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The-Whores-Diary 2 The Untold Story's

Novel By: Tenshindon

From Whores Diary come the amazing breathtaking prequel of how it all started. This is the first part into this amazing story.

This story will be updated every 10,000 words until it ends

This story is 100% Fiction and is not based on any real life events.
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The Whores Diary 2- The Untold Story's.

This book is Jane's untold stories in her diary. This is the sequel to the first book "The Whores Diary" which was about Jane's last days alive and this book is not like a normal book, this book will tell you in any order most are all of Jane's experiences.

March 20th 1996

Mickey is with me in America, we have begun to Seattle down in my apartment. Mickey is finding it hard to find work with his story's and has started to become sad, I have been looking online for a job for him but the one he need would require me to quit my job and find something else. That night me and Mickey and me were on the sofa together, he started to feel my leg and move his hand slowly up and down my leg, my pussy started to get wet, then his fingers went to my panties and his started to move his index finger up and down, I started to feel really warm inside and I started to giggle. He was really having fun, he started to lower his head down to my panties and slowly took them off, he said "your pussy is giving of a really big heat" I told him was dinner time and he took his tong out of his mouth and started to lick my pussy, I was screaming so loud, he was really hungry, I put my hand down to his hair and started to play with his hair whilst he ate me. Then he did what I really like, he was nibbling on my clit which sent an exotic vibe up my spine to my brain and it was really fucking amazing, Then suddenly his head popped up and then he started to kiss me, I put my hands in his face before he kissed me and I got one of the blankets and wiped my juices from his face and then started to kiss him. I started to feel something rubbing against my pussy and then I realised it was his hot big throbbing dick running against my soft wet lips of my pussy, and then he started to slowly slide his throbbing long dick inside my wet pussy. I could feel his dick throbbing inside of me as he slid every inch in hid dick inside of him. I started to grab the seats of the sofa as he started to slide his dick in and out of my hot juicy pussy.

He was so big, and his dick was so hard, he was like a stallion that had been sex deprived for years and then just let go, that was it was like fucking Mickey. And now was the time I loved were his came inside my pussy and his cum was staying inside my pussy like it was there little home.

March 21st 1996

We both fell asleep on the sofa that night, all the cum was dripping out of my pussy all night, in the morning I almost slipped on it (Hehe) Whilst I was up I looked at Mickey sleeping and decide the make him some eggs, Whilst I was doing that Mickey came behind me and gave me a shock, He put his arms around me and gave me a cuddle, He said "I love you Jane" "I told him "I love you too sexy" (In cute voice) He walked over to his writing room were he was working on a new story that he would not show me. I really wanted to read this story so I told him we need milk so he went across the street to go buy some. After he went I went into his study/writing room

And looked through sheets of paper checking the dates to see which one was his latest one and then I found it, I was reading the book and this is what was in it


Chapter one- A friendship is born

Nothing goes as you planned. People say goodbye in their own way, you may not even have known it, but they left before you knew. This story is about love, friendship, heart break, depression and loneliness, and here's how it all starts.

Once they lived a girl called Serena, Serena lived in New York City. She never knew what love or friendship until today. Serena woke up in a dais (like always) she laid in bed just looking at the walls of her room. Blue, she loved blue, so much that she painted her own walls blue, and her bed. She was a very tidy and neat person, everything in her room was nicely set out her stand next to her bed had everything sorted out such as a lamp, note books and other things she thought she would need to help her she bought.

This morning she didn't feel like waking up, her mum called her for breakfast, Serena got up and walked to her wardrobe then reached in and picked out anything she could find then Serena walked over to the breakfast table were she sat with her sister Sukei and their mother Martha. They had pancakes for breakfast (a rarity in their house hold, during breakfast the sisters and the mother all started to talk about what they would do today.

Martha wanted Serena and Sukei to go with her on a walk, Sukei was really existed unforchantly Serena did not share her enthusiasm and wanted to stay at home sleeping all day, her mother said she could stay home if she wanted, but she would have to clean all the dishes. After everyone had eaten Serena collected all the plates and started to wash them one by one.

Sukei went in to the bathroom to brush her teeth and have a shower, later followed by her mother. After they both had done they went into their bedrooms and both put on some clothes and then spent and extra ten minutes doing their make-up and their hair. When they were both ready they went to see Serena, they hugged her and said they would be some soon. Sukei and her mother both went outside of their house and went into the car. Serena went into her mothers room and waved at them outside the window as they drove off, as soon as they could no longer be seen by Serena she went back to wash the dishes.

Soon after she was finished she went back into her bedroom and laid in her bed again, she thought about life, her live mostly and what she will do, she was fifteen years old just like her sister but she would think and act like a twenty something year old. Serena got very board with lying in bed so she got her laptop from underneath her bed and turned it on……….."

