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Alice's journey

Novel By: The pen muse

ALice is taken from her home and she's confused and doesn't know what to do. She's stuff living with a man. SHe can't tell if he really loves her or if he just likes to toy with her. View table of contents...


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With the paper bag full of groceries under one arm, I fumbled for my keys. My eyes darted out to the neighborhood around me. All was still and silent as snow slowly fell around me. My heart raced as I tried to get the right key from the chain. Maybe I'll get lucky again. He hasn't come for me for two days. Maybe I can last a third. I took my eyes off the neighborhood and focused on the keys. The snow and the gloves were not helping. It took a few minutes but I finally got it. As soon as I got it a wave of joy washed over me. Another day free from him. I went to put the key into the lock, but something gently poked my ribs. I jumped from the shock and dropped my keys into the snow. I didn't bother to pick them up. I looked into the window of my front door and saw his reflection behind me.

He was smiling and I could also see his bright red car against the snow background. He was handsome with his short brown hair, the tone of his muscular body and his beard and mustache made him look all the tougher. He towered over me. Him being six feet four inches and me only being five foot one. "I didn't even here you come." My heart was bounding harder now. Why? I was so close to getting inside.

"Just something new I did to the car. I wanted to surprise you." He put his arms around me and I was glad I was wearing my huge winter coat because his arms crossed right over my breasts. He held me against him and I tried not to move.

"Please, Kris, not today." I brought my hand up to try and remove myself from his arms but he tightened his grip and I knew it would just make things worse for me.

"Come on Alice. It's been two days, I miss you. I want to feel your body on mine." I took the zipper of my jacket and began to pull it down. He stopped half way and put his hand inside and I could feel his warm hand through my shirt as he grabbed my boob.

I knew that I couldn't avoid what was about to happen. "Can we go inside at least."

He grinned. "I knew you couldn't resist me as well." I went to grab the keys off the ground but he pulled me back and got them himself. Before he stood, while crouched on the ground, he faced me and as he slowly stood he ran his hand up my leg. I flinched as his fingers rubbed my pussy but I didn't move from where I stood. He stopped, removing his hand, and unlocked the door. He stepped in and I followed in after him. As I began to take off my coat he took the bag from my arm and brought it into the kitchen.

My house was huge and everything was of the finest quality. I had only been living here for a little over a month. Kris had bought it for me on my sixteenth birthday and I was moved in on that same day. That was also the first night he had me. That was the night I lost my virginity.

I hung my coat on the coat hanger and took off my boots. I was dressed in just orange sweat pants and a nine inch nail's t-shirt. I walked into the kitchen, that was way to big for my standards. He was looking at the boxes of mac and cheese and kids cereal I had just bought. "Is this what you have for dinner?" he looked at me and showed me the mac and cheese box.

I rolled my eyes. "No. I have the cereal for dinner and the Mac and cheese for breakfast." I walked over to him and took the boxes out of his hands and put them on a shelf. "Of course I do. I don't trust myself to cook. I'll probably burn down the house."

He smiled at me. "I'll get you a personal cook."

I blushed. "Thats not necessary. I'll just get a few cook books." I turned away. He only gets me things so he can get in my pants. I sighed. And he thinks it's working. I just want to get it over with. I looked back at him and I could see his eyes studying me and it was making me nervous. "Can we get it over with. I want to be alone."

His eyes met mine and I couldn't move. He came at me slowly at first but when he touched me it felt like he was everywhere. His hands explored my body, tracing my sides and grabbing my breasts. I was feeling hot and I was already trying to move with him. I don't get how he makes me feel like this. I don't want to have sex with him. I made myself stop trying to be with him and he grinned at me. He thinks its a game. He likes to force me. But I paid no mind to that thought and instead tried to back away from him but he put a hand on my back and held me against him. "I knew you were making it too easy for me."

I pressed on his chest trying to get out of his grip. "Suck it!" I yelled at him.

He grabbed one of my arms and brought the palm of my hand up to his lips and kissed it. "Don't mind if I do."

I gasped as he picked me up and carried me over to the couch. I beat on him until he threw me down. As I tried to back away but he grabbed my pants and pulled them down around my ankles. I slipped out of them and attempted to get away. He grabbed one of my legs and I tripped onto the floor. He got on top of me, trapping me, and pulled down my underwear. "Kris, please just one more day."

He just smiled at me and held my arms down as his head want between my legs. I closed them at tight as I could but he forced himself between them. I closed my eyes and I kept trying to push away from him but he tightened his grip on my arms. I felt his tongue push between the lips of my pussy and into my vagina. My eyes shot open and I sucked in a breath as I felt his tongue work in me. I tried even harder to push away but now his grip on my arms was hurting and I was sure that I would be bruised there. He took his tongue out and slowly ran it up to my clit and then began to suck on it while playing with it with his tongue. A moan escaped but I didn't stop fighting. I wiggled, trying to get him to stop but he was able to continue as if I was laying still. He stopped and brought his head up to look at me.

I glared back at him but he only grinned. "Don't lie to yourself. You like it. No. You love it."

I brought my knee up to hit his stomach but it was like hitting a rock. "Go to hell!"

