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Let's Talk-The Novel

Novel By: Sweetandspicy

Since my friends and readers requested a continuation of the "Let's Talk" series, I've decided to compile them in book form and will be adding additional topics in the future.

Any and all feedback is welcomed. Enjoy!

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Submitted:Jul 7, 2010    Reads: 171    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I just had to tell y'all about this! My neighbors are the freakiest couple I know (and I know a lot of them). But anyway, there I was sitting at home; it's raining, I'm bored- wishing something exciting would happen, when out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. Someone was in my backyard! I heard whispers and smuggled giggles, I'm thinking some teenagers got caught in the rain and wanted to wait under my patio until it stopped.
Not really worried, but checking to be on the safe side, I got up to see. What I saw had me speechless! There they where -no teenagers as I thought, but my neighbors! Both were as naked as the day they were born, that was a shock in itself- but the real shocker was they were making out on my picnic table! His face down in her pussy and his cock in her mouth. He was eating her pussy like he was starving, making long, hard strokes in and out of her cunt, before diving back in for more. She wasn't losing ground either, the way she was pulling on his dick! Moaning as she sucked him, working her tongue up and around the rim of his penis, she acted like she could gobble the whole thing, and ask for more!
He was breathing heavy and she was panting by the time they came up for air. Not once did they notice me, they were so busy trying to maneuver themselves in the position they wanted. She tell him she want to play cowgirl, he starts grinning and says," Ride my horse, baby! He's a sturdy stead and likes to be ridden hard and fast!" She gives him a hot look and replied, "Mmm… I like having something hard and sturdy between my legs, and you will enjoy how I ride it!"
He lies back on my table as she prepares to climb up. She straddles his hip, but not before she gives his cock another lick. "I like to oil my saddle, so it will fit just right" she says huskily. She positioned her cunt over his cock, and slowly slides down, taking him inside of her. I was amazed at her ability to fuck him without holding on to anything; only her legs held her up! She started to rotate her hips; it looked like she was doing the twist on his cock! Bouncing, swirling and rocking were her movements and as she got faster, she dropped her ass down hard on him. His moaning was becoming louder, rain was really coming down, and she was keeping time with the raindrops that fell on them!
He said "Suga, I 'sho do like how you ride!" She looked down at him, smiled seductively and said," I know. I want you to buck, baby, and drive your steed in my stable. Sow your oats in my pussy, cum with me!" He pushed up on his elbows, as his ass left the table, bucking and fucking her as hard as he could, for every upward thrust of his hips; she matched it with a downward push. Their fucking was so wild; my table was jumping with them! He gave a mighty grunt and she growled, (yea growled), their release was so powerful!
She leaned down to give a hot wet kiss, he looked up at her, made eye contact before they turned toward me, "Don't you just love picnics in the rain?" they asked.


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