Before I could read what happened next Mickey came and in asked me what I thought "I said it's amazing, what happens next? He smiled and would not tell me. (2006 Update still: not told me)

June 4th 1996

It was my last day at the stock market, a few days ago I was online and I decide that Mickey should be happy so I told him I found a better job in New York. We have both saved up a lot of money and I was going to become a waitress whilst he had the chance to become a world famous writer. It was my last day at the stock market, I was really sad I was going to lose everything and become nothing, my life work for nothing, but I would do anything to make my boyfriend happy. So that day we were at home packing to home to new York but a few days before we going to go to new York Mickey's dad had a heart attack and Mickey told me he was going to have to go back to England for a month to look after him, but he also said "I will come to New York with you if you want" I said "No, it's ok, he's your dad I'll be fine" We both drove to the airport and my flight was first, I said goodbye to him and he said goodbye to me, I was really sad when I left him and this may sound selfish but I wanted him here with me and not his dad.

June 5th 1996

The plane had just landed, I went through security and luggage, and then I got a cab to my new apartment, they was a bunch of men in there moving all of our furnisher into the apartment, I went into the kitchen and started to make them all a cup of tea since we also had food imported into the house. I made about 5-6 cups of tea for them and then we started to have a very nice convocation about their jobs and about mine and they were flirting a little bit but I wasn't flirting back. Later on they all left and were very happy I was nice company. Opps. I forgot to mention that Mickey did not phone me up telling me his dad had a heart attack, I was confused. Because it's very hard to keep track of everything I do. My sister phoned my up that day, her name is Rosette, she told me that my mother had died and that is why I was on the floor crying that night. My mum had died in a car accident.

June 15th 1996

I was really missing my boyfriend, I started to cry at work on my brakes until the 15th that is when some of my co workers saw me crying and felt sorry for me, they invited me to a party tonight, It took a while for me to accept it but after I did one of the workers who work there said that they would give me a lift. After

After I was done working at the café at 16:00 John (The person who said he would drive me to the party) Was outside in his car waiting for me, I got in and said "Hi" he also said "hi" He started to ask me why I was crying I told him that I had moved here with my boyfriend and he had to go to England for one month to look after his dad, but I also told him that talk to him on the phone everyday and see how he is and how his family lives, he said "that must be pretty bad for you, I feel sorry for you, but tonight you can rest can be happy and party" after a while we were at the party and as we got out of the car I heard the loud screaming from the young people partying. We walked up to the door and knocked on a guy aged 18 and yelled "come in and get fucked!" We both walked in and walked to the sofa to our fellow workers are whilst passing puking teenagers and naked passed out ones. Once we reached the sofa with my work friends we all sat down together and I told them all why I was crying, and I told them all about my boyfriend and his story's he writes.

Then they said to me "We will make you forget about this for today and you will just have fun" John got the shots out and then me and the gang (I want to call them the gang now, hehe) had a shot contest. Ok if we continue this is going to get confusing so the gang consist of me, John, Phill, Rose and Bella. Ok we can continue now. We were all having a shot contest and I was the first to go after two shots, Bella after 3 shots, then Rose, John and Phill made me and Bella kiss eachother, because we were very drunk we did not know what we were doing and we did not find out until a few days afterwards that we made out with eachother. After those two drinks I woke up in a bedroom a few hours later with a guy taking my clothes off, I was tied to the beg with my mouth gagged he took out his dick and started rubbing it on my and then his dick was slowly sliding down to my pussy, I was thinking to my self I was about to be violated by this mad, I started crying and prying someone, anyone would save me. Meanwhile john was down stairs asking anyone if they saw me, as he was about go to home he heard a group of people talking about how some man took a passed out girl up stairs, John raced up straits, and just about as this masked mans penis was

about to be inside of me john ran in and leaped for the man on top off me and pushed him off and began to punch him in the face, John picked him up and said "If you come near this girl again I'll fucking kill you, John kicked him out of the room and then the man ran out naked of the house.

John got on top of me untying the rope that bound me to the bed and then Rose came in and took a picture of and said "Looks like someone is having fun" she then shut the door and walked off and showed Phill and Bella the photo. After John had untied me and took the gag out of my mouth I hugged him and started to cry and ask him I could sleep as his house tonight, He said "Ok sure thing"

That night I fell asleep in his bed with him cuddling me, nothing sexual or anything I just really needed someone to hold that night, after that night me and john became really good friends.

