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Sex, sex and more sex!

Novel By: The Anonymous Author

A conversion of my short stories into a longer novelle View table of contents...


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The boss slowly shut the door, I was frozen to the spot. I quickly scuttled across the room and put my clothes back on. There was a look on his face that I'd never forget, he was disgusted but also he looked hurt.

"Cynthia.." He said, his voice was croaking, "Why?" He continued.

"I-well.." She stuttered as she put her dress back on and sat down at the desk.

"James, I don't think this will be coming as a surprise to you, but you're fired, effective immediately, you've just shagged my wife, in my office. I don't really think there is any way to wriggle out of this one" He said calmly. "Pack up your things and get out, before I really do lose my temper" He continued and the vein in his forehead seemed to be throbbing when he issued that warning.

"It was a pleasure working for you" I quickly mumbled and got out.

The work atmosphere was no different and as I packed up my things, I quickly did it with no fuss. There were a few concerned looks but I meeted them with a warm smile, however from my perspective, my life was falling apart. I had lost my girlfriend, lost my income which would mean I'd inevitably lose my house and lifestyle.

As I walked outside, there was a glimmer of sunshine I walked quickly home and threw the box onto the table, how could I be so stupid? But how was I meant to cope, I felt like I had nothing worth living for. My tear ducts were full and soon I could feel the salty droplets run down my cheeks. Normally I would go out but I just felt emotionally drained and I was physically tired too. I clambered onto my bed and soon I was asleep.

I woke up and felt as lousy as when I fell asleep but I got up and jumped out of bed, I shaved, brushed my teeth and then decided to put on my suit even though I know longer worked there. I wasn't going job-hunting yet, instead I decided to go for a long walk and think about what I should do. I crossed through the main streets and ended up walking through the park, the fresh air was doing me some good and I saw a couple of schoolgirls look over at me and giggle. I ignored them and continued walking, I just needed to clear my mind and find out what the next step for me was.

As I reached the exit of the park, I saw my inspiration, on a dirty billboard covered by some overgrown bushes, a holiday. The image was a white sand beach with clear blue water and soon I knew exactly what I needed. A rest. I walked towards the centre of town again, this time I did have a reason and I walked into the travel agents. There was a small family sat waiting while an overweight man decided to clamber over and talk to the poor souls who had been stuck in a stuffy office for an age. My assistant was a lot more glamarous, I noticed that the name badge called her 'Rose'.

"Hello Sir, how can I help you?" She said in the polite lovingly way which was a complete contrast to the overweight man who lacked the grace and finesse which Rose possessed also she had a smooth scottish accent which seemed a lot more friendly than the cockney accent of her boss, I presumed.

"Well I'm looking to go on holiday" I said vaguely,

"Yes, well you've come to the right place ha-ha" she said to lighten mood,

"Ha-ha, yes I'm looking to go on holiday to somewhere hot and quiet" I said as I became more interested in not only the holiday but Rose too.

"Right well who else will you be going with?" She said inquisitively,

"Nobody, Unfortunately" I said but in all honesty, I didn't want any company.

"Oh okay, you just seem the kind of guy who would have lots of company" she said, making conversation as she attempted to con me into paying for an over expensive holiday but I didn't really care.

"Yes well I need a break, speaking of which my destination, I'm aiming to avoid the stereotypical lads holidays and hen parties" I said and I knew I was being difficult and picky but Rose understood and remained professional.

"Okay, well I suggest one of the Greek island, they are beautiful at this time of the year, piping hot and well you avoid all of the typical british company, which is always a good thing" She said before winking at me.

"Ha-ha yes you're right, If I was to decide to go to a Greek Island, would you be part of the package?" I said cheekily.

"Well that would depend" She said wittily.

"On what?" I said sharply

"The size of your package" She then remarked in a similarly cheeky manner.

"It might struggle to get through the bag allowance, but we'd manage" I remarked and we laughed together.

