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Sex, sex and more sex!

Novel By: The Anonymous Author

A conversion of my short stories into a longer novelle View table of contents...


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The hangover I woke up with was worse than I had ever had before. I had numerous 'binge drinking' sessions but this seemed to be worse and I was unsure why. I checked my phone like I always did when I woke up in the morning. I had a new message from an unknown number, it was from my lover last night: Stephanie.

Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life, I am still trying to get my head around it. Just so you know, I don't normally you know.. erm.. 'squirt'. By the way, thank you for clearing up the bar for me. You saved me from one hell of a bollocking, anyway hopefully we'll meet up again sometime.

Stephanie x

I smiled at the text and acknowledged it before I had a long hot shower and checked the date, there was something significant happening today. I was sure of it, I checked my calender and then I realised… the wedding reception.

I had my dry cleaning delivered to me immediately and I slipped into the crisp italian suit and I polished my shoes before grabbing my car keys and setting off. I checked my wallet and rather than coins, I had numerous condoms stuffed in there along with my credit card and a number of twenty pound notes. It was some posh country house where I was going to, the plus side of this being that if the opportunity arose then I would have a number of rooms to take her into.

I drove steadily and slowly towards the reception, it was mid-afternoon but I hadn't been invited to the wedding and I had no reason to rush. It took me just over an hour and although it was a posh hotel as I approached it, I realised that I had the most expensive car by far and decided to park right in front of the country house, not to draw attention but to prevent the car from being stolen. I got out and strolled slowly up the steps and I entered the building. I was met by polished marble and many ornaments and trinkets which to myself seemed to clutter such a beauitful house. I walked through the hunting room and approached the function room, I heard numerous booming laughs and I opened the door. I didn't draw attention to myself and picked up a bottle of beer before settling down at a table and waiting. I watched the bride talking to an old couple, as she nodded and shook the old mans hand, before she drifted away and I caught up with her. I congratulated her and we had a pleasant chat about the groom. She laughed graciously and then I saw someone in the corner of my eye. I wouldn't have normally been concerned but I had spotted someone, i excused myself as I said I needed the toilet. I approached the woman, she must have been the maid of honour as I wished to get acquainted with this extremely large-busted goddess.

"Hello." I said slowly and emphasised every single syllable as I focused on how our eyes met. She had wide hazel eyes and her eyes flickered down to my opened dinner jacket which revealed the tight white shirt I had on for this sort of occasion.

"Why Hello, I didn't see you at the ceremony, I'm sure I would have remembered you if I did!" She said, taking a step forward, her hand raised and she placed it on my chest.

"I'm sure I'd remember someone like you too" I said smoothly, smiling cheekily. I took a step forward myself and then my hands landed on her expensive silk dress. My hands were initially on her hips before sliding round and firmly holding her bum.

" Finally! Someone who knows what they are doing" She said giggling.

"Well i'm glad that my delicate touch impresses you" I said winking at her and continuing to flirt with her.

"It really does, maybe you should show me this delicate touch, somewhere a bit more… quiet" she said, stroking her neck as she said it and then biting her lip.

"I agree, where do you suggest?" I said calmly.

"My room?" She said giddily.

"No" I said quickly, she looked puzzled and perplexed as she had just offered me certified sex. " I have a better idea" I continued.

I took her by the hand and led her out of the function room, I had always been very astute and very much had attention to detail. I turned left and I had found what I was looking for so badly. It was the cloakroom. I led her inside and it was empty, I reached the other end of the cloakroom, there was a washing basin and a number of coats which we could hide behind. There was real passion and excitement behind her eyes, it was like a lightbulb had been turned on. She properly checked me out now and purposely bent forward to take a good look at me but also to inadvertedly reveal her prized assets even more, her breasts were already bulging against her low crop dress and now I could see not only her breasts but the large frilly laced black bra. She turned around around and slowly bent over, she looked back and giggled, not a nervous laugh though, she was confident and I feel the aura surrounding her. I began to unzipped her dress, I was slow and careful, not only to be sensual but also to make sure that the zip didn't break. As the zip reached the bottom, the dress began to collapse, I pulled the straps down and below her shoulders. She giggled, her hand reached back and her hand rested on my groin, she gently moaned and decided to cop a proper feel.

I realised this type of girl wasn't one for foreplay, the raw sexual magnetism had led us to this situation and I wasn't going to pass up on the opportunity realising that I needed to grasp the chance whilst she was in this aroused mood. She lifted her dress up from the bottom and revealed the suspenders and fishnet stockings. She smirked as she dropped the dress and she was left in the vulnerable position of her bra, underwear, suspenders and stockings although the aura surrounding her was excuberating confidence and immediately, I felt like I had met my match. My hands ran along her smooth body and I wasted no time unbuckling the bra which was covering her huge breasts.

My hands began to massage them, they ran underneath and I cupped them as my head levelled with them and I began to lick her nipples slowly. Both her hands ran down and inside my boxers which had expanded significantly since the begin of this ordeal, I chuckled at her and her cold soft hands stroked my long throbbing shaft and suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up and she smirked as the goosebumps began to appear across my sculpted muscular body, she knew she had me on edge. I had never felt like this before, she pushed my buttons and constantly kept me guessing, it was agonising but excillerating at the same time but I regained control as I slammed her against the wall, her fingernails tore into my back and dug in and she wrapped herself around me but she never stopped staring me straight in the eye before glancing down at my body and biting her lip.

She sighed dissatisfied jokingly but I took it literally and set to work on making her orgasm on multiple occasion. She was still wrapped around me giving me total control as I loosened her grip on myself and positioned her on the floor. She seemed confused but it get me the perfect angle to build up some momentum as I slid inside her whilst using her thighs to tighten my hold, she was in an incredibly comfortable position as she began to feel a tingling sensation run throughout her body as the adrenaline began to pump, it caused her gasp and her body was almost shaking as the orgasmic sounds didn't even have time to reach her mouth before the juices began to gush out, as she was on an angle, the juices just collected and soaked her vagina, I dipped my penis in and pushed it in her mouth making her lap up and devour all the juices which her own premature nature had caused, It was almost an enjoyable punishment as I made her continue tasting her before I began to tease her once more, using only the first inch or two of my long thick penis, I began to prod her ever so gently in the moist pink flesh, I did it numerous times, I could see it in her eyes, she was willing me to push it deep inside her, she looked like she needed it and that's what caused me to wait even longer. It was an agonising wait for both of us, but when I did decide to go back in, her mind was blow, she began to moan louder and louder, the juices gushing and then I could feel the strain of muscle in her legs and soon they began to stiffen, I continued to plough inside her and finally she gave in, an almighty scream left her lips and she collapsed in a pool of sweat.

As I began to pull my trousers back up, the door began to open, I looked around and there was nowhere to hide and it was my worst nightmare, it was Eliza. She gasped and looked disgusted at the state of the maid of honour when she was needed for the speeches. I worked out she was going to be getting the groom and at that point, I decided to make myself scarce as I left out of the emergency exit and soon I was back into social exile with nothing more than my possessions and my health, no family, no friends- back on the open road but then I remembered. The holiday. It'd be a great chance to get away and lie low until the dust settled and I would be able to talk myself out of yet another sticky situation. It was decided then.. Cyprus it is!


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