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Change your fate. (Outsiders fanfiction)

Novel By: TheHost

Vivian Simone hates the fighting. But when she is kidnapped by the head Soc's son she learns that she is the key to end all of it. But it comes at a price... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 19, 2012    Reads: 673    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Summer heat is cruel. I sat under a long abandoned over pass that no longer met in the middle. I sat hidden in the shade underneath it. Tucked perfectly away from view, I sighed and closed my eyes enjoying the fact that I was away from all the drama. Thunder made me open my eyes in shock. A storm was floating in on the horizon like a huge grey ship. The temperature was dropping and I could see the rain beating the earth. I was going to have to run home. I sighed a scrambled out from my hiding spot. I took at deep breath and began jogging toward the city hoping to reach my neighborhood before the icy fingers of rain could rake down my back. Once I reached pavement I started sprinting running toward the Greaser territory before the rain or a Soc could reach me. I ran faster my arms and legs pumping as I took deep breaths of air trying to reach my house. I reached it just in time because as soon I shut the door the wind and rain started to beat the house. I almost ran into my younger brother and I blushed still panting.

"Sorry." I gasped and moved around him before plopping onto the couch next to Dally and Steve.

I rested my head on Dally's shoulder and Darry looked in on us.

"Use your inhaler." He ordered before I rolled my eyes.

I reached for it in the back pocket of my pants. I took a drag on it and held my breath for ten seconds. I breathed out and sighed my breathing back to normal. I looked at the TV and smirked. Mickey Mouse was on of course. I snuggled up closer to Dally breathing in his scent and grinning like an idiot when he wrapped my arm around me. I glanced around the room and saw that everyone was here.

"Viv help me with dinner." Darry asked.

I got up and helped him. After all eight of us ate dinner I cleaned up so Darry could take a shower and went out into the living room and watched them all play wrestle. Johnny was staring at them wide eyed and wasn't participating. I glanced back at my brothers where my twin was giving our 15 year old brother a noogie. They were playfully cursing and shouting at each other.

"Say mercy!" Soda shouted.

"Ah! Mercy let me go!" Pony yelped. He scrambled away and rubbed his head looking hurt.

We all and laughed and I managed to giggle. "You guys are soo… So childish." I managed to laugh.

They all looked up at me at the same time, mischief gleaming in their eyes. I backed up a bit and tried to run but Dally and Steve easily jumped on me pulling me to the ground.

"Where'd ya think you're going?" Dally asked, grinning wickedly. I jerked trying to get away but Dally and Two-Bit held on my arms while Steve sat on my legs. I squirmed and cried out begging them to stop.

"You can't hit a girl!" I cried desperate to protect myself. My bottom lip quivered and I went into full on pout mode starring innocently into Soda's and Pony's eyes. They grinned down at me and cracked their knuckles and loomed over her.

"Who said anything about hitting?" Asked Soda a smirk playing up on the edges of his mouth.

He proceeded to tickle me. I squealed and giggled begging him to stop as the rest of them began to tickle me too. They finally stopped and let me go. I stood up and escaped to the door where I ran into Darry. I hugged him desperate to get away. He captured me in his strong arms and hugged me back. My sides hurt from the tickle assault and laughing. He let me go and I ran to my room, I shut the door behind me and closed my eyes and tried to sleep.


Authors note:

Hehe sorry its not at all that exciting. I promise to make the next chapter more... interesting. ^_^' hope you enjoy it. I am open to sugestions and critques hope you enjoy. :)


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