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Sex, sex and more sex!

Novel By: The Anonymous Author

A conversion of my short stories into a longer novelle View table of contents...


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I woke up as I felt the curvacious body right next to me and I felt her chest move up and down slowly and I smiled as there was a natural smile on her face as she fell asleep. I moved the hair out of her face and gave her a peck on the cheek. I got up and freshened up, cleaning the bathroom floor and putting the dirty towels in the wash basin before I went into the kitchen. I put some bread in the toaster and then began to cook a full english for the sleeping beauty. The aroma drifted into the kitchen of the scrumptious food, I decided to treat Sam and brought the food into the bedroom on a tray and allowed her the time to wake up on her own accord.

I nipped into the living room and pressed a button which made the wall part in two and a large tv popped out and I switched on BBC news 24, whilst watching itm, I ate my own breakfast and as I went to put the pots in the kitchen, I noticed that I had post, I barely ever had post, not even bills as I always kept on top of them. I was intrigued and approached the letter, the writing was neat, one of a woman and I opened it. My heart sunk as I realised it wasn't Eliza but it wasn't all bad, it was an invitation to a wedding. It was an old work colleague and I was sure that it'd be better than being stuck in the post. I realised that he must have sent them out as it was only two days before the ceremony and evening do so I nipped out and took my best suit to the dry cleaners. It mentioned bringing a plus one but I was more than certain that I'd find my plus one already there.

I heard movement in the other room and I sat down as I heard the satisfied sigh and the clink of cutlery on crockery and I went in to assist with moving the dirty dishes in to the sink, allowing her to live the life of luxury with all her necessities covered and I didn't mind that. I liked to treat her like a princess, she was after all my high school crush. I still remember the ponytails and short skirts and cheeky oral sex behind the swimming baths and the mischevious looks on our faces. God I miss them days, I mean it's okay now but back then there was nothing to worry about apart from the worrying case of acne or about handing in my biology homework but now, it's just watching my heart break and then it being trampled on but I always bounced back, back then and I've kept that trait and soon enough, I would find my way back into the game.

She waltzed out, wearing just my dressing gown and I admired her long smooth legs and I was pretty sure, she was only wearing the dressing down and I approached her slowly. She was now perched on the kitchen counter and her legs were wide open but her arms reached down and prevented me from seeing what I wanted to see. She smiled and quickly, outstretched her fore finger and beckoned me to come closer and I did, I was mesmerised by her wide eyes and soon I was her hands, pulling on my trousers which were already bulged. I wasn't sure if this was a natural occurance or her entrance and persona had created this but she enjoyed levering it out of the trousers and she left it, I felt bare and vulnerable but then that all flooded over me as my presumption was correct and the dressing gown was slowly removed and was eventually being held up by her single finger before dropping it to the floor.

I admired her body for a while, I could see the curves much greater now and I could see the bronzeness of her body which had the perfect balance compared to the orange fake-tan used nowadays and I felt her muscles already beginning to twitch and tighten up as she was reminded of the events of last night. Her hands ran up and onto her neck where there were enormous lovebites which covered her neck and her cheeks turned a shade of pink but I took the opportunity and began to work on the other side of her neck, she moaned immediately and her hand fell towards her vagina which she was eager to rub, I slapped it away and replaced it with my own hand. I had always been renowned for having smooth hands and that came in handy as I began to rub the sensitive area and prised my way into her tight vagina, the advantage I had was that we'd already been in this situation, merely the night before and I knew all her weak vulnerable spots and was able to penetrate them and disgruntle her as I pounced and caused an influx of feelings to pour out her body. A giggle and a giddy noise was then followed by a loud moan and eventually a scream as I nibbled roughly on her neck and then on her collarbone.

