visit would entail seeing her childhood love AJ after four years of not seeing each other both are still very much in love with the one another will they rekindle that love once again or will they fight it and never see each other again.....stay tuned and find out. View table of contents...


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Chapter 14: Not the New's I was Hoping for!


This was not a call I was expecting. My sister of all people? I couldn't think straight I got the call from Aunt Mel. She was the one in charge of Adri and her progress in her pregnancy. I hoped to god that nothing bad happened to her or the baby.

Jax was going to freak the fuck out if something bad happened to the both of them. God, please help my sister, I prayed as I got out of my emergency surgery and made my way out of the emergency wing.

Nothing was explained to me just that Adri and Jill were in the Ob section at the hospital. That thought alone scared me to death, I had to wait to find out whatever happened wherever this shit happened, It killed me that they didn't tell me anything, where they were, what they were doing, how did this even happen? I was questioning anything and everything. Jill had a lot of explaining to do.

As soon as I got out of the OR I made my way back to my office on the other side of the hospital. I was done with my shift and I was no longer needed. So I went back to the only place I could sulk. Why was my sister being so careless? Did she not care she was expecting? I hoped to god she did, because she had no god damn idea how bad it hurts when you lose a child. I didn't want her or Jax to have to go through something like that.

I didn't want to think about this anymore so I did what any other man would do I started kicking shit around in my office. Punching a wall because I lost my baby, kicking the desk because I didn't know if I was going to lose my nephew or niece, throwing shit because Jillian had to go through this, slamming my palms on the desk because I knew I wasn't going to hear the end of it with Jax, and just before I thought I almost had enough my door pops open.


"Anthony...are you okay?" her soft broken voice was like a knife to my heart, pained and strained the evidence in the way my name cracked when she spoke.

I didn't have to look at her to know who it was standing there in shock at the disorder that was my office. "AJ, talk to me." she spoke gently.

I couldn't bring myself to look at her at the moment. What were they thinking? I was like a lost moon-my planet destroyed in some cataclysmic, disater-movie scenario of desolation- that continued, nontheless, to circle in a tight little orbit around the empty space behind, ignoring the laws of gravity. That was exactly how I would describe how I felt at the moment. I could have lost all three of them and I wasn't going to let it happen by any means necessary.

My head shook violently, my hands were shaking, I was scared, scared being an understatement, my entire body shook and I couldn't do anything to stop it. My head was down and I could no longer see Jill in my line of vison because suddenly, I felt a pair of warm arms wrap themselves around me. I just stood there like an asshole, not doing a damn thing.

Jill's shoulder's began to shake at what I assumed her to be crying."I'm so sorry AJ, we...I...I'm so sorry." she cried into my ribcage.

God, her tears were killing me. I swore that I'd never let her shed a single tear if I could help it now here we are and she's crying against me. "What happened, baby tell me the truth." I asked as gently as I could manage wrapping my arms around her quivering body.

"We...I...I."she was having a heard time speaking and it broke my heart, but something happened and she needed to tell me. I wanted her to tell me. I could easily find out, but I desperately needed her to be honest and open up to me.

"Shh, its okay, baby, its okay. I'm here I'm not going anywhere. But you need to talk to me Jill what happened? I love you, you know that. I don't need to remind you that I'd do anything for you. Do I?" her head slightly shook. "Good, will you talk to me? Coherently? So I can understand what you two were up too today?" she nodded into my chest and I took that as a yes.

I sat down slowly on my chair pulling Jill gently with me. I let her hug me and gave her a moment to regather herself and waited patiently for her to tell me everything that went on.


I nodded as she looked into my eyes.

She wiped away the tears that had fallen while I wiped the ones away from her lips with a kiss. "We went back to the baby store where...I needed to talk to the woman who owns the store. She saw everything, but I knew she couldn't have done anything if her life depended on it, like Adri. I came to the conclusion that I had to do something about Stacy. Adri tried to convince me at the time, but I refused and I thought now was a good a time to finally bring myself to do something about our loss and fate has a funny way of payback."

She wasn't looking at me as she spoke, but I felt as if what she was telling me had some sort of double meaning. "Jillian? What happened?"

She took a deep breath and shivered. "The woman and I talked and when we finished we heard a blood curddling scream. It wasnt Adri's." her face looked haunted, scared even.

"Who screamed Jillian?" I asked.

