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Alice's journey

Novel By: The pen muse

ALice is taken from her home and she's confused and doesn't know what to do. She's stuff living with a man. SHe can't tell if he really loves her or if he just likes to toy with her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 17, 2012    Reads: 278    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

I felt at peace with everything. I was warm and happy. I didn't want the feeling to go away. My eyes fluttered open and before me was Kris, smiling. He was over me and I was trapped between his arms and legs. At first I just smiled. "Morning." As the drowsiness faded realization came to me. My eyes went wide. "Please tell me you didn't do anything while I was sleeping?"

He grinned. "I was tempted to." He got off the bed. "Don't worry. Your legs will be fine in a few hours. I had a doctor look at them while you were out." He got dressed. "You'll be fine. I'll see you soon."

He left and I glared at my legs. "I'm not waiting a few hours." I wiggled my toes and smiled. "Just a bit more to go." Within the hour I was able to stand and walk, more or less. I pulled pants back on and my bra and shirt. Making my way to the kitchen, I stopped at the top of the stairs. I sighed. This might take a while. Slowly I began to make the dissent down the stairs. I was almost half way down when there was a knock on the door. I froze. "Who is it?" I called out. I heard the door open and a woman call back.

"I'm Britney. Kris hired me to be your chef and maid." She sounded sweet and kind.

I sighed. "I'll be right down. Go ahead and make yourself at home." I continued to make my way down. I looked up from my feet and I saw her come up to the foot of the stairs. She had long brown hair and deep green eyes. She was thin and had a small chest but she was pretty and she didn't look any older then twenty.

"Would you like some help, miss?" She gave a warm smile.

I smiled back. "Yes please." She rushed up to my side and put an arm around my side and I put mine around her shoulders. We made it down ten times faster then I would have on my own. We made our way to the living room and sat me down in one of the recliners. She sat across from me on the couch. "So Kris hired you?"

She nodded. "He said that no matter what you said I was to stay here and cook, clean and to keep you company."

I gave a small nod. "Did you actually meet him or did he send one of his cronies?"

She laughed. "He's my cousin."

I looked at her shocked. "You're related to him and your working for him?"

She grinned, and there it was, the family resemblance, that awful grin. "he only trusts his family to do his most important tasks. I guess he thinks very highly of you."

I glared at her. "He's forced me to have sex with him. I'm not allowed to leave this town or contact anyone. He's caged me."

She just smiled. "I grew up with him and he has strange ways to express how he feels."

I sat back in my seat. "I don't care anymore. So what are the conditions of you working here."

"I'm to stay in the spare room. I cook the meals, I clean and I become your best friend. Kris's words." She stood and began to walk to the kitchen. "I'll whip up some lunch."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. All there is is mac and cheese."

I could here her opening and closing drawers. "I think we should go shopping. He gave you a card right?"

"Ya in the drawer by the fridge."

She came back holding the shiny new credit card grinning. "I smell money. Lets go!"

I looked at my legs. "I can't. Plus I think you have to check with cousin Kris." I gave her a nasty look.

She rolled her eyes. "Come on. Have you bought anything for yourself?"

I raised an eye brow. "It's not my money. I wouldn't be buying myself anything. He would be." I tried to get up but I fell back into the chair. "Life sucks! I don't know why he chose me. I'm not that pretty. I'm average."

She sat down on the arm of the chair. "Your not pretty. Your beautiful. He loves you because its what we are."

I looked at her confused.

She stood quickly. "I mean it's human nature." She shrugged. "Anyway lets go."

I looked back at my legs. "It's still hard to walk."

She put one arm under my knee's and a hand on my back and picked me up with ease."Lets go." We left the house and a pink sports car sat in the drive way. I could see baby blue dice hanging from the rear view mirror and a sticker on the back window that said, "Dogs are people too".

I looked up at her, eye brow raised. "Pink? Really?"

She grinned. "I love pink just as much as I love dogs."

I smiled. "I hate pink."

She gave me a sly smile. "Well, you can't drive, so I get to choose our ride."

I rolled my eyes. "Lets just go before someone see's us."

We walked up to the car and I opened it. She sat me down in the passenger seat. I got situated as she went around the car, or more like jumping over the front of the car. As soon as I was buckled she had already buckled herself and had the car started. "So where do you want to go?" She looked at me hopefully.

I sighed. Why not make the most of it? I gave a reassuring smile. "Anywhere where I can get an LBD."