June 17th 1996

He would not even tell me his name I wondered to my self whilst I was at home, I had sex with him, cheated on my boyfriend and I didn't even know his name, I thought to my self I can't do this again, my boyfriend is so amazing, but why does cheating feel so right. I walked to work that day feeling like a dirty little cheap whore, I saw him as soon as I walked into the café, he smiled at me, I smiled back, and I changed into my work clothes and begun waiting on all the tables. Then he ordered and said "I will have a burger with fires, and you on your brake" I said yes ok sir by accident and now if I did not have sex with him he might hurt me, as I left to give his order to the chef he squeezed ass.

A few hours later I was in the alleyway on my brake on the phone to my boyfriend when he came, he started to take my panties off and eat me whilst I was talking to my boyfriend, then I started to play with his hair with my hand, My boyfriend said "Are you ok? you sound strange" I said "ohhhhh yhee, it's nothing hehe" I knew this was wrong and I should not be doing this but it felt so right, it made me so horny how he was licking the lips of my pussy, making me all wet whilst I talked to my clueless boyfriend on the phone. Things started to get to intense, I wanted him to fuck me, so I told my boyfriend I have to go, I put my phone in my pocket and told this man to fuck me.

He lifted me up on a dumpster and took his dick out and sided his dick into my pussy. The feeling of a brand new dick inside you is amazing, it's so different, good or bad, and it's still pretty good. My body was banging against the back of the dumpster, it really hurt, I wanted him to stop but this new dick inside of me felt so right, so right I was thinking about dumping my boyfriend, because a few days passed and I didn't mind if I did not talk to him. He told me he was going to him, I told him to stop but then he came inside of me, and I don't know why but that cum swimming around my pussy made me so crazy that I told him to fuck me again and fuck me harder, so he put me to the floor and fucked me like a whore, he was relentless, and even though I was going to be late I could not give a fuck because I just wanted to have sex all day with this man, but whilst his dick was thrusting in and out of my pussy I thought to my self "If having a dick inside me feels so good I wonder what other peoples dicks are like and how do they taste. Twenty minutes later he came in my pussy again and then walked away and left me in the alleyway with cum dripping one drop at a time out of my pussy until there was a little puddle of seaman in the middle of my thighs.

When I got back up I was in a dais, I realised I was late and ran to the café, when I got there my boss saw me and told me to come into his office. Whilst I was sat down on a chair with him facing be behind his desk, I started to look at him more then I did before, He's chubby, beardy face, and short spiky hair, then he said to me "Jane I told you no coming in late, or you are fired, you have hardly been working here for a week and yet you managed to fuck things up. Whilst you were gone I had one waiter pretending to be two waiters and fights happened and the police came, thanks a lot, get out of my office and get out of this café!" I started could not believe what just happened, I was there on the seat for three minutes trying to comprehend what he just said to me, my whole life was crashing down, there is no more work in the city, what have I done. I tried to not cry but the tears slowly came down my face, I put my head into my legs and started to sob for another three minutes, then he said "Well there is something you can do to keep your job" I raised my head in excitement but then I was horrified when he said "You…..can…….suck…….my…….dick……" I got up and told him that I was not going to play his sick fucking games, as I was about to

leave the room he shouted "Yhe well go back home, oh wait that's right, no job, no money, no apartment.

So what will it be Jane?" I started to shake, my mind could not take this anymore, I didn't want to keep cheating on my boyfriend but I had no option, I started to cry as I walked over to my boss, and kneeled down in front of him, he told me it was time for me to eat and that I had to take his dick out of his pants my self and suck it.

I slowly started to undo his zipper, whilst I was unzipping his zipper I could see his dick throbbing and trying to brake through the walls of his cotton underwear, I undid the little buttons on his underwear and then I stopped and started crying, he slapped me in my face and said "Suck it you fucking whore" I reached in and slowly took his hot throbbing dick out, then he was muddling to him self saying "Yes, yes, yes, suck it you whore" I placed my hand around his dick and began to suck on it slowly, I don't know why but then at that moment I pretended it was Johns cock inside my mouth and then I started to get wet. Meanwhile John was waking home with Rose, "Please we did not do anything I swear, just delete it please" She then said "Ok but only if you eat me" Then he said "Ok anything just please delete it" That night John spent the whole night with Rose eating her, sucking her tits, and fucking her harder than he had ever been fucked before. But back to me now, whilst I was sucking my bosses dick I started to cry and then he hit me,

Then he grabbed my head and started choking me with his dick, and thrusting his penis in and out of my mouth until he came, inside of my mouth and then took it out and walked out of the room with me just left in there chocking on his cum. I got up and walked home crying that night. I was in bed ignoring all the calls from my boyfriend that night. All I wanted to do was stay awake lying down in my bed gazing out at the stars and then my eyes started to close and I drifted away in my dreams, the one place I could be at peace.

