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Fallen Angel: or how I plotted to take down my best friend

Novel By: TheBookBunny

Chloe Peters is the Queen Bee at Kennedy High. She has everything: money, clothes, student council presidency and a hot boyfriend. What happens when Chloe's best friend, Angel, discovers that Chloe is not so perfect after all? View table of contents...



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Chapter One

Chloe Peters was the girl that every girl at Kennedy High loved to hate. She was the epitome of perfection with her heart shaped face, round deep blue eyes and thick blond hair that was always tousled as if she was a mermaid escaped from the sea. I couldn't help but notice our differences as I sat across from her at our lunch table. My pin-straight jet black hair and almond shaped brown eyes were a sharp contrast to Chloe's features. We wore similar designer clothes (tight t-shirts and short skirts) but that was only because she had lent me them. Chloe felt bad that my parents weren't able to afford designer labels so she always brought an extra set of clothes for me to change into before school started. Half of me was grateful and the other half wanted to punch her in the face for the pity she bestowed on me.

"The whole team is invited so we need to get a bunch of girls at this party to even things out a bit," Chloe informed me as she picked at a plain salad without any dressing. By "team" she meant Kennedy's football team, but she didn't make the distinction because to Chloe, no other sports team mattered at school. I nodded at her plan as if I truly cared about the party. It was basically the same bullshit, different weekend.

Whenever Chloe's parents were out of town, which was usually every weekend, she threw huge parties in their 8 bedroom mansion. Mr. Peters was the richest man in our town by a long shot. Everyone knew Chloe was loaded so they worshipped her as if by being merely acquaintances with her would grant them access into her exclusive world. Fat chance. Chloe was notoriously selective when it came to choosing her closest friends. There was me, because we had been friends since childhood and then there were the Gayle twins: Hannah and Lana. Chloe chose the twins for our group because they were beautiful, not as much as her of course, but enough to be included with us. The twins weren't very smart, but they were loyal to Chloe and because of their loyalty they enjoyed the privilege of popularity.

I seemed like the odd one out of the group. I wasn't as beautiful as the other girls. People never used that adjective when describing me. The word I usually got was "cute." The girls were all slender and tall, while I was petite and curvy. The only advantage I had over them were my large round breasts that sat perked up on my chest. Guys were always staring at my chest and sometimes I even caught Chloe staring too. She couldn't help it, they were pretty attention grabbing.

"You know Doug is going to be at the party…" Chloe said, interrupting my thoughts, and raised her immaculately plucked eyebrows suggestively.

"Why are you STILL trying to hook me up with Barf-boy Doug?" I groaned. The twins who were seated on each side of me erupted in giggles. Chloe's main ambition in life, besides being perfect, was to find me a boyfriend.

"Angel! That was like in kindergarten, no one calls him that anymore!" Chloe cried, "Plus he's hot and you need to get laid. You're always so uptight."

"It disturbs me how worried you are about my sex life," I said.

"I just want what's best for you and I think if you had a good lay, you wouldn't stress over dumb stuff," Chloe smirked at me while spearing a leaf of lettuce with a plastic fork. My anger rose at her words. My parents impending divorce was not "dumb stuff," but Chloe could never understand that. Divorce wasn't allowed in her perfect world.

"Who needs to get laid?" came a deep, playful voice from behind me. My stomach tightened and I recognized the voice without even turning around. It was the only voice that mattered.

"Babyyyy!" Chloe squealed, opening her arms to receive her boyfriend's embrace. Dean hugged her and plopped down next to her. He was tall; with a sun kissed tan from all the surfing he did. It was hard to breathe, as if someone sucked all the air out of the room. The hardest thing to do was to pretend as if his presence didn't affect me at all.

"Hey Angel, Hannah, Lana" Dean said, his hazel eyes shining. I could only give him a short nod and focused intently on my own plain salad. The last thing I needed was for everyone to realize that I had a big fat crush on Chloe's boyfriend. It would be the end of our friendship and social suicide for me.

"Angel needs to get laid," Chloe informed him,"But we are going to fix that this weekend at my party." Dean frowned at me.

