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High School Sweet Hearts

Novel By: Tiger Lilly

Rachel's parents just broke up, her and her mother decide it's best to move states.

Rachel starts a new year at a new school, at first she loves it! That is, until she meets a boy of her dreams.. Nick.

They are very much perfect for eachother until jealous girls get in the way and Rachel finds out about how 'perfect' Nick really is..

*Warning* Sex scenes in later chapters. * View table of contents...


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Chapter One - Moving To A New School
I woke up this morning and looked at the clock, 7:00 AM. Perfect. I had to be at school by 8, but I had some spare time to get ready for my first day so I was very excited!
I got up and brushed out my long curly brown hair, it wasn't really brown, but when it was in the sun it shimmerd a blondish gold colour.
Then i decided to wash my face and apply a bit of makeup. I put on a little bit of black eyeliner and blended it out so I didn't look too 'emo-ish'
'Rachel! Are you almost ready for school?' My mother called to me from the kitchen.
I put down my things and peeked out of the bedroom door, 'Yeah, I just 'gotta get dressed!' I called back and smiled.
When I opened my closet, I sighed. When we moved I lost alot of my clothes on the way over to WA. I once lived in Sydney but moved because my parents decided to split up.
I put on a pair of skinny jeans that hugged my figure perfectly and put on a normal blue t-shirt. I walked over to the mirror and stared at my appearance, I wasn't pretty, but I wasn't ugly either. I honestly didn't care about what I looked like, but today was my first day and I know that kids these days judge you on first impressions.
I skipped down the hallway of our house and grabbed some breakfast and made a sandwich for lunch today.
'Are you excited?' My mother giggled happily.
I looked down at my food and shrugged, 'I guess,'
'Now, now, you'll make lots of friends, try and fit in. If you are having a hard time just stay low and stay out of trouble,' My mother replied while studying my face.
I thought for a second.. Her advice seemed legit, 'Okay,' I agreed.
Once I got to school, it was very much like my old school... Loud and messy. Typical.
I was 16 and have been through highschool before so I wasn't too scared.
When I entered the school I looked around for some friendly faces, I saw none.
I saw the common nerds, jocks, loners and sluts. It was so familar, I laughed silently to myself.
I never really fitted in, I guess I'd be a 'nerd' because I take my school work seriously and only have a few friends, like two or three.
'Hi there!' I heard a girl say to me happily.
I looked up and saw a beautiful girl stand before me, she hair curly red-ish hair and big green eyes.
'Hey,' I tried to smile. She grabbed a peice of paper out of her pocket and handed it to me.
'You must be new here, right?' She asked. I nodded.
'This is your time table, my name is Lilly, feel free to ask me any questions. Consider me your friend, I love to help people,' she smiled.
I suddenly looked up from my paper and felt very happy, 'Thanks sooo much, I was really nervous about meeting new people, but you seem pretty nice,' I admited.
'No problems, you and me and in most classes together, so let me show you around,' she said again with her perfect little smile.
She continued the morning by showing me where everything is, but then she introduced me to her friends..
'This is Nick, he's in some of your classes aswel,' she said while pointing to Nick.
I studied his face.. Pure perfection is the first word that came to my mind.
He had black hair that was almost dead straight, it feel just over his eye brows and showed off his perfect green eyes. Then he had a beautiful small nose that was in the cutest shape ever. His lips were tiny but adorable and he smiled brightly while looking at me.
'Hey, nice to meet you,' He said to me. 'Hiya, I'm Rachel,' I smiled.
*RINNNG* The bell went.
'Well, I gotta go to class, Rachel you better go with Nick, he's in your maths class,' she said and then left.
'Okay, come with me, I'll look after 'ya,' He joked. I giggled, 'Alrighty,' I agreed.
As the day went on, I swear I could feel Nick staring at me, every time I'd look at him, he'd always look away. It made me laugh a little bit.
Gosh, he was so cute.
When it was lunch I walked into the lunch room and looked around, I had no idea where to sit.
'Hey, new girl!' Some girly voice called, I looked across to a very classy looking girl. NOT.
She had a mini skirt on an a tight boob tube showing off her cleavage. I cringed at this dirty slut.