18th June 1996

I woke crying the morning, I could still taste my bosses dick in my mouth, So I got up and walked to my bathroom and started to brush my teeth as rough and as fast as possible, but no matter how much I tried it was still there, the taste of his dick in my mouth. I went to my window and looked out onto the cold streets of New York and how it can be amazing for some and devastating for others. My boyfriend will love New York, and become a famous publisher, whilst I might become this person who cheats on him all the time. Whilst I was looking onto the street I got a text from John telling that the café closed today and I should come to his house to hangout as friends, I thought that this could be a good Idea, I got dressed up but I put the cutest panties I have on, I don't know why I just did. When I was ready I called a cab and told him where to go, twenty minutes later I got out at Johns house, I walked up to his door and knocked, John welcomed me in and told me to sit on the sofa. He went into the kitchen and got snacks ready, as I was sat on the sofa I looked around at all the snacks, pop and also the movies I asked john what movies we are what movies are we watching "Forrest Gump" he said "What is it about" I asked " He said it was about this stupid guy who is at many historical places in his lifetime and always seems to be really lucky, also he's fucking stupid but played by tom hanks, an amazing actor" I said "Ok" And waited on the sofa for john to come.

After a few minutes John came down to sit with me on the sofa and then we started to watch the movie together, John slowly started to put his arm around my neck which I welcomed, and then he started to rub his hand up and down my leg. At this point I got up and said "I can't do this" he came up

to me and said it was ok your boyfriend will never find out. He threw me on to the sofa, I wanted him to bad but I couldn't do this I knew it was wrong

but why does it feel so good why?! I didn't want to do this, my heart says no but my mind says yes, I gave up fighting it, as I was on the sofa he came up to me and started kissing me, then his hands slowly went down to my panties, I said "No" he kept doing it so many times I gave up and I let him do it, as we were kissing his fingers slowly crept inside my skirt and into my panties and his fingers started to play with the lips on my pussy and then they penetrated me, it felt so good, so amazing, I wanted his dick inside of

me but for now I would settle for his fingers, then suddenly he put his fingers he was fingering me with inside my mouth, I was suppressed but I liked it, I licked all of my juices from his fingers, then came the part I have been wanting since yesterday, his dick, he ripped my skirt in half and ripped my panties off, I was just lying there loving every moment of it, then he took his dick out. Then, Then I started to pay attention, I've only had four dicks

Inside of me in my lifetime and this was going to be the fifth time, I watched as he grabbed his dick and slowly guided his dick into my pussy, I felt the top go in and I was overwhelmed with a sea of ecstasy in my mind, it only took the tip but when that tip touched my pussy my juices just started to leak out of my pussy, then he slowly sided the rest of his dick into my pussy I gripped the sofa as his started to thrust his dick in and our of my pussy, Mickey could never be the fast in sex, I started to dribble and slur my words whilst his dick kept going further and deeper inside my pussy, then my phone started to ring, I told John to stop for a moment, I answered my phone it was my boyfriend, John just stayed there with his rock hard dick left in my pussy, me and my boyfriend were talking for one minute he was asking why I didn't answer for a while and I was saying I lost my phone, then john started to slide his dick in and out of my pussy slowly, this felt so amazing, I talk to my clueless boyfriend as John fucked me, ten minutes had passed, John was still fucking my pussy and my boyfriend was still on the phone to me, then John started to go really fast, then I said to my boyfriend "I am sorry I must go now, I love you" He said "I love you too" then I put the phone down and let John ride me like his fucking bitch, it felt so amazing, I could not give a fuck about my boyfriend with Johns dick inside me.

I could not even remember my boyfriends name anymore, and it was at this point I wanted to see what it was like to have sex with strangers, the excitement of cheating was amazing and I was wondering what it was like to have sex with a person I don't even know, and I wanted them to fuck me so I could feel what there dick would be like in my pussy, I did not care if it was going to be good or bad I just wanted to feel something new inside of me, then John came inside of me and I did not care if I was pregnant or not I would love to have his baby and be his whore so he could fuck me at anytime I wanted him to. I lost control of everything I don't know what happened to me it's like I became a whore.

Whilst I was on the sofa loving every inch of John's dick, he suddenly pulled it out and came it my face, his cum was all over my neck, hair and face. I liked it, I started to lick it and swallow it, the threw me a towel and I wiped the cum off my face, then he said "Let's have a shower" and before I knew it we were both naked in his shower, he was fucking me up against the wall of his shower and this time his cum went all inside my pussy, I loved the thought of all his cum swimming inside of my pussy it made me feel special that I was the one holding this cum. Then after we had the shower together we both cuddled up on the sofa watching a movie together and I spent the night at his house and fucking him.