"Well maybe, When are you aiming to go on holiday?" she said precautiously as the overweight man looked over towards us after hearing us laughing.

"Pretty soon, are you available tonight for a drink?" I said quietly.

"Well I think Thassos is a nice place to go, been a few times" She nodded discretely.
"Well thank you, I'll think about it" I said before standing up abruptly.

"Oh before you leave, here is my number in case you have anymore queries about your holiday destination, I'll be more than happy to help" She said sweetly but there was an underlying tone which I was sure I'd uncover.

"Oh I will" I said and walked out the travel agents.

There really was a spring in my step now as I walked down the high street, Rose was lovely. She was petite and small but had a beautiful persona and a personality which was extremely bubbly and I got that from a first impression. Surely it could only get better when we get to know each other better tonight.

As I walked back through the park and the sun coated my skin in a bright glow, I thought about fate and coincidence. If it wasn't for Eliza dumping me then I wouldn't have been in the frame of mind to shag Cynthia and I wouldn't have been sacked and wouldn't have meeted Rose. Perhaps life has a course set for me which will have some thrills and some spills but I knew that when a door shuts, another door opens, so I stay constantly optimistic.

As I got home, I saw that it was four o'clock, I quickly logged onto the computer and found out the closing times of the travel agents. It said half five and I would ring Rose on her mobile at six to give her time to get changed and refreshed before we went for the drink. I was constantly thinking and taking into consideration the convenience for other people, I guess it was why I was such a likeable person because I put everyone else but myself first. I got home and slipped off my clothes, I went in the shower and enjoyed the refreshing sensation as the cool water dripped off my body. I got out and quickly dried before I slipped on a comfortable pair of jeans and a superdry hoodie that I had purchased on the way home. It was comfortable and I got the business card of 'Rose Adams'.

It was such a beautiful name and as the clock struck six, I typed the number into my phone and called her.

"Hello" she said softly,

"Hello Rose, it's the mysterious man from the travel agents" as I quickly realised that I hadn't told me her voice.

"Oh, how are you?" I suspected that she was smiling from the brief moment of hesitation as she realised who I was.

"I'm excellent, you?" I said politely.

"I'm parched" she said slowly.

"Well how about we meet for a drink, La Riviera, if you're a good girl, I'll treat you to some food too". I said smoothly.

"Sounds good, I'll meet you there at seven and oh don't worry, I'm always a good girl" She said before giggling and the line cut dead.

I had selected this bar because it was just around the corner from my house and didn't set off until ten to seven. I wanted to be early and as I set down, I saw Rose almost skip in. She seemed so happy and I admired her as she bounced over to me. She was wearing a short denim skirt and leggings and also a denim jacket. I hopped up and pulled out her chair so she could sit down.

"Hello Rose, You're looking extremely beautiful" I said, almost blushing as much as she was.

"Well Thank you John, You're a real gentleman" she returned the compliment,

"So what you having?" I said, gesturing towards the bar,

"Double Vodka, of course" she said, winking at me,

"Well that's a good thing, I like a girl who can handle her drink" I said wittily.

I allowed her to let that sink in as I waltzed over to the bar and ordered a double vodka and my usual bottle of Heiniken. Ah the cool refreshing taste of imported beer, I thought as I carried them over, sipping on my beer.

"Here you go, So what are your plans tonight?" I said, lingering, allowing her to become more and more intrigued,

"Well… it's Friday night, I want to get legless" she said, downing her double Vodka,

"Fair point! Every night is Friday night for me now" I said with a tone of disappointment,

"Really? How so?" She said slightly confused,

"Well I got sacked this morning" I said before awkwardly laughing.

"Right.. well I'm getting the drinks in, you'll not be able to remember a thing, don't worry, I'll cure your mardiness" She said smiling before stumbling over to the bar.