'Me?' I asked while staring at her.
'Yes you!' she said rudely, 'I saw the way Nick and you were looking at eachother, and if you touch him, 'gurl you better look out,' she said while giving me a feirce look. I look at her stunned, what the fuck was her problem? I asked myself.
'Alrighty then, love,' I said sarcastically and walked off, she didn't bother me at all. Another common slut, I sighed.
'Rachel! over here!' I heard a familar voice call, it was Lilly!
I walked over to her and Nick and sat down, 'Hey,'
'What did Jessica say to you?' Lilly asked while looking corncered.
'Nothing, who is she?' I lied while picking up my sandwich and taking a bite.
'The school hoe,' she sighed.
I laughed at that comment and looked up at Nick, he was staring at me.
'Yeah, she's totaly crazy,' Nick added, 'She's my ex, god she gets jealours so damn easily, I had to end it with that bitch,' He laughed.
I giggled at him and he smiled back at me, 'Gosh you two get a room,' Lilly poked her tounge out at us.
I looked away from him and returned my attention back to my food, I wasn't that hungry though.
'I got to go, my friend needs me for a second,' Lilly said while getting up, 'I'll see you after school Rach?' She asked me.
I felt happy, I loved being called Rach for some reason, 'Umm, sure. Add me on Facebook or something,' I agreed.
When Lilly left, me and Nick sat there together, chatting away. He was so easy to talk to.
'So where you scared about coming to a new school?' He asked.
'Hmm.. No,' I replied while shaking my head. 'Yeah right!' he laughed, 'Seriously were you?'
I paused for a second, 'Alright, yeah a little bit, I'm not usally super popular,' I confessed while throwing my mess away in the bin.
'Did you have alot of boyfriends at your old school?' He asked suddenly.
I looked up surprised, why would he care?
'Umm..,' I stared down. I was a virgin still and have only kissed one boy.
'Sorry, I'm just wondering,' he added.
'No, I don't usally slut around with alot of guys,' I laughed.
He smiled, I think he enjoyed my answer.
'That's good, maybe you and me will get along then, I don't like sluts, and this school has alot of them,' He replied and sighed while looking towards Jessica.
I looked at her too, she was sitting there with her arm around one of her friends while they did a stupid looking pout, she held out her camera in front of her and took a picture.
'Oh 'mah gosh, this one is going on 'da Facebook!' She giggled and showed her friend.
'Yah, we look totaly hot,' her friend agreed.
*RINNNNNNNG* The bell went.
'I better get to class, see you later,' I said while waving to Nick.
'Alright, I'll add you on Facebook and we can chat?' He smiled,
I then realized he was actualy asking a question, 'Umm, sure!!' I agreed.
The day dragged on, but the teachers seemed to like me so I didn't complain.
The work was pretty easy which put me in a good mood.
When I heard the finale bell go, I packed up my stuff and got ready to walk home
I saw Lilly and waved goodbye to her, she just smiled and yelled, 'See you later, Rach!'
A couple of weeks passed and I continued to hang out with Nick and Lilly at school, I advoided Jessica because I knew she was a freaking moron.
It was Sunday afternoon and I decided to hang out with Lilly at a milk bar.
'Two chocolate sundays, please,' Lilly said to our waitress.
The waitress nodded and walked off.
'So, how are you?' I asked, trying to make small talk.
'Good, good..,' she said while looking down towards the table. I knew she was hiding something.
'What?' I asked.
'I know something you don't know!' She teased and laughed.
Me and her were pretty close, these couple of weeks were super fun, me and Lilly were like sisters now.
'What, what is it?' I asked. I hated surprised and secrets. I guess I was kind of nosey.
'I think Nick likes you,' she finally confessed. I felt my heart leap from my chest, I was so happy.
'Really!?' I asked looking more surprised then ever.
'Yep, he always asks about you, gosh he's obsessed,' She said.
We contined our little lunch date thing and I paid the waitress.
Lilly looked up to me, 'Thanks for paying,' she said happily.
'No problem, text me later,' I replied.
She drove off with her older sister and I walked home. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, I didn't know if I should confess my feelings to Nick.
I got to my room and kicked of my shoes, as I waited for my computer to turn on I brushed my hair again, it was a totaly mess.
When it finally loaded, I logged onto Facebook I noticed something,
"Nick Mathews is now in a relationship with Jessica Clark"
What the fuck? I thought he hated her?


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