I loved the way his big blue eyes sparkled when I looked at them, his tanned

Ripped body was amazing and his long hair was so soft I loved to play with it at he ate me whilst we were on his bed at night.

We fucked so many times on his bed that night, I loved the feel of his dick inside my pussy and inside my mouth, it was so new and his cum tasted so nice I would even eat it on toast. That night John spent the whole night fucking my brains out, and then later we both fell asleep together in each others arms.

20th June 1996

The man whose name I did not know was in my apartment fucking me hard, but I could not help but pretend John was fucking me, I was crazy for him now and I was scared I was falling in love with him. I really wanted to know his name, he fucked me daily, I wanted to know his name so bad. He started to slap my face with his dick and then came all over me and left, I was happy, Loved cum so much. whilst I was washing all the cum off my in my shower I could not help but wonder why I was not feeling sad anymore when I was cheating on my boyfriend, it was so weird that I did not even give a fuck anymore if I cheated on my boyfriend or not, so later that night I went out on to the street looking for someone to fuck me, I was walking out on the street wondering for hours looking for the right person to fuck me, I spent a few hours outside at night, I was giving up this was not going to happen tonight so then I started to walk back to my apartment, I was thinking to my self "I could have got raped out here tonight what was I thinking" as I was about to walk in to my apartment building

this big black guy came up to me and said to me "Hey white bitch want some dark chocolate " I giggled and said "Yes" He lifted me up and took me into the alleyway and ripped my clothes of and just stuck his dick into me. It would have hurt but I was wet long before his big black dick went inside of me, I

didn't feel bad anymore, this was amazing, I could now fuck strangers without regret, I laid there on the floor of the alleyway as he stretched the walls of my pussy with his big black dick, I scammed so loud, he said "Damn bitch you tight" I couldn't do anything but scream it hurt so much but I was loving every inch of his dick that went inside of me. My pussy started to bleed but then after a few minutes I was not so tight anymore and he could easily move his big black dick in and out of my pussy freely without it hurting as much for me anymore. This was the first time I had black dick inside of me and I am pretty sure it was not going to be that last time, his black dick felt so different from all the other white dicks then had been inside of me in my lifetime, and the sex, he fucked me so hard that my body started to go numb, I loved every moment of his big black cock sliding in and out of my pussy, I swear to god without a lie that I had eight orgasms in the space of the thirty minutes his was fucking me on the alleyway, then he came in my pussy and walked off leaving me there all wet and cum dripping out of my pussy, I got up three minutes later and laughed to my self because I did not feel a thing (Emotionally) I stumbled up to my apartment, and then once I got in I went into my bed room took my clothes off until I was naked and fell onto my bed feeling happy as can be.

25th June 1996

Today was a day just to my self, or so I thought, I was on my laptop and then John popped up on my massager and wanted to cam chat with me, I accepted, He was on his cam and he typed to me "Want to have some fun Jane?" I typed "Ok" He got his dick out and started masturbating on cam, I was really shy but after a while I started masturbating on cam for him to until we were both there masturbating on cam for eachother, and then out of no were John came and his cum coved his cam, it was really funny and then he talked for a while and then I said I had to go now and we said bye.

I was still feeling horny, I was about to masturbated and then something came for me in my post, It was a letter, I went and picked it up and sat down back on the sofa and opened it up, I could not believe it. John sent me some naked pictures, I then texted John saying "What the fuck John, hahaha thank, I'll have fun with these" and then he texted back saying "Thank you" I was looking through the naked pictures of John and I started to feel really horny so then I took my panties off as I was just staying in my panties today.

Then I was looking at the photos as slowly drifted my fingers to my pussy, As first I was just playing with my pussy, I was rubbing fingers up and down until I got wet, and then once I was wet I started to put my fingers inside my pussy, I was going as fast as I could, a few minutes had passed and I was not going to give up until I had an orgasm because these photos really turned me on, My juices started to leak out of my pussy and my finger was going in and out of my pussy, then I did it I came, I was fantasying about Johns dick inside of me and then I came. At this point I knew John was no longer going to be a one night stand like that black guy last night. I could not believe how much John turned me one, I eve started to wonder what my boyfriend would say to me if I asked him if I could have a three way with him and John. Then I was thinking to my self, I should go to the doctors and get my self tested out because I've not been having safe sex, so I phoned up John and I asked him to come with me to the doctors tomorrow for a check up.

26Th June 1996

Me and John were both in the doctors waiting room together, I was looking around at all the pregnant women around me, "Single mother" I thought to my self, I really did not want to stay in the same room at these fucking whores and then I got sad, I looked around at all these women and they are just like me, "What if I become like this?" I really wanted to have a child but not now, what if I ended up like this? I was sure I would have an abortion now; I could not end up like these fucking sluts. "Jane Cox" I heard a doctor say, me and john walked in. The doctor said " I will take some swipes from your private area and you will have to pee into this cup" I said "Ok doctor" then he said "go into the changing room and get into the special uniform" which must have been that thing I have to swear so he can look at my pussy.