She began to shake her head violently, eyes tightly closed and her body once again began to tremble. "Baby, please?" I begged holding her against me.

"Anthony...i...i..it was Stacy, she got into an argument with Adri and Adri being the smart woman she is started backing away from her and then Stacy got too close to the edge and fell."

"Jill? What else?" she was scaring me, she was hiding something from me and I didn't like it.

I held her tightly against me. "Stacy was pregnant." oh god, the only thing that stood out to me was the 'was.'


She nodded and I could hear her gulp down the lump that had formed in her throat. "Yes, AJ, her baby didn't make it." she cried a little more into my shoulder and I honest to god cried with her.

I rocked us both back and forth and craddled her as tightly as I could into my chest. I don't know how long we sat there holding each other and crying, but I knew one day we had to let it out together, our loss was hard to come to terms with, but you figure life goes on, and it certainly has. We were here now and that's what mattered most.

"I'm dropping the charges. Anthony, this was punishment enough for her. I never thought that the day I decided to do something about her was the day she would have a confrentation with either Adri or me. I don't know about you, but call it fate or destiny, maybe the stars had fianlly aligned themselves and seeked out their own justice for us. Stacy couldn't have recieved any better punishment that what she got."

I couldn't believe my ears was she serious? I wanted that bitch in prison to rot for however long one gets for assult and homicide that's what I wanted to hear come out of Jillian's lips, but the more I thought about what she said the more I realized she was right. God, fate or destiny wanted this to happen the same way it happened to her. I guess its safe to say better late than never.

"Baby are you okay?"

She breathed in heavily. "I'm good actually, scared as hell, but good."

I nodded. "Adir and the baby? How are they?"

She smiled warmly at me and cupped my cheek in her warm hand."Their doing great actually. Aunt Mel checked them and she just wants her to relax throughout the day so she put her in a suit to keep an eye on her every hour or so. Jax is with her and she's probably tell him what I'm telling you right now."

"I'm sorry Anthony. I should have talked to you first, but I figured if I had I would have coward out and not done shit at all."

"Jill, I don't agree with the way you went about this. It could have been you again. I don't want to lose you again Jill. You have no idea how much I damn love you. So much that it hurts." I said kissing her all over her face.

"I know, I know, and I'm sorry."

We looked deeply into each other's eyes. "Jill, I need you." I whispered.

"Me too,"

And that was all it took for me I lifted her up sat her on my desk she kicked off her heels and I unbuttoned her jeans to swiftly pull them down. She pulled off her shirt sitting in nothing but a white lacey bra and panties. God, she was beautiful so beautiful that my eyes began to sting just by looking at her.

I pushed her back down on the desk and climbed atop of her and crushed my lips against her soft lips my tongue dancing with her's as she swiftly pulled my shirt off. I kicked of my white nike shox and pulled my scrub pants down with my boxers.

My finger's made there way down her breast as I cupped one gently with my hand then slowly down her flat toned stomach until it reached her hip bone.

"Your so god damn beautiful. But I'm going to fuck you Jill. I need to fuck you hard and rough. But I just want you to know I'm so crazy in love with you....so very fucking crazy in love with you."

She moaned and it is the most beautiful sound that comes out of her lips other than the way she says my name and that alone gets me hard and ready for her.

"Hard Anthony."

I chuckled. "What do you want baby." I said teasingly into the crook of her neck, smelling up and down the tender spot. Her scent sending shivers down my spine and down to my already hardened cock.

"I love you Jill, remember that I love you with all my heart."

"I love you more." she croaked.

I gently layed her on my desk. Her long auburn waist length hair splayed beautifully around her, I pried her legs open with my knee as I got between dripping core.

"So....damn...ready." I teased her opening with my finger and it slipped in easily, I pushed it all the way inside her thrusting in and out ever so slowly. She tried grinding her hips against it for more friction, but I pulled out quickly.

"Tsk, tsk, baby. I'm doing this my way."


"You need what baby? Tell me."

"You,"she moaned.

"I need nore than that Jill. What do you need?" I said while I pulled her body close to the edge so her ass was barely off and I teased her lucious core with my tip.

She groweled in frustration and I relished in it. It made me feel so damn good that I could drive her crazy so crazy that she's ready to pull her hairs out. She moved around my desk from all the frustration I was causing her. "Tell me baby, please." I said kissing the top of her mound.

