Sex, sex and more sex!

By: The Anonymous Author

Chapter 1, A conversion of my short stories into a longer novelle

It was a typical british summer I thought as I woke up to the pitter patter of rain hitting the window beside me. It was a small apartment but it had a fashionable look. The floors and roof were decorated with cream tiles whilst the floor had been fitted with a wooden decking. I clambered onto it and suddenly winced as the flesh of my feet touched the freezing surface. I slipped on some socks and just about managed to fit my 6 foot 3 inch frame into the bathroom. I stood there and noticed a red mark on my otherwise muscular body. Each of my abs fell tight and I ran my fingers in between them like many girls had done so before.

I picked up the electric toothbrush and began to thoroughly clean them, I washed my face and had a shave until there was just stubble left. I felt the razor scrape along my face but I didn’t wince, there was no marks left and I then decided to wax my hair. I didn’t like to use too much product and as I was still in my early twenties, I had yet to settle with a hairstyle. I had too much hair to spike up for I styled it and seem satisfied with the large fringe. I moved the towels from off the floor and through them in my wash basket. It was easy to tell that I didn’t have a woman around the house as I looked in the main room and saw empty bottles of gin and pizza boxes littered upon the floor. I decided that I needed to clean it up but not until after work, not that I was looking forward to sitting in an office block, crunching numbers and working out which stock will plummet. My job had become a lot harder since the economic meltdown which had taken Greece and soon to take Spain and a number of european countries. I could no longer make guesses and that meant spending extra hours in the office; I was a good hard-worker and was already well off from being a stock-broker.

I was always motivated and I worked for the drinks after work and the countless sleepless nights with different glorious women but that had stopped for now. I had found one to keep, Eliza Clark. She had long shoulder-length Blonde hair and had light green eyes which I constantly lost myself within them. I wasn’t sure if I was in love but we both had a considerable income as she was an assistant in a solicitor’s firm. She was curvacious and naturally tanned as she had originally lived in Australia, she was big-busted and she knew that she could click her fingers and I’d come running. We were different between but I compared ourselves to the north and south on a magnet, opposites attract. She was similar to me as we were both commited to our careers and were motivated but she was more pessimistic than me, although she claims she’s merely a realist. We are both intellectual and I like the debates which we have which become heated and end up with the headboard of the bed banging into the wall at one o’clock in the morning.

I like the little habits she has, running her fingers along my chisseled chin and she loved slowly rubbing the stubble and then feeling my high bone structure which she said she was always jealous that I had and she didn’t but I disagreed, she was the most beautiful girl in the world. The Australian twang to her accent. I like that she was pre-meditated and I was more spontaneous, we would clash but I would always be able to charm my way out of the situation I found myself in. I quickly sent her a text as she had a lot of work on, she had gone back to her apartment which was extremely close to the solicitor’s firm.

Hey baby, missing you so much!
I think we should meet up for a drink tonight,

And if I’m lucky we could maybe have some fun!

James xo

I didn’t expect a reply as she never did early on in the morning, so I got dressed changing my boxers and then putting on my suit, it was an extremely significant position for someone of just 21 years but I was good at my job and had flown through college and having been selected for an apprenticeship in the City of London, I jumped at the opportunity. I glanced at my watch, it was 8:30 AM. I had the time to lesuirely stroll down to work and although I moaned, I got paid a lot for very little. In fact, I don’t know how I have managed to keep this job.

I put on my naval coat and left the apartment, sliding down the stair banister as I opened the door, I was met by an almighty gust of wind with rain cutting into my face like pieces of glass, I pulled up my collar and shut the door. I turned and glanced up at my apartment, it was rustic on the outside and modern on the inside and that’s how I liked it. I began to walk, a slow pace at first but quickened as I began to feel hailstones bearing down on me, I reached the office in fifteen minutes rather than my leisurely thirty. I got in and brushed off all the hailstones before greeting the receptionist warmly who I had copped off with at the christmas party, there wasn’t many single girls in the office who I had not had my way with but not so surprisingly, there wasn’t many taken girls I hadn’t slept with either.

I walked past the receptionist to the board where I punch in my pass to say I’ve entered the premise, I did so and slipped it in. There was only three or four cards punched so I wasn’t surprised with the sombre atmosphere I was met with as I strolled in and placed my coat in the cloakroom. I was astute and I did indeed pay attention to detail, especially as I noticed a bright red raincoat which was completely different to anything I had seen before. I was positive that it was someone new and I felt butterflies in my stomach like I always did. Although I was taken, I did like to check out the new employees.

I went to my cubicle and sat down, I slipped my phone out my pocket and placed it on the desk. There was a small flashing light that signified that I had a message. I got excited but I was slightly nervy too as I saw ‘Eliza’ flick up on my phone. I didn’t normally get one this early so I thought something must be wrong… and I was right too.