After I put the uniform thingy on and then put this thing in my pussy for a few seconds but it felt really good, and then I had to pee into this cup. After everything was done, John asked me if I was ok I said "Yes" but inside I was scared, I was wondering if I pregnant, with John, my boyfriend, the black guy from yesterday, or that guy I don't know. The doctor said "Come back in on the 29th and I will tell you your results" I walked out and looked at the sluts as I walked out with John, I told him to drop me off at my house that night. Whilst we were in his car he was talking about how amazing it would be to have a child with me, and he wants to run away with me and how much he loves me. I said "I would like that" and he smiled. All I could think about was I could end up like those sluts outside the doctors office, I hide my tears from John until I got out of his car, I kissed him and said goodbye. I just stood there while he drove off; I sat onto the ground and started to cry.

29th June 1996

I told John I was going to the doctors on my own today. I could not have anyone thinking he was fucking me; I didn't want to be looked down by anyone there by the staff and the sluts, I didn't want people to think I was some whore who gets pregnant and cheats. They called my name I walked in, the doctor had a strange look on his face, he told me to sit down, "Jane I have some bad news on good news" This is it, I am pregnant and I don't have STDS. But what he said I could have never have guessed "Jane your results are back and you are not pregnant" I was overwhelmed with happiness and then I thought I had an STD but then what he said something that was amazing for me "Jane Cox I would like to run more tests on you, it seems you have an inability to contract any diseases of any kind and if you did they would not have any long-term affects and would not last long"

I was stunned and happy, the reason I was worrying about cheating because I would catch something or get pregnant and now that I know I can't catch anything or get pregnant I was kind of happy knowing I ca cheat on my boyfriend without me catching anything or getting pregnant so I would not have to explain if I had to go to the doctors. The doctor took some samples and then asked me a lot of questions about my diet and what I took everyday so that he can find out what stops me from catching anything so that he can help everyone he told me that I could save billions of life's and that he was very happy that me met me.

I walked home after the doctors feeling pretty happy with my self, so happy that I went around looking for someone to fuck as a way of celebrating what I just learnt, so after a few minutes of looking around I found some random guy standing around, I went up to him and started to kiss him, he kissed me back and pulled my up against a wall and started to fuck me, it was so hard that I thought we were going to both go through the wall and fall over, but we didn't, this sex was over fast, I think this may have been his first time or something but like I said bad sex is still pretty good, he came in my pussy and again it made me feel happy, also the feel of hid dick inside my pussy felt really good even though the sex was bad. After we fucked I walked off and said "goodbye" then he ran up to me and said "Wait" and the started telling me that he wanted my phone number and wanted to know my name so he could talk to me anytime he wanted to, I then said "I am sorry but this is a one time thing" he started to cry and I walked away, I could not help but thinking whilst I walked away that if this happened a few months ago I would have cried too, but today I was reborn.

30th June 1996

I have been trying to call the man who's name I don't know for a few days now but he done not answer his phone to me anymore and he has not come into the café for a few days now, I have been wondering where he was, but I didn't miss him because I could just find someone else to fuck me for a while until he came back and if he did not come back I could just stay fucking the guy I found but I would wait a few days until finding a new guy. I started laughing to myself, I have everything planned out and then when I get married I will stop. I just sat down on my sofa watching tv, I was so happy with what I was doing, and I didn't give a fuck about anything anymore.

4th June 1996

Tomorrow my boyfriend was coming home and I would have less time to spend with John, so that night I knocked on John's door and he opened the door with a smile on his face, I hugged him and he both went into the living room were he set out a bunch of snacks and coke for us to have. He sat down on the sofa and watched bad boys. "John gave me some coke" I really loved coke and we both ate some crisps too. Then he started to do it again, but this time I wanted it and I let him do it, he started to finger me whilst we

watched the movie, it felt so nice, and comfortable like his fingers were made for my pussy, I loved how he played around with my clit and the lips of my pussy before he put his finger inside of me and the I went under the cover and unzipped his pants and started to lick the shaft of his penis and then I put it inside my mouth and started to suck on it as fast as I could go I could make John happy after a few minute of sucking on his dick he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all and it made me feel really happy and also I was no longer hungry. I took off my panties and then I got on top of him and let him ride me like a pony, I had never done this position before I think it's called the reverse cowboy, well anyway this was my new favourite position. I love how he makes me feel so special when he fucks me, he tries so hard even a little too hard but it was amazing, he even made me have more orgasms then that black guy that fucked me a few days ago in the alleyway.

