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Let's Talk-The Novel

Novel By: Sweetandspicy

Since my friends and readers requested a continuation of the "Let's Talk" series, I've decided to compile them in book form and will be adding additional topics in the future.

Any and all feedback is welcomed. Enjoy!

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Submitted:Jul 7, 2010    Reads: 215    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Let's Talk: Sexy Messages…
I love modern technology. Especially Instant Messaging! I use it a lot, especially when I know I shouldn't. You are probably wondering why not, right? Well, I'll tell you why I said that. Did you know that it can be one of the sexiest turn-on tools we have? Here's an example of how I use it. I will hit my lover up with the IM, talk about general things, and then I'll ask something like," are you busy?" and if the answer is no, oh, it's on then.
I will turn it into the most erotic experience that I can. I tell him if I had an ice cream cone I would lick it with long swipes of my tongue, twirling it around and around, before taking the whole thing in my mouth. Shaping it with my lips, lapping at the bottom and slowly moving back up to the top of it, where I just take little nips and sucks. I hold in my mouth to savor the taste of the cream as I grasp the base with both hands. Then I hit with "I love the nutty flavors, there's nothing better than a hard cone with cream and nuts!"
I have to ask is he alright at this point, because he stops responding (like I don't know that he is getting a hard-on), that's why I picked the subject. I stimulated his mind with those images, because he was thinking how good that would feel if that was his cock! Do I stop? Hell, no! I want him hot, horny and hard! I keep on saying how the ice cream was running down the side, so I have to lick faster, so I won't lose a drop of that delicious cream! How it feels sliding down my throat, have me smacking my lips, it taste so good. And don't let me say that my mouth is full of cream and nuts!
He usually IM me this:" Fuck, you're killing me, or damn, I'm so fucking hard right now!" I text him back and say, "MMM…would you like me to lick you, too?" His text:"aw...fuck, my dick's so hard, baby, and you got me so close to the edge!" I start smiling and thinking,' Oh, goody!!! I'm going get some good loving tonight!' but I say, "Hold on a minute, I got cream all over my fingers and I have to lick it off. I am sucking my fingers, honey."
"Honey? Honey...?" His answer: I'm on my way!
Yes, got him! What he's about to find out is that, hell; I was getting horny just knowing he was getting turned on by my "suggestively" message. Within the hour, he was showing me just how much he liked it. I got my hard cone, nuts and cream just by using modern technology! I gotta go, because, I just became the dessert, lick me baby!!!
MMM… I wonder what he'll do if I was to talk about "laying pipes"?


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