"Maybe Angel wants her sex life to not be the topic of every conversation you girls have," Dean snapped. His shoulders were tensed and his hands were balled up into fists. Dean was known for his short temper. Chloe paid it no mind though, she tapped away into her Iphone ignoring him and then suddenly stood up, "I need to go deal with a student council issue before class starts. A president's job is never done… I'll text you guys okay?" Dean looked up at Chloe expectantly and I knew he was waiting for her to kiss him but she brushed past us without another word. Hannah and Lana elapsed into a private conversation leaving Dean and I alone. We stared at each other until Dean flashed me a strained smile, "Chloe's something, isn't she?" I nodded, not knowing what to say back to him.

"I really wished she wasn't so into other people's problems though," he commented. So now my lack of a sex life was a problem? Dean must have notice the look on my face because he quickly added, "I don't mean you, Angel. I just wished she would focus on our relationship. She's always running off to do this or that. It's like I never see her except for these stupid parties she throws. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a prop on her arm." I wanted to jump across the lunch table and kiss his gorgeous face and tell him that I could be everything he needed in a girlfriend but I restrained myself.

"The best thing to do is to tell her how you feel, Chloe will understand," I said knowing that she wouldn't. Chloe would never take the blame for hurting their relationship. Dean looked hopeful and thanked me. I gave him a sad smile and noticed Chloe had left her pink day planner at the table. The planner was her bible, and she never went anywhere without it.

"I'm going to see if I can catch up to Chloe and give this to her before she freaks out," I said, "Catch you all later."


I knew the student council usually met in the chemistry lab so I figured I would start my search for Chloe there. In our school Chemistry classes were all scheduled in the morning so I wasn't surprised to find an empty lab when I walked in. I looked around and spotted Chloe's books on one of the lab tables. She was nowhere in sight. I was about to leave the classroom when I heard a moan coming from the lab closet. At first I thought my ears were playing tricks on me but then I heard it again.

Cautiously I tiptoed over to the closet. Because the closet had a small glass pane window, I was able to partly see inside and my jaw dropped. Inside the closet, Chloe was leaning with her back against the wall. Her eyes were closed and she was running her hand through a guy's hair. The guy wasn't Dean. My heart pounded hard against my chest and I couldn't believe this was really happening. The guy was on his knees and pushed Chloe skirt up so that it was bunched around her hips.

"Lick me" Chloe begged as the guy was rubbing his fingers along the outside of her underwear. The guy complied and moved her lime green thong to the side, exposing her freshly Brazilian-waxed pussy. He kissed her pussy lips softly and gave one quick lick. Chloe moaned, "Stop teasing me baby." Baby?? Isn't that what she just called Dean a couple minutes ago? The guy chuckled, "Patience love." I could only make out the back of his head, dark locks of hair but that gave me no identification for him. He slipped two fingers into Chloe's pussy and she gasped loudly.

"You like two fingers baby? How about three? Can you handle three?" he teased. Chloe shook her head, but the guy ignored her, "You're just going to have to take it anyway." Without waiting for a reply, the guy shoved a third finger into Chloe and began to quickly pump his fingers in and out of her. I could hear how wet her pussy was by the gushing noises his fingers were making inside of her. Chloe yelped and pressed her hands into the wall as if she was trying to grip on anything possible for support. The guy continued to pump his fingers and then decided it was time to give Chloe what she wanted. He leaned into her and with a firm tongue began licking her clit relentlessly. Chloe's hips bucked in response and pleaded, "Baby make me come…Only you can make me come."

At her words the guy began switching between sucking and licking her pussy. This drove Chloe wild and her long legs began to shake as she starting bouncing on his fingers. She rode his fingers as if they were a penis and the guy lapped at her pussy wildly. "I'm going to come!" Chloe tossed her head back and let out a cry. The guy just kept going until Chloe's moans hit a climax and she collapsed with him on the floor. I backed away slowly. If Chloe realized I had been standing there the whole time- I don't even know how she would react. I tiptoed back to the hallway just as the bell was ringing, signaling the end of lunch. I rounded the corner and headed towards History class wondering what my next move would be.


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