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Savior Of The Wastes-A Legend Is Born

Novel By: Tanfastic

The year is unknown. All that is known is that it has been a long while since the great war, when the sky darkened and generations lived underground.
Returning to the surface, the remainder of the human race now live in small villages, trying to restore humanity, and to protect themselves against the wilds of the wasteland.
One man; an Arcane - the warriors sworn to meet out justice, unwittingly becomes a legend. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5 - The Half Moon

Malachi met with the builders the next day, and a few days after that construction began. Workers came from all over to help build the new building. Malachi had recovered the rest of his treasure from where he buried it, and hid it well in his office. The tavern and Inn was busier than ever with all the new workers in town. Malachi would send water and Ale out to the workers to keep them refreshed during construction.

One late afternoon Jessica came into Malachi's office with one of the Wenches named Leela at her side. Jessica was furious and explained to Malachi how one of the workers had attacked Leela when she went to bring out refreshments. Malachi looked Leela over. Her uniform was covered in dirt and mud and was torn at the shoulder, barely keeping her fairly ample bosom covered. Her cap was hanging at the back of her head within her tattered blonde hair. Her arms and legs were smudged with dirt and mud, and on her face, the dirt mixed with her tears.

Malachi helped Jessica lead Leela to the bed where she sat on its edge. Jessica and Malachi sat on either side of her and Jessica had her arm wrapped protectively around Leela's shoulder and asked Leela to tell Malachi what happened. Leela began to cry but was able to get her story out. She went around the back with her tray of water and Ale, serving the workers as usual. One of the workers, a large bald brute with a large earring, was working behind the hedge, digging a trench. She offered him some refreshment and that was when he grabbed her. He told her he didn't want a drink of ale, but rather some fresh milk from her tits. He threw her to the ground and ripped her top open and began to suck her breast. She told him there were other girls for that and that she was just a server. She begged him to stop but it just seemed to urge him on.

Between sobs Leela explained how he then reached under her dress and ripped her under garment to shreds, throwing her to the ground and then mounted her. He forced himself in her while he kept a hand over her mouth to prevent others from hearing her scream. Taking her from the front was not enough, so he swiftly spun her over and forced himself into her from behind, and then forcefully took her anally. His hand still covering her mouth, Leela screamed in pain as his cock ripped into her. She had been a virgin and she had screamed herself hoarse from the pain. When he finished, he grabbed the pitcher of Ale, and splashed her with it, attempting to wash the blood and his come off her. He did this saying that he was helping her get clean. He quickly got up, got dress, then collected his tools and left.

Malachi looked at Jessica after Leela finished her story.

Jessica said "I went out looking for her after I noticed she was taking so long to serve them. A few men said they remembered seeing go 'round the back." Jessica paused wiping away a tear, "..and that's where I found her…on the ground. I brought her to you right away."

Malachi stood and looked at the women, "Jessica, take her to the baths and let her clean up. Then call for Toula and have her make sure she's all right."

He turned and moved towards the rear of the office as the women stood. Jessica paused in the doorway and looked back at Malachi. She saw him put on his sword and grab his cloak. She turned away and led Leela to the baths content in the thought that the son of a bitch was gonna get his.

Malachi stepped out of the tavern into the cool air. The sun was on its downward trek but there was still some light left in the afternoon sky. He walked around back of the building, where the construction was going on. He kept his cloak around him to conceal his weapon and proceeded to speak with several of the construction men. Not wanting to alarm any of them he asked about the man with the earring that digs the trenches. He made his inquiries seem as if he had additional work for him.

Most of the other workers appeared to dislike the man and said they didn't know where he was or who he was. Malachi was patient and continued on eventually asking all the workers. He finally came upon one who knew who Malachi was asking about. He stated that he saw him leave about 30 minutes ago, heading up the road. Malachi thanked them and proceeded up the road in search of the brute.

He finally came upon him. He was a large man with filthy clothes. He carried his tools in a sack which he slung over his massive shoulders. The brute trudged slowly up the road and Malachi was able to follow him easily. He arrived at a crossroads where a large tree stood off to the side and he released his sack of tools which noisily hit the ground at his feet. Malachi watched from behind as the man approached the tree with both his hands low and in front of him. The brute walked up to the tree and then leaned against it, with one hand. Malachi then heard a familiar sound. The man was pissing against the tree. Malachi approached the large tree from the opposite side and could hear the man moaning in ecstasy as he drained his bladder.

The brute was taken thoroughly by surprise as Malachi stepped out from behind the tree with his sword drawn. In an instant, Malachi's sword came slashing down and the man howled as his cock was set free from his body. Blood, mixed with urine spurted from his wound as the man stared at his cock, which he held before his own eyes.

"You like to rape young ladies eh? How do you feel now?" Malachi said menacingly as he stood poised for another attack.

"My dick! My dick! You cut off my diiiiiiicccckkkk! I'll KILL you!" the brute howled as his blood sprayed the tree and the ground around it. He threw his cock at Malachi which sailed wide right and landed harmlessly in the road. Malachi stood ready as the big man started to move towards him. Blood continued to pour out of his groin as he lunged, full of rage, at Malachi.

Malachi stepped aside, easily dodging the rapist's lunge. The man stumbled forward a few steps and slowly turned around. Malachi noticed the man was moving slower, more lethargic. He also looked pale for his blood was quickly draining from his body. Malachi stood and watched as the brute took another two steps before collapsing.