Her hands were supporting herself and I could see the nails digging into the side of the counter, her lip was constantly being bit to allow me to continue without being met with an ear-piercing scream. Eventually, I decided to stop and allow her , have a breather before removing my shorts and my skin-tight training top and letting her running her equally smooth fingers along the lines of my abdomen and then she creeped down, her fingers ran through my trimmed and tidy pubic hair before settling on the large throbbing erection which was hiding under the Calvin Klein boxer shorts, she pulled the boxers which extended the elastic and shoved them down, not fully off but enough for my penis to be unveiled. Her hands went back to the original position which was on in the middle of the shaft, she had both her hands on and moved smoothly with a rhythm and consistency, her hands moved up and down the shaft and she slowed down as she reached the top as she delicated pulled the foreskin down and became playful with the sensitive head which laid there vulnerable. I almost whimpered as her finger ran across it but I remained quiet. She looked focus and she licked her lips before sliding back further on the counter and pulling me up on to the counter, I knelt up and she slowly licked from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head, she didn't over do it and remained the concentration when I could see even then in her eyes that she wanted to be a lot more direct. I showed no sign of emotion but as it moved further and further in, I felt the tongue swiftly lick the head directly without a word of warning and I let out a moan and she smiled and continued, quickening the tempo. Her hands fell to my testicles and she was particularly playful with them, rubbing and squeezing before settling to almost massage them while she continued to intensely pleasure me orally.

She began to take control and she had always been able to sense when I was going to ejaculate, moments before she stopped, she hopped off the counter and started washing the dishes. I looked down at my throbbing swelled up penis and a perplexed expression was on my face after she had seemingly became despondant, although i didn't really have the energy to force things after almost a complete night in the lead role. She seemingly absent mindedly continued washing up, I could see her reflection on the stove and I could tell that she was waiting for you to lash out or beg; we both knew that one was always going to win and she thought she had the mental strength to do it but she couldn't have been more wrong.

i hurried up towards her and slowly lifted her lt leg backwards, beginning to stroke her leg, she could almost feel my breath on the smooth skin below, I began to run my fingers up and down the of the back of her thigh and waiting for her once again to take control. She teased me by walking away. She was rooting around in her bag for her phone, she gingerly decided to sit on the luxurious sofa. I could tell that she was still aching from last night but she was still waiting for me to snap. I cough to get her attention and teasingly show her the shiny slim silver phone which I placed on the table. She beckoned me but I stood my ground and didn't move a muscle but I began to lose my nerve and soon I was craving her touch, which seemed to be so long ago. She approached me, her fingers locked in aganst mine before she giggled like a naughty schoolgirl and her fingers then knotted in her hair before stretching out the long finger and beckons me again, I linger and take a step forward but then I take three steps backwards.

I stood there with erection on full show, I began to rub it slowly with both hands, I watched her lick her lips before she took a step closer, I paused and made sure she heard the squelch of the foreskin bouncing on top of the juicy head. My head tilted back and as I turned round, she was back on the counter, one foot on the counter, the other on the stool as she sunk her long fingers deep inside herself, she moaned and giggled and she beckoned me once more, the juices literally running off the fore finger and that was it. I couldn't try to keep cool any longer and I stuck her finger in my mouth, I felt the manicured nail but then the juices ran into my mouth and I tasted a sweet sensation in my mouth. The flavour was incredible and I used all my grit and determination, not to head for the source. Her other hand had gone back down and was rubbing hard and I could hear her moan and whine, she needed my touch, she was lacking the rough deep penetration that she constantly longed but I couldn't, I lacked the energy and I needed to follow her lead. I come closer, i could almost ejaculate on herr body if i wanted to, I moan and bite my lip, I stand millimetres away from her body.

She regained control, pulling me closer and in a darkened tone, demanding that I beg for her body. I shake my head resolutely but with a softer tone she explained about how dripping wet she was and how she was pleaing with me. My penis was throbbin and I wanted her to dominate me, she could see it in my eyes but i wasn't willing to lose my dignity so she would have to prise it out of me. She leant forward, begging for me, whilst the wettness soon became apparent. My fingers reached out and felt the moistness, I crave her and I inevitably decide to give in, allowing myself to be hers to do whatever she pleased. She'd been waiting years for this and her eyes, that was the give away side. But she grabbed my hand, proclaiming that she wanted to hear me beg for it. I was defeated and I cried out for her as I fell to my knees. I thought back to all the times that she had been in this position before I reminisced over the previous sexual experiences. I remembered all them years back how amazing the morning sex was in the common room, long before anybody else got up in the university residence and ever since, the standards of my sexual exploits had been based upon them mornings and now i had the chance once more to fully reach my capacity, pleasure wise.