He rode me so hard I felt like a horse was fucking me, it felt like his dick was never ending and a new inch was coming inside my pussy every second, he fucked me whilst I was on the sofa and he started to kiss me whilst he fucked me, I loved him so much that I didn't want my boyfriend to come home tomorrow I know it is bad and I would be sad if it happened but I anted him to die or fall In love with someone else so I could be with John and I can ride his dick anytime I want. I told him to keep fucking me because I wanted to remember how his dick felt like and what it tasted like because I thought I would not be able to fuck John that often because I will be fucking my boyfriend, it's not that I don't like having sex with him it's just that I forgot how it felt like and I kind of feel ashamed that I was just loving people because of sex but if the sex is good I will come back but if I really love you like I do with my boyfriend and John. John turned me over and started to squeeze his dick into my ass, it was a tight fit and it was hard for him to get his dick into my ass at first but then he loosened it up a little but and he could fuck me freely up my ass but it really hurt for my, but it felt so good I didn't want to say anything to upset him because he was having fun he loved to fuck me up the ass because I turned over and he was smiling,

I gripped the end of the sofa and started to moan so loud, and then he shot a load of in my ass, it felt so nice as all of his cum dripped out of my ass ever so slowly, I then asked him to eat me as I watch the rest of bad boyfriend and he said "Ok" I loved it as he nibbled on my clit, and I liked to play with his hair as he was eating me, I really liked the movie it was so nice, and will

Smith was such a good actor, but then John came back up wiped his lips and kissed me, then we cuddled up and watched the rest of the movie. That night I wished I could have stayed with him forever and leave my boyfriend and I could run away with John and live in a little cute cottage with him have a puppy and he could fuck me everywhere he wanted to anytime he wanted to, I was thinking about this all night and I was almost ready to leave my boyfriend and run away with John but I remembered how much I love my boyfriend and I would see how things played how, maybe I was just thinking this way because I ha now saw my boyfriend in a long time and maybe if I saw my boyfriend again I would not feel this way so that is why I did not tell John a thing about running away with him even though he was giving me a lot of singles, why can't men understand how a women think like, we need time to think and we don't reply because we do not know what do say and if we said something and later changed are mind we would upset you and you would end up hating us forever and you would near want to speak to us again anymore.

After John put on another movie I told him that I could not have children and then I saw him starting to become sad and then he started to cry, I held him and told him that it was going to be ok, it was kind of funny because ity felt like I was a man and I liked the feeling of being a man because all the men have a lot of power and are a lot stronger then women, I told him that we could adopt children and then I regretted saying that because the John became happy and was talking about our lives together forever and I did't want to be with one person forever because forever is a long time don't you think, I was going to upset him because I was reborn as a new person, I didn't want to just fuck one person for the rest of my life and now that is what I just made him think, I didn't know how to tell him that I love my boyfriend and that I might stay with him but I kind of hoped I would fall out of love with my boyfriend so that John could be happy with me. He was like my little puppy that I liked to make happy all the time, I did not know why I fell so much in love with John but I am really happy that I did.

He was so fun to hang around with outside and at work, after I sucked my bosses dick work felt weird and every time I went through the door I started to cry but John made it fun and made me want to come into work and then the only reason I came into work is the fact that I knew John was going to be

there and if he was off sick then I was off sick too and talked to him on the phone and on the internet and also came to his house to make sure he was all

Right, I know I have not known him for long but I could tell that I would be with him for along time.

That night I was sleeping in his big king sized bed with him and I felt so happy with him, I cuddled up to his chest and he put his arm around me then we both started to drift off to sleep and I was dreaming that me and John ran away from my boyfriend the next day and had a life with John, we had kids and a puppy and our puppy and kids were the cutest, and the sex was amazing, that has to be the best dream I have ever had in my life so far.

June 5th 1996

Today was the day, me and John had been dredging this day all last night, we both had a shower together, I loved the feel of his body against mine, I felt so complete with him and I could swear John was my soul mate and we were meant to be together forever, I loved the feel of his aura around mine and how it entwined perfectly with mine, He sided his dick into mine and this may sound stupid but I wanted to be like that forever with him, I hugged him so tight in the shower as the water both poured onto both of us.

As we both got out and got dressed John phoned up a cab and told me he loved me and I told him I loved him too. We spent the last moments together hugging on the sofa, I was scared I would no longer love John and John was scared I would not love him anymore, when the cab came John hugged me tight and kissed me and I kissed him back, I said "goodbye" and so did John, When I was in the cab I waved at John and I waved back, it was really sad because he was biting his fist and holding back his tears. I told the cab to take me to the airport, I looked at John until he was out of my sight, I started to cry, I wanted to tell the cab to go back so I could be with John but I had to go and see my boyfriend, to see if there was anything left there anymore, I needed to see his face and if I did not love him I would stay with John.

