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Shay Montgomery

The typical high school...nerd.

She gets strait A's, never gets in trouble, and to the rest of the student body...doesn't exist.

But like most people shay has two sides...

By day little Mrs. goodie good, by night someone nobody would ever expect.

Good girl by day, Bad girl by night.

But hey, what could go wrong with that???


Her favorite club.

A club where people go to drink, dance...and have sex with random people???

With her bad girl façade nobody has been able to see who she really was...could that change???

Shay's 2 worlds are about to come crashing down to one reality.

Can she handle it??? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 5, 2014    Reads: 946    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   


Ugh, stupid alarm clock. I move my arm around my bed for my phone to hit the off button so i can turn the annoying crap off.

Rolling out of bed i grab my iPod and go to the bathroom to hurry and take my shower before everyone else wakes up. Twenty mins later I'm walking out of the steamy bathroom hoping i don't bump into anyone. Just my luck, when i turn the corner to my room i bump into my father. I mumble out a sorry and walk around him just for him to push my into the other wall and hear him say "be more careful next time bitch." Yea, my family isn't the best...lets see. My mother is a out of work drunk who stays hammered all the time, my father is an abusive prick who i try to avoid at all cost and my older brother is suppose to be in college but likes to hang around with the high school crowd and make my life a living hell. If I'm not being shoved here or shoved there at my so called home, I'm either being ignored at school or picked on for being the school nerd. Yup i got it all the long boring brown hair, big glasses and jeans and tops. I very rarely wear dresses or skirts. Like today I'm ganna be wearing my light blue skinny jeans with a long white tank top and black converses.

Already dressed and brushing my hair in front of my mirror i hear my 'father' yell for me to get my ass downstairs. Oh great something else i apparently did. Quickly grabbing my school bag which is just a little purse because they couldn't be bothered to buy me a book bag, i hurry out my window and down the trilace to the ground. Once at the ground i sneak my way around to the front of the house to make sure nobody saw me and head for the sidewalk. School isn't that far away, maybe ten to fifteen minutes away. But its just my luck its cloudy and about to rain today. Good thing i didn't put on make up today. Not that i wear much unless I'm going out. Usually i just wear a little eye liner and mascara to bring out my dull grey blue eyes. Reaching in my pocket for my iPod i pop in my headphones and blur out the sounds of the world with music. It seems to be the only way i can escape. I catch hell at home, and I'm either ignored or picked on in school. So music is the only way i can believe i have no worries. Finally i reach the school parking lot and it starts to pour. I run for the doors not realizing there is a car coming. I see the car out of the corner of my eye and see it come screeching to a stop. I look into the car to see who it was but the windshield is to dark i couldn't see a face. I shrug it off and continue on my way to the doors to get out of the rain. Once i reach the doors i glance back and see the car start to pull off. I walk inside to go to my locker. Not realizing the halls are already wet i slip and fall flat on my ass and everyone turns and laughs at me. I know if i was as strong as i acted like i was this situation wouldn't bother me. But deep down it does. I'm not some little girl who crys because she has no friends, but it would be nice.

I carefully stand up and wipe my ass off and continue to my locker getting looks of laughter from everyone i pass. If only they knew who i was. I don't like being like this. Being the school nerd. The one nobody pays attention to or who everyone picks on. But with my family ruining my life at home, i figure get good grades so you can go to college somewhere far away. As for no friends well, since my brother was such a legend and since he is still around, he picks on me so other people pick on me. Causing me to be a loner. But this year is my last year in this hell hole. Then I'm out. I haven't exactly picked out a favorite school to go to yet, but I've applied to many. Not caring which one i get just as long as its not here. By the time i get to first period and sit down the bell has rung an everyone starts to file in. So my day starts as every other day starts. First threw fourth period endless boring classes. Fifth period lunch then sixth threw eighth more boring classes. Same old thing every day. Thank god it is Friday though. Usually i have the house to myself. My parent are gone most the time, and my brother is normally at some party all night then trashed the next day and that happens all weekend.