James, I-I don’t really know how to say this but I’m not sure what to do, what to say but all I know is that it’s over between us. I didn’t do this face to face because I know how much this will hurt you, I hope you manage to read this before work but I just can’t do it anymore. Therefore I’m going to love you and leave you. Forever.


A huge cauldron of emotions reverberated throughout me, first of all, despair. She did mean the world to me, although in the past I had been seen as a womaniser, it was different now, I wasn’t settling for her, I loved her. As I re-read the text, my throat began to choke and I felt my eyes begin to burn as tears ran down my face, I couldn’t believe I was crying but luckily I was able to subdue the emotion from fully boiling to the surface and I was certain that I couldn’t cry in front of my work colleagues. Anger was the next emotion to come to the surface, how could she dump me through text, not even through a phone call. The next emotion was humilitiation and I needed some camaraderie to cheer me up, maybe I needed to get back out there and pull but then I remembered the red coat and I had a new objective for the day.

The people began to flood in and soon it was half-full but I soon realised that it was the weekend and not everyone worked at the weekend so it would be even easier to spot the new person. I did my typical routine, read the financial times and then after beginning work, I’d have a fifteen minute coffee break. It wasn’t a typical office environment, it was a relaxed bubbly atmosphere and a pleasure to work in. I stood up and strolled around, I saw familiar faces and as I headed towards the boss’s office, I noticed her sitting down on the sofa outside his room.

Our eyes met immediately, they were huge and a hazel colour, I checked her out from a distance. Her lips were coated with a bright red shade of lipstick. There was barely any make up on her face but there was a number of colour in his face. Her cheeks were a rosy colour and her complexion was faultless then as I looked further down. I saw an extremely large bust which was pleasantly accompanied by the low crop dress she was wearing, there was also her legs on show, apart from being hidden behind her fishnet stockings. She had curves in all the right places and I was desperate to be running my hands along them by the end of the day. I intentionally walked past her and was met by a whaft of perfume, not too much, not too little and I was pretty sure that it would only be the best perfume. I glanced at her and then knocked on the door of the boss’s office, there was no reply. It was strange as he was barely ever not in his office, I opened the door and flicked on the light, there was no sign of him.

I stepped back out and gave this mysterious woman, the eye. The eye showing me all the passion building up inside me, burning to come out. The passion that would cause her to have her back arched, her palms sweating and her voice to be screaming out. I think she could tell as her hand ran against her neck and ruffled her long silky brunette hair, she began to bite her lip and without saying a word, a sexual connection had begun. There was no need for cheesy pick up lines, there was sexual tension as she stood up and I approached her.

“Hello” I said alluringly, I didn’t make a fuss and there was constant eye contact.

“Why hello there” she said in the same seductive manner, she maintained eye-contact and I felt like jumping on her and she was teasing me.

“Could you follow me?” I said, I cut out the small talk and got down to business.

She smirked, “Well of course” she said, she was captivated by mysteriousness. She had just been approached by a complete stranger, telling her to follow him to god knows where.

I glanced around, there was a few people in the office right now, but most had decided to go to the coffee shop around the corner. I opened the door to the boss’s office and she followed me, carrying her briefcase, as soon as she walked through the door, I shut it and locked it. She looked at me, there was a slightly worried look on her face but then my fingers brushed against her skin, there was a connection and a few goosebumps began to appear. She smirked and I slowly walked closer and closer towards her. I was millimetres away before I stopped, I could feel every single breath against my own skin. I took my jacket off and threw it to the floor. For the first time, she took the lead and she showed her own seductive approach as she began to slowly unbutton my shirt, when she finished with the last button, both her hands disappeared under my shirt. I felt her soft hands run along my abs and she began to play with my chest, there was enjoyment on her face as she and her hands then slowly ran down and lingered on my waist line. She looked at me, a mischevious smile rose up on her face, a smile I had seen so many times before and the moment of hesitation was decisive as I swivelled her around and slowly unzipped her dress, there was no complaints as she turned back and placed her hands on my shoulders. I pulled down the straps of her dress and as I did, it tumbled to the floor. Momentarily she appeared shy and her cheeks when a brighter shade of pink but soon the powerful character had come back and she confidently stepped out of the dress, her hips swaying as she did. She was wearing matching lingerie, all black from her silk frilly bra to her underwear and fishnet stockings. I knew that if I resisted the temptation at this moment that she would soon want me a lot much more if I proved that I had the discipline in the bedroom, well in this case, in the office.

There was a moment in silence, I learned that there was an art to seduction and a ‘quickie’ would not be pleasurable for neither, me or her. She decided to finally give in and she continued to bite her lip and she slowly dropped to the floor, she slowly undid the belt and flung on top of my jacket before the trousers were undone and slowly dropped. My shoes slipped off and she flung the trousers to the other end of the room as her eyes were set on my Calvin Klein boxers which were art eye level but before she could even touch them, I jumped back. I merely stood there, waiting, she got off her knees and stood up herself. This was when I decided was the time to insert the passion which was needed to make this a memorable experience, I quickly grabbed her and pressed her against the locked door. Her eyes soon flicked up and her breathing was quickening from the moment, I pressed up against her smooth curvacious body. She bit her lip once again but I was so close to her that I could have been biting her lip myself. My erection began to rise and I felt it digging into her thigh, as she looked down she got excited and her rans touched it, her eyes widened and I could tell she wanted it. She had lost her powerful woman demeanour, she was now like an excited schoolgirl, doing something that she knows she shouldn’t be doing.