She squealed with joy and we were off. The drive went by fast. We probably went to three different malls and ten small stores. I was shocked to see how big the town, or city, really was. I was almost convinced it was a small state. By the time we stopped for lunch my legs were back to normal, and we were already over flowing with bags. We stopped at one of the fast food places in the second mall food court. We sat down at a table and she was laughing at me because my face was all red. "I don't know. I think it shows too much." I looked down into a bag next to me. "And it's too tight."

She was still laughing. "It's perfect. If you want to be able to have control over him you need to be able to turn him on and off on your terms. Not his. Plus it looks super hot on you."

I felt my face get hotter. "I want to avoid going to bed with him. Not try and get him to take it off."

She gave me a sly smile. "I know him. Once you start dressing like that he will have more respect for you."

I glared at her. "How does that work?"

"It just does with him. Its how he works."

"Thats makes him sound low." I dug into my salad and soon after we finished we loaded the car with the bags and headed for the last of the stores. By the time we got home my favorite thing I bought was a small husky dog statue that Britney had been gawking over and I could see joy in her eyes. So I bought it while she had already started heading out to the car. When I held it in my hands it seemed almost to be smiling but it was creepy and I had the vague sense I had seen it before.

It took several trips to bring in all the bags. "I'll put these all away you look like you could use a shower."

I smiled. "Are you sure? There is a lot here." I looked at the living room floor and there wasn't an inch that wasn't covered. I found the one with the dog in it and handed it to her. "I saw you admiring it and thought you might like it." She took it and squealed when she pulled out the dog.

"Thank you. Your the best." She grinned down at the dog and it hit me.

It looks like Kris. Thats why it reminded me of something. He would look that that if he was a dog. I shook my head and went up stairs. "I might be a while."

But she was already busy taking out clothes and putting them on hangers and folding them. I closed the door behind me when I entered the bathroom and just stood there. I took in a deep breath and stepped away from the door. I slipped off my pants and undies and threw them into the laundry basket that was next to the sink. I took off my shirt and bra and through them into the basket as well. There was a stereo on a shelf next to the shower and I turned it on. It already had a CD of a mix of songs I had put together. I turned on the shower and made sure it was more on the hot side before stepping in. At first it stung but I got used to it and I let my body relax. I need to relax. I'm sixteen I don't need to worry so much. I began to shampoo my hair. Then again I'm not your everyday teen. It felt good to have the hot water run through my long hair. I closed my eyes and just stood there. I'll get out of here. I'll go far away, too far for him to follow. As soon as the shampoo was rinsed I conditioned it and grabbed my wash cloth and started washing my body. I kept my eyes closed and just listened to my music. My eyes shot open as I felt some one press against my back and take the wash cloth from me. I looked back and saw it was Kris. "Kris! Back so soon?" I tried not let my body shake but it wasn't working.

He grinned. "I'll get your back." He took the cloth and did slow small circles on my back. I can't say it felt bad because it felt great. I stood there and let him, unsure what to do or say. When he got to my lower back my back arched like a cat. He had hit my sweet spot and continued to go back to that spot. I swear if I was a cat then I would be purring. He stopped and put it down on the side of the tub. I froze as his hands rested on my hips. I held my arms tight across my chest as his head came down to my ear. "I'm sorry I left you this morning while you were paralyzed. I would have stayed to comfort you but I had a meeting to go to."

I nodded. "Thats ok. Your cousin was very nice to me and took me shopping."

He kissed my neck and stood strait again. "Thats good. I was hoping you two would get along." He held me against him and we started swaying. "I really am sorry."

I nodded and just let him sway my body with his. The swaying was slow and relaxing. I let my body relax into the rhythm and I turned to face him. I put my hands on his shoulders as we changed our pace with the next song. "I don't get you."

He smiled. "What don't you get?"

I bit my lip. "Last night. You were gonna force me to have sex with you but as soon as I was hurt you didn't take advantage but there have been other times when you did. What was different about last night? Why didn't you take advantage?"

"You were helpless and too easy a target."

I glared at him. "It can't be that simple."

He grinned. "Maybe I'm starting to actually fall in love with you."

I blushed and just looked foreword at his chest. "Why?"

His hands slipped to my back and I was pressed harder against him. "You entertain me and I like how even after a month you still find hope in an escape. I like how you think and how you're easy to seduce."

I glared up at him but I could feel myself get hot. "I am not easy to seduce."

He grinned. "Want to test it and see who wins? If you win I will leave you alone today and I won't come here for a week if I win I get to toy with you with no complaints for the rest of today and tomorrow and I get to bring you to meet some friends tomorrow. Lets say it ends when dinner is ready?"

I bit my lip again. Meet some friends? But the thought of a week of him being gone was overwhelming. "You have a deal."


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