"Thank you for sparing my blushes" I said when she arrived back and handed me another bottle of beer,

"No problem" she said chirpily, "So what are YOUR plans? New job? Already got one? Few nights out on the lash?" She continued, as she was intrigued,

"Hmm, I haven't really thought about it, but I just felt like taking a break, soaking up of the rays although the majority of time I spend it in bed and not on my own…" I said seductively,

"Ah" she said happily, raised her glass "a toast- to freedom" she said clinking her glass upon my bottle,

"to freedom!" I said happily,

"So explain your personality to me!" she said giddily,

"Well I'm an eccentric character, I'm extrovert and I'm particularly sex-driven" I said coolly,

"Aren't we all?" she said winking at me again, before she began to giggle,

"Well I'll be finding out later!" My hand flickered over and held your hand,

"Oh really? Was this the point of this drink James?" She soon become defensive,

"Well if I was controlled from trousers then yes, but I'm not so no, it wasn't the point of the drink, I like you" I said charmingly,

"Well I'm here now, what do you want to know?" she said, she slowly unbuttoned her denim jacket and revealing her low-cut top.

"My question is why are we in this grotty restaurant when at home, I have a couple of bottles of vodka, a crate of beer and a few bottles of quality wine which I'm waiting for someone to drink it all with" firming up my proposition with a smile.

"I'm in, lets go!" she said, downing her fourth vodka and picking up her jacket.

I wrapped my arm around her waist, more for safety reasons rather than romance as she stumbled down the street. We arrived at my penthouse appartment and I watched as she took off your heels as she walked up the steps. We walked into the living room and I sat down.

"Take a seat, you're more than welcome to make yourself at home, Me Casa, You Casa" I said slickly.

"Why thank you, gosh you aren't half messy ha-ha" she said cheekily.

"I'm lacking a woman's touch" I said, waiting for the response.

"It's a shame because I'm as scruffy as you are, my dear" She said slurring slightly.

"Another drink sweetheart" I said as I produced a bottle of vodka, from the fridge.

"Don't mind if I do" She said before opening it and drinking it straight from the bottle before handing it to me.

"Cheers" I said and did the same before putting it on the table and turning my attention back to her.
"So we're in an empty apartment, we're both single and both slightly drunk" I slowly whispered in her ear.

"And I think that we both want each other" I continued confidently.

"Well… When you put it that way" She giggled and embraced me as I wrapped my arms around her.

"I want to run my hands all over your body, explore you and find out where your weak points are, I want my fingers to slowly glide over your skin and feel almost heavenly before giving you something to remember" I said in her ear slowly and delicately.

"Explore me!" She demanded and I was slightly thrown by this but kept my composure.

I hesitated and controlled my breathing, My hand delicately stroked the hair out of her face whilst my other hand was poised on your cheek. I slightly tilted my head, and slowly moved in, connecting with your lips. I slightly opened them and my tongue flickered out. My tongue extended and clashed with hers, i nibbled on her lip and pushed her so that she was lying down; the kissing became more and more rough and my hands pass over her body slowly and appreciated it as we laid down together on the sofa.

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off before throwing it to the other side of the room, she admired my physique and her hands ran across my body, playing with my chest, allowing me to slowly glide my hands up the inside of her shirt and unlatch her bra. She didn't seem bothered as I slowly brushed her hair out of the way and began to nibble on her neck, I kept monitoring her reaction to see where she was most sensitive. In one spot, she bit her lip and I knew that was where to focus on but to make sure, I moved on to see if there was any disappointment on her face when I did, but as soon as she did, I jumped back immediately and began to nibbled roughly and her head flung back as she was unable to keep her excitement inside as she let out a moan and my hand ran slowly down her body and underneath her denim skirt and underneath her underwear, resting on her clitoris and as I got to the climax of my neck kissing, I began to rub the clitoris at the same time and soon her fingernails were dug into my back and the passion in her eyes was telling me that she wanted me right now.

