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andrea mcwory is the high bitch. her singing voice is amazing but no one knows becuase all they care about is how she looks and talks and is.

parson milstone is the loner of there school. its not like people dont like him. hell yes people like hiim hes the hottest guy in the school. but he likes being the loner.

what happens when the cool girl and the loner share a house. will they get along or make the house brake. or maybe even both. View table of contents...


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"took you long enough." A laughing figer said.I sighed again.

"Why am i in here and who are you?" I said shifting and crossing my arms. "do you want me to pleasure you becuase i might seem like a slut but im not."

The figer laughed and came closer into the light.

All i see is brown hair. I'm so fucking scared right now its not even funny. He takes a step forward and i take a step back i look around fear writen all over my face. Idont usualy let my emotions shine through. He steps in the light with a look on his face that you would think he just killed his dog.

"bloody hell DD dont have a strock its me." Parson says withhis british accentgrabing my shoulder. I galp as i feel the friction of or skin touching. I pull away looking down.

"Yeah well dont scare me like that now what do you want."I say crossing my arms and looking away from his face. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come to jochs party with me?" I looked at him weird.

"who the hell is joch?" i say looking at my nails just to get him mad. He groans and pulls is hands through his hair.A habit i have leaned he has. "Jochs one of my best friends..... You know the one who wears colorful eyeliner." He exsplains. I nod my head and he does to as we laugh.

"The gay one." I comment making him graon again and pull his hair . I luagh and start to walk out the room.

"hes not gay"

"what ever."


"I dont think i wanna go sash!" I whine. "travis would kick my ass if he new i went somewhere with parson he hates the fact i live with him..."
i heard sasha breath. I knew she must be bored. I've been ranting like a idoit for the past hour in myblue and blackmini dress that doesnt even go to the mid thigh.

Its straplesswith a black bra top and flare out skirt i stoped infront of the mirror and looked back at sash. "Sash!!! help please do somthing tell me if i should go or not go. And if i should do my fucking hair!!!!!"

"Ok ok bimbo barbie just fucking wait a minute. micahs texting me!!" She said looking at he texter phone. I roll my eyes and turn back to the mirror and play with my hair a bit. Till sash is done sexting her boyfriend. She messes with my hair intill its all fixed up and she gos for my face. after shes done i look like a godess. dont mean to toot my own horn but toot toot. I giggle and sash looks at me weird.I get wave it off.

A/N her dress:


So know here i am dancing in between to realy hot guys uber wasted but still thinking about parson. Like where he was and why he wasnt dancing with me. Thats when i stop dance.

I see him talking to some gorgeous girl. And i get jealous. Witch makes mer mad cuz im never jealous becuase its uasaly other girls that gets jealous of me. Witch pisses me off more. And before i know it ive grabed parson hand and were in a room. Im already taking off my cloths.

"Holly shit andrea what the fuck are you doing." He says looking at me shocked. a smile crawls on my lips and i walk over to him pulling him against me.

"what does it look like."I could her the slure and both of our voices but i couldnt stop myself from doing what i was about to do.

His face changhe a smirk growning as he lifted me of my feet and placed me on the bed and crawling on top of me.

pretty girl:alt


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