He came up to that his face was right above mine. "That may be where i'll end up but for now i'll have my fun." I shivered at the thought and what I knew was about to happen. He stood pulling me up with him. He turned me around so that I was facing away and he let go of my arms. Before I could do anything he grabbed me. One hand ran up the inside of my shirt, grabbing a breast, and the other stuck its fingers between the lips of my pussy and rubbed. "It's already getting wet down there."

I tried to pull his hand out from down there but he squeezed my breast and I arched my back and cried out. He rubbed harder and instinctively my hips pressed down. No. I'm loosing control. My breathing was getting heavy and I pressed back against him. I looked up and saw him grinning down at me. "Thats my girl."

I smiled up at him but something inside was trying to pull me back. No. He's just playing with you. You can't let him take control. Remember who you are. I ignored the voice inside and pressed my hips against his cock. He let go of my breast and stopped rubbing. He picked me up and carried up stairs to my bedroom. As we made our way there I unbuttoned his shirt and I undid his pants. He threw me onto the bed and tossed his shirt and pants across the room. Suddenly I remembered what was going on. No! I waited till he had his boxers around his shins before I leapt from the bed and ran down stairs. I could here him call out to me. His voice was full of fury and I knew I was gonna get it if I was caught. I grabbed my sweat pants and quickly put them on. I grabbed my coat, stepped back into my boots and rushed out the door. I could here him stomping down the stairs and my heart pounding from pure fear. I rushed down to his car and tried to open it. It wouldn't budge and I heard the door of my house slam open. I dismissed the car and started running down the road. "Alice! Get back here!"

I could feel the tears run down my cheeks. Oh God! He's gonna beat me! He's gonna kill me! I could here the crunch of his shoes getting closer behind me. I looked around for someone to help but there was no one. Even if there was they wouldn't save me from Kris. He was the richest man around.

I looked back and I saw him in only his shoes and pants running after me. His face was contorted with fury. I tried to run faster and I couldn't take my eyes off him. I'm gonna die! He stopped and I looked ahead. Before I could react I ran, smack, into a telephone pole. I fell back, expecting to hit the ground but instead fell into his arms. I looked up at him dizzy and shaking with fear. He smiled down at me. "Your such a stupid girl."

I shook my head. "I'm...not...stupid." The edge of my sight was going black. "I'm...scared." He grinned. "You're...not ever...gonna let this...go, are you?"

He shook head. "Nope."

My vision began to clear and I began to shake even more. "Oh God! Your gonna kill me." I pushed out of his grip but on my first step my legs gave way and I fell to my knee's sobbing. "I just want to go home."

He picked me up and carried me back to the house. We stood in front of it for a second. "This is your new home."

I wiped my eyes and looked away from the house. "I hate it here. I want to go back to my family. I want to go back to my parents and my big brother."

He held me tighter. "Their dead and you know that. You have no other place to go. Where did you expect to run to?"

"Anywhere where you couldn't get to me."

He laughed and carried me inside. "Then it's pointless. There isn't anywhere you can hide."

I looked up at him. It was my turn to be angry. "Then why do you keep me here?" I yelled. "What keeps you from letting me go where I want? Or is there something out there that you want to keep me from?"

He growled at me. "Thats enough questions for today. You want to wander the world cold and alone? You don't know the dangers out there."

I repeatedly hit his chest. "You think I feel safe with you! I don't! I feel trapped! All you do is let me go into town but you insist that you buy me stuff! I don't want to be taken care of. I don't love you and I don't want to make love to you."

He looked at me with what looked like true sorrow but I still didn't trust him. "Alice, I love you and I just want to make you happy but I can't ignore the urge to make love to you." He went to kiss my head but I pulled back.

"You can't buy me. Now put me down." I looked away from him.

"Are you all right? You hit that pole hard." He set me down but still kept his hands on my side.

"I'm fine!" I pulled out of his grip and tried to storm off but my legs gave way under me. I hit the ground as hard as I could. "I hate this!" I looked up at him and I could see that his face was going back and forth from sadness to joy. "You want to take advantage of this? Fine, but I will still put up a fight!" He picked me up again and this time his face was straight. What is he thinking? Is he really gonna? He carried me to my room and I saw his shirt still lay in a heap in the corner. He laid me down and walked over to the other side. He crawled in beside me and pulled me onto his lap. I froze waiting for him to do something, but all he did was rap his arms around my middle and hold me against his warm body. We sat there for a while. What is he planning? I was beginning to sweat being against him, still wearing my coat and boots. I looked up at him and he was just staring down at me. It made me nervous and I didn't want to say anything. "Kris."


"I'm hot. Do you think you can..." Before I could finish he was already taking my winter coat off me. He reached down and slipped each boot off. He slid me off him and began pulling my pants down. I grabbed them. "Please. Don't."

He smiled. "I'm not gonna do anything. You said you were hot."

Still unsure, I let go nervously. He slid them off me and then took off my shirt and bra. He helped me get comfortable under the covers. He slid in next to me and pulled me against him. I lay there on my side for a long time listening to his breathing. It never changed pace and his arm never moved from my middle. I don't understand. I relaxed some as sleep tried to sweep over me. His grip tightened but I was too tired to react. I think it's safe to sleep. I looked over my shoulder at him and he just smiled at me. I don't understand you. What do you want from me? Or is this another way to get my guard down so that you can have at me? I looked away and my eyes began to droop and my body relaxed even more. Can I trust you? I drifted off to sleep and was happy to dream of nothing.


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