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Let's Talk-The Novel

Novel By: Sweetandspicy

Since my friends and readers requested a continuation of the "Let's Talk" series, I've decided to compile them in book form and will be adding additional topics in the future.

Any and all feedback is welcomed. Enjoy!

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Submitted:Jul 7, 2010    Reads: 182    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

"Hey man! Where's your mind at tonight? You haven't been drinking, and you damn sure haven't been watching the game" says Kevin 'Oooh… I get it! Some ass done caught your attention and you wanna go hit that, is that it? If only he knew what ass had not only caught my eye, but kept my dick hard just by thinking of her! I started to speak, but I was save by the ringing of a phone- (everybody reaches for theirs) it's Kevin's phone.
"Aw, hell, it Lil Sis" he said before answering it. Think about her and she calls her brother, just great! This shit is messed up; maybe I should just let it go; besides Nikki probably likes me only because of Kevin. My thoughts are interrupted by Kevin's curses. "What's up man?" I asked.
"Nikki's apartment was sprayed today but the smell is so strong, she can't stay there and she wants me to come get her. Hell, I been drinking all evening and there's no way I'm getting behind the wheel of a car. "Kevin ranted. " Hey, since you live there too… man I hate to ask you, but can Nikki crash at your place? I want have to worry about her if she's with you." (Kevin, my friend, you really do need to worry- because all I think about is dipping into Nikki's luscious body)
What the fuck am I suppose to say?!!! "Um… Kev, maybe you should ask Nikki first, I don't have a problem with it (yes I did!), but…just call her."As he turned to call her: (please, Nikki, please say no so I want have to suffer knowing you'll be in the next room and I can't be in the bed making love to every inch of your sexy body) I kept saying to myself. "She said she didn't mind staying at your place, that way she wouldn't have to leave the building, that is, if it's okay with you. I told Nik, you were good with it and you were on your way." Said Kevin, with a big grin on his face, "thanks, man, I owe you one!'
My best friend just put my desire in my arms practically, I was thinking as I drove home, and had to deal with it one way or the other…
There she stood by my door, waiting for me…in a sexy little number that screamed "take me". Lord, this woman will be mine tonight- friendship or not! Nikki first words were, "Now, white boy, let's put all those words to action!" Hot damn, she wanted me too! I grabbed her by the arms, pulled that lush body tight against me and kissed her with all the passion that had been simmering since meeting her. Nik wasn't holding back as she returned the passion, sucking my tongue as she pressed her pelvic into the hardness behind my zipper! We were going at it hot and heavy, when she pulled back and said, "Do you wanna fuck me out here or do you want me to fuck you in bed?"
I knew exactly what I wanted to say.
We'll talk later…


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