However I enjoyed using the element of surprise in the bedroom and why she was looking down, I latched onto her neck, I began by slowly nibbling before I found out where to concentrate on, it didn’t take long as my nibbled over the surface of her neck and I found a tender part which made her weak at the knees. Here I began to nibble but it soon became rough and almost like biting, she moaned and her hands pushed against the door and then dug her nails into my back. I unlatched her bra and it fell to the floor, I was confronted by large firm breasts, I began to nibble on her colour bone before inevitably reaching her breasts. My hands ran along the bottom of them and I felt the softness of them, my lips clamped down on her nipple as I began to suck on it. I began by lubricating the nipple before I slowly licked with the whole of my tongue, I finished by licking the nipple with the tip of my tongue as fast as possible. I soon felt it harden and I enjoyed the contrast of the softness of her bosom compared to the hardness of her nipples. My hands ran further down over her slim stomach and stopped at her waist line, similarly to what she had done to me earlier.

She jumped at the opportunity and pulled down my boxers in an instance, I stood there, merely in my socks and her hands clasped around my now fully erect penis. I could see the veins bulging as the blood rushed into my penis as she had to use two hands as the long thick penis extended, her eyes bulged and she licked her lips and she fell to her knees. She began to tease me, licking the rim of my head with the tip of her tongue, before she used the tip of her tongue to run down the entire length of my shaft and back up again before she concealed my penis inside her mouth, it was certainly a mouthful but she was able to fit it all in without gagging, my eyesbrows raised as I was impressed and then she began to suck on every single inch of my penis. She pulled it out, almost playing with it before pulling the foreskin down and gently caressing the vulnerable area which the foreskin protected, I felt like moaning but I was able to supress it. Whilst caressing the head, her hands were lightly massaging my balls in such a way that I had never felt before. She then slowly moved further down, her tongue flicking against them, almost as a response to what I did to her nipples. I did let out a whimper and she looked pleasantly satisfied, she was going to get up but I fell to the floor and made sure she did too, I pushed her against the down and ripped her fishnet stockings, before slowly pulling down her underwear with my teeth. I was faced by a neat tidy waxed vagina, her legs were spread wide apart and I decided to see what she was like, my fingers ran along the rim of her lips and she gasped as my touch reached more sensitive parts of her vagina. My fingers flicked up and I focused on her clitoris for a little while, slowly rubbing it until I could feel her legs beginning to seize up. I slowly slid two fingers inside the pink flesh, it was warm and moist and it was exceptionally tight as I attempted to prise my way in. I added a third finger and she felt extremely tight, every movement caused her to moan and loved all the attention she was receiving, I felt the juices begin to seep out on to my fingers and slowly trickle down.

I stood up and she followed suit, the busty curvacious woman I saw before me was breathing quickly. I lifted her up slightly to find a good angle and slid inside her, she almost screamed but managed to bite her lip as my long thick penis slowly moved within her, I started slowly and shallow. Almost teasing her as I slid in, lingered for a few moments before sliding back out again fully, I had my arms holding the bottom of her thighs as I supported her and as I slid inside one again, this time I stopped. I could feel her breathing and the adrenaline was pumping around my body, I slowly began to pick up the pace, soon I was finding the rhythm and as I gained momentum, I was getting deeper and deeper. The only noise that could be heard was the buzzing of the air conditioning and the muffled screams of the woman in front of me. As I got into full gear, the thrusting movement was quickening and her bust was flying up and down. Soon enough, my head began to inflate and expand as the semen filled up the head. She could feel this and she was getting more and more excited, I pulled out and allowed her to admire the erect swollen penis which was glistening from the juices which had come out of her.

We came away from the door, she shuffled over and sat there, as she set to work on my penis again, I was expecting a similar approach to last time but she had been gaining confidence ever since the start of this experience. She went straight in, sliding my long cock deep into her mouth, there was an age as she began to suck and the penis went further and further inside her mouth, the bigger the urge was to ejaculate. The urge became too much and I quickly withdrew my penis, with her mouth still open, I began to fire long streams of semen into her mouth, some of it splashed onto her lips and she licked her lips before showing me the entire load in her mouth. She began to swallow it, still rubbing my now lubricated penis, collecting the semen off the head and licking it off the palms of her hands.

However as she did that, I heard the key turn in the office and a figure appeared, he switched on the light and to his disgust and anger, he dropped the two cups of coffee, he must have purchased before staring at me. I was stark naked and time seemed to slow down. It was the boss and I soon realised… I had just fucked his wife.

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