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Make It Up To Me

Novel By: TheArtemis

Dorian is a bachelor and Kristy is a painter, they both live the party life and are in and out of bed... What happens when these two meet and their fate is intertwined View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 5, 2014    Reads: 506    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

Dorian's POV

They're biting and sucking on my neck while the rub my crotch in the back of my limo. I think I might combust in my pants right now if it gets any hotter.

Jane starts sucking and biting on my bottom lip while Peyton gets on her knees in front of me.

"Whoa ladies, slow down or I won't be able to last until we get to my place" I breathe out.

Peyton laughs and says "Just relax and enjoy it baby".

She unbuttons and drags my zipper down at an excruciating slow speed. I struggle to catch my breath when Jane sucks on the sensitive part of my neck below my ear.

I feel my eyes roll to the back of my head. I suddenly snap them open when I feel a hot wet mouth on the tip of my dick.

"Jesus" I gasp.

She slowly gets my dick slobbering wet with her tongue while Jane massages my balls. Her mouth tightens on my dick and I suck in a breath, just to let it out when she starts bobbing up and down.

Jane grips the part of my shaft that Peyton can't get in her mouth and strokes it, timing it with Peyton's bobs.

I feel the undeniable build up on my balls making them tighten. She twirls her tongue around my dick and shoves it down her throat.

"Fuck! I can't hold it baby!" I hiss.

Jane's grip tightens and she strokes me faster, while Peyton bobs faster and sucking harder. I cum with a yell, gushing deep down her throat. My breaths coming harder and faster.

As I try to control my breathing Peyton sit next to me licking her lips. I look at her and smirk.

"You're a pro at giving head" I whisper in her ear. She smiles wickedly at me and says "That's not the only thing I'm a pro at". Jane start nibbling on my neck.

I smile "I didn't forget about you baby" I say as I turn toward her and slide my hand up her dress and into her panties. She was already soaking wet and ready. I smirk at her.

"You're soaking wet baby" I whisper, "Did seeing Peyton suck me off turn you on" I say as I bite her ear.

She nods. "Say it" I say gruffly in her ear. She trembles as I slide my fingers through her soaking slit and rub her clit.

"Yes it turned me on", she moans. I chuckle and rub her clit faster in circles. I lick and suck on her neck making her legs open for me wider. I thrust 2 fingers into her and stir her up nice and hard.

"I want you to cum for me when I say" I murmur against her neck. She moans and nods her head frantically. I smile at her eagerness. I thrust an extra finger inside her, twisting and turning on her g-spot.

"Cum now!" I growl in her ear. She screams and I feel her pussy squeeze my fingers as her juices coat them. I pull my fingers out and put them in my mouth sucking all of her juices off.

She lays her head on the back on the seat and tries to maintain her breathing. I glance at Peyton and see how flustered and turned on she is. I smirk at her and crook my finger telling her to come here.

She straddles me and I can feel how wet she is through her panties on my dick.

This is going to be a fun night indeed.

A/Ns: I know chapter 2 wasn't that good but I tried to make this one better. I hope y'all like it.


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