She tugged at her hair and groaned."Just fuck my already. You said you were so now just do it. I need you to do it." she said lashing out at me.


"Jill," I answered.

Logically I knew I didn't own her. But I wanted to mark her. Or ensure that she never wanted another man the way she wanted me. I wanted to ruin her, I was a greedy bastard I know. BUt I did and I wanted to possess her all of her. I owned her heart that I knew would never change. but deep down that's what I needed.

She wrapped her legs around my waist squeezing me between them."Jill...come on, baby....give me everything." I groaned as I thrusted hard and deep inside her. She didn't even see it coming because she whinced from the slight pain.

"Baby...you okay?" I asked

Her moan was all it took."Fuck..." I lost it. I dug my fingers into her hips and drove myself into her in an upward motion. Jill and I both cried out in extacy until her eyes were squeezed shut, her mouth hung open in a perfectly shaped O. Her hair spilled down the other side of the desk, a few loose strands crossed her lips.

When she cried out with each thrust, I moved up her body a little more and closed my teeth around her lace-covered nipple.

"Oh God..."

I cruled her up on by body, pulling her arms completely behind her, forcing her breasts forward and against my solid chest.

"Open you eyes." I said,

"When I said I wanted to fuck you, I meant I wanted to look into those honey golden orbs as you come with me."

I dragged her fingers over he own wet, hot , searing skin as I stroked her, rocked, pulled out, and started again. "You're going to come so...hard...Jill."

At the first squeeze of her pussy, her eyes closed once again.

"Open your eyes, I'm not going to tell you again." I thrusted in her harder, my muscles began to ache and prespiration began to form on the back of my neck and biceps.

She opened them, barely, little slits of sparkling golden honey, and I watched the intensity tighten her face. Watching her lips form my name as her orgasm rippled throughout her body. Watched the exquisit pleasure rush over her features.

"God damn-" was all I could muster before my own orgasm tore through me. Extreme pleasure gushed into my pelvis, burned all the way up my spine, boiling my stomach. My hips jerked and jerked and jerked slamming into her repeatedly into Jill's succulent heat.

My muscles contracted, released, contracted again, each squeeze nothing but pure pleasure rocking through my body.

My gaze roamed and roamed, trying to memorize every beautiful inch of her. Words like intense, deep, and complicated came to mind- not descriptive at all- but all ways I'd use to describe her.

She inhaled deeply as I slipped out of her, she flinched at my sudden retreat. We have had rough sex before, but I think this time I let it get a little to far.

"Baby, you okay?" I asked stroking and lightly massaging her calf.

"I'm not complaining Anthony." she retorted.

That remark was like a jab to my heart. What the fuck did I do? "Baby?"

"Anthony, honestly I'm good, I love rough sex if you haven't noticed. But most of all I love having rough sex with you. Your just so damn good."

I chuckled a little and that certainly lightened me up a bit."It's good because you're so fucking tight baby."

She smirked. "Yeah right, very funny AJ,"

"I'm not lying Jill, your so damn, tight. I know we make love consistantly, but still you tighten right back up again. No matter how many times I plung, or thrust in you, hard, fast, slow it doesn't make a difference. You still damn tight everytime."

She shook her head."No, your crazy."

"I completely agree with you, but I'm madly, insanely crazy in love with you Jillian Emmy Blake."

"Why do you insist on saying my full name like that."she ased looking deeply into my eyes searcing for her answer in them.

She sat on the desk not really caring she was naked, although it was very distracting, I needed to answer before she through a hissy fit. "Because its a reminder Jill, A promise I made to you after we made love when I purposed. You will have my name Jill, only my name til death do us part."

That was a promise.

"Til death do us part." she reapeated.

"I don't even think death could come between us even in our afterlife." I said.

"You sound insane." she said giggling.

I shook my head. "No, I sound like a man in love, so crazy in love."

"I have to agree with you, because I love you more than anything in the world combined." she said as the came towards my chair gently sat on my lap, cupped my cheek into her warm tender hands and gently nipped my lips.

"Let's go home, shower, eat, make love and be lazy." I said into the warmth of her mouth.

She nodded."I love you," and hugged me tightly.

A/N: Sorry this one is kinda short but they needed that rough sex to get over what just happened. So I hope you all like it and comment and everything and I love you all for your continued support I can't tell you all enough how much it means to me.


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