By the time school gets out I'm tired but excited. Today is Friday, and its my night to be me. I get to dress in short skimpy clothes, do my hair, my make up, and go to my favorite club and dance with random guys. I have never had a boyfriend since nobody even talks to me other then to pick on me. I've been going to Mask since i was sixteen years old. Its the night i lost my virginity and everything changed. I hear the bell ring and i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I get up and start walking to my locker to throw everything i don't need in there. I pop my headphones in to blur out the rest of the world as i walk down the crowded halls of this god forsaken school. People call me a nerd but they have no idea how much i detest this place. I get to my locker only to see two love stuck teenagers leaned up against it eating each others faces off. I tap the girls shoulder to ask her to please move over. I get no reply so i tap again a little harder this time. She finally turns back around and gives me the ugliest look ever. She acts like i just stole her teddy bear or something.

"Uhm, excuse me, your on my locker" i say nicely. All she does is look at me then laugh. Her and her boy toy go back to kissing still leaned up against my locker. I'm just ready to go home but she needs to suck his face off right now and be annoying.

"Hey, your on my locker, move." i say with more force. She stops and i see her boy toys arms move from around her waist to move her over. Of course it would have to be Oliver Chase. Schools hero football player and leader. He looks me up and down and just laughs at me.

"Come on babe, before this nerd misses her study time" he says to the plastic Barbie doll as they walk off laughing.

I finally make it to my locker and throw everything in there and slam the door shut out of rage. I grab my bag off the floor and storm out to the parking lot to head home. Just my luck, its still raining. Plus i was in such a hurry i forgot to grab a hoodie. just great. I start walking not caring about getting wet. About 5 minutes later I'm soaked to the bone and shivering. Out of the corner of my eye i see a truck pull up and notice right away its Dillans truck. I try to ignore what he is sayen to me until he throws a bear can at my head.

"WHAT!" i yell to him causing him and his friends to laugh.

"Listen here bitch don't yell at me" he says in a laugh. "Don't come home tonight, I'm throwing a party and nobody wants you there so find somewhere else to go".

"And where the hell do you suggest i go?" i say still walking.

"I don't care sleep in the park for all i care" and he drives off laughing splashing water in my face.

Another 5 minutes and I'm home walking threw the front door. I didn't see my parents car in the drive way so knew it was safe to come in. Big mistake. I walk past the living room on the way to the stairs just to see my father in his chair with a beer. I quickly try to go upstairs before he says anything but no luck.

"Shay, get your ass in here!" he yells as i reach the stairs.

"Yea?" i say.

"Where were you this morning?"

"I went to school early to turn in some work." i lied. but i couldn't tell him i didn't want to deal with his ass. He would beat me.

"Why didn't you clean the kitchen last night?" he asked sipping his bear.

"I did clean it last night before i went to bed." i say with a confused look on my face. I'm the only one to ever clean.

"No you didn't, i got up this morning and it was a mess."

"Dillan must have messed it up when he came home last night." i say as he gets up and walks over to me.

"Well why didn't you clean it up" He says popping the P.

"I was aslee-" i didn't get to finish the sentence before he slaps my face.

"I don't give a fuck if you were asleep!!! You still clean it!!!" he yells slapping me again so hard i fall to the floor. I don't cry, its been so long since I've cried.

"Yes sir" i say from the floor and he walks back and sits in his chair and continues his bear. I get up off the floor and go to the kitchen to clean whatever mess is in their noticing its not messy at all. There is some wrapper on the counter top but that's it. He just needed a reason to hit me. I don't understand how a father, someone who is suppose to love you, can do something like this. I really don't.

After i finish the kitchen i go upstairs to take a nice hot bath to warm up my cold bones. I hear a honking noise from outside then here the door open and slam shut. Pure silence now so i know I'm alone. That's how i like it to.


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