What She Desires

By: ticktock333

Chapter 3,

After school the next day, Alana needed to talk to Mr. Withers about her phy.ed grade and she was pretty excited. Mr. Withers was definitely one of the most attractive teachers at her school. He was 28 and had brown hair with blue eyes. Just thinking about him, Alana got the familiar feeling below her stomach.

When she checked his office, he wasn't there. Slightly disappointed, Alana left his office and heard moans coming from the locker room. As she pushed open the door she found Mr. Withers lying on the bench, completely naked, stroking his massive member. Alana smiled and walked over to him. He gasped as he realized he was not alone and sat up, stunned and embarrassed. But lust quickly took over as Alana took off her tight jeans and lowered herself onto his penis. It was a tight fit and Alana wiggled around until he was snug inside of her. Balls deep inside of her, he started pulling out. When he was completely out, she slammed down onto his hips and humped it as fast as she could. Soon he could not hold it in any longer and with a powerful grunt, released himself inside her.

Afterwards when she got home, she didn't even say hi to her stepfather. She went to her room and thought about her life. Why was she so horny all the time? Why? Was it normal? She didn't even notice that her stepfather was in her room, with his pants around his ankles

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