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He Raped Me..

Novel By: Tiger Lilly

Ally is a normal, beautiful teenager. Her life was not great but not bad.. But after one night, her life was shattered into a million pieces.. All because of one man. View table of contents...


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'Hey mum, I'm going to go now! I'll see you at around 11 tonight, okay?' I said as I opened the front door. Tonight was going to be a really fun night, I was going to meet up with some mates at a party.
'Alrighty, have fun and stay safe,' my mother called out to me and gave me a hug goodbye.
Once I got to the party and said hello to everyone I decided to have a drink. After a while I felt dizzy and thought it was best to drink some water.
I heard that if you drink water after you've had some alcohol, the effects of the alcohol will slowly wear off.
*A few hours later*
'Oh my gosh, I'm so DRUNK!' My friend screamed as she held another shot up and quickly drank it.
'Hey, I better get going, See you tomorrow, Beth!' I called to her. It was getting late and I didn't want to worry my mum.
'Oh come on! Stay for a little bit? Or atleast let me drive you home?' She said and gave me a hug.
'Nah, it's okay. I'll walk. You go have fun though' I smiled and blew her a kiss as I walked out of the door.
It was dark and cold, those were the main two things I remembered. I pulled my hoodie over my long brunette hair and put my hands in my pockets.
I walked as fast as I could, hearing the 'clink' of my highheels each step I took.
I breathed out and saw all the white fog come out of my mouth, it really was freezing.
After a while I started to stress out..
I have been walking for about 5 minutes and each minute has been terrifying.. I had a strange feeling that I was being followed.
Just then I heard footsteps behind me, not quiet girly steps like mine, more like loud harsh steps of a grown man.
I quickened my pace too afraid to look behind me.
I heard the steps get quicker and louder as they got closer to me.
Then I felt his hands grab my hips. He pulled me in closer to him.
'Let go off me!' I screamed.
'Shut up,' the man behind me replied and put a rag over my mouth.
I suddenly smelt the chemical. My mind went dizzy and my view started to fuzz over.
My eyes felt so heavy, I slowly closed them and before I knew it, I passed out in his arms.
When I woke up hours later I was in a bedroom, on a large bed, all alone.
The bedroom had no windows, it was plain. All there was were blue walls and a couple of pictures. Next to me was a dresser with a lamp on it.
'Arrr...' I groaned and felt my head, It was like I just had a really bad head-spin.
I eyed the door and slowly walked over to it and reached out for the doorknob.
I turned it slowly and felt my heart race when I thought it would open!
Then it stopped. It was locked.
'Fuck,' I whispered to myself and felt a tear run down my face.
Before I went to go sit down on the ground and cry some more, the door opened.
There stood a tall, slim figure.
He had long brown hair that stopped just above his big brown eyes.
He wore a black T-shirt and black jeans, though you could still see his muscles through his shirt.
'Hello beautiful,' He smiled.
'W- who are you..?' I stutterd and just stared up to him like a little child.
'My name is James, though that does not matter because well.. Now you shall call me master,' He said.
'Why am I here!' I screamed.
'Shut the hell up, don't talk to your master like that! This is your home now, and I am here to teach you what real pain and pleasure feels like,' He replied.
Pain and pleasure? I didn't like the sound of that.. I started to sweat as my heart beat raced through my body.
'Let me ask you a few questions..' James said and pulled me onto the bed.
'Number one, are you a virgin?' He asked.
'Fuck you!' I screamed some more and raised my hand up to his face to slap him, he caught my hand and placed it back down to my lap.
'Are you? Tell me or I will have to hurt you,' He replied carmly.
'No I'm not. I finally confessed.
'How many times have you had sex?'
'A few times, with my ex boyfriend,' I said.
'Okay, what is your name?' He questioned.
'Ally.' I replied.
'Ahh, okay. Beautiful name, how old are you?' He asked curiously.
'I'm 19, why do you ask?' I said and then sobbed into my hands.
'Do not question me anymore. My questions are for a reason,' He said and took his hand in mine.
'Don't touch me!' I screamed and pushed his hand away.
'I will do whatever the fuck I want with you, slut!' He said and pushed me onto the bed, holding me down by my hips and shoulders.
He then placed one hand on my cheek and started to kiss me, I kept my mouth shut and tried to pull away.
'Kiss me, Ally!' He whispered into my ear. I felt his hot breath sweep over my cheek.
'No - ' I started but before I could get another word out he then deepend our kiss.
His tounge started to glide through my mouth, he diffently knew what he was doing.
'Tonight I'm going to fuck you so hard,' He said and smiled down at me.
'No!' I screamed and tried to push him away.
He grabbed one of my hands and held it down as he slapped me across my face. It stung really badly and I started to cry even harder.
'Please, don't do this..' I whispered to him, I looked up at his furious face.
'Why shouldn't I?' He said and held me down harder.
'I don't deserve this.. Please! Not tonight!' I replied and closed my eyes and started to pray to God.
'Fine,' He said.
I opened my eyes, why did he give up so easily?
'Really?' I said with wide eyes.
'Yes, but only because tonight is your first night. But since you got me all hard.. You should offer me something in return for me letting you get away tonight,' He whispered into my ear.
'What?' I said cluelessly.. I wasn't a virgin, but still I wasn't very sure of sex yet, I was still experimenting.
'Get on your knees,' He insisted and forced me off the bed and pushed me onto my knees.
He stood infront of me and smiled and then pulled down his pants, revealing his massive bulge under his underwear.
'If you suck my dick well enough, then I will let you keep your innocence for another night,' He said and stroked my hair.
I weighed up the odds.. If I satisfy him tonight then I have one more night to think of a way out.. Although if I let him rape me right now, then he gets his way, and all i get is alot of pain and suffering.
I decided to just go with it.
I can do this.
I pulled down his underwear, and stared at his massive, hard dick.
'Wow, you really like it don't you,' He laughed.
I blushed, I've never seen a dick this big before.
I put his big shaft in my mouth licking all of it.
'Mmmmm..' he moaned and tilted his head back.
I then knew he enjoyed it, and continued to lick and tease his cock.
I took the rest of his dick in my mouth taking it deeper and deeper.
I bobbed my head up and down, making his dick slide in and out of my mouth.
He gripped my hair and started to moan louder.
'More! I'm going to cum soon..' He barely managed to say over his moans.
I massaged his dick more until I needed air.
I took his dick out of my mouth and started to wank him off, using my saliva as a lube.
'Mmm, fuck,' he groaned.
He then grabbed my head and forced his dick further in my mouth, I thought I was going to choke but it only made me hornier. I hated myself for it though, how
could I enjoy giving head to a creep?
A few seconds later, I felt his hot cum shoot out of his dick and land all in my mouth.
I quickly swallowed and looked up to him to see if he was impressed.
'Very good, Ally. You may rest now,' he smiled and stroked my hair.
I hopped into the bed, tears started to stream down my cheek.. I can't belive I just did that to him, I just let him cum in my mouth.. How degrading.
'What's wrong?' He said and pulled his pants up to come over to comfort me.
'I hate you..' I sobbed.
'Now, now. Some day you will love me, I can't wait until I get to fuck you.. You're so adorable,' He laughed.
'Screw you!' I yelled.
'Go to bed, tomorrow you have a big day,' he said and walked out of the door, locking it behind him.
I closed my eyes and shivered.. Not because I was cold, but because I was completely and utterly disgusted in myself.
A few minutes later I fell asleep, wondering what was in store tomorrow?


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