She came closer, I smiled and showed my strength as I lifted her up and placed her next to the sink, I turned the tap on and filled up a glass of cold water. I poured it down her body, the coldness made her nipples even harder and I rubbed it in slowly. She then returned the favour, emphasising the importance of lubricating my penis as she rubbed the cold water all over it before she showed her flexibility. It was a confined space but her knees rose and her feet were planted on the counter, her knees moving in opposite directions and then I had the ideal platform to penetrate her. She widened the lips herself and I then slid inside like I had last night. Although I didn't have the energy to dictate what happens like I did last night, so I watched as my penis began to go into her, she stop keep the lips wide open and tugged on my penis, pulling it further and further in until she was holding the bottom of my shaft before she began to grind with my swelled penis inside her. I moaned instinctly as the flesh tightened around me as her muscles began to contract, she bit her lip and pulled me closer. I continued to thrust but I was fixated by her lips and her tongue running around her lips. I smiled and got closer, she winked as her body tweaked once more and I felt like I was having a back spasm. She moaned even louder and playfully slapped my bum, there was a steady rhythm going which had made her orgasm last night but morning sex was always going to be better so I managed to find some energy to pick up the pace to the same tempo that had caused her to climax previously and the sudden prominent change was muchly appreciated by Sam as she began to gasp and she had to control her breathing to stop herself from orgasming and ejaculating but then the inevitable happened as I managed to go up another gear somehow. Each thrust was collosal and she was unable to control herself at all, her vagina was already filled but now the small spaces which surrounded my penis were now flooded with her juices. She had ejaculated like last night but much more early on than usual and she looked at me gracefully but she had been completely destroyed in little over thirteen hours. She had controlled the second time but even then I had managed to get her out of her comfort zone and into the unknown and that was why, I had a constant supply of sex because I constantly adapted. I then decided that I was going to make this a lot shorter than last night's experience and combined her juices with my own as I then ejaculated. The semen gushed out and into her and she screamed loudly, the only know being the ear-piercing scream and the music of BBC News 24. I took a step back and decided to plunge my hand into her vagina, as I retrieved my hand, the warm thick white liquid clung on to it and she sucked it off my fingers eagerly. She looked amazed at how I always managed to surprise her and pleasure her inexplicably and we stayed in silent, merely connected from the combined juices roaming around in her body.

The only noise I could know here was Sam beginning to regain her breath, she looked at me mischeviously and asked me to if she could borrow my shower. I agreed and I went and freshened myself up in the en suite toilet. I was away for half an hour as I decided to change my clothes and check my emails. When I came back, she was gone but I wasn't surprised and I secretly glad that I was now alone but then, I was back in the abyss, all I could think about was Eliza and how she had moved on. Arguably I had but not properly, I hadn't progressed at all, If anything I've regressed into the sex-driven eager teenager which I was half a decade ago.

I went into the en-suite once again and ran a nice hot bath, I stripped off and slipped under the surface of the water allowing all of my muscles to soak in the water. I knew that if I didn't then I'd be in some trouble as my muscles would stiffen up and I'd be unable to move. I spent an hour in the bath, I lounged around and just waited for the sun to fully rise. It was mid-afternoon and I decided to have a quiet day after a hectic morning. I read the paper, the economic section then the sport section and then the main headlines. It was my ritual and I had done it for years, life was looking up, just from the small things. All of them combined meant that from a nightmare of a day yesterday, today was going excellently. I had already had sex twice since midnight and now I was reading about the current transfer prospects of the local team.