Malachi sheathed his sword and grabbing the brute by his ankles, pulled him off to the side of the road. "There you can let the buzzards finish you off" he said and spat on his back. The man lay still, as he was already near death. Malachi ripped off a piece of the man's tunic and picked up the severed tube of flesh from the road and then turning, he made his way back towards town.

He made it back to the tavern just as the sun set. As usual, Simon was at his post and was just getting ready to close the door, as was policy, when he saw Malachi approaching.

"Good evening sir." Simon said as Malachi entered.

"Good evening Simon." Malachi said and patted Simon's shoulder as he passed.

Malachi walked straight to the kitchen and found a glass jar. He then walked towards the bar, which is where Meg saw him and approached.

"I heard what happened." She said as she followed Malachi behind the bar. "Did you find him?" she asked.

"How is she?" Malachi said, ignoring Meg's inquiry.

"Toula gave her some herbs and she's resting now. Did you find him?" she repeated.

Malachi reached under the floor boards that Mort had showed him a while ago and pulled out another bottle of the clear fiery liquid labeled "Absolute". "Yes, I found him." Malachi answered as he opened the jar, and opened the bottle.

Meg saw him pull a ragged piece of cloth from inside his cloak. He unraveled it and dropped something into the jar. Meg watched in amazement as Malachi emptied the bottle of Absolute into the jar and then sealed the jar tightly with its lid.

"I found him and took care of it." Malachi said menacingly as he turned around.

Meg's eyes widened in shock as she recognized what was in the jar; the man's severed penis bounced around inside the jar, suspended in the clear liquid. Meg followed Malachi upstairs to Leela's quarters. Knocking gently, Viola opened the door and let them in. Malachi, followed by both Viola and Meg, walked towards Leela who was lying on the bed. Toula was sitting on the side of the bed comforting her as they approached. Malachi knelt beside the bed and took Leela's hand.

"Leela?" he whispered. Leela turned to see Malachi at her bedside and smiled at him. Malachi's heart broke thinking of how helpless she was. "Dear, I just want to let you know that justice has been served." Malachi said while he stroked her hair.

"Thank you" she whispered to him and closed her eyes.

Malachi bowed his head and whispered something that no one was able to make out. He raised his head and kissed her on the forehead before standing. He looked at Toula and said "Anything she needs…she gets." Toula, with her eyes wide, nodded. Malachi picked up the jar and walked out of the room.

Meg and Viola followed Malachi downstairs into the tavern. He moved behind the bar and after clearing a shelf behind the bar, he placed the jar up on the shelf for all to see. Meg and Viola silently watched him walk out the back door, only to return a short while later with a piece of wood. They watched as Malachi placed the wood beside the jar. He had printed a sign that read, "This is what happens if you touch my girls without permission!" The words were written in red paint and some of the letters 'ran' giving the effect of blood.

People at the bar noticed it first and soon the normally loud and boisterous tavern grew a little quieter as they all read the sign and saw the jar. Many asked Meg and Viola what the meaning was and Meg said it best. "Don't put your pecker where it aint invited!" Everyone got the meaning.

A few weeks passed since the incident involving Leela, and the new additions were nearly complete. Leela was fully recovered from her ordeal and back to her cheerful self. She had thanked Malachi for all he did and vowed to be faithful to him for upholding her honor. Finally the long awaited day came when the construction was completed. Malachi, joined by Meg, Viiola and Jessica stood at the entrance of the new additions to the building. Together with the foreman of the workers, they toured the structure.

The new addition was attached to the tavern at the opposite wall of the tavern's entrance. The doorway to the new addition was located just passed the stair landing of the original Inn. Once passed the new doors you entered a short wide hallway. The hallway went for about 15 feet and ended in a pleasant entry room. This room had two doors against the far wall. The left door led to the new bath house while the right door led to the new rooms and apartments.

Malachi chose the baths first and with his entourage following, he opened the door that led to the bath house. The door opened into another hallway which led to a set of stairs, on the right, leading up but also continued straight to another door. The door at the end of the hallway opened to the service area where the main piping led to the kitchen fires, which kept bath water hot, as well as kept the cleaning supplies for the baths. In the far corner stood several smaller tubs for water, which would be used to clean the customer's clothes, should they want the service.

Malachi and his entourage climbed the stairs and found themselves in yet another large hall. This hall was long and wide. To the right was a row of eight doors. Each door led to a private room containing a table and two chairs, a small cot, and of course the large round tub. Each room had a window that opened to the gardens, in the back of the building, and against the wall, above the table, was tiny door that opened to the clothes chute. Malachi was impressed with the quality of workmanship as the foreman showed him the amenities of each room.

They made their way back to the sitting room and then through the door leading to the 'rooms' and the apartments. The 'rooms' were on the main level and were small. They had only a cot, a tiny table and two chairs. These were not the living quarters but rather intimate hide-aways where a customer may seek some special companionship. They moved up the stairs to the apartments and found larger rooms complete with a fire pit, table and chairs, a nice comfortable bed, dresser drawers, and a washing alcove. Malachi was pleased with the results, and on opening day, the baths were filled and many of the rooms were utilized by customers of both sexes.

Several days, after the grand opening of the Half Moon, Malachi had taken an interest in the vacant land on the outskirts of town and had made several inquiries as to the ownership. He found that no one actually owned the land; it was just there. Malachi made several visits to the town's archives and read up on the law after which Malachi ventured to the Constable's office and proceeded to file several land claims on the empty land. After the required forty-five days no objections had been filed, and Malachi became the new owner of several hundred acres of land on the edge of town. He immediately hired several young men who were out of work to build a quick fence around his parcels to prevent anyone else attempting to lay claim to the property.


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