That night I as in bed with him and he said "I was so happy to be with you, I don't like seeing you leave me" I smiled and said "You will always me mine, I love you" I walked into my bathroom and said down and phoned him up I told him I am sorry but I couldn't be with you, It was amazing being with you, but I am so happy with him, he's my soul mate. He put the phone down on me, and I did not hear from him for a few years.

You see when I got to the airport I saw Mickey, he did not see me, I ran and hid behind a wall, I was thinking what I should do, I saw my boyfriend and he looked so different, he had a pretty cool bead and he got really cute, but John is also amazing I was sat behind that wall for five minutes until I heard a voice saying "Excuse me lady but my sexy radar broke when I pointed it at you, you owe me another one" I lifted my head up and started to laugh, "Hey Mickey" I said "Hey Jane" I hugged him so tightly and started to cry, "Don't go please don't go, never leave me again I love you so much" I was so happy he was here, I didn't love John anymore, what have I been doing I love my boyfriend so much I'll never cheat again.

6th June 1996

I woke with Mickey, I felt so happy but also a little guilty and said t because John is now alone. I got out of bed as fast as I could because I remembered the naked pictures of John I have in my nightstand I ripped them all up and put them into the bin, I was so scared, and what if my boyfriend saw them. I was so happy that he didn't. I was so happy until remembered I had to tell him that I couldn't have kids, later in the evening when he was awake I told him to come into the living room because I needed to tell him something very important. I told him about how I went to the doctors to see if I could have kid because I really want to have kids with him, but then this was the hardest part to say I told him I could not have kids, at the point we both started to brake into tears and I went into his arms and we both started to cry

He then said "If I tell you my new story will this make you feel better" I nodded whilst crying" "Ok here it is, well it's not a story it's a poem but here it is"

"You can never understand what your words mean

to me, it makes me feel like I am meant to

be, once cast aside from society, left to dwell

in this pain and agony, no remorse, no words to say.

Left in this world without a heart.

But before my life was taken you saw me,

Took my hand and led me to the promise land.

No words can thank you for the deeds you've done,

You managed to take the gun from me thus saving me

From the beast I was to be.

Now the light shines forever and ever, as the day's pass by

My love for you has now come true and I wish to be with you

For an everlasting eternity of complete and utter certainty for our love is just a

Purity and we know it's meant to be, you know you're my love.

This poem is for my one true love, Jane I love you

"Oh my god, I have really missed these poems and everything, I love you so much Mickey" I burst into tears and we just cuddled on the sofa for hours and hours. I could not believe I was going to leave him, he was so perfect, I did feel sorry for leaving John and I wondered what it would be like tomorrow when I go back to work and I see him, it is going to be really awkward between us both, maybe I should quit my job, I don't want to hurt John more then I already have. Mickey switched the TV on and put a movie on for us to both watch together, I then asked Mickey about his dad, Then Mickey started to tell me that he had to take care of his dad 24/7 he had to watch over him sometimes all nights because a Nurse would not come for a month because she was on holiday, he took his dad out and make him everything, he was kind of like his butler, Mickey said "it was really hard to do but I love my dad, I would do anything for him" I was thinking to my self about how perfect my boyfriend is, I wanted to stay with him forever, he is so kind and sweet. That day we just cuddled up on the sofa a blanket ate food and drank pop all day together and we also fell asleep together.

7th June 1996

I walked into the café that day and I found out that John had quit. Rose and Bella were ignoring me and being mean to me, they came up to me on my brake and told me never to go and see John again or they will fucking kill me. I couldn't work here anymore; I went back to the café and told the fat son of a bitch manager that I am quitting this piece of shit job. After that I ran to John's house but only to find Rose and Bella outside his house. They told me to go and leave him or they will tell my boyfriend I cheated on him, so I went back home, and the funny thing is I didn't even feel that bad, I mean before I would have, Instead I just watched Tv and waited for my boyfriend to come home so we can fuck.

When my boyfriend came back home that evening he was so happy, he said his books got published and he is going to be on the news tomorrow, then I grabbed his tie and whispered into his here "And your prize is to fuck me"

I led him into our room and started to strip for him I slowly started to take off my clothes for him as he started to masturbate, I loved his dick I hadn't seen it in weeks I missed it soft, hot, big throbbing dick, and I really wanted to feel it inside of me again. As I was naked I took a few steps to and sat down in front of him I grabbed his dick and guide it into my wet pussy, I had not had sex like this in along time. There was something about not having for a month that made Mickey fuck me like a wild beast, I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his back.


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