I threw the newspaper down on the table, picked up my leather jacket and threw it round my shoulders before setting off. I didn't know where I was going but I was sure that I'd find somewhere eventually. I avoided the main highstreet as last time, I had almost bumped into Eliza and therefore I decided to have a stroll around the residential areas before heading towards a pub, it was almost six so I thought I'd head in for my usual, an imported bottle of beer or two.

I hadn't been in here before but it seemed a bit dingy, there was no proper lighting, just the green lighting of the numerous snooker tables and although the no smoking in a public house had been implemented on May 1st last year, there was still a big cloud of smoke which I had to pass through to reach the bar. I sat down and asked for a bottle of Heineken's, I didn't even look up at whomever was serving me but when I did, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

As the hand reached over to pass me the dark green bottle, I noticed her simply manicured fingernails, they were painted a deep red colour and as I looked up, they matched her lips. She was a young woman, similar to me and was wearing a tight vest and tight jeans as I peered over the bar. I thanked her for the drink and sat on one of the high tables which was part of the no smoking area but still stunk like an ash-tray. I sat in semi-darkness and admired the barmaid potter around as I could see glimpses of flesh as she bent over to pick up the glasses. I was the only person in the non-smoking area and if I was being completely honest, the only person who was under the age of forty, as everyone who came in headed towards the snooker tables. She came up to me as I finished the bottle.

"I'll take that off you, if you would like" she said showing a brief smile and fluttering her long eyelashes.
"It's fine" I said as I stood up "Fancy a hand?"

I offered out my hand and took the big tray out of her delicate hands and walked around each table, picking up the glasses with speed and efficiency before I carried them over to the bar and I watched as you quickly sped round and hopped over the bar before sliding the glasses under the bar to be cleaned later.

"Thank you so much" She said breathlessly before she checked me out for the first time properly.
"I assume your usual clientelle isn't as young as me, from the looks of things" I said cheekily.

"Well… I'd have to agree" Reluctantly before giving me a flirtatious wink.

"Best not speak to me too much or else the boss might get jealous" I said jokingly.

"Hmm well he's out at a conference in Coventry about how pubs are on the decline and the need for necessary action" She said mimicking his voice.

"Ha-ha, oh so you're the boss tonight" I said winking.

"I sure am!" She quickly replied, she didn't seem too bothered about conversing with me, especially when nobody else even cared about her existence.

"I like women who are the figures of authority" I said smoothly.

"Maybe you'll find out about me properly lately" She said cheekily.

"Why later? Why not now?" I said slowly, enunciating each and every word before reaching over the bar and placing my hand on top of hers. My fingers slowly brushing against her slender smooth fingers.

"Not now" she said abruptly and thought about pulling her hand away but the temptation got to her as she began to rub her neck with her other arm.
"Are you sure? I mean nobody would notice if I snuck behind the bar and knelt down" I said winking, giving her the option and I was sure she was going to take my option.

"Well…" She said hesitating, "Hurry up then!" before she lifted the hatch up and quickly darted behind.

"So…" I said, dropping to the floor and edging closer towards her, my hands slipped up the long skirt she was wearing and my fingers began to run up and down her smooth sensitive legs.

"No!" She gasped and dropped down to my level for a moment.

"But, you're not going to be serving anyone for quite a while, they're too enthralled in their snooker match" I whispered before our lips connected, her lips were exceptionally soft and I enjoyed the moment.

"So.. when does this place close?" I whispered directly in her ear as we were still behind the bar.
"Half an hour" she said as she glanced down at her watch.
"And how am I meant to wait that long when there is such a beautiful girl right in front of me?" I said, attempting to woo her.
"Well… sir, I must admit you are also very attractive" she said blushing.
"Oh please, no need to call me sir, I'm James" I said with a broad smile on my face.

"Stephanie" She said stretching her hand out and shaking mine firmly.

"So can I have a Heineken on the house?" I said cheekily.

"Go on then!" She said before winking at me and handing me an iced dark green bottle.

