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He Raped Me..

Novel By: Tiger Lilly

Ally is a normal, beautiful teenager. Her life was not great but not bad.. But after one night, her life was shattered into a million pieces.. All because of one man. View table of contents...


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Read me:
Sorry for the wait :/ I've been going through a whole load of crap in RL at the moment.. Infact; once of the scenes in this chapter happened in rl. So, anyway, I hope you enjoy. xo Remember to comment. :)
Chapter 6 -
I opened my eyes, there in front of me was the one person on this Earth I wanted to see the least. James.
'I .. I'm so..' I stuttered.
'Sorry? Fuck off, I already warned you about running off, you're going to regret this,' he replied and grabbed me. He hung me over his shoulder as he walked back to his house.
The walk took ages, I must of ran really far away.. I wonder how he found me?
'You're so stupid, there is NO way you'll EVER get away, you hear me?' he asked and gripped me harder.
'Don't hurt me, I won't do it again.. I promise!' I begged and started to cry.
The tears ran down my cheeks, soking his shirt. I gave up, I wanted to die.. There was no way for me to get away from this.. I'd have to live through this for the rest of my life.
Once we reached the house, he kicked the door open with his foot. It was obvious he was furious.
'We're home! Mathew?' He screamed as he walked into the house and dropped me onto the floor.
I smashed my head against the cold, hard ground and groaned from the pain.
'Yeah, what's up?' A man replied and walked into the same room as us. His eyes were on Jame's and then me. He stared at me with concerned eyes.
'Is she okay?' he asked while staring at me more, I looked away from his beautiful blue eyes.
'Who gives a fuck? Anyway, go get her cleaned up, please,' Jame's replied and walked past us.
I looked up at him, he took slow steps towards me. He towered over me and stared down.
'Hi, I'm Mathew,' he said and kneeled besides me.
He had dirty blonde hair and tanned skin. I tried to guess his age, he was very tall and mature looking so he was definetly older then 20.. Yet his skin was very soft looking and youthful.. So maybe around 22-23?
'I'm Ally..' I whispered.
'It's okay, don't be afraid of me, I'm Jame's friend.. He called me and told me about you and said that you mean alot to him.. He wanted me to look after you and stuff,' He replied and felt my cheek, his hand was warm.
'Oh.. How did he find me?' I asked and look into his eyes.
'He lives around here.. He pretty much knows where everything is, it wasn't hard for him to find you..'
'Is he going to hurt me?' I asked and a small tear escaped my eye and dripped down my cheeck.
'I think so.. I'll try and convince him to be careful with you, I'm so sorry you have to go through this,' he replied and wiped away my tears.
Why was he being so nice to me? I was dirt.
'Tonight he is going out, so don't worry about him, I'll take care of you,' he smiled.
'..Thankyou?' I replied.
'I bet you're hungry, go sit down and I'll make you some food,' He said and helped me up. I walked over to the couch and sat down, it was so warm and soft.
'What would you like?' He asked from the kitchen.
'What ever is easy,' I called back.
'Is macaroni and cheese okay?' He asked.
'Perfect,' I replied.
Just then, James walked into the room.
'I'll be back tomorrow, Mathew get Ally prepared for her punishment..' He said and gave me the death stare.
He yanked on his coat and walked out the door, slamming it behind him.
I stared at the door, reminding myself that soon I will be punished.. Why did this have to happen to me?
'Don't worry, Ally.. I'll try and calm him down for tomorrow.. I don't think he'll hurt you too bad.,' Mathew admitted and sat next to me with a bowel of mac
and cheese.
He passed it to me and handed me a fork. I dug in straight away, it smelt and tasted so good. The noodles were soft and mixed very well with the cheese.
'Eat slowely, you might get a stomach ache,' he chuckled.
'You're a very good cook,' I smiled. He smiled back.
'Thankyou, would you like a drink of some sort?' He asked.
'Yes please,' I nodded.
By the time I finished up my meal, Mathew returned with a big glass of water and ice.
'I think you may be a little dehydrated, drink this, it will help,' he smiled and handed me the water. I drank it quickly, it was very refreshing.
'Thankyou,' I said.
'It's okay,' he winked and put the bowel and glass in the sink.
'Go have a shower and get some rest, in the morning Jame's will probably want to see you..' Mathew said with a concered look.
'..Okay,' I whispered. Great. Before I was fine, now I'm terrified.. In a couple of hours from now, James was going to be punishing me.
I got up and followed him into the beautiful bathroom, it was just as grand as the first time I used it.
'I'll let you be alone, do you know where everything is?' Joel asked.
I nodded and he closed the door behind him. I opened up the cupboard and grabbed a shampoo and conditioner bottle. Once the shower was on and heated up, I stepped under the warm water. It soothed my whole body as I massaged the products through my hair.
When I was done I turned off the shower and wrapped the soft cotton towel around me. What am I going to do? I didn't want to get out.. I wanted to die to be honest..
I turned around and grabbed a razor out of the cupboard and sat down on the cold tiled floor. I stared down at my smooth untouched wrist and cried.. The tears fell slowly down my cheeck and landed on the floor next to me.
When I was younger I used to cut myself because I was always depressed, I eventually got over it though. Now here I am again.
I pressed the razor against my wrist and sliced it slowly across. I squeezed my eyes shut and pretended the pain wasn't there.. I contined cutting myself for about 5 minuets then gave up, there was no point.. Cutting myself wouldn't make the problem go away. I washed off the blood and stood up.
I put the razor away and got dressed in the same old raggity clothes I've been wearing for days.
Once I walked out of the bathroom Mathew escorted me to the bedroom and helped me get into bed.
'Don't worry about tomorrow, you'll be okay,' he whispered as he pulled the covers over me.
'Yeah right..' I doubted as I closed my eyes and sunk into the pillow.
He kissed me on the head and walked out of the room, letting me drift off into a peaceful sleep so I could prepare for tomorrow.


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