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High School Sweet Hearts

Novel By: Tiger Lilly

Rachel's parents just broke up, her and her mother decide it's best to move states.

Rachel starts a new year at a new school, at first she loves it! That is, until she meets a boy of her dreams.. Nick.

They are very much perfect for eachother until jealous girls get in the way and Rachel finds out about how 'perfect' Nick really is..

*Warning* Sex scenes in later chapters. * View table of contents...


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Chapter 2 - Rumors..
I sat there in class, bored out of my mind.
I was excited to see Nick, but on the other hand, I wanted to know why him and Jessica were together again? It made no sense considering a couple of weeks ago he hated her.
'Rachel, are you listening?' Mrs Clurfed called from the front of the class.
I looked up and found everyone staring at me, I honestly hated the attention.
'Yes, sorry,' I replied and looked at my paper while picking up my pen, hoping everyone would look away from me.
She carried on her boring lesson about history, I didn't pay much attention though.. History is obviously not my favorite subject.
*Riiinnnng* The bell went.
I grabbed my stuff and left the classroom in a hurry.
Once I got to the lunch room I sat down in my normal spot, Lilly must of been a bit late I guess.
I waited for Nick until I finaly saw his beautiful face and instantly smiled.. Then I saw Jessica next to him, my happy mood suddenly faded.
'Hey,' I said as they sat down across from me, Nick remained silent.
Jessica finally broke the awkwardness and looked towards Nick, 'Baby, I'm going to go say hi to my girls,' she said while kissing him and leaving us alone.
I sat there quietly and finally built the courage to ask,
'I thought you hated her?' I asked but regretted it afterwoods, I didn't want to piss him off.
'Why would you care anyway?' He asked rudely, that caused me to look up and wonder why he was angry at me?
'I was just wondering, I thought you didn't like her because she was a slut or something..' I replied, looking down.
'Yeah well, she's not the only slut around here,' he said while getting up and slightly pointing to me and obviously aiming the insult at me.
He walked off and left me there thinking to myself;
What the hell was that?
As the day passed by girls gave me disgusted looks all day.
Some guys even took the time to flirt with me..
'This is strange,' I thought.
When the finale school bell went, I walked out of the classroom and started to walk out of the school until a girl stole my attention,
'Hey! Rachel!'
I looked over my shoulder and found a girl dressed alot like Jessica run up to me, it was one of Jessica's 'friends'.
'Hi,' I said while looking confused..
'Theres a rumor going around about you,' she said with a stressed look on her face.
Rumors, I sighed. I've only been here for about a month or so and theres ALREADY rumors going on about me.. Perfect.
'What rumor?' I asked.
'Okay, I'm only telling you this because Jessica is a total bitch and we had a fight yesterday, but she made up a rumor about you because she knew Nick liked you,' She said and looked around to see if anyone was listening.
I stood there confused.. Could she please get to the damn point! I hated gossip and rumors.. Pathetic.
'Anyway.. She said to nick and all her friends that you wanted to piss off Nick by making out with his older brother,' she said.
'Oh my god, no wonder everyones been giving me weird looks today,' I said while doing the 'oh so famous' *face palm*
'Yeah, aparently it worked on Nick though, that's why their dating, Jessica wanted him to hate you,' she said and then spotted Jessica in the distance.
'I got to go though because I don't want Jessica to hate me anymore, bye!' she said while running off.
Strange I thought, I guess I have to sort some shit out with Nick. Wow, Jessica really is a down right bitch.
Then I got home and kicked off my shoes, the only thing on my mind was to text Nick.
I grabbed my phone and scrolled through the contacts, then I found 'Nick'
I highlighted his name and selected 'Send text'
'Hey, we need to talk. No, I didn't make out with your brother. It was just a rumor, trust me!'
I wrote still abit worried about his reaction.
I re read the text over and over until I finally got a reply,
'Okay.. Meet me at the milkbar, we should talk things over with.. I have to tell you something.'
I stared at his text.. Tell me what?
Hello readers ^.^ I was just wondering, do you like this story so far? I wasn't quite sure if I should continue it xD
Leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed it anyway. xx


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