The next twenty minutes flew by, one by one, I watched the men leaving the table and lurking through the darkness to their wives or to the street corners where the middle-aged women lingered waiting for a fling to fill their pockets. I however had a much younger model and a much more excitement as I had learnt that all the fun was in the chase. I continued to see directly across from her and my eyes were fixated on her as I continued to sip the bitter beer and waited until everyone had left. As they did, I saw for the first time properly as she turned on the lights and despite there being a layer of smoke, she looked stunning. She had long purple silk like hair, which glistened in the light. I led her over to the snooker table and handed her the snooker cue.

"Lets play a game" I said gleefully.
"Oh but James, I can't play snooker" She said with a frown upon her face.
"It's okay, I'll teach you!" I said as she took the snooker cue.
"Hmm okay, I've always wanted to learn" She said happily.

I took her by the hand and put the red balls over the pockets before allowing her to lean over onto the table and she lined up the white ball and lined up the shot but she missed, as the white ball skewed to the right. I put my hands on her hips and then reached over her so I was to reach the cue. My groin was pressed firm against her and I felt her hand reaching backwards and placing the palm of her hand on my thigh and began to move inwards. She waited and lingered and as I pulled the cue backwards and pushed through but as I was about to strike the ball she squeezed on my groin and the ball skewered to the right, similar to what she did. She giggled and tore off my trousers and through them onto another Illuminated table. She turned and her hand slid along my thigh and moving further inwards until her hand reached my penis. I told her to shuffle backwards further so she could get a better view of her cueing action. She soon became a lot more aware of me as she began to reposition herself and I slowly began to grind her. She moaned and I reached further over and my lips set to work on her neck. My tongue ran along it and then I felt her twitch as I reached a particularly part of her neck so I began to nibble on it and soon I began to bite a lot harder and I planted my hands on her bum. Her full attention was now on me as I pushed her gently upwards and onto the table.

As she fell backwards the balls spilled to the other side of the table and I could see her in the bright light and that was when I saw her distinguishable features. Her ruby lips matched her rosy cheeks and she had large blue eyes. My eyes ran down and as I admired her perky curvacious body, the temptation was too much and my fingers ran against her stomach and up inside her tight vest. My hands reached her breasts, I lingered and then removed her bra and threw it on to another snooker table. I ran over to the bar and grabbed a bottle of water. I returned to the saucy waistress, who I was soon going to be pleasuring sexually.

I opened the bottle of water and poured the ice cold water over her chest. Her vest completely soaked and I could see the outline of her breasts. I squeezed her breasts and ripped off the now soaked vest and my fingers grabbed her wet breasts and brought them towards my mouth. I began to suck on her nipples immediately and they had naturally hardened as she was cold. As she shivered, it caused a sensation in my mouth that I had never felt before when her nipple was vibrating in my mouth. My fingers rubbed and almost twisted her other nipple before I felt the softer outer breast and her legs stretched out and spread as I began to dry-hump her hard and through her jeans. I began to slowly remove them and she shivered, I wasn't sure if that was because she was cold or because she was completely enthralled and turned on. I was excillerated and I flung the tight jeans in a random direction before I pulled down the deep red thong which showed me how truly naughty she was.

She squirmed out of her thong and giggled and blushed as I looked down and saw her neat vagina, It was shaved and my fingers set to work on making her orgasm. I lifted her legs up and put her slender smooth long legs were placed upon my shoulders as I spread her lips and I plunged three of my fingers deep inside her. She instantaneously moaned and I smirked, she needed to divert her attention and she demanded that I stripped. I waited, pondered, lingered and then did what she asked. I slowly removed the clothes and stood there in the shadows. The outline of my muscular body was easy to see, as I stepped out the darkness and into the light she gasped as her hand ran down my chest and then hesitated but not for long. She ran her fingers through my trimmed pubic hair and then she grabbed onto my penis.

