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Novel By: suzyq2

one of my steamier dreams. i hope ya all enjoy. View table of contents...


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Walking into my friends house, i closed the door behind me. Stopped long enough to remove my jacket and hang it in the closet. Revealing a long, elegant evening gown. Looking around the foyer, i admired the art work, then headed up the stairs. Heart starting to beat faster, anticipating the evening ahead. This was the engagement party for one of my dearest friends. I was so happy to share in his joy.

Reaching the top of the stairs, i paused for a moment, reaching into the bodice of my dress to remove the envelope. Grinning, i headed into the family room, where everyone was congregating. I stopped in the doorway for a minute, my gaze wandering over the assembled guests. Giggling as i saw my friend with his arms around his future wife. I truly loved this man, but his happiness was enough for me, so i kept my feelings for him hidden. I was late, so i stepped into the room, quietly circling the assembled guests. Coming up behind rich without him noticing me. But his fiance, beth, saw me and realised what i was about to do. She winked at me to let me know that she wasn't going to give me away. I stepped closer to rich and reached out with both hands to grab his sides. I started tickling him mercilessly, giggling hard at his first jump and squeak of surprise.

He finally got turned around, and wrapped his arms around me. Trapping my hands against his chest between us. He bent his head and kissed me deep and hard. Beth standing off to the side laughing hard, knowing He's teasing me. Blushing hard,i stopped struggling, his strength was too much for me. But as soon as he loosened his grip, i wiggled free, smacked his azz and raced over to hide behind beth. I blushed harder when the room broke into applause and laughter. Looking around, i'd forgotten that there were others present. Beth and rich had that affect on me. I stepped back from beth and took a bow. Smiling, blushing and giggling. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the party, so i grabbed a glass of wine and stepped back into a corner, loving to watch those around me, waiting for the young folk to go to bed. To leave us older folk alone to continue the party.

Giggling watching the kids trying to prank the adults, i just watched, waited. I caught beth and rich's looks, feeling so happy for them. Biting my lower lip as i thought of what would be happening in just a lil bit. Thinking of what i wasn't wearing beneath my tight thin dress. My heart started speeding up in It's rhythm. I was getting excited just thinking about what i'd be doing in a while, blushing at the thought. Trembling, i decided to step outside on the balcony to try to cool off. I was leaning against the railing, when i felt someone wrap their arms around me, scaring the life outta me. Quickly turning, i found myself face to face with rich's best friend, larry. He pulled me closer to him, my breasts pressed harder against his chest. Instead of cooling off, the tempture seemed to soar. My heart was trying to jump out of my chest, as i wrapped my arms around his waist. Working one of my legs between his, not a breath of air could get between our bodies.

I leaned my head back as Larry leaned down, gently using his tongue to trace my lips. Then slipping his tongue between my lips, our tongues started dancing together. My breasts rubbing against his chest, the friction causing my nip's to harden. Trembling hard, i started grinding against his thigh, moaning softly as the kiss deepened. We were so deeply into what we were feeling, experiencing in each others arms, that we didn't notice that we were no longer alone. My right hand started traveling down his side, over his hip, coming around to start rubbing and fondling his groin through his trousers. A cough startled us apart. Stepping back from each other quickly, myself blushing hard and crossing my arms over my chest, we turned to see whom had joined us on the balcony. I giggled as i saw that it was only Beth and Rich, and that they were grinning wickedly themselves.

Blushing hard, i allowed Larry to place his arm around my shoulders and guide me back into the house. Beth stopping both of us just inside the door, telling Larry to go on ahead with Rich. Looking a bit confused, i told Larry to go, then turned to face Beth. She watched them walk away, waiting til they were gone. Then she pulled me into her arms, her mouth coming down hard on my lips. She kissed me long and hard, running one of her hands over my breasts, as they strained against the dress for more. Moaning softly, i kissed her back, my own hands roaming over her body. I became more excited when i heard her moan as my hand found her breast beneath her silk top. Pinching and twirling her nip between my thumb and forefinger, causing her to tremble as hard as i was. Each of us grinding against the others thigh, both of us wanting relief.

She pulled me into a little nook, where there was a small sofa. She pushed me down on it, kneeling between my thighs. She pushed up the skirt of my dress, nibbling along my inner thigh, causing me to moan long and low. Beth moaned herself when she found i wore no panties, licking and nibbling around my secret mound. Leaning back against my arms, head tossed back in pleasure, i encouraged Beth to continue. Neither of us noticed Rich standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame. I lost all rational thought as her tongue slipped between my pink swollen lips. She went at my secret place like a starving man would a steak. Sucking, and gently biting at my hard lil nub of pleasure. Then guiding two fingers deep within my tight moist cave. My eyes rolled back in my head as she started a rhythm that had me clenching at the material of the sofa.

Moaning and sobbing at the intense pleasure, i started begging Beth to let me please her as well. She seemed to be waiting for those words as she stood and i turned upon the sofa. Raising her skirt, Beth straddled my chest and bent back to her task. I pulled her hips down to me, licking and sucking at her juicy center. Moaning at her taste, as her tongue and fingers made the pleasure tighten hard inside me. I slipped a finger deep into her hot wetness, causing her to go at my mound harder and faster. We both were moaning and sobbing with the pleasure when i noticed Rich walking closer with his pants un-zipped, his hard member standing at attention. He kneeled at my head, and started pounding into Beth. I continued to play with her hard little nub as i sucked on his sac, raking my nails over both of their thighs.

Beth screamed out as she climaxed hard, pounding into me with her fingers, causing me to climax as well. I licked at her dripping juices as Rich pounded into her a few more times before grunting as he himself climaxed. They both collapsed upon me, and to the side. All of us panting at the pleasure tearing through our bodies. After a few moments, we all had settled enough to start sitting up and straightening our clothing. I blushed and looked at both of them, loving them more than i ever had before. I stood first and went in search of Larry.


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