She began to squirm and I overpowered her, holding her down and showing her the power and strength that I held. I sensed that she liked it and then decided to rip off her denim skirt and her petite underwear, I lifted her arms above her head and held onto the wrists as I continued to nibble and kiss all over her body. I leaned over to the bedside table and pulled out some handcuffs from the drawer and quickly cuffed her hands. She was now completely powerless and I kissed down her body, nibbling at her collar bone, my hand ran up the inside of her thigh and I moved inwards, soon I reached the desired destination and my fingers slid slowly inside her vagina, slotting in through the lips. My lips were also busy as I slowly licked and then sucked on her nipple, it hardened in my mouth and as soon as it did, I decided to focus on what I was doing with my hands. My right hand stretched her lips and I slid two fingers deep inside her. She moaned loudly as she stretched her legs wider, she was beckoning me on and I did little to not impress, I moved in deeper and deeper and found some real pace and rhythm and found her back arching and her palms were beginning to get sweaty.

That made up my mind and I decided that I'd lift her up and slid her on to my lip as moments before, I had ripped off my boxers in front of her. Her eyes widened as she saw the long thick penis erect and upright and she wasted no time climbing on and then I watched as she began to bounce with her hands still cuffed, I helped by slowly thrusting as she was also bouncing and as she reached the base of my shaft, I quickly nibbled on her nibble and the bouncing began again. I rub her clitoris as she continued to bounce and soon I had her in a state where she was almost violently shaking, she wanted to ejaculate that much. I lifted her off and took off the handcuffs, I stood up and she opted to remain seated as she saw the long erection glisten in the candlelight which I had set up earlier to be romantic. There was also some mellow music playing which would prevent any of the neighbours hearing the antics that we were getting up to.

I turned her around and she rested her arms on the top of the sofa, she slowly opened her legs but she didn't have to open them too wide. There was a good angle and I thrusted upwards and deep inside, she screamed louder than she previously had. I could see the hole beginning to widen slowly as I pushed further and further in, I placed my hands on her hips and began to thrust and as I found my rhythm, she seemed to get louder and louder from every movement inside her. I had found my rhythm and built up momentum, I was soon hearing the noise of my balls slapping against her bum and the screams became more consistent and longer as I sunk further and further in. My hands drifted off from her hips and I began to spank her hard, I did it after every time I had thrusted and soon her bum was a light shade of pink and most likely sore but she endured and enjoyed the pain and soon she was back screaming, I leant around and squeezed her breasts for a short while until the novelty of her anal sex had worn off.

I instantaneously stopped without a single word of warning, I flipped her over and soon I could see her again, her expression had turned to pure pleasure.I placed her long legs over my shoulder and now I began to slowly slide in, I made no effort to force my way in and waited and teasingly slid in as slowly as possible. She felt my penis brush past the lips and into the pink flesh, I moved further and further in, searching for my limit but also to find the best place to make her orgasm. I began to quicken my speed and out of nowhere, I find the pace and stamina that was needed. I was a relentless force and I kept finding a little extra, my ears were filled with her screams. The look in her eyes told me to continue and I did, I kept going and thrusting deep inside her. I felt a warm sensation pass over my penis and I realised that she had began to jizz and it was coating my penis, the force remained but I slowly slid it out.

There was a layer of juice that had clung onto my penis and you fell to your knees, you opened your mouth and there was a muffled cry as I rammed my penis, deep into mouth. Immediately, I felt you begin to lick off all of your juices and then there was an urge to ejaculate. The first time I had, had it this evening and I soon felt the head bulging with the semen rushing in to it. You continued to suck and lick the head and the shaft but I had already decided what I wanted to happen, as you sucked on it more and more, deeper and deeper, I was more sure of what to do. I had almost reached the climax and I had to be quick. She hit the spot and the climax, had been reached, I let out an almost agonising cry and slipped my penis completely out your mouth and slid it back into your vagina where I found the rhythm and soon relaxed and released all of the cool juices out, you screamed but thoroughly enjoyed the sensation and the evening in general and we laid together in a pool of sweat, with not a care in the world.


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