She jumped at the opportunity and her hand clenched around the thick shaft whilst her other hand cupped and then gently massaged my genitalia. I mumbled a few words of encouragement but she didn't need them. She was confident in what she did, she was cool and collected and also she was very calculated and accurate with every thing she did. Even which part of my shaft which used to tug on, she slowly began to pull on my shaft, whilst I continued with penetrating her with my fingers. She grunted and pushed my head towards my already occupied fingers, I knew what she was asking but I decided to use the environment around me and made her turn upside down. I leant over and began to widen the lips and I felt her tense up as I began to finger her intensely. My tongue lashed the inside of her pink flesh and the pleasure took over her body, she shivered and tensed up once more and I continued to lick in the exact same place, changing my technique. Starting with the intense fast licking with the tip of my tongue and then reverting to the slow full-tongue technique which must have felt agonising for her as I was so intricate and slow. Meanwhile she began to suck on my long thick hard penis. She was thorough and she sucked on my head and watched as it swelled up and she began to moan and gag as it entered further and further into her mouth. She wanted to scream out from what I was doing to her but she was unable to cry out. The urge to ejaculate was almost too much but I managed to keep it in, I sighed gleefully and waited to see where the experience would go next.

I put her back upright and slid my fingers into her vagina again, this time to check and I got the result I was looking for. There was a moist warm feeling now and I decided to exploit it, I slide my already lubricated penis deep inside her. As my penis was naturally lubricated by her saliva, it squeezed in eventually. I waited for her muscle to tense before I began to thrust rhythmically, I winced as her fingernails digged deep in the flesh of my bum but I embraced it and used to pain to make me more determined and soon after, I began to speed up and I also began to reach deeper and deeper inside her. I pushed on the inside of her knees and her legs spread even further so I could really reach deep inside her, she moaned and my head flung at the same time as her as I began to ejaculate in her straight away, there was a large boost of adrenaline as I felt her begin to ejaculate too; soon there was a mixture of juices collecting in her, I dipped my fingers in and made her suck the juices out of her. Her muscles contracted once more and I pulled out my hands, I looked at her and she looked a lot more co-operative than any girl I had before so I decided to experiment for future reference.

Her legs were already widened and I took the opportunity, I plunged my entire hand into her vagina. It was incredibly tight and she get a spine-chilling scream but I didn't stop and pushed my fist deep inside her vagina and then fully retrieved it before fisting her once again. She scream every single time but she didn't tell me to stop. She seemed to now, have muscle contractions as soon as I touched her, she stopped and tried to recover but she couldn't as I used speed and penetration as the key to making her multiply orgasm. I was so deep in her that my wrist wasn't visible, I pulled it back out and she gasped and she almost colapsed as it almost got too much for her.

I took a step back and admired the dripping mess which was sprawled across the table, she was laid on her back, she managed to sit up but as she attempted to get off the snooker table and stand up, she collapsed as her knees buckled from beneath her, she had to use the snooker table to support her or else she would be on the floor. I smirked from behind her back and decided that now was the time to penetrate her once more but this time, she was bent over over the table. I quickly grabbed hold of her hips and began to thrust inside her anus, it was complete silence apart from the noise of my testicles slapping against your bum and also the noise of her clitoris being rubbed as she was being all-round pleasured now. I found the same rhythm I had used earlier and began to thrust intensely, the snooker table began to creak as I continued to thrust and eventually I could see the table breaking but I didn't have the energy and soon the adrenaline that had kept me going disappeared and I was left with the single option, to ejaculate once more but I didn't stop thrusting and when she least expected it, I released my load deep inside her. She moaned and this time, her contractions was too much and I witnessed something, I had never seen before. When she ejaculated, she began to squirt and soon there was a small pool of her juices on the floor and she collapsed and fell unconscious almost instantaneously.

I was drawn between two minds of what to do, should I take her home with me or leave her here. I decided to leave her here but not on the table, I lifted the almost weightless body and placed the body gently behind the bar. I cleaned up all the mess including the pool of juices on the floor, still I was shocked by what had happened. It was the most intense, passionate sex I had ever been a part of and because of that, I left her my number, I put it in her right